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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 5, 2013

Another big player in the military was just suspended.  The #2 in command of America's nuclear arsenal, Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, was relieved of duty.  Officially, it was stated he had some sort of gambling problem, though they state that sailors are allowed to gamble.  I know the Zetas have frequently stated that the world's nuclear arsenals are technically defused.  My question is, is this as simple as the story states or was more house cleaning going on?  Now that the Announcement date is set in stone, the cover-up obviously lost any ability to interfere, but as recent attempts show, they are arrogant and refuse to give up. [and from another]  [and from another] Would the Zetas care to comment on whether the “unprecedented” forced retirement of these two Generals is related to the announcement? [and from another]  Two senior Marine Corps generals have been ordered to take early retirement after being found responsible for errors in judgment and failure to provide adequate security at a base in southwestern Afghanistan that was the scene of a deadly — and humiliating — insurgent attack last year that killed two Marines and destroyed six Harrier attack jets. Maj. Gen. Maj. Gen. Charles M. Gurganus, formerly NATO’s regional commander in southwestern Afghanistan, was faulted for failing to properly assess risks posed by the insurgency. General Gurganus had been nominated for his third star and a senior leadership role at the Marine Corps headquarters at the Pentagon, but will retire instead. Maj. Gen. Gregg A. Sturdevant, the former commander of the Third Marine Aircraft Wing forces assigned to Afghanistan, was faulted for not having established an integrated system of security at Bastion airfield, and will also take early retirement.

Forcibly retiring three high level officers in the Navy and Marines, just days apart from each other, is an indication that the orders came from above. Contrary to past decades and administrations, where the old boys club among high ranking officers allowed transfers to avoid retirement, there seem to be new rules in place. Those in leadership positions are expected to earn their rank, else leave. These terminations are putting the rest of the officers in the DOD on notice, to shape up or prepare to be retired. General Petraeus and General Allen, who were pressed into retirement earlier over romantic indiscretions, set the trend. Gambling is an addiction that leaves one open to blackmail, and incompetent leadership endangers troops. This will no longer be tolerated.

I hadn’t seen any questions about this topic. It seemed fishy and relevant given the pending announcement and comments thus far about uncertain reaction by populace and possible financial controls being required.  Makes me wonder if the president will implement policies to help the common man? Like liquidate our 401ks? Why would we need a retirement funds any more, we could use it now? Was the outage related to testing/implementing brakes or a governor of the stock markets in anticipation of post announcement economic controls?   [and from another] Wall Street Computer Crash  A mysterious technical glitch halted trading on the Nasdaq for three hours in the latest major electronic breakdown on Wall Street, embarrassing the stock exchange that hosts the biggest names in technology, including Apple, Microsoft and Google.

In anticipation of panic selling after the announcement, the Stock Market will want to impose a shutdown for days and potentially weeks. The markets in the US have a facility to shut down, as they regularly do over the weekends, but these automatic shutdowns allow some trading to continue and also to automatically start up again, based on the clock. A total shutdown for weeks requires other maneuvers. Altering the programs that run these market systems requires testing, and some testing, to be certain, must be live. This was an announcement related test, which passed.

I am wondering if the US government shutdown is part of the plan for the upcoming announcement. Did Obama anticipate this would happen at this time and affect the time frame chosen for the announcement? Many US government websites such as and are now offline because of the shutdown. I can understand not updating the websites, but find it odd for them to shut down the sites completely. If the announcement is made during the shutdown, there will be no NASA or USGS websites for the public to go to for information or to ask questions. Considering the last shutdown lasted 21 days and neither party seems likely to agree to a budget anytime soon, this could go on for awhile. Is the shutdown intentional or could it just be another attempt by the cover-up to try and stop the announcement? [and from another]  A number of US government websites and Twitter feeds have been suspended due to a partial US government shutdown. Nasa's website was unavailable as non-essential services were closed, and the White House web page was not being updated, after a lapse in federal funding. [and from another]  The Supreme Court ruled in Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. v. Sawyer, 343 US 579 (1952) that Executive Order 10340 from President Harry S. Truman placing all steel mills in the country under federal control was invalid because it attempted to make law, rather than clarify or act to further a law put forth by the Congress or the Constitution. It has been argued that a Congressional override of an executive order is a nearly impossible event due to the supermajority vote required and the fact that such a vote leaves individual lawmakers very vulnerable to political criticism.

We have repeatedly stated that the announcement date was set in concrete, not to be changed even if Obama appeared to have been replaced by a look-alike or was claimed to be in a coma. Russia and China and other countries would proceed, regardless. This date was frozen after China’s Xi and Obama met in California in June, 2013. Surely Obama was aware of the pending budget fights with the GOP at that time. Were these battles assumed to be a benefit to NASA and the USGS and the White House if the announcement occurred during shutdown battles? Is the announcement itself expected to be a weapon against the GOP’s intransigent games?

Since the Fall of 2012, when Obama attempted several times to announce the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, there have been many false starts designed to identify and catch the cover-up crowd in action. Obama attempted to use the EAS system and was blocked by cut wires and re-directed messaging. He attempted to use an Oval Office address and was thwarted by court orders secured by those in the media who had been told this was a hoax. The number of high level individuals in the government removed from power over subsequent months included General Petraeus and General Allen and the second in command at the CIA, Michael Morrell.

Obama is a consummate politician, and understands how to maneuver during political games. He has anticipated many antics by Tea Party extremists and dozens of other special interest groups that would arise as a result of the announcement. He has looked past arranging to get the announcement out, so that the populace of the world can make personal decisions armed with the information the elite have had available to them for many decades.  The special interests represented by the GOP include the 1%, the very wealthy, and corporate farms that would attempt to secure a frightened populace as workers in virtual slave camps. Crippling the government so it could not block a takeover by the wealthy and GOP extremists is a tool for the 1% in this regard.

What weapons does Obama have to counter these anticipated maneuvers?  By timing the announcement to coincide with or come shortly after the budget battles, Obama will find one of two situations. Either these budget battles will have been settled so that the federal government is fully operational, or he will find himself presented with potential national security issues if riots and bank runs break out. Ensuring the stability of the banking industry and quelling looting and injury from rioting is already in the law, and thus could be covered by Executive Orders. Obama can shift funding from programs that favor the 1%, such as corporate welfare, to support these Executive Orders. Faced with these types of maneuvers, the GOP and the special interests they represent will likely find lifting the debt ceiling and funding the government the lesser pain.  

What are the advantages to timing the announcement to GOP blocking of continuing government funding and lifting the debt ceiling? The announcement does not need funding in order to be presented, as it is a completed package, including NASA’s portion, and relies on major media for delivery. The US government would not want national parks invaded by a public rush to safe locations, and the parks will be closed. The White House would not want the public attempting to rush the president under the guise of tours, and tours are canceled. And NASA and the USGS expect Nancy to explain their cover-up methods, so their lack of access by the public would not be a concern.

Has the Canadian government made any plans on how to deal with the coming pole shift?  Do they have the equivalent of FEMA camps and are they preparing with food, riot control, evacuation and people coming in from the US? Will Toronto and Etobicoke suffer flooding from Lake Ontario and if so, how far inland should I encourage people in this area to move?

We have detailed our advice for the people of Canada and its province such as Ontario, and for Toronto.  The Great Lakes sloshing, as we have already stated, will be approximately half that expected in the oceans. Aftertime flooding can be expected when the land lies below the 675 foot level, a situation that primarily afflicts northern Canada. The population of northern Canada will migrate south, but as the population of Canada is not dense, will be easily absorbed. Those provinces that will stretch out along the new Equator will find their climate much warmer, with a longer growing season.

Thus well situation, Canada will find its largest problem to be an influx of angry US citizens coming up from the cities along the East Coast and Midwest. Fight or flight is the normal reaction when an assault happens, and the Pole Shift and the resulting disruption of lives will put the survivors into a mode where both emotions are in play, simultaneously. Along the East Coast they will pour into the Appalachian mountains and thence north as the sinking southeast and rising sea level crowd survivors together. This will be like a rolling human tide. The Midwest will have a similar issue with the cities along the Seaway and Great Lakes. From Cleveland to Milwaukee, they will find water pushing them northward, as Wisconsin rips open and the Mississippi and Ohio river valleys flood.

Canada is neither prepared for this nor do they have a plan. Their overall population is 10% that of the US, approximately 30 million to 300 million. The East Coast is densely populated, with the residents of cities such as New York City and Washington DC demanding, strident in their demands. Polite Canadians will be overwhelmed. Since Canada and the US have a long unprotected border, survivors from the US will flow northward unimpeded, or move along the border to find open access. This is a human drama where the final chapters have not yet been written.

I was wondering that with all the numerous Bigfoot videos on YouTube, are any of these valid captures since BF can cloak itself and evade humans? Here are some links to supposed best BF captures.  Thanks for any info you can provide!
[and from another]  A hair sample was analyzed and found to prove the Zeta statement that Bigfoot is a version of early man. [and from another]  Her skin was black, or dark gray, and her whole body covered with reddish-black hair. She could not speak. She was very tall, massive and broad, with huge breasts and buttocks, muscular arms and legs, and fingers that were longer and thicker than human fingers. She became the mother of human children. Two sons and two daughters, grew up a fully-fledged and normal men and women who could talk and possessed reason. He was extremely strong, difficult to deal with, and quick to pick a fight.

As we stated at the start of the ZetaTalk saga, Bigfoot is elusive as it is in quarantine from man, assisted in this matter by benign aliens. We have also stated that Bigfoot and the Men in Black who live in caverns on Earth are undergoing their Transformation along with mankind. Thus, they will move to 4th Density with mankind, their Service-to-Other souls will incarnate in the hybrids in future, and any undecided amongst them will be transplanted to the waterworld that awaits them to incarnate in intelligent octopi. In that mankind will be chased into the wilderness in great numbers during the Pole Shift and Aftertime, the Council of Worlds has decided to allow mankind to be educated about Bigfoot. Thus, the increased sightings.

Bigfoot can and has mated with man, producing offspring. This has been documented among the American Indians of the West Coast USA, where the offspring reportedly died young, and in Russia near the Caucasus mountains where they survived. This is possible because Bigfoot is merely a living version of early man, with similar DNA. Will survivors of the Pole Shift live alongside Bigfoot? They will encounter each other, and as long as respect is shown to Bigfoot, who is not inherently a violent or malicious entity, will have a peaceful coexistence. They may even visit and befriend each other.

Any comments on today's top story? If this is the result of remote viewers trying to help get Obama assassinated by creating chaos, then we might continue to see such chaos over and over again. Mentally ill people getting taken advantage of, and innocent people getting killed. Unless something is done about it. [and from another]  And a city heretofore fixated on a partial government shutdown was left with unanswered questions. Why did this happen? Why did the woman drive away from the White House and toward Capitol Hill? There appeared to be no evidence of terrorism. The chase created a chaotic scene of blaring sirens, locked-down lawmakers and bystanders hitting the dirt. When the woman drove up to a barrier at the 15th and E street checkpoint, she was approached by Secret Service officers who did not recognize her car. The motorist hurriedly tried to drive away, executed a three-point turn, struck the barrier and backed into an officer before driving away.  [and from another]  The mother of a Connecticut woman who was shot to death by police after trying to breach a barrier at the White House said her daughter was suffering from post-partum depression.  She was hospitalized. She had "no history of violence" and was a person who was "always happy."  [and from another]  Investigators have found indications that the woman who led authorities on a chase from the White House to the Capitol before she was shot to death by police thought that President Barack Obama was stalking her.

It is not unusual for depressed mothers to attempt suicide and to try to take their young children with them. Depression is anger turned inward, and post-partum depression almost always has elements of resentment over the burdens of motherhood, which fall predominantly on the mother. In primitive or agrarian societies, young mothers find many helping hands, so they are not socially isolated or fatigued. In today’s modern society, they are expected to soldier on alone. Miriam Carey was an unwed mother, the father not taking responsibility of any kind. Transference, a common psychological maneuver, switched her resentment toward the father to the nation’s top black man – Obama.