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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 31, 2023

Sun is too far South rising and setting lately. [and from another] Texas: - Was facing almost true west and the sun is low in the south at about 210 on this compass so it's setting to far south; Denver -  I noticed the sun is too far south also… much further than normal. I’m about 40 degrees latitude outside Denver; Michigan - And sunrise was too far south also.
[and from another] The Sun is Currently Rising from the South December 17, 2022 I noticed that too a few days ago. … I have noticed this too … My house just moved around a bit cause now the sun rises and shines right into my bedroom. It is very odd. The sun never poured into my room like this. Been here since 2009. Now I put a piece of cardboard in the area the sun is invading.

The Daily Earth Wobble has been dominated lately with the Polar Push, where the N Pole of Nibiru shoves against the magnetic N Pole of Earth. Lately, the magnetic N Pole of Earth is in Siberia, so when this appears on the horizon the Sun is over the Pacific – sunset in America. Thus the globe is tipped away from the Sun, which has been appearing about 20 degrees too far South for sunrise. Then as the globe turns in its rotation, the magnetic N Pole tries to escape to the East, into what we have been calling the Lean to the Right. The globe is still tipped over at this point, providing a sunrise with the Sun once again too far South by 20 degrees.

The Wobble has destabilized the globe at this time, because the 7 of 10 Plate Movements have stalled. The New Madrid Rupture is not an easy path because many plates are involved, and long borders too. Africa is a massive land mass, solid and thick, and after it starts to roll the daily rotation of the Earth will stabilize. Meanwhile, this instability will be used by the Council of Worlds to keep the New Madrid Rupture on schedule. It will be as though a weight has been moved from the North and shifted to the South. Meanwhile, the Sun will be seen in the South in the N American Continent.

Shared by TRDJ: "The mayor of Eudora, Arkansas has put the city under a "mandatory civil emergency curfew" effective immediately due to the "rash of unnecessary violence". This town is directly south of the 4 corners by the town of New Madrid where the jolt is to occur, then a ripping apart of the gulf of Mexico through New Orleans, through Eudora up along the fault that the Mississippi roughly follows. Is this the start of Martial law and lock downs meant to come. Contain chaos during the NMA? The authorities should be prepping and or evacuating people, not locking them in their homes to die. Question from the chat. [and from another] The mayor of Eudora, Arkansas has put the city under a "mandatory civil emergency curfew" effective immediately due to the "rash of unnecessary violence" [and from another] Eudora Mayor: Mandatory Civil Emergency Curfew in Effect Due to Unnecessary Violence December 28, 2022 Mayor Tomeka Butler said the curfew will be from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. The only exceptions will be work and medical reasons. The mayor said that the curfew will be strictly enforced by the Eudora City Police Department. [and from another] Arkansas Mayor Declares Civil Emergency after Surge in Violent Crime December 28, 2022 Tomeka Butler, mayor of Eudora, declared a civil emergency alongside a mandatory curfew after multiple shootings in the small town. Eudora Police Chief Mark Pitts provided us with more details on the situation and said there was a wave of shootings in people's homes early last week. He said they've reached out to county and state law enforcement for help as some officers are working 16-hour shifts.

The little town of New Madrid wears many scars. It was the epicenter of the 1811-1812 aftershocks that are broadly taken to be the last time the New Madrid Fault Line adjusted. The Mississippi River heaved and even ran backwards in places for a time, and changed the path of the river. It has for the past year or more been the site of daily small earthquakes, a reminder that those living at New Madrid or nearby towns such as Eudora are standing on a time bomb.

Where wild and domestic animals are urged to leave an area such as this - the urge to flee so well known by pet owners – humans are ridiculed for such urges so ignore their instincts. This is akin to living in a combat zone, with heightened tensions that never cease. PTSD is a known and well documented psychiatric syndrome, which takes years in a safe environment to cure. Is there something akin to this causing fights to break out in Eudora? Yes. We have stated that after the coming Passage, that 43% of the survivors will be suffering from PTSD.

What is a Finale? The last chapter of a book, the last hour of a series, the last game to be played, etc. The Zetas are being misquoted because 2022 ended without the European tsunami having washed the shores of Europe. What did they mean by “Finale”? [and from another] fi·na·le noun the last part of a piece of music, a performance, or a public event, especially when particularly dramatic or exciting. "the festival ends with a grand finale"  [and from another] ZetaTalk Quote 8/31/2022: We have predicted that the New Madrid Finale would occur before the end of 2022, and the Junta is braced for this. … We are not allowed to give a specific date for the New Madrid finale, but it is clear that the current rumors about President Trump's return are setting the timeline to put this SCOTUS announcement first. The New Madrid finale will be sudden but will be preceded by the steps we have outlined. Africa will slide into a void in the South Atlantic, and is already showing signs of this slide. The Africa Roll will not be gentle, from ripping at Gibraltar and the Sinai to increasing separation at the Azores. [and from another] ZetaTalk Quote 7/31/2022: We have predicted that when the New Madrid finale occurs, Martial Law will be officially called and the fact that President Trump has always been president will be casually mentioned.  … If the New Madrid finale were to start its anticipated rupture up from New Orleans , the populace on the East Coast would be made aware of the process, even during a media blackout, by the FAA cameras. The constant pressure on the Mainland Portion of N America that precedes the New Madrid finale shows up on the Heliplots aplenty…. If the nexus of the East Coast and Ramapo faults were not enough, the New Madrid and the Brevard fault line rising along the Appalachian Mountains are also tugged back and forth. This will accelerate as the New Madrid finale approaches…. We have stated that the New Madrid finale will occur when the rock bridge above the New Madrid area snaps. … Once the rock hook under Turkey starts to give way, and the Azores start to rupture, the New Madrid Grand Finale is highly vulnerable to the ongoing Severe Earth Wobble….  The New Madrid Fault Line has separated from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec up through the Gulf to New Orleans and thence along the lower Mississippi River. There it seemed to stall some months ago but is again being tugged to separate up along the Mississippi. The finale is close. [and from another] ZetaTalk Quote 9/30/2022: With the turmoil the pending New Madrid finale about to descend will bring to the UK, that will be the least of anyone’s concerns. … We have explained the sequence of events that will lead to the New Madrid finale as a movement of the Antarctica Plate into the S Atlantic, then a ripping open of the S Atlantic to allow the Africa Plate to slide into this void, thus putting pressure on a rock hook under Turkey that has until now prevented the Africa Plate from sliding down past the Sinai Peninsula…. As the Eurasian Plate pulls eastward away from the border it shares with N America Plate in the N Atlantic, Iceland emerges as the pressure point for a rip. What will change this dynamic will be the New Madrid finale…. The Mainland Portion in Canada can now cling comfortably to the Eurasian Plate in Europe, but the SE Portion of N America is put into play by the Africa Plate, which continues to drop and roll. The New Madrid finale is the outcome. … The sequence of events that would lead to the New Madrid finale are in process, and the S Atlantic is now spreading open, allowing the foot of Africa to shift over into the void being opened.  In 2021 we described the Sequence of Events leading up to the New Madrid finale. [and from another] ZetaTalk Quote 4/30/2022: Before the jolt at the hard rock on either side of the town of New Madrid occurs, signaling the start of the New Madrid rupture finale, the separation must travel up the Mississippi. … The Caribbean moves as a unit with S America, so the Caribbean Plate was likewise bumped. What will happen when the New Madrid finale occurs? Certainly Eurasia, which shares a long border through the Arctic with N America will get bumped. The Pacific Plate and parts West will react as the Mainland Portion is suddenly free to shift to the West. The Africa Plate will likewise be free to move when the SE Portion is released from its attachment to the Mainland Portion. Most of the world will thus get a bump.

Nancy has carefully gone through all of our words where the word Finale was used, so the reader can determine for themselves what the word in context means. A Finale in any context does not carry a timeline. Even a sexual orgasm is a Finale that has an indeterminate timeline, but likely minutes, not days and certainly not years. But our concept of the New Madrid Finale definitely included the JOLT in the Rock Bridge over the juncture of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, with an “almost instantaneous” rupture at the Azores causing the European tsunami.

Examine our words. We do not state that the Finale would occur promptly after the Rock Hook under Turkey snapped. We do not state that the Finale would occur because the NE corner of the African Plate is scraping down past the Red Sea. We did not put the word Finale into any context except that it would follow the unzipping of the New Madrid Fault Line up along the Mississippi River and the JOLT when the Rock Bridge snapped. Those who are disappointed because they have not learned to read are destined to be disappointed again in the future.

Israel sinking? [and from another] Tel Aviv slowly sinks. [and from another] Tel Aviv is flooded: pipes exploded in Florentine and "David the King" Street and caused street blocking [and from another] Burst Water Main Floods Tel Aviv streets, causing traffic chaos and road closures January 4, 2023 Israel Electric Corporation says contractor digging for infrastructure work hit pipe; deluge blocks intersection of Moshe Dayan and Hashalom roads; will take days to repair. Flooding and washed-away soil filled the intersection of Moshe Dayan Road and Hashalom Road.  A contractor working on infrastructure damaged a water pipe that runs from Tel Aviv to the Givatayim suburb. Following an evaluation a decision was made to completely seal off  Hashalom Road from the corner of Yigal Alon in Tel Aviv to the corner of Yitzhak Rabin Road in Givatayim — a distance of around 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) — including all streets crossing the thoroughfare.

Despite media claims that this was a construction accident, water mains are not so casually ruptured. Permits are secured, and if the main is in danger water is shut off until the danger has ended. Thus the middle of the night schedule. We described how Tel Aviv would be affected as the Sinai Peninsula was spun in a counterclockwise manner during the roll of the African Plate. As can be seen from the nervous daily closures of the Suez Canal, this is in process, and the flooding in Tel Aviv is just another example.

When the Sinai subplate moves in a counterclockwise manner, it is slicing through the waters of the Mediterranean as a hand scooping water to drink would do. This forces water up through drainage pipes, onto the streets, and thus the claim that it was a broken water main at first seems reasonable. It will be repeated instances of this type of flooding that will raise questions.

A great deal of aluminum in the atmosphere since arrival of Nibiru blamed on chemtrails. Is it Nibiru the cause or chemtrails laden with Aluminum? If chemtrails, WHY? [and from another] The Aluminium in chemtrails have a direct link to environmental damage, Alzhiemer's and Autism. [and from another] Chemtrails Aren’t the Geoengineering Debate we should be having (Because they Aren’t Real) 2018   Aluminum oxide, in one’s soil, is presented as “evidence” for chemtrails. It isn’t. Aluminum is the third-most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, and aluminum oxide is its most common form. [and from another] Increase of Aluminum Particles in the Environment due to Chemtrails during the period of Autumn 2012 to Summer 2015 within Lahore, Pakistan October, 2015   Currently the most prevailing issue of the climate change in the world is geo-engineering and one of the most prevailing issue in this is using of Chemtrails to change the climate. These Chemtrails are left over in the sky with the help of special types of jet planes which use to spray Aluminum, Barium and Strontium is the sky to make a thick parallel lines with the help of condensation due to change of air pressure at the height. These thick parallel lines are the condense layers of Aluminum, Barium and Strontium which use to stop the some rays of sunlight coming to the sky but sadly it also prevents the heat rays to go out of the earth space due to the layers formed. These sprays are causing the increase of Aluminum in the Environment as these particles can move trillions of miles and are causing different problems and diseases like Asthma in our planet earth.

Chemtrails are being used to fog up the skies so the common man cannot easily identify the Nibiru Complex components. These are not the Contrails normally found streaming out behind jet engines, which disburse readily. Chemtrails linger, spreading slowly into a fog that permeates the sky for a long distance and can drift toward populated areas to fog the skies there too. The Chemtrail program is maintained by the elite, the wealthy strata of society who do not want to deal with the panic in the common man when they realize that Nibiru is real.

The chemical mix that allows Chemtrails to linger in the skies and produce a thick fog was carefully engineered, so the components have each earned their place in the mix. The Chemtrail architects will not thus just swap out Aluminum, despite it being identified as a manmade source of pollution caused by Chemtrails. Global Warming is still being used as an excuse for why the Chemtrail program is being perpetuated, but the real reason is simple. It is Nibiru’s increasing visibility in the skies.

We're watching a Movie. McCarthy's double? McCarthy's double was just posted on Chat. [and from another]

A proper Doubles analysis includes a comparison of the teeth, the shape of the head, the placement of the ears, the shape of the ears, the width of the mouth when aligned with the center of the eyeballs, the color of the eyes, the profile alignment, the slope of the forehead, and in fact almost every blemish on the head. McCarthy, in the years leading up to his election as Speaker of the House, does not show any difference in any of these regards. One of the best tells is the teeth, as dental cosmetics are not quick and often overlooked, but McCarthy’s teeth are the same.

During an era when the Movie being played for the public to disguise the extent of Tribunal activity at Gitmo is in process, it would be assumed that McCarthy would be a double. Doubles are puppets, thus controllable. Pelosi and many of her henchmen – Nadler and Schiff – are doubles. Why would it have taken 15 roll call votes to put McCarthy in the Speaker’s seat? The public is not privy to the negotiations ongoing, and until the Junta was satisfied the count was going to be less than McCarthy needed for the Speaker's seat. Not a Double, but very much a puppet for the Junta.

Do the Zetas have any comment on the recent deaths of two high profile leaders of the Catholic church, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Australian Cardinal George Pell. Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger) died on 31 December 2022, aged 95. No specific cause of death has been revealed. Today it was announced that Cardinal George Pell has also died, reportedly due to heart complications arising from hip replacement surgery. The Zetas have previously commented on Ratzinger and Pell's misdeeds during their time as leaders of the Catholic church. Can the Zetas now comment on the circumstances and implications of their deaths? [and from another] Pope Benedict, first to Step Down in 600 years, Dies Aged 95 December 31, 2022 Benedict stunned the world on February 11, 2013, when he announced, in his typical, soft-spoken Latin, that he no longer had the strength to run the 1.2 billion-strong Catholic Church that he had steered for eight years through scandal and indifference. His dramatic decision paved the way for the conclave that elected Pope Francis as his successor. The two popes then lived side-by-side in the Vatican gardens, an unprecedented arrangement that set the stage for future “popes emeritus” to do the same. [and from another] Cardinal George Pell Dies, aged 81, after Complications from Hip Surgery January 11, 2023 Pell was a towering figure in the Catholic Church in Australia and internationally. He served as Archbishop of both the Melbourne and Sydney archdioceses and rose to become the treasurer of the Vatican in Rome. Originally from Ballarat, Victoria, Pell spent his final years adamantly defending claims he sexually abused two choirboys in the sacristy at St Patrick’s Cathedral while he was Archbishop of Melbourne in 1996. Pell maintained his innocence and his convictions in Victorian courts were quashed in a unanimous decision by the High Court in 2020.

The wheels of Justice roll on despite the determination of the elite to be above the laws of man and God. Cardinal Pell was guilty but escaped Justice due to his position in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict likewise was central for decades in silencing complaints from the youngsters who were permanently devastated by their treatment at the hands of Catholic priests. Yet they retained their positions within the Church, with the common man forced to honor them. This has been corrected. Their deaths were not due to old age or medical complications.

All flights ‘Grounded across US’ after Major System Failure Sparks Travel Chaos January 11, 2023 The Federal Aviation Administration has grounded all flights across the United States following a nationwide outage. An issue with the system was first reported on January 10 sparking widespread problems across the US and abroad. Air Traffic Control System Command Center warned passengers to buckle up for a long delays, admitting there is currently no solution to the problem in sight. A message on their website warned passengers: "The NOTAMS outage continues with no current estimated time of restoration. A hotline has been activated." [and from another] All Flights across US Grounded due to FAA Computer System Glitch January 11, 2023 Some 1,162 flights within, into or out of the US have been delayed today, according to flight tracker, while 94 have been cancelled.

The NOTAMS system glitch was a deliberate test of a planned takedown of all flights over the US in the event of the anticipated New Madrid Rupture unfolding.  As we have detailed, it will be a JOLT at the Hard Rock Bridge that will initiate the dreaded last steps of the rupture, which include a jump to the East for the SE Portion, a large tear in the Azores, and a tsunami racing for Europe. But prior to these last steps there would be additional unzipping along the Mississippi River and under the Seaway, leaving only the Bridge holding the Mainland and SE Portion together. 

I did do a Zeta search on the 1974 famous Florida mysterious Betz Sphere, but nothing came up Sister Mrs. Nancy. Is it possible you or the Zetas could say something about this remarkable Betz Ball? Is it ET Alien? [and from another] Mysterious Sphere Moving On Its Own - The Betz Sphere For many years, countless strange artifacts have been found - books with strange codes, unexplained maps, stones carved with unusual shapes, ancient figures that depict strange things, and... the case of the Betz sphere, a mysterious metallic sphere accidentally found by an American family during the 1970s that had the ability to move on its own... At the time, the sphere caused a great media frenzy and came to be described by many as "alien technology." It all started in April 1974, when a family from the city of Jacksonville, Florida, found a strange spherical metallic object with an approximate weight of 20 pounds and dimensions somewhat smaller than those of a bowling ball. [and from another] Similar stones in Costa Rica were manmade and a copycat of the alien orbs observed by early man.  ( [and from another] The heavy metal inside the Betz ball is like the element 115 in alien gravity devices. (

Just as Space Junk will fall to Earth, objects used by the visitors can fall to Earth. This is a navigation device used to coordinate alien traffic in Earth's atmosphere. Where over a thousand different alien races from various parts of the Universe are currently visiting, they coordinate within their group effectively but do not all speak the same language. Thus this device communicates in the Universal language of metal composition and magnetic action. The experts who examined it were not stumped but sworn to silence by the establishment who did not want to admit or confirm the alien presence. The ball does not present any danger to mankind.

Russia to launch mission to rescue stranded ISS crew after meteoroid strike Space agency mounts rescue mission to bring home two cosmonauts and US astronaut marooned on ISS. [and from another] Russia to Launch Mission to Rescue Stranded ISS Crew after Meteoroid Strike January 11, 2023 Moscow will launch a rescue vessel to the International Space Station next month to bring home three crew members who are in effect stuck in orbit after their original capsule was hit by a meteoroid. The docked Soyuz MS-22 sprang a major leak last month, spraying radiator coolant into space and prompting a pair of cosmonauts to abort a planned spacewalk. While Russia’s space agency, Roscosmos, said the strike caused no immediate threat to the crew of the space station, it raised concerns about whether everyone on the orbital outpost could return to Earth in an emergency situation. [and from another] Russia to Launch Space Station Rescue Mission to Bring Astronauts Home January 11, 2023 The need for a new Soyuz arose after the one docked at the space station started spewing a spray of white particles on Dec. 14. The particles turned out to be coolant from the spacecraft, raising questions about whether part of the capsule could overheat during flight, rendering the craft unsafe to transport astronauts back to Earth.  Until the replacement Soyuz arrives, there is a higher level of risk in case of an emergency — like a large leak that might require an evacuation. The Soyuz and a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule serve as emergency lifeboats for the seven astronauts currently on the station.

Once again the world is reminded that the Astronauts and Cosmonauts that reside on the ISS are in harm’s way. This time it is due to the Soyuz rescue capsule leaking coolant. In 2018 the Soyuz rescue capsule suffered a drill hole, sabotage done by distraught Russians wanting their friend brought back to Earth. In 2016 multiple ISS problems were in the news, including a chipped window. Rumors that the ISS was in trouble and about to be evacuated have been in the news since Nibiru entered the inner Solar System in 2003.

We predicted in 2013 that the ISS would eventually be evacuated and put on automatic robotic control, but in the meantime a total evacuation would press the Nibiru cover-up to admit the truth. Why is there so much debris in the skies lately? Especially at a time when bolides are on the increase and red dust is everywhere. Thus to avoid these questions, the ISS may be evacuated during a time of great distractions, such as is pending for the Earth when the New Madrid Rupture completes.

Is it that mass of the Ozarks that deflects the NM Fault Line Eastward, toward the Seaway? Looking at the Ohio rock strata, Kentucky below Ohio is l ow land. Indiana into the Wabash has hard rock but not as dense and deep as at the Ozarks. Historical quake maps show that the New Madrid quakes center at New Madrid and then to up along the Ohio River. Will the JOLT at the Bridge happen there?

At Cairo, where the Ohio River branches off from the Mississippi River, the New Madrid Fault Line has two choices. As we have explained, rivers run along thin crust, which droops, and thus becomes the lowest elevation for the area. Thus the fault line had run up along the Mississippi River. But at Cairo, the Ohio River became more attractive. The solid and dense rock of the Ozarks lay to the West, along the northward path of the Mississippi River. To the East along the Ohio the deep rock strata was more amenable to being ruptured.   

Following the Ohio River, the New Madrid Fault Line encounters the hard rock of the Appalachian Mountains. The Fault Line travels straight up along the edge of the hard rock in eastern Indiana, toward the Seaway, and there turns to travel under the Seaway to its exit in the Atlantic. The rupturing of the fault line thus chooses, based on the composition of the deep rock, to jump the Ohio River into the Wabash Seismic Zone and on up to the Seaway. This is where the JOLT can be expected.

Hal Turner reports half of the WEF attendees have canceled so far! Last week Fulford said the German Military was moving into Switzerland to arrest them. Are these connected? And are they true? Any comment would be greatly appreciated. [and from another] That would explain why Schwab is "sick" and not attending!!! [and from another] [and from another] Benjamin Fulford Report: McCarthy to Replace Biden as US “president” While the UN Prepares to Move to Laos January 17, 2023 The main culprits for the present dysfunctional state of the planet gather at Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum. As this report was about to go live, CIA sources say the head of this organization, Klaus Schwab Rothschild, Klaus Schwab would miss the opening of the WEF conference in Davos today “due to a health issue”. [and from another] Fact Check: Is Switzerland Deploying 5,000 Troops to WEF in Davos? January 13, 2023 Posts on social media suggest that up to 5,000 soldiers are to be deployed at the World Economic Forum's annual conference in Davos.  A tweet stated "5,000 Troops to protect WEF in Davos. Are they expecting trouble?" Parliament approved the deployment of a maximum of 5000 soldiers on these civil affairs support operations from 2022 until 2024. [and from another] Switzerland to Deploy 5,000 Army Troops to protect World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos January 10, 2023 The Swiss army will deploy 5,000 troops ahead of the World Economic Forum’s next meeting in Davos. Authorities indicated the troops were authorized to utilize coercive police measures to fulfill their security mission. The number of participants in the forum is currently unknown. Zelensky will also speak at the World Economic Forum’s Davos meeting alongside CNN anchors and NATO chiefs. There has been fierce opposition to the WEF’s extremist agenda, including The Great Reset, Build Back Better, and You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy. The WEF is now feeling the heat.

The World Economic Forum is dominated by the ultra-wealthy and those proposing a One World Government, managed of course by the western elite. Since BRICS is on the ascendant and the World Bank and International Monetary Fund are going bankrupt, this seems increasingly unlikely. BRICS is solidly based, aims for the Gold standard, while western banks are known for just printing money. BRICS has reasonable interest rates while western banks seek debt slavery.

What can be learned from the 2023 Davos guest speaker list? If Zelensky and NATO and the CNN anchors have been invited, then the WEF agenda is to display what failed management produces. Zelensky and the Ukraine management have utterly lost the battle with Russia. CNN readership plunged due to their fake news agenda, and lies about President Trump. NATO was unable to muster a defense against Russia for the Ukraine. If these are the public speakers, closed-door meetings are discussing how to avoid such debacles.
At a time when the Pfizer Covid-19 vax is being revealed as a virtual death jab - causing blood clots and heart attacks and aborted babies and the Sudden Death syndrome – those who were proponents and facilitators are being exposed. The depopulation agenda shared by many WEF members is putting them at risk for retaliation. Is there any truth to the rumor that Schwab and others were to be arrested, thus Schwab potentially absent due to being sick? Are WEF members that worried? Yes.

On January 19th New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern unexpectedly announced that she is resigning and that February 7th will be her last day on the job. The weird thing is that during her announcement she was crying and seemed very upset, as if she was being forced to step down.  Is she being forced to quit by the White Hat Alliance or the Satanist Globalists? Who is forcing her out and why? [and from another] Jacinda Ardern Resigns as Prime Minister of New Zealand January 19, 2023 Labour leader to stand down no later than 7 February, saying she ‘no longer had enough in the tank’ to do the job. Ardern became the world’s youngest female head of government when she was elected prime minister in 2017 at 37. She has led New Zealand through the Covid-19 pandemic, and a series of disasters including the terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, and the White Island volcanic eruption.  Ardern said her decline in the polls did not prompt her decision to leave. [and from another] New Zealand Leader Jacinda Ardern Announces Shock Resignation before Upcoming Election January 19, 2023 Speaking at a news conference, Ardern said her term would end by February 7, when she expects a new Labour prime minister will be sworn in – though “depending on the process that could be earlier.”

Despite protestations by Ardern, she was indeed given an ultimatum by the White Hats. Resign or face a Sudden Death. She had been enjoying her political power and would have won the upcoming election, and clearly was emotional about her supposed need to resign. New Zealand is a member of the Commonwealth, as is Australia and Canada. Ardern was in love with the power her position gave her, and aligned fully with the Queen’s agendas even after it was clear the Queen was no longer in power.  

What is Ezra referring to, saying “soon” to the Turkey orange UFO cloud? [and from another] Massive UFO-like Cloud hovering over City leaves people Thinking 'Aliens are Coming' January 20, 2023  A massive circular red cloud, which witnesses said looked like a UFO, was spotted over the city of Bursa in Turkey, with the bizarre phenomenon leaving residents shocked. [and from another] Soon [and from another] AR3190 Sunspot This is AR3190, one of the largest sunspots of surging Solar Cycle 25. "It's almost five times the diameter of Earth, and could be seen through the thick humid atmosphere over the Gulf of Mexico," says Kriegler. [and from another] GIANT SUNSPOT: There's a big dark spot in the middle of the sun. David J Kriegler saw it last night at sunset over Gulf Shores, Alabama: This is AR3190, one of the largest sunspots of surging Solar Cycle 25. "It's almost five times the diameter of Earth, and could be seen through the thick humid atmosphere over the Gulf of Mexico," says Kriegler. [and from another] Sun activity: Spectacular Prominence Eruption January 21, 2023 Sun activity from flaring is low, but Twitter is buzzing about a spectacular prominence eruption and bright CME off the sun’s southwest limb. Wow! It’s really something. The SUVI 304 angstroms imager observed the prominence lifting off the sun around 12:30 UTC on January 20, 2023. The plasma rope and resulting bright CME moved into the SOHO/LASCO C2 field of view around 13:32 UTC, January 20, 2023. Sun activity is low, with 13 C flares. The largest was a C7.3 flare from AR3192 at 22:43 UTC on January 20, 2023. [and from another]

What is the nexus between a dramatic orange cloud amidst clear skies over Turkey, a transit of Nibiru across the Sun seen naked eye by a photographer in Alabama, and Ezra’s comment that something is coming ‘soon’ re the Turkey cloud. We have often warned that the Council of Worlds will take steps to alert the people of Earth that Nibiru is real and approaching for a passage. The Turkey cloud likewise stands out from its surroundings, full of dark red dust which most who see such sights take to be an End Time sign.

If the spot on the Sun were a sunspot, then there would be a massive number of photos and reports from the public, not just one. Sunspots do not announce themselves by being visible naked eye, they do so by their detectible emissions in the Solar Wind and thus are announced well ahead of time by space weather sites. The cover-up over Nibiru will not stand for long, but will crumble in a tsunami of evidence and doubt.

Q for the Zeta's why the Biden persona is coming under so much heat lately re. the classified documents in his garage and revelations Hunter was paying almost $50,000 in rent per month at that address. Is this a white hat opp or could the remaining deep state be trying to replace the white hat Biden? [and from another] Democrats in Tough Spot with Biden Classified Documents January 13, 2023 Senate Democrats are finding themselves in a tough spot as they try to figure out how to best respond to revelations that President Biden had improperly stashed classified documents at his personal office in Washington and in his garage in Delaware. [and from another] Trump Addresses Hunter Biden $50K Rent Rumor as 'Greatest' Scam of All Time January 17, 2023 President Biden has been under fire in recent days by Republicans and Democrats after classified document were discovered at two sites.    House Republicans now in the majority have set their sights on multiple investigations into Hunter Biden and other aspects of the Biden administration. Speculation has ramped up online after President Biden's 2017 tax returns allegedly did not declare $49,910 in monthly rent payments from Hunter Biden.

There have been many Biden Doubles. At the start of the 2016 campaign the Democrats Black Hats murdered the real Biden and installed a Black Hat Double they could control. Just ahead of the 2020 election the Junta replaced the Black Hat Biden with their own White Hat Double, whom they could control. This White Hat Double has been running as a faux President ever since.

As we have often noted, the Junta was dealing with a 5 Front War at that time. They delayed challenging the 2020 election, using the Kraken documentation, fearing a civil war. The CCP invasion onto US soil, Antifa riots, Defund the Police, and cleaning out the Deep State Satanists from control of government has by now primarily been successful. To reduce the likelihood of civil war the Junta is allowing the public to hate Biden by exposing his past corruption and pedophile tendencies.

The Turkey Rock Hook was a silent snap, just one day no longer there. Could the same thing happen to the Bridge holding the SE and Mainland Portions together like a clasp? We have had convulsing lately where something happens along the Fault Line above the Bridge, like Mt Carmel, and then something happens below the Bridge like the Cathedral Cave in Missouri. One can break a wire by bending it back and forth until metal fatigue cause it to separate.  Will the JOLT be silent, as stretch zone accidents are, to be followed by the many earthquakes expected during the New Madrid Adjustment?

Yes, it is silent. The Junta is now watching all action at the Bridge like water table drops, electronic screech, trembling ground, as well as Heliplots. The jump to the East to rip the Azores happens immediately but the Junta is watching this continuously, so Europe will get their warnings via EBS etc. When the release happens at the Bridge, the lower Mississippi River will open like a woman releasing her girdle - the 50 mile distance we predicted in places. Mississippi River bridges will drop on the west side as the Mainland is freed to drop. The anticipated Jolt of the bridge thus will not be a large earthquake, but a movement of the SE Portion. Stretch zone movements are silent and this is a stretch movement, which will have repercussions such as large earthquakes in the vicinity for some time.

If the Mississippi River will expand to be 50 miles wide in place during the New Madrid unzipping, what will happen by the Isthmus? Will the SE Portion move to the East as a unit? Will the SE Portion under the Seaway just shift East?  Will the  SE Portion tilt toward Africa as it shifts East and how will this distort the SE Portion if so?

The New Madrid Fault Line Rupture will affect all sides of the SE Portion – from the Fault Line start at the Isthmus to the wrap around the curve of the Caribbean Plate to its path up the Mississippi River and under the Seaway. The Portions have already separated at the Isthmus and through the Gulf, and because the Mainland Portion can drop and shift to the West, there is no need for further separation at the Isthmus. The entire Mainland Portion will shift West and drop when freed from its attachment to the SE Portion, fracturing the Cocos Plate as it does so.

When the clasp at the Bridge fractures, the SE Portion will be jerked as a unit to the East, allowing Africa to roll further. The connection of the SE Portion to the Caribbean Plate will be torn further during this moment, deepening any trenches in the Caribbean or Atlantic already in the process of being pulled apart. If S America has had its Continent Drift delayed by the reluctance of the two Portions to separate, it will now find it can roll further into the Pacific, dragging the Caribbean Plate with it. The SE Portion is now free to shift directly to the East, and this will create a distinct separation at the Isthmus, deeper waters in the Gulf, and a Yucatan that finds itself shifted toward the East too.

One of the reasons the Azores is instantly ripped open when the clasp at the Bridge breaks is due to a slight delay in the Rupture under the Seaway. The upper Azores has a connection to both the Eurasian and N American Plates. When the SE Portion jumps as a unit to the East, the Mainland Portion is freed to likewise lurch to the West. Until the Fault line along the Seaway completes its separation of the Portions, the Mainland temporarily pulls the Azores open. The Azores rupture is huge at this moment, thus the large amount of water that will pour in and rebound toward Europe.

The Heliplots on January 25 showed 3 sites solid black – centered in the Arctic on the Arctic border between Siberia and N America, dead centered in Antarctica at Scott Base, and in Idaho in the center of the Mainland Portion which is dropping and shifting into the Pacific. The next day on January 26 the only sites all black were in Oregon and Texas, both on the Mainland. What is the significance?

We have often referred to the movement of the Indo-Australian Plate as the brake, as when that moves all other Plate Movement follows. Shoving the continent of India under the rock of the Himalayas is not a small thing. The Daily Earth Wobble is the hand that forces this to increase at this time as the wobble slings the plates back and forth, so it is causing the equivalent of a multiple car wreck on an icy highway. Plates are pulled apart and then slung against each other. A torque is also involved, a twisting of the globe, which weakens borders and fault lines.

The 8.9 Aceh quake in Sumatra in 2004 was pending for a long time before the 600 mile rupture and 157 foot tsunami. It was sudden. The New Madrid Fault Line rupture will follow a similar path, though Aceh involved a clash of plates where the New Madrid is due to a stretch of the N American Continent.  But it will be sudden and due to a torque now obvious between the N and S Poles of the globe. The magnetic N Pole is pushed at Siberia in the Arctic, followed during the Daily Wobble by a pull against the magnetic S Pole near Antarctica. Meanwhile, the Mainland Portion is reacting with a steady drop into the Pacific.

It seems that current science is realizing that something significant is happening NOW with the rotation (or apparent lack of it) of the planet’s inner core. ZT followers may well wonder if the change (stoppage) has anything to do with the proximity of “another celestial body,” insofar as magnetic attraction/repulsion forces may cause a stall in the core’s rotation. Might the Zetas care to comment? [and from another] News reports of earth's inner core slowing rotation and may reverse. What do the Zetas have to say about this? [and from another] This can affect earth movements. Is there a possibility to be the movements for the occurrences? We have a lot of news about this, is it true? Or is it normal? [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] [and from another] Why Earth’s Inner Core May Be Slowing Down January 25, 2023 The spin of Earth’s inner core may have slowed, with the heart of the planet now rotating at a slightly more sluggish clip than the layers above, new research finds. The slowdown could change how rapidly the entire planet spins, as well as influence how the core evolves with time. [and from another] Earth’s Inner Core may have Stopped Turning and could go into Reverse, Study Suggests January 25, 2023 In research published in the journal Nature Geoscience on Monday, Yi Yang, associate research scientist at Peking University, and Xiaodong Song, Peking University chair professor, studied seismic waves from earthquakes that have passed through the Earth’s inner core along similar paths since the 1960s to infer how fast the inner core is spinning. Since 2009, seismic records, which previously changed over time, showed little difference. This, they said, suggested that the inner core rotation had paused. Song and Yang argue that, based on their calculations, a small imbalance in the electromagnetic and gravitational forces could slow and even reverse the inner core’s rotation. [and from another] Earth's Spinning Inner Core Recently Paused Then Flipped Its Direction January 23, 2023 The swirling solid ball at the center of Earth’s inner core appears to have recently paused and may even now be rotating in the opposite direction from previous decades, according to a new study. [and from another] During the early ZetaTalk days, in the sci.astro debates, the matter of why planets rotate and do not slow down to stop their rotation (they are reaching for an attractant out in space, continuously), why they all rotate in one direction in synch with the Sun (the Sun has sweeping arms), and why the Sun, Mercury, and the Earth all point their magnetic N Poles in the same direction (the solar system has a fixed magnetic orientation) were addressed. No, the Sun does not reverse its poles every 11 or so years. NASA’s own Ulysses probe told them that, but like the Flat Earth theory, this is still being taught in schools. Mankind’s current theories are equivalent to sci-fi movies, such as The Core which embodies much of their confused thinking.

Once again mankind’s faulty theories gain the headlines. This new Core reversal theory is akin to the Flat Earth theory, which relies on a narrow perspective and a complete lack of logic. The announcement that seismic waves passing through the Earth’s Core show that the Core is rapidly slowing to a stop and has even reversed is now the theory of the day. Yet the media and these same scientists cannot admit that Nibiru is in the inner Solar System and positioned for a passage of Earth. What is wrong with this picture?

Mankind lacks data and does not even understand the composition of the Core, or that the Sweeping Arms of the Sun are the reason the Earth and other planets in the Solar System rotate. In their desperation to maintain a coverup over Nibiru, mankind’s establishment has pushed the Global Warming theory, distorting facts about the Core. Mankind pushes the Solar flip theory, that the Sun’s poles flip every 11 years, despite the evidence provided by their own Ulysses probe. This has been extended to a faulty theory to cover the N Pole drift to Siberia, a reversal of Earth poles rather than any passage of Nibiru.

This new Core reversal theory is based on an assumption by two Chinese scientists. What happened to the peer review process? Notably China is ground zero in the panic over Nibiru, using draconian lockdowns over Covid to the point where the entire country was rioting and the CCP had to relent. We have described how the crust of Earth is gripped during the Passage of Nibiru so the crust is torn away from the core, thus allowing the crust to shift 90 degrees. Is this process starting early? No. This is a process that will occur during the Last Weeks.

Do the seismic waves passing through the core show the rate of rotation of the Core? Yes and No. The Core is magnetic, and subject to having parts of it pulled in various directions, especially now that the very magnetic Nibiru is close at hand and inflicting EMP on mankind’s infrastructure at an increasing rate. If your compass malfunctions because you walked past a magnet, does this mean that the N Pole has moved?  Add this latest theory to the list of excuses that will be forced on the common man by the Nibiru cover-up. Not based on truth, but based on the establishment’s desperation to maintain control.

Far too complex for me to diagnose (from disclosure news italy). Maybe Zetas can confirm real cause of third tail. Possibly Nibiru? [and from another] A Sneak Peek at the Green Comet! Image Shows a Glimpse of the Ice Ball set to Pass Earth Next Week - for the First Time since the Age of Neanderthals 50,000 Years Ago January 24, 2023 A green comet not seen in 50,000 years is making a pass of Earth next week. Currently, E3 can only be seen with a telescope, but it will be visible to the naked eye when it reaches perigee - the point at which it is nearest to the earth - at the start of February, when it is 26 million miles away. [and from another] Optical illusion gives Rare Green Comet an 'Anti-Tail' that Seemingly Defies Physics January 27, 2023 C/2022 E3 (ZTF), a rare green comet, which has been streaking across the night sky as it approaches Earth for the first time since the Stone Age, briefly grew a bizarre third tail. This "anti-tail" appeared to streak in the wrong direction, seemingly breaking the rules of physics.  Normally, comets like this have two tails: One made from dust, which is blown off the comet by solar wind; and one made of gas from within the comet that sublimates, or transitions, directly from solid to gas. But on Jan. 21, several astrophotographers snapped pictures of the green comet with a third tail that was pointed towards the sun instead of away from it.

We were asked at the start of the ZetaTalk saga why green comets had arrived. Unlike the normal comets – dirty snowballs formed from the water planets in the Asteroid Belt – these new comets would turn green when burning up in the atmosphere. These were claimed as space junk, thus the green color from their mineral content. But why would C/2022 E3 develop a third tail pointing toward the Sun when the Solar Wind blows the other way?

The appearance of green meteors in 1997 was termed by ourselves as harbingers because they preceded the arrival of Nibiru in 2003. Unlike the dirty snowballs formed in the Asteroid Belt, this trash had been collected during Nibiru’s long transit between its two foci – the Sun and its dark binary twin 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances away. Nibiru is a magnetic giant, and its vast tail composed of iron oxide dust is due to this. But the debris that follows Nibiru is attracted to Nibiru for more than this reason.  There are many attraction/repulsion dances at play.

Of course, Nibiru is between the Earth and Sun at present, but the establishment will not allow this factor into the green comet equation because of their intense Nibiru cover-up. But their claim that green comets are space junk does not explain the “anti-tail” appearance. C/2022 E3 is reaching for Nibiru, like a lover arriving late to a tryst. Plot the direction of this third tail and it will point to where Nibiru is riding at present – at the orbit of Venus and postured just to the right, coming toward Earth in a retrograde orbit.