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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 26, 2011

In preparation for the shift, my family and I are soon planning to relocate from eastern to northern Ontario. The question I have is one regarding the Canadian military, as I was unable to find an answer using the search. My wife, since early childhood has had dreams of being a POW in the aftertime and many other dreams of a strong military presence where ever we will be. Can the Zeta's comment on how the Canadian military will be dealing with its population? I have a good understanding of the lengths the US will go to, but I am unsure that Canada would be as brutal with captives or people they come across. Moreover, are there cities or areas in northern Ontario that we should stay clear of to avoid the effects of martial law/military encampments?

As with military units worldwide, they will not be cohesive during and after the pole shift. As has been shown during the uprising in Tunesia, Egypt, and Libya - the military tends to side with the people, not with the power structure at the top. Whether a military is composed of conscripts, a draft, or is a volunteer army this will prove to be the same. The troops are not the elite, have never been given great wealth or power because of their position within the military, and are often treated carelessly by the command structure above them. Orders to attack the people are ignored, and frank rebellion can result if such orders are given. Thus, despite plans made by the upper command and the political structure that presumably has control of the military, the top command levels in a miliary are loathe to try such a gambit.

Most military units will be decimated when the Earth changes get serious, as the soldiers will go AWOL to return home, to protect and check on their families. Of those remaining, there will be pecking order battles, among those who desire to have weapons that might allow them to become kings in the Aftertime. Pecking order battles among those leaning to the Service-to-Self, as we have described, result in massive death among the parties involved. Meanwhile, good-hearted survival groups will have time to organize, and present a defense against marauders. Those spreading rumors about martial law plans, camps to hold citizens and the like, are not taking all this into consideration. They are assuming cooperation within the military, which simply will not exist!

The convergence of the Sundaland-Eurasian margin with the Philippine Sea Plate resulted in the different features that comprise the Philippine archipelago. These include magmatic arcs, subduction zones, collision zones and marginal basins. Based on seismicity and volcanism, the Philippine archipelago is divided into the seismically active Philippine Mobile Belt and the aseismic Palawan microcontinental block. The Philippines is bounded on the east by the westward-dipping East Luzon Trough-Philippine Trench along which the Philippine Sea Plate is obliquely subducting. NUVEL-1 measurements show that the Philippine Sea Plate, in the region northeast of Luzon, is moving northwest at a rate of approximately 7 cm per year. But southeast of Mindanao, the plate motion increases to ~ 9 cm per year. Can we ask the Zeta the expected rate of plate movement of the Philippine Sea Plate under the Philippines Islands when the folding has begun.
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The issue is not how fault lines within the Philippine islands will inch in this direction or that, but what will happen to the entire island structure during the massive plate adjustments pending. You are asking, as an analogy, how a pile of dishes in your cupboard will fare, whether the cups will topple over onto the soup bowls, when the house itself is due to suffer magnitude 9 earthquakes and will completely collapse! Psychologically, this is an attempt to have a modicum of control over the situation, as the larger situation is overwhelming. We have described scenes when the Earth stops rotating where a mother will bake a birthday cake for an upcoming birthday party when the Sun has refused to rise for days, as though this were her only concern, her meeting a calendar date the most important thing.

The Philippine Islands ride on the edge of the Eurasian Plate tongue holding Indonesia. As such they are subject to being crushed from the east and pushed down, simultaneously. As has been noted during the sinking of the tongue, the sinking has not been uniform. The plate tongue is folding like an accordion, so that portions sink, other portions rise, and all are buckling and crumbling. It is not possible, even for ourselves, to predict exactly which island in the Philippines will be affected, and in what way, by the multiple actions that will be taking place. The Philippine Plate is plunging under them, from the east. There is pressure from the east, so that the islands will buckle, weak points either rising up or dropping, suddenly, creating a jumble. And meanwhile, the islands are being drawn down as the tongue slips under the curve under Sumatra and Java.

I made this 3D version of Earth in the After-time using your map. What struck me most was that Africa seems to be the luckiest continent in the After-time. Ironic since today it is by far the most unlucky continent. Since Africans today have to be self-sufficient it seems they are the best prepared for the future. With the political uprisings and Africa's luck of avoiding rising seawater/melting poles it seems the brightest days are ahead for Africa? For those Africans who survive the shift could life be better in the Aftertime? Or is this naive thinking? I can't imagine life getting any worse for most humans in Africa.
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Africa will be above the waves and as such will be a target for migrations after the pole shift, if not well beforehand. There are pro and con elements for life in the Aftertime in Africa. Today, most of the populace is self sustaining, except for those countries where drought has destroyed all chance of living off the land. We have mentioned that the deserts of Africa will remain, despite the almost incessant drizzle expected in the first few years after the pole shift. Where the drizzle will not allow agriculture in the deserts, it will encourage the spread of the Ebola type viruses, which will emerge from the swamps and become a scourge. Africa likewise has a large pool or AIDS infected people, who will if anything die faster when their immune systems drop, as they will everywhere on Earth, due to depression and shock. If there is lack of caution about spreading the virus via sex today, there will be even fewer precautions taken in the Aftertime, when rape will be common.

Those countries along the coast and with any degree of technological development, such as S Africa, will find themselves immensely popular as the pole shift approaches. S Africa in particular will be seen as a jumping off place for settlement of new land to emerge between the tip of S America and Africa. Land will be at a premium, and immigration will eventually be tightly restricted. Africa is a continent where people from India and Asia work and move freely, and as such will be inundated with immense numbers of migrants from these areas when the reality of their sinking lands is made obvious. To the extent that Africa can support these immigrants, this is all to the good.

Febrary 23, 2011, Moscow. On this video is visible object occurrence in the sky. At some moment (1:50 on video) bright light flashes. Two days before (on February, 21st) other inhabitant of Moscow described just the same object. It is much brighter than Venus, too bright for the plane. It is UFO? What Zetas can tell? Video:
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This triade of colored lights, winking on and off from right to left and back again as though taking turns, is as usual during such UFO displays over heavily populated area relaying a telepathic message to those watching. This is not the first UFO warning that Moscow has received. The lights are not evenly balanced, with the orange light to the right more visible and outstanding. Moscow, as we have stated, will be assaulted from many sides during the pole shift. It is at the headwaters of rivers, which will backwash from their outlets at the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Moscow and the surrounding area will be flooded in the Aftertime, leaving a vast sea around Moscow, trapping residents who lingered too long at the headwaters of the rivers. These are the warnings being relayed to those below.

Can the zetas say what this object is? Whenever Michio shows up it usually has something to do with the cover-up but this time no one knows anything. Is this Nibiru related? Human scientist are "clueless" as usual. Video: [and from another] This appeared a year ago and was featured on Nancy's newsletter! [and from another] NASA Spots Mysterious Space Debris [Feb 3] If what astronomers believe is correct, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Camera 3 happened to be correctly oriented just as two asteroids slammed into each other 90 million miles away from the Earth. Scientists are guessing the collision happened at speeds over 11,000 miles per hour, which is what scientists believe the average speed of asteroid collisions are. It seems that only one asteroid, named P/2010 A2, survived the impact and is seen in the image glowing just outside of the X-debris pattern. It is assumed that the other asteroid disintegrated fully. Astronomers have long assumed that these types of collisions are common, but they've never been directly recorded until now. The join of the X is thought to mark the location where the impact occurred, while the distinctive X-shape was created by debris being swept into tail formations by the pressure of sunlight.
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This target="_top">exact image was presented to the world a year ago, on February 3, 2010. Why is it now being re-presented as something "new". As we explained at the time, this was a quickly mustered answer to the many Moon Swirls of Planet X that were appearing on SOHO and Stereo images. The explanation was to be colliding asteroids, creating temporary dust clouds. Now in anticipation of signs on the skies, which we have recently hinted at, they are dragging this Hubble image out of the closet and dressing it up for a new campaign of disinformation. As you noted, a lacky of NASA and the disinformation campaign is leading the charge.

When South America rolls, will the crushing of Panama and Costa Rica be progressive moving upward through Central America during the hour or so of the roll? Or, will it be like one big initial slam and crumbling continuing after the initial hit and roll?

The S American roll will not take place in an instant, from start to end, as is obvious from the preliminary movement already taking place. The region of the N Andes fault line is suffering mountain building. The Caribbean Plate off coast from Colombia recorded sinking in 2010, and Panama is flooding due to preliminary sinking, even having to close its locks at one point for the first time in its 125 year history due, supposedly, to rain. Where this will proceed in steps and stages, one should not assume a leisurely pace! Trauma from magnitude 8 and 9 quakes along the Andes will still strick suddenly, and the crumbling of Central America will likewise be traumatic and strike suddenly for a given location. When two mountain ranges moves closer together, for those in the valley this cannot be anything other than a horrific trauma. Likewise with sinking, which for those islands due to lose hundreds of feet in elevation, can place the inhabitants in boats, if they are lucky, with little warning.

On the local news in Denver, CO, last night, they said that at DIA (Denver International Airport), there were more near misses in the last year as planes were coming toward the airport and getting ready to land than all of the last 5 years combined. They claimed that this was due to the fact that many of the senior personnel in the air traffic control towers were retiring. They said that the people there now have much less experience than people who would normally come from "the academy" - as they are getting more "on the job training" at the actual tower rather than at the academy where they would have normally trained longer before coming to the actual tower to work. They are blaming these new tower personnel for giving planes incorrect instructions and putting them in harms way with regards to hitting other planes as they approach the airport. They say the conditions in the air at DIA with weather,etc. make it difficult to see what is actually happening sometimes, and they just don't have the extensive experience that that controllers who are or who have retired had. They also warned that it would probably be getting worse, as this was not the peak of the controllers retiring yet. My question is: Is this /really/ the reason all of these near misses are happening. Or is this a result of the earth wobble and the computers and/or autopilot compass and regular compass directions being thrown off momentarily. Does it have anything to do with the autopilots of the plane not being able to correct quickly enough for the momentary (or whatever) fluctuations in the magnetic poles as Plant X grips our magma and then it snaps back? Also, if any of the above does effect aircraft and their ability to fly safely in the sky - can you give any information on when it would be really not safe to be flying anymore. Also is there any procedure the pilots could follow or the air traffic controllers could follow that would help to alleviate this problem. i.e., avoiding landings at any certain times of day or any other procedures they could follow that would help this problem?

The problem is not that the new controllers lack experience but that they are going by the book, following procedures rather than understanding the "new" rules needed for safety. The compass is no longer reliable, a fact not put into writing but acknowledged by the old timers. If they do not have opportunities to relay what they know to be the facts, then the trainees falter.

1996 ZT: "As we have announced, the battle in South America has already been won, and Africa is falling away from the Service-to-Self clutches". After the recent revolutions in North Africa, has now the above Zeta's prediction definitively come true? Is now Africa solidly in the hands of STO? [and from another] Benghazi, Libya (Reuters) - feb 24th , 2010. Libyans celebrated the liberation of the east of the country from the rule of Muammar Gaddafi, who has vowed to crush the revolt and on Wednesday was trying to assert his grip on the capital Tripoli.

We have recently affirmed that the continent of Africa was won for the Service-to-Other whereas in 1994 and 1996, this was not yet the case. Due to the vast number of unsparked souls in both S America and Africa (as elsewhere on the Earth where only 1 of every 6 humans can be considered incarnated by a reincarnating or sparked soul), the battle revolved around external influences more than a vote among incarnating souls. If those in charge of the government are dictatorial and vicious, accruing wealth for themselves and starving and brutalizing the people, then the overall influence on that country is Service-to-Self, and those humans with unsparked souls can be highly influenced to follow the government's example. But if those in charge, or the overall public image of interaction and exchange among people in the country, are portraying a Service-to-Other example, this leans the country in the other direction during any such continental battle.

Enter the protests across north African countries, from Algeria through to Egypt and beyond. We mentioned that this is due to a great extent to Star Children who are walk-ins into those human bodies unsparked, and thus virtually empty containers for a soul. Suddenly the human, perhaps a youth feeling without direction or purpose, feels himself aware of democratic principles and the necessity to press for this in a non-violent manner. Even those not discovering themselves with a walk-in soul from a Star Child catch the fervor and sense of purpose, and as unsparked humans so often do, just go along with the flow. For both groups, death at the hands of a repressive regime matters not, as the Star Child is fulfilling his mission and the unsparked human HAS no soul mission. Thus, the countries of the west stand astonished. What happened after so many decades of despots ruling these countries? They have regrets, as the prior rulers were a known entity and well contained. Those in Europe and the US are thus being challenged as champions of democracy by the crowds of simple people taking to the streets!

The Zeta's mentioned that Planet X was near Venus. I have been researching how far Venus is currently from Earth, but the information indicates that the gap between Venus and Earth varies widely from 23.7 million miles to 162 million miles. My question is could the Zetas please tell us how close to Earth Venus is at the moment?

We have explained how dynamic the situation is, where Venus is often swung from side to side between the Earth and the Sun to simulate her orbit to those gazing at the morning or evening sky. At times, we and other Service-to-Other aliens in service to the Transformation bend light rays to simulate such an orbit. These orbits are not static, as you assume! You imagine being able to calculate the timing of the pole shift by pinning down the distance between the Earth and Venus, since we have stipulated the distance Planet X will be from Earth at the point of passage. We have explained that the Dark Twin has dropped behind the Earth in their shared orbit, while being squeezed in the cup, and that Venus will be squeezed closer to the Earth during such a process. These are only some of the variables that will be at play, in your future. Rather than seek a sense of control by clinging to human projections on orbits and trajectories, you would do well to move to a safe location and learn to garden!

Could Zetas comment what would happen to Indonesia and other affected areas at the moment of sudden bending of tongue holding Indonesia occurs? Would it be that sea water will rise up immediately to 80 feet and 60/40/20 feet in other affected areas as predicted or any other horrible phenomena will occur causing to great casualty.

As we explained when the sinking of the plate tongue holding Indonesia proceeded more slowly than we originally anticipated, when plate undulation set in, this has momentum and thus sinking only occurs at certain points. When the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate curling under Sumatra and Java lifts, during this undulation and tipping, the sliding of the tongue under this curve picks up speed, but when the curve drops, friction is increased and this slows again. Nevertheless, sinking has been proceeding apace, as Nancy has so carefully pointed out in her newsletters. This is unlikely to change, due as we stated to momentum, which tends to continue.

At some point, the depths of sinking we have predicted will be reached. At some point, the excuses offered by the establishment - rain and high tides - will no longer be given any credence by the public. The airports of Jakarta and Singapore will be under water. These cities will find water in their streets such that only boats, not cars, can be used. The failure of these waters to drain or recede will be obvious to all, and the international media will be forced to address the issue. For those hoping for fast action, a sudden sinking that would almost immediately shock the world so that they could convince family and friends of the validity of our message, this is merely a delay. It does however afford those in Indonesia more time to adjust to the situation, and this is all to the good.