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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written April 10, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

National Geographic ran a show called "when Earth Stops" this past week which detailed what might happen if the Earth gradually stopped rotating? Is Nat Geo in with the History Channel now in terms of a general awareness push? Are they trying to socialize the idea of a rotation slowing?

Anticipating questions on this show, Nancy watched it closely. Much confusion can be eliminated is we simply point out that the premise of the show was that the Earth slowed rotation over many months, and then settled into a 6 month day/night routine without sustaining a crustal shift. It is true that the oceans would flow toward the poles in a stopped rotation, but this process is slow and does not move that much water during a 5.9 day stopped rotation week. The amount of time that the Earth requires to slow her rotation to a stop is likewise weeks, not months, and this is on a curve so that the last few days are where the brakes are really applied. Prior to that, minutes and hours are added to a day. Thus, the effect on the Earth of a virtually stopped rotation are, in total, a week, not months.

There is another point of confusion regarding the shape of the Earth, which is an oval, fat around the Equator and not a ball. This is not caused by deeper oceans, more water, at the Equator but rather the shape of the Earth itself, the magma layer in particular. This is a fact well known to your scientists. The magma accumulates around the Equator, due to the centrifugal force of rotation. The oceans would pool around the Equator also, were it not that the poles are essentially downhill from the Equator, gravitywise, being lower and closer to the core of the Earth. Thus, the pulling of water to the Equator is offset by the oceans flowing downhill, and the water is of a consistent depth around the world. In a crustal shift, the bulging part of the globe, the fat middle part, shifts too, developing around the new Equator. Thus our warning about being 675 feet above today's sea level applies, as ocean depth will be consistent after the pole shift.

A final point of confusion was the emphasis on lack of air to breath. The great oxygenators of the Earth are the kelp forests and the algae that live in the oceans. It is not the rain forests, though they contribute of course. This would thus place the location of oxygen renewal of the atmosphere over the Equator, not the polls. In addition, as the Coriolis effect, the pushing of the atmosphere in a circle from the Equator to the poles due to the rotation of the Earth, would diminish and disappear, there would be air flow due to heating and cooling, high and low pressure points as warm air is lighter, and thus the atmosphere would be mixed. Yes, we have stated that the atmosphere will be stripped away by the lashing tail of Planet X, but unless one resides high in the mountains, this would not be noticed by survivors, and the atmosphere quickly rebuilds from the great oceans the Earth enjoys.

Why did National Geographic chose to create this strange scenario, where people are gasping for breath and dying and the cities are being flooded? They were told to include as many of the scenarios we have described for the time of the pole shift and the Aftertime, and did so by wild speculation on what might occur when science would not support the story. Yes, we have predicted that cities will flood, as they are predominantly situated along coastlines and river bottom land, and thus will experience tidal sloshing and river flooding during the hour of the shift. Yes, we have predicted that many cities will be flooded in the aftertime too, along the coastlines, due to the 675 foot rise in sea level.

We have likewise predicted that the Earth will moan as the core tries to turn but the crust is held in a stopped rotation. It is known in human science that the core drives the rotation, and rotates slightly faster than the crust itself. This conflict was depicted, and used as an excuse for a fracturing crust interfering with travel, another of our predictions for the last weeks as we have advised all who intend to travel to their safe locations to do so early and not linger for these reasons. Anticipating ocean fishing as a food source in the Aftertime, when the volcanic gloom will be diminishing, and the difficulty of establishing agriculture, plant growth, in a changed climate was also depicted, though not for the reasons we give. Sheltered gardens in the Aftertime protect from volcanic ash fallout, not intense sunlight.

The Zetas can tell some words about the reason of an air crash with the president of Poland onboard. Really there was a crew error at a landing in the conditions of a low visibility or something another? [and from another] Plane crash near Smolensk on board which was an elite of Poland. Maybe it's staged, but the real elite hid in a safe place?

This was not an accident, but was deliberate. The plane was rigged so that a landing error was guaranteed. Poland has been in the middle of controversy for some years, in the battle between the US and Russia. Russia was an ally of Iraq, had many contracts there, and did not approve of Bush invading in 2003. Poland was one of few countries which formed the "Coalition of the Willing" as Bush put it. Poland likewise was one of two countries in eastern Europe willing to have missiles planted on its soil, pointing over Russian territory. This presumably was to point at Iran, but Russia was not fooled. This plane crash was payback.

Rivers after the shift will be poisoned. Whether it is fast mountain rivers and streams?

Volcanic ash will fall everywhere on Earth, heaviest downwind from volcanoes for several hundred miles in that direction. There will be some places on Earth where no detectible ash falls. Such ash is less likely to poison water if the body of water is large, as then it can dilute any heavy metals in the ash. Rivers of course will sustain other pollution, as chemical tanks will burst and drain into nearby rivers. We have stated that drinking water should be distilled, and this continues to be our recommendation regardless of the source of the water. Well water will likewise run the risk of lead poisoning, from magma pushing up into the underlying soil strata. For some years after the pole shift, distillation is advised.

What level of psychic monitoring do the rich and various branches of government practice on individuals in the know regarding PX?

Remote viewing is done on few individuals because those who can conduct such research are few. They are reserved for very important individuals who might have information they are not providing. Nancy had a team assigned to her for some years, but they have been assigned elsewhere as it was determined she was providing all she knew via her website. She is, in fact, kept in the dark about many issues to ensure she does not leak this via her body language or word pattern analysis. She does not know the date, or the dates of any major Earth changes, for instance.

What does Gordon Brown, the UK Prime Minister have planned in relation to the poleshift and the UK population? What knowledge do his competitors in the upcoming general election, David Cameron and Nick Clegg have regarding the coming catalysms - are they aware and would their actions be anymore STS or STO?

None of these individuals are either Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other, but undecided in orientation. All are aware of Planet X to the extent that they believe it is present and will pass the Earth at some point. The plans of most politicians is to ditch out to safety when it is clear the last weeks are upon them, and with no plans to inform the public until they are in a safe location and cannot be blocked. These three are no exception.

The zetas have made comments over the years that indicate benign aliens are allowed to step in and prevent STS excesses from harming the undecideds and STO unduly, for example the prevention of the large-scale pandemics and martial law plans the Bush/Cheney team had prepared. They also state the Puppet Master is undecided, as befits Earth the schoolhouse planet. Is the reverse also true, that certain STO plans that might result in too much advantage for the STO are prevented from being carried out? I'm asking this because it just doesn't seem logical that the STS are always on the verge of wide-scale genocide and the STO are usually portrayed as naïve and clueless and always in need of ET assistance.

Service-to-Other are not vicious and greedy, where Service-to-Self are. Service-to-Other are busy giving a helping hand while the Service-to-Self are busy taking from the weak. If an Service-to-Other has an advantage, they share it, by the nature of their orientation.

Lately I've been deciding against spending too much time telling people about the coming shift, not least because I've done it for so many years that I feel like the boy who cried wolf. I think of the people that would've had their dreams crushed since 2003, always worrying about the pending poleshift and not pursuing their dreams and goals, or having children or any of a number of things they need to do in their lives. I think to myself that this is probably how a lot of the elitists might also have felt, once they grappled with the situation, knowing how this might drag on for years, as it has. Other than encouraging the elite to start talking about the possibilities, to better prepare the public, what can the Zetas say to assuage these kinds of thoughts?

Take a young family, who might be informed about the pending passage. Date unknown, but here's the status and images of the rogue planet. Lots of discussion on the media about various prophecies and historical evidence and folklore about prior passages. The young family plots their course. They have two children but decide not to have more, so the kids can be older when it hits, no pregnancy or babes in arms. The father takes a job for less money in the country, and they get into gardening and have a chicken coop. Mother plants medicinal herbs and learns to sew clothing from patterns and bolts of cloth. Alternatively, the elite have chosen not to inform this family of anything, but to lie and attack those who have been trying to bring you the truth. The family remains in a city on the coast, and have more young children. Now arrive the last weeks, and in horror the parents realize their home is not safe. They try to drive to the country but are blocked because neighboring states and areas do not want hoards of migrants. They walk on foot in the dead of night, with only peanut butter for the kids. Into the country, they have no way to feed themselves and the wife, 8 months pregnant, had needed special care for delivery in the past and the father knows he is likely to lose her and the baby soon. You decide which is the better approach.

Sexuality is a complicated issue for humans. It has such a dual nature. On the one hand, it can be associated with love, affection, and tenderness. On the other, it can be associated with betrayal, misuse, and abuse, leading to devastated emotions, shattered relationships, life-threatening disease, and the break-up of families. The Zetas have said that sex drives have been genetically engineered into the Zeta/human hybrids. My question: have the hormonal and other imbalances that trigger inappropriate sexual cravings in humans been engineered out of the hybrids?

No. 4th density life is not an exemption from challenge. Spritual growth requires challenge, as little growth happens when all is sweetness and light.

When will someone from inside NASA is going to leak a clear photo of Planet X? Can zetas convince someone's soul or hypnotize him to do it? And if yes why don't they do it? Zetas support the spreading of the truth, and I don't find it interfering with humanity if you think the general good in Awakening process.

Of course we, the Zetas, nor any other aliens visiting Earth or counseling humans who have requested such consultation, do not dictate to humans. It is always the choice of the human. It is the choice of the human to request a consultation. It is the choice of the human as to what step they take in their lives. Always.

What was the real purpose behind the latest sending of the shuttle and doing the space walk?

The ISS is used for observation of Planet X and its entourage of Moon Swirls. NASA is unable to predict its movements, or the movements of Earth during its attempt to evade Planet X. They are dealing with particle flows they are unaware of, and are constantly in shock at what they observe. Thus, the ISS is used as a vantage point, the eyes of humans on the scene, which is far better intel than a probe can provide.

Do the Zetas have other ambassadors? Or are you [Nancy] the only one? Do other alien races also have earth people as ambassadors?

Yes. We have been asked before to name humans in other countries who are in valid contact with aliens and can relay information in some form, via hunches or by channeling, and have declined. There is no other human who is in telepathic contact for Q&A as Nancy is. We have stated this from the start. It is up to YOU to discern the validity of what others claim. We will say this, however - there are more false claimants than true. Just because someone claims contact or knowledge does not make it so. Look to their track record before you become a follower.

Do crop circles provide any clues in terms of timelines for the pole shift. Is there any point in humans spending lots of time analysing them to unlock hidden messages about when certain events/Earth changes will occur before the pole shift and for the pole shift date itself?

If crop circles did not convey a message, then why are they so prevalent? The message is delivered to the subconscious, which is not necessarily forcing its understanding upon the conscious. There is a reason the conscious forgets. It is choosing to forget the unpleasant, deeds done in the past, failures, and the like. It likewise is choosing to ignore the message it gets from gazing at crop circles. If the human decides to act on their subconscious hunches, they will do so. If not, they are in denial. But this is their choice!

Recently the DOW closed over 11,000 points, which it hadn't seen since the crash of late '08. Is it even possible the DOW can recover (at least what the public sees) by the time of the pole shift even though there is so much unemployment? Aren't the elite worried that such an absurd situation can't possibly fool the public, or is the public as a general rule really that stupid?

The DOW is manipulated, in part to keep corporate portfolios at a value that covers retirees in the future, in part to placate retirees that their 401 accounts are sound. This is all part of the plan to keep panic from spreading. Despite the fact that insider trading is illegal, the government does this with willing partners to maintain the DOW. It is known as the Plunge Protection Team, but goes far beyond the presumed charter for that group.

Is DNA present in all the universe's sentient beings? Is it a double helix like it is in humans, or is it more, or less, complex?

DNA develops in a similar form in all life that we, the Zetas, are aware of due to a simple fact. The chemistry of the Universe, and how particles interact, is similar enough on all worlds that such structures develop. It is not DNA that is similar, it is the particles available for DNA to develop that is simliar. Worlds may vary in their components, such that life may be carbon based or silicon based, for instance, but the helix of DNA is there.

In 2002 the Zetas wrote a piece entitled 'Survival Groups' and stated 'Thus, the best laid plans most often do not work out, and spontaneous meetings, often guided, work out best.' The page gives the impression that you are better off not preparing too much for the shift, and are better off just heading to a relatively safe place and seeing what happens. I know this is man choice and man's decision but I was wondering what advice the zetas can provide when trying to put together a survival group, how small is small? Obviously the first choice is family and close friends, but if you invite a friend, they will most likely want to bring some of their loved ones/friends, and I can see the groups getting out of hand coupled with people bringing STS along. I have friends who will most likely struggle in a survival scenario mentally, do I invite them into my group or anonymoulsy inform them about the pole shift nearer the time, or do nothing? Do you only select people who you think are truly STO or do you invite undecided souls who are headed in the STO direction. Do you select people based on their skill sets? Any guidance on forming groups would be appreciated.

All these options you mentioned are your choice. Plans made ahead of time will of course allow for a safe location, supplies to be delivered, and skill sets developed. Making wise choices for such a group should include inviting only those you know rise to the occasion and do the right thing when an emergency or stressful situation arises. Your drinking buddy or cousin might be fun to be around, but what will he do when he must forgo eating for a few days so that the children can continue to get the protein they need for their brains to develop normally? Our statements on spontaneous meetings includes the fact that disaster has already struck! Those involved in such meeting have already sorted out who among those they know are worthy of a partnership. What one would do in an emergency is already obvious, thus.

The Pyramids in Egypt have borne at least one poleshift, if not, several poleshifts. How is it possible that they continue orientating exactly to the four cardinal points?

It is not true that the Great Pyramids point in any direction of relevance. Humans take measurements and build upon what they find there, to make such claims. If they pointed to your foot, you'd find magic in your foot.

This is an odd question. But do I need to worry about saving money for the years ahead. I'm stocking food. And want to build some kind of survival structure. I live in Montana and don't know if to just have things ready to move fast or build a strong structure to survive.

This is all your personal choice, as to what you do. We do not do personal counseling. You are at the very least in a relatively safe location. Beyond that, it is your personal situation that dictates, and your personal choices and desires.

So, the dark twin was photographed next to the full moon on March 30th. That means that every clear night we can look to the area of Libra-Scorpio and see it, and photograph it again? [and from another] Dark Twin or what ever you call it. I mean we been being told its close for how many years now? You show pictures that say its really close again. Well Zeta's when the heck is it getting here? When is it going to do all this damage and pole shift? Seems its been flying around close for years now and nothing. Not a thing. So why do you lie to us so much?

We have been asked for the RA and Dec, the location of the Dark Twin, in the past and declined, stating that it would be in another spot before Nancy could type the answer. Both the Dark Twin and Venus are at present caught in the cup, caught in the eddy flow of particles flowing around from behind Planet X such that the eddy flow acts like pincers. These 3 planets, of nearly equal size, are pressed together. Venus is moved back and forth to simulate a natural orbit in the view from Earth, or light rays are bent so that humans on Earth think this to be the case. The Dark Twin is not a concern as it is a black hunk of rock and absorbs almost all light. From the photos taken on March 30, which we have verified as real and true, is it slightly outside the orbit of Earth, pushed there by the Repulsion Force to evade bumping into the Earth. The Earth is meanwhile trying to evade the oncoming Planet X, trying to move the the left, backwards in her orbit, to do so. This is a dynamic situations, ever changing. Planets are bouncing around! Even Planet X dithers in how far it points its N Pole at the Earth, for various reasons. Certainly, looking in the general direction should be encouraged, however.

I have been made aware or have awakened by these earth changes since November 2009, which is why I don't bother with investing or other forms of selfish ambition and focus more on simple pleasures like gardening and just helping others around me. According to ZetaTalk, you claim that the upper Midwest will be the safest or least affected part of the U.S. during the shift. I am in Chicago, which is not safe; however, how do you respond to people who would rather stay in an unsafe place and take care of family and family friends rather than move to a sparsely populated area and have their loved ones fend for themselves? My family has made it very clear that everything I have learned from this site regarding the shift is nonsense and just deceptive banter by someone they claim is trying to make a buck.

If Nancy is trying to make a buck then perhaps she should be selling something like her services or something she does not already give away for free! The website includes more than the content of her book, which she does not make money on as sales are almost nill and the book is old, and includes more than the content of a lecture series which she has transcribed and provides for free to the public in any case. We are endlessly asked how to convince family and friends to move. Nancy gets email daily complaining that people do not want to even listen to the evidence, which is abundant, that cataclysms happen to the Earth regularly and on a periodic basis. These are people who wish to be in denial. They lack courage, and want the comfortable path. We have advised that if you point out the geological record, and the many prophecies in every culture than warns of something pending, and the folklore such as is documented in the Kolbrin on prior passages, then you have done your job. Pressing them will only harden denial. They will come to you when the time comes, for more information. Else they will remain in denial, but this is their choice. We have never stated that the upper Midwest is the safest or least affected areas of the US, as there are many locations both east and west that are equivalent.

Will the Moon have a pole shift as well?

We have stated that the Moon will continue to hug the Earth, and not leave it during the passage. The Moon, as is known, faces only one side toward the Earth due to its composition. One side is more attracted to the Earth than the other. The Moon, obviously, will return to this stance after the pole shift, and continue to orbit the Earth in a similar manner as today. Whether it twists around during the hour of the pole shift is irrelevant.

The recent revolution in Kyrgyzstan that made global headlines! Was the coup being covertly supported by outside interests or was it a genuine peoples revolution? [and from another] Kyrgyzstan: Coup in a U.S.-Allied Country? [Apr 7] The United States maintains an air base in Kyrgyzstan that is a key supply point for the war in nearby Afghanistan. President Obama's support for the now-ousted government long has angered the opposition.

This was a people's revolution, and to the extent that a US base for the war in Afghanistan is now threatened, simply a reflection of the desire of the people to be out of the squeeze between Russia and the US.

Can dreams be a way of receiving a Call or making one? What about night terrors?

Giving the Call may be an unconscious maneuver, but being in contact is not. Night terrors can be many things, including one's own unconscious urges or memories being processed.

In setting up a greenhouse after the pole shift, how long will rock material be falling from the sky that could break through translucent plastic that allows light to filter in the greenhouse. Would it be many a year of the tail's debris with 1" rock that one has to contend with?.

If one lives within a 100 mile radius of a burping or exploding volcano, it will last until the eruptions die down. Else, anticipate ash, but not rocks, from volcanic material in the atmosphere within a few days after the pole shift.

I contacted one American Indian Tribe to find out what their prophecies were and the Medicine Man said that all his tribe who can see feel the same thing: water. So I told them about what is coming as they are inland only 50 miles, at sea level. Should I seek out other tribes and warn them? Are the Zetas having a special program for any group such as Indians? I imagine they have the same mix of STO and STS as any other group. I am not Indian but I like their beliefs and I do not like the idea of them being lost.

There is no program to warn people beyond responding to the Call and encouraging all who seek counsel to warn others.

Zetas said at last chat:"One of the events that was presented in the holographic presentation that Nancy attended last November will surely occur "(this year). Does it means we will go to 7 this year?


Do you recommend above ground dome homes made of concrete or the like as safe abodes during the pole shift or earth sheltered homes, which are homes where only one side is above ground and the rest is underground? There is little mention of these homes anywhere in the media, even though their benefits outweigh their costs?

Both are better than the above ground boxes that can catch the wind, or present a flat face to the wind such that pressure blows the box away. As is well known to architects and engineers, an oval or a circle is a stronger surface, resisting both quakes and winds. And a berm certainly provides resistance to wind.

I am curious as to how to interpret magnetic strengths as applied to the Southern Hemisphere and obviously our seasonal opposites, as the details on the Zeta page are presented from only a northern hemisphere perspective it seems.

The majority of land mass exists and the majority of the population lives in the northern hemisphere. When giving explanations we try to take pains as to state "when viewed from the northern hemisphere" or some such, or "when viewed from above the N Pole as astronomers like to do" and the like. It is unclear in your question what you mean by "magnetic strengths".

In the last weeks whistleblowers have exposed how the gold market is being artificially managed to keep the price of gold around $1100. I think if it were not, the real price would be $5000 to $10,000 per ounce. And now it has been revealed that many 'gold bars' in vaults are gold plated tungsten. Is the metals market going to be artificially manipulated all the way to the shift so that it would not be a good idea for a short term investment in gold? You have said it will be worthless at the pole shift anyway.

This is of course up to you, as to how you invest money or what steps you take for your security. We have advised that people move to rural areas, get into gardening, hand tools, keeping flocks and herds, and learning about medicinal medicines, regardless of the financial impact. When the last weeks arrive, your gold or whatever you think you have of value in precious metals or art work or bonds or stocks will be utterly worthless. Since the arrival of the last weeks is not something you can predict, it is up to you how long you wish to delude yourself that you have something of value in this regard.

I would like to ask you about this artificaclly management of our planet. It is statet that aliens are making apparent precision that all is normal. You have said this this planet have been brought up and down to simulate normal seasons in order to avoid marshall law. My Q is, did this happen the last passage and when will willl this "apparent precision" end?

We have stated that the Council of Worlds has allowed the seasons to be simulated for many past pole shifts, for as long as there has been life on Earth beyond life simply living in the seas. The Earth is abundant with life, and has been a schoolhouse for intelligent species sparking souls for longer than man realizes that life on the Earth has existed. You are hominoid, but intelligent life in the past has been reptilian, and even in seafaring forms.