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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 26, 2013

I was wondering about this recent government shutdown. I know this has occurred in the past, but the timing of this one seems to have nothing to do with Obamacare as stated. Why the fuss over something that (considering the elephant in the room) has no real importance in their lives other than the opportunity for rhetorical grandstanding? Or are they just that much against Obama that they would risk their own parties popularity even further, cutting their noses off, as it were. I was just wondering if this was a test, to gauge the public’s reaction to a government that is suddenly unavailable. They've already positioned it so that in Jan-Feb, they can have this same drama occur again.

Did the Obama administration take advantage of the Tea Party’s fervor to setup a test on how the public would react to a shutdown? To the extent that Obama and the announcement team wanted such a test, the answer is yes. This is why, as we have stated, the EBS system sustained downtime on a busy shopping day. But to the extent that the Tea Party might have cooperated with the administration, threatening all others in the GOP with primary battles unless they followed the leadership of Ted Cruz, the answer is a resounding no. If the shutdown was an example of anything, it was an example of how the ultra-right will behave in the face of deprivation and desperation among others. As long as it does not affect them, personally, they simply don’t care.

My question to the Zetas is, what exactly is that new star everyone is seeing in the West just after sunset.  It blinks red, white, green, and blue.  It’s not a star or planet. [and from another] October 19  This object is visible just above the western horizon, right after sunset, but it disappears behind the horizon after only 30 minutes. It's not Venus. Venus dominates the sky a little later, in an entirely different location, and is white instead of orange. It's not Mars. Mars doesn't show up until closer to morning.  About 8:30 P.M. mountain time. [and from another] September 30  It is NOT venus(you can see that clearly to the left/higher). It is NOT mercury(can hardly be seen @ all, certainly doesn't have disc like appendage). You can not see anything unusual with eyes only, HOWEVER with a pair of binoculars you can see a round, reddish object as bright as Venus BUT with something CLEARLY protruding from it that is disc like but open ended. This bright object-yes, I've been looking at it for months-is out as soon as the sun sets-actually, even before the sun sets it is visible. According to Stellarium, Venus doesn't come out until 11:00 PM. So, how on earth can that be Venus? Seriously? I want to believe it's Venus but it's visible at 7:30! According to almost 200 eye-witness reports - "There really is something strange in western sky around sunset!" [and from another]  If you are looking at the western sky in the early evening, you will see Arcturus glowing as well as Venus.  You will also see a light to the left of Arcturus that is not defined by either SkEye or Stellarium. You will see this bright light in the early evening in the western sky. [and from another]  [and from another]  [and from another]

Venus is in the western sky at present, and due to the tail of Planet X wafting in from the right of the Sun, after sundown the light of Venus is traveling through a lot of trash and dust. What does this do to the light rays, which are essentially sunlight reflected off the surface of Venus? Look at what a little water vapor in the air can do, producing a rainbow as drops of water become a prism, refracting light rays. Glass lens bend light rays. But what is it in the tail of Planet X, wafting between the Earth and Venus, that is creating this spectrum.

The colorful objects seen in the evening sky near Venus, puzzling many, are not where the actual object of Venus resides. That is seen as a white planet. It is when white light, containing all spectrums, separate that a colorful ghost appears. Gravity will bend light rays in the red spectrum the most, which is evident to anyone looking at the rising or setting Sun when the Sun appears huge and red when at the horizon. A red and white persona was apparent when Planet X was inbound in 2002-2003. The white persona represented the true location, but due to the red dust surrounding Planet X, most light being captured was in the red spectrum, thus bent by gravity influences during the trip to telescopes on Earth.

Certainly a gravity pull coming from Planet X at this time accounts for the occasional red appearance of the Venus ghost, as light in the red spectrum is taking a side trip. We have explained that the tail of Planet X is greasy, filled with petrol elements gathered from the Asteroid Belt, a graveyard of small planets that were smashed to pieces when Planet X passed through the Asteroid Belt in the past. Life existed there on these water planets, and the petrol components were formed from this life. Does not a grease or oil stain on the roadway form rainbows when reflecting light? The colorful ghosts of Venus are yet one more proof that Planet X, aka Nibiru, exists and is riding between the Earth and the Sun!

Prime Minister Singh of India is set to visit both Russia and China this week, only several weeks after his recent visit to meet Obama in September.  Timing his visits with the three key announcement partners in such close succession would lead one to believe that these are primarily announcement related visits and have a special urgency. Though all nations will be devastated to some degree, India's almost one billion poor must pose a special concern given the rapid subduction of the subcontinent during the shift and relocation to a new pole. Can the Zetas shed any light on these visits and recent discussions? What role will india play during the announcement itself, and more importantly, what sorts of new proposals are being made as far as immigration before and during the shift? The article did mention specifically discussions on territory disputed by China and India.

The leadership in India is of course in shock not only at our prediction for their country but by the continuous reports of actual sinking during the 7 of 10 plate movements. Where one can discount our predictions, dismiss them as wrong, one cannot dismiss the steady sinking along the coastlines. They likewise can observe what is happening next door on the Sunda Plate, how our 7 of 10 predictions line up almost exactly with the degree of sinking experienced to date. India is not a country embracing the announcement admitting the pending passage of Planet X, thus, fearing panic in her people.

India has both Russia and China as neighbors, both expected to have vast tracts of safe land in the region after the Pole Shift – land that will be temperate if not tropical. But both countries have made it abundantly clear they are not interested in immigrants, and will guard their borders aggressively. India can plan incursions into Pakistan and thence over to Afghanistan and Iran and from there north into the former Soviet satellite countries of Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistand, and ultimately Kazakhstan. We have suggested boats to Africa which will be farther from the cold of the new S Pole atop India.  Meanwhile, India pleads.

Can the Zetas provide any insight into what can be expected with Jeh Johnson, a Pentagon lawyer, being tapped as the next Secretary of Homeland Security? His selection by Obama surprised a number of people, especially given his lack of experience in immigration, border security, and natural disasters.  Does his experience as a tough lawyer working for the Pentagon give any clue as to upcoming policy changes and restructuring at DHS?

There have been several clues on what the Obama administration and Congress expect in the months ahead. One is Obama’s Executive Order 13575 in June, 2011 wherein he is authorizing, surreptitiously, the establishment of rural survival communities supported by federal agencies. Another is the rewording of Executive Orders for national emergencies in March, 2012, such that FEMA will not automatically be put in charge as top dog but the White House remains in charge.  Remember the Katrina disaster?  Would one want “Brownie” in charge during the Last Weeks? Then there was the large purchase of hollow-point  bullets by the then DHS secretary in April, 2012. Per the Zetas, the real DHS fear was not rioting citizens but rogue military units. Then DHS secretary Napolitano subsequently resigned.  

Throughout we had the forced resignation of Generals Petraeus and Allen, the CIA’s second in command Morrell, and recently a number of other DOD officers, often for vague or unspecified reasons (though flaws such as a gambling or drinking problem were implied).  Then the change by the House of Representatives in May, 2013 to the Posse Comitatus law, allowing the US Military to grant itself the right to support the civilian police force on US soil in an emergency, on their own disposition. Meanwhile Obama is bringing the US military home from Iraq and Afghanistan as quickly as he can.

Does this sound like Obama is bringing the US Military home in preparation for their role helping the citizenry? Does it sound like he is cleaning out those officers and leaders who might be inclined to foment a coup or form rogue military units, or perform poorly under pressure? This is exactly what he is doing.  He is nominating a DHS secretary who he knows will work well with the DOD, to coordinate all resources. He is nominating someone whom he knows will work well under pressure, keeping a cool head. What his nomination says is that he expects both the US Military and DHS to have major roles to play in the near future, and is ensuring this will be a smooth operation.

You probably saw this news item about the House stenographer, one Diane Reidy, who was pulled off the House floor while they were voting to pass the Senate deal that would re-open the government. According to the NY Times, she shouted “The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God. It never was, it would not have been. The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons that go against God."  However, we now have some new evidence that makes the story even more bizarre; apparently, the audiotape that was supposedly copied by NPR and used by Fox News and other mainstream news sources was actually over-dubbed from what she was shouting as she was being taken aboard an elevator moments later.  Beyond the fact the outburst was odd to begin with, even considering the stress she had to endure over the shut-down, can the Zetas comment on what was at the root of this incident and why it had to be covered up with a lie?  Sign of things to come, until the announcement? (Watch the video that clearly shows the comments being uttered at the elevator, NOT on the House floor, while Fox has the comments over-dubbed to show them happening on the floor.)  [and from another]  The mainstream media obviously dubbed the part of the outburst that happened after Reidy was already pulled off the floor to the elevators over the part where she’s up at the podium. This leaves the majority of TV viewers thinking that’s what she actually said up there (even though you can hear the elevator ding as she’s being pulled off the floor in the Fox News report. A guy says something to her, nods, then she gets up almost robotically and goes straight to the podium. Notice as she’s yelling, that guy isn’t even looking up at her right away in surprise like everyone else. [and from another]  As the House voted to pass the Senate deal at the last possible minute to temporarily keep the government afloat for a little while longer, it was accompanied by a bizarre outburst from the floor stenographer.  [and from another]  “The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God. It never was,” the stenographer said as she was carried off the House floor, through the speaker’s lobby and into the hall. “It would not have been. The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons that go against God.”

This House stenographer’s outburst occurred during a House vote considered crucial to the Tea Party’s drive to wrest control of government by hostage taking. It was a planned disruption, with the outcome hoped to put the voting process on hold while chaos ensued. This of course did not happen. A delay in the vote would have forced the US into a potential default, which is just what the Tea Party hoped. If the US could not borrow funds, the nation would need to stop all their social services, such is their thinking. To the Tea Party, the Bible should be the Constitution, and Freemasons are free thinkers, not Godly.

I would like to ask Nancy and the Zeta's if there is any truth to the Oarfish warning of a pending earthquake of California, such as "the Big One." [and from another]  ‘Sea Serpents’ or Harbingers? Oarfish Washed Up Year Before Japan Quake. October 21, 2013.  Could the appearance of rare “sea serpents” washing ashore beaches in Southern California portend disaster? The question comes following the discovery of the carcass of a rare 18-foot-long oarfish off the coast of Catalina Island on Oct. 13, followed by another snakelike 14-foot-long oarfish found on Oct. 18 in Oceanside. Fishermen in Japan reported a sharp uptick in oarfish sightings in March 2010 following the massive magnitude-8.8 earthquake in Chile that same month, which marked almost exactly one year before the country was devastated by its own magnitude-8.9 quake in northeast Japan. According to traditional Japanese lore, oarfish rise to the water’s surface and beach themselves to warn of an impending earthquake, a notion that some scientists have speculated could be supported by the bottom-dwelling fish being more sensitive to seismic shifts.

We have explained when oarfish were coming to the surface off Japan prior to large quakes in Japan that they were doing so to flee the electromagnetic screech that rock under pressure emits.  What does their appearance off the coast of southern California portend?  For several years, while describing the 7 of 10 plate movements and the pressure these movements would place upon the continents, we have described the N America bow. The center of this bow is approximately San Diego, ie southern California!  

The N American Plate abuts the Pacific Plate at this point, with no minor plate to absorb the pressure. The Pacific is compressing, under continuous pressure to do so, and N America is bowing, in an unrelenting and increasing manner. For the oarfish in the area, there is no escape! They come up from the deep and while on the surface, get caught in wave action that impels them to the beach. The San Andreas adjustments will come after the New Madrid adjustments, in the main. In the meantime, the oarfish will seek to escape what for them seems a nightmare of distress, which will only get worse.

Has the Puppet Master started a new push for disclosure? The popular show "Ancient Aliens" returned recently to the History Channel, and both History channel networks have been running episode marathons lately. One of the new episodes discussed the Annunaki, and Sitchin's work. This led to a brief mention of Nibiru itself, such that the only thing left would be to mention its orbit and that it is now here, and causing Earth changes. [and from another]  The Anunnaki Connection October 14, 2013 The Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia achieved over one hundred "firsts" for human civilization. Advances in writing, agriculture, science, mathematics, medicine, astronomy, transportation, building, military, schools and city planning, all originated in Sumer. The Sumerians credit these achievements to The Anunnaki–giant, winged gods, who are only found in ancient cuneiform texts. Could these gods be more than legend?

In anticipation of the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru in the inner solar system for the past few years, the Obama administration has encouraged revelations in the media that could be called pre-announcement education of the public. The announcement by the Hawaii observatory, accompanied by photos, of the free-floating red planet PSO J318.5-22 moving through space without a Sun to go round was one such revelation. At the start of ZetaTalk in 1995 ZetaTalk and Nancy were ridiculed for our description of Nibiru as a traveling planet. Sitchin likewise was endlessly ridiculed for his interpretations of ancient Sumerian texts.

This episode of Ancient Aliens touches on the periodic passage of Nibiru as being 3,600 years (described as the reign of one Annunaki king) though reports Sitchin’s guess that the next return will not be for hundreds of years. This hardly computes considering the last passage was the Jewish Exodus, but as we have stated the now-deceased Sitchin did not want to contemplate the passage occurring in his lifetime. As with all the Ancient Alien segments, they give credence to every possible theory, but it is clear the timing of this segment had the pending announcement in mind. Iraq museum artifacts stolen and destroyed to keep a secret the common man was not to know, hinting at the cover-up which at that time was firmly in place. And at the end showing a Zeta and gorilla head merging into a human head, implying our hybrids as mankind’s next leap forward.

Earth-viewing satellite perspectives on the Chelyabinsk meteor event. [and from another]  Satellite observations of large meteors (superbolides) offer important insight on trajectory through the atmosphere, and by extension, to orbital parameters that enable source attribution. On February 15, 2013, at 0920 local time, a superbolide exploded in the stratosphere near Chelyabinsk, Russia, issuing a large shock wave that damaged structures and injured hundreds below. The event was captured by Earth-viewing environmental satellites that provided multiangle views of the debris trail within minutes of formation. This paper documents these observations and their use to derive trajectory details. Results compare favorably with surface-based camera/video estimates. [and from another]  The Chelyabinsk meteor was a Near-Earth asteroid that entered Earth's atmosphere over Russia on 15 February 2013 [and from another]  Calculating the precise trajectory of a meteor can help reveal details about its orbit and its source, which in turn could advance scientists' understanding of large meteors and help predict future threats more accurately.

These articles, coming months after the analysis of the Chelyabinsk fireball incident, seem oddly out of place but for one factor. It is getting back in the news, ahead of the announcement admitting the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru in the inner solar system, closer to the Sun than the Earth. NASA detailed quite clearly at the time that the fireball came from the direction of the Sun, but the official explanation became that it was an asteroid in orbit around the Earth – a NEO asteroid – thus fitting in line with the cover-up over Planet X at the time.  

Why revisit the issue? To reassure the public, who will quickly connect the dots and realize that the number of fireballs arriving since 2004 are from trash in the tail of Planet X. The emphasis is on detection of these bolide, by satellite. This emphasis is to reassure the public that early detection is possible. At the time of the Chelyabinsk incident the fact that the Russians shot the bolide down was downplayed and even denied, though photos and videos clearly showed this. Fear of polarizing politics was in place then, but now the fear will be panic in the public. Look for Star Wars type discussion in the future, to reassure the public.

Does the new Australian government know about the pole shift and if so do they believe it?  Also have any preparations been put in place by previous governments to help Australians try to survive in the lead up to the pole shift? I suspect we will be left to our resources but with government interference.

Those in Australian politics, the leadership, have long allied with the elite – rolling out the welcome mat for those with money or political clout on the world stage, while brutalizing any unwanted immigrants. This is true for the new leadership was well as the prior, nor is this likely to change.  Clustered on the Queensland coastline, sitting on Australia’s great aquifer, the elite will not be eager to rescue sheep farmers or pensioners in that portion of western Australia that will drown. Australia will go down suddenly during the hour of the shift, but will experience incursions from the sea well beforehand. The common man will be shuffled about, but not rescued, is our prediction.