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ZetaTalk: Meteor Showers
Note: added during the Apr 5, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Reports of meteors that break up in the atmosphere, falling in pieces to the ground, are on the increase. This on the heels of reports over the past year or so that large stones have fallen in places like Russia and Brazil. Within the past few years, green meteors have been streaking through the skies, and fire balls as meteors burn. What will the uptick be during the weeks ahead of the passage? Unlike the quake increase, which we have described as lineal going into the shift, meteors increase on a faster pace. This is because the trash that it being disrupted by the approaching Planet X has a larger push as it comes closer.

We equated the increasing traffic, years ago, to a swimmer moving his foot in the water. The foot itself does not move trash about in the water, but the water motion does. Thus, the water pushed can affect motion far from the foot. A gentle paddle by a foot, back and forth, results in a gentle motion in trash. A strong paddle by a foot will dislodge more trash, and move it more violently, and push it further in the water. It will get to the point that falling meteors are almost a daily affair, like the erratic weather, almost past comment by the worried citizens of Earth. The news will stop reporting falling boulders, stones, just as they have stopped reporting trail derailments or other worrisome indicators. You hear about this the first time it hits the news, then not, as a squash order on such types of news is issued.

There is little the common man can do to protect themselves from the increase. This is true of lighting strikes and other sudden death occurrences, not in the control of the individual. Take comfort that it is seldom that a meteor does strike a given spot. What will result will be disruption of satellite or radio transmission. Meteor traffic will strike the satellites, a major reason for our prediction of disruption in this area. Likewise, it creates a cloud of sorts, so that radio or TV reception cannot come through clearly. Interference, a sign that the common man should get into short wave radio, and practice with their friends and family! What are you waiting for, a boulder to fall on your head before you wake up to the communication situation besetting you?

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