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Moon Swirl with Personas
Kentucky, on July 5, 2003

These was taken midday with a blue-blocker filter. All my shots are now taken either with a straight lens or blue-blocker filter to get more definition
Note this odd object at 2 o'clock is not Planet X, but a moving moon swirl overlap! This same appearance occurred on Dec 28, 2002 during the CCD imaging sessions, when the long twists of swirling moons, that normally run like individual twisting tails behind Planet X, overlap while coming head on. This caused a dense appearance like a Melanoma cancer on the image, where normally the moon swirls were fainter and spread out. Note the presense of both personas in this set of photos: White Persona a the familiar 4 o'clock position, larger and brighter Red Persona to the left at the 7 o'clock.