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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 21, 2011

The Zeta's have said in the past to pay attention to the earth changes to know when the PS is getting closer. They have also listed the order of 3 events that will happen during the 7 of 10 events. First Japan EQs, then splitting of the New Madrid fault line, followed almost immediately by tsunami that will basically flood Europe. They have said other events may happen between these events, but these 3 will happen in this order. My first question is - Were the EQs in Japan on 3/10-3/11 and the subsequent aftershocks the Japan EQs referred to above? Second, the mainstream media here in the US is really covering these events up. I have seen nothing regarding the sinking of Indonesia or some of the islands of the Caribbean. The only way to get this info is through alternative means such as the internet. As things get worse, will the US government or our media even let us know if EQs start happening along the New Madrid fault line? With new laws and executive orders allowing the govt to shut down the internet during "emergencies" and our govt's proven desire to keep the population in the dark regarding UFOs, ETs, Planet X, earth changes, etc, I'm not sure when the New Madrid fault line starts moving, erupting, etc. that we will even know about it unless we live in that area.

The 7 of 10 scenarios were describing plate movement, which was the focus of the 7 of 10 stage. Not increasing earthquakes, or greater magnitude of earthquakes. Not incidental issues, just plate movement. The Japan earthquake was incidental, and did not accompany plate movement per se, as this was slight. Yes, the press will continue to be tightly controlled. Even when GPS in S America no longer works because the continent is 250 miles further to the west than the GPS units assume. Even when certain islands in the Caribbean are so sunken that life on the beach has disappeared. Even when Gibraltar is 125 miles wider than before. Those who control the press can still choose to say nothing, and might do so. The Internet, as we have stated, is too vital to commerce and government to be shut down, and thus allow the public to share information. Do your part on sharing information, as by this means the cover-up will face a certain death.

align="right" hspace="0" width=222 height=200>Last Friday, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund - an organization of the establishment if there ever was one - was arrested just as his plane was about to leave New York, on charges of attempting to rape a black hotel maid earlier in the day. Police, responding to the alleged crime scene, even claimed that DSK - as he's popularly known - had left his cell phone in the hotel room in his haste to depart. Is this just another incidence in which an arrogant elitist thought he was above the law and could have his way with any subordinate he fancied, or was this a set-up connected to the Coverup? Such a personage - despite his nickname of "le grand séducteur" (the Great Seducer) - wouldn't normally act so clumsily in such matters, knowing the ramifications; after all, he was widely expected to succeed the current French president, the right-wing Sarkozy, as the champion of the Socialist party that he belonged to and had made a name in. He also had gone on the record last year in a documentary about the financial melt-down to say - according to Wikipedia - he had attended a dinner organised by former Treasury Secretary Paulson in which several CEOs of 'the biggest banks in the U.S' had admitted they (or perhaps bankers in general) were 'too greedy' and bore part of the responsibility for the crisis. They said the government " 'should regulate more, because we are too greedy, we can't avoid it.' " Strauss-Kahn said he warned the officials of a number of departments of the U.S. government of an impending crisis. He also said: "At the end of the day, the poorest - as always - pay the most." Furthermore, he was encouraging a program to replace the US dollar with SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) as the world's reserve currency. Was he then considered a threat to the Coverup, despite his position as head of the IMF, and accordingly set-up with this rape charge?

Strauss-Kahn is both guilty of sexual assault and the victim of a setup, simultaneously. How is this possible? He has known sexual propensities, and has regularly used this particular elite hotel for sexual romps in the past. His appetite for power and abuse is such that hiring a prostitute does not satisfy. He needs a real victim, so the sense of violating someone over their objections is real. The hotel, in the past, would line up a maid who would be both an innocent but also compliant, not a fighter. This time a maid who would defend herself and seek justice was sent in, with predictable results. Who did this and why?

The IMF has been used as a vehicle to enslave via debt. A country is offered loans, so they can become "developed", and then finds themselves burdened and virtually owned by this debt. The trend of late is to throw off this debt, these shackles, to wrest control back from the corporate interests that had taken ownership of the country. In that the globe is in the grip of a second Great Depression, a point of fact if not called that by the compliant media, where does this leave the IMF. Being an administrator or in charge of the IMF used to be a position of great power, but this is no longer the case.

Those with great power lust thus are branching out, seeking political power elsewhere. With inside knowledge of the deals made in smoke filled rooms, a former IMF official could blackmail others, and it was this that put Strauss-Kahn into Riker's island prison on a rape charge. Where drug barons and Mafioso conduct business from prison, this is because the other inmates are not that far from the streets where they do business. But an IMF official cannot simply use other prisoners as a conduit for threats or retaliation. The official is taken out of operation, for an extended period of time, and perhaps end up dead on what would be interpreted as an act of suicide.

I understand that Zetas have said we will experience atmospheric events. I am not sure about the following video that appeared on the Ecuadorian news, reporting plasma discharges from the ground in Fort Worth Texas, with a headline of a question "is this fortelling a seismic event?". Thus, the above news, on face value, poses the question, of whether or not this is the surprise we will see atmospherically. More so the question, because as the Fort Worth is dated May 10, I recall another video dated more recently, and related to the quake 6.0 in Costa Rica. Making note of the unusual and strong lightning or flashes of light and thunder sounds, despite no rain. We have reports of light flashes in Fort Worth (North American plate) and light flashes and thunder during Caribbean-Cocos plate interaction quake May 13, in Costa Rica. Is the Texas light part of the atmospheric events we will see from now on, in the absence of quake? Are the unusual light (as sounds are expected) during the Costa Rica quake an expected part of pole shift process from now on? [and from another] 6.0 degrees Earthquake Shakes San Jose Costa Rica 13 May 2011. At least in the Heredia sector is that there is a strong presence of lightning and thunder without rain. This adds nervousness at the event itself has been presented. For this, the strength with which sound of thunder, the lightning with that sound. [and from another] Residents in the area around the San Jose International Airport reported power outages that impacted traffic lights during the daily rush hour. Cellphone service was disrupted in some areas, and some small landslides were reported on the road connecting the capital to the Pacific coast. [and from another] Several transformers were struck by lightning in east Fort Worth. About 210 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes were reported in Tarrant County between 8 and 9 p.m., said National Weather Service meteorologist. Some 120 more incidents of lightning striking the ground were reported from 9 to 10 p.m. Mosier said he didn't know if it had to strike the transformer directly or the ground close to it but if the lightning carries a large enough electrical charge, it can "blow" a transformer.

Where the blue plasma lights seen during the recent Fort Worth, TX lightning storm are ascribed to exploding transformers, there were also earthquake lights among the mix. A massive number of lightning strikes, in the hundreds, were recorded during the hour. What caused such a lightning storm, which occurred without rain? Where lightning was certainly present, this was an effect, not a cause. The N American continent is under extreme stress due to the bowing, whereby Mexico is pulled west while the rest of the continent remains in place. We have described the center of the bow at San Diego, and following this to the east one arrives in the vicinity of Fort Worth, TX. Signs of stress have been noted for the past couple years along this stress line, even east of the Mississippi. What was it about Fort Worth at this particular time that elicited such rock compression that electrical charges jumped into the atmosphere, creating a lightning storm?

Forth Worth is at the edge of the Balcones Escarpment, where the rock strata changes from older rock to softer more recent rock. The escarpment resists breaking, forcing the softer rock to the east of the escarpment to stretch over the escarpment, thus allowing electrical discharge from the highly compressed rock. Will such lightning storms be on the increase as the N American continent is bowed in the extreme, prior to the New Madrid adjustment? You can count on it! Cave men recorded Thunderbolts of the Gods on their cave walls, because of the intense lightning storms that accompanied pole shifts. This is not a phenomena that will merely appear during the pole shift itself due to turmoil in the upper atmosphere, but can also be expected anytime rock is under great compression.

I would like to thank you and your friends for help and support, thank you. My question is: on the peninsula of Crimea, Ukraine, where I live, people often watch the UFO. Many cases were recorded, there is even a video flotilla of UFOs (see the links). What kind of telepathic messages get people during these observations? These messages relate only to events of the pole shift, or they can warn people about the events in the Crimea before the shift?

The Crimea is an island in the Black Sea which will of course slosh during the hour of the pole shift but more important is the squeeze that will occur as the waters rise after the pole shift to be approximately 675 feet above today's current sea level. In the middle of a vast area that will go under the waves, the highlands on the island of the Crimea will become the refuge of those who have migrated, attempting to escape the waves. Refuges from the Ukraine in the north and from Russia to the east will arrive, and end up perched on the highlands of the Crimea along with the those who lived on the Crimea at the start. A very crowded situation.

I have searched the ZetaTalk safe location articles but I cannot find any detailed information on Billings, Montana regarding upcoming earth changes. Yes, I did find the information posted on outcome for Montana, but it was very general and I would sure like to get some details especially since the limited information they gave is for the state of Montana and was not very specific and Montana is a very big state. I would surely appreciate information on the Billings, Montana area as we are about 50 miles north of there. We would just like to have a little better idea of what to expect so we can better prepare.

As with the lands of southern Canada, Montana will be much more desirable as a place to live after the pole shift than at present. Currently isolated and with very cold, long winters, Montana does not have the appeal of the sun belt or the coastal states which have access to beaches and have more moderate seasons. But after the pole shift, these lands will shift to have a climate more akin to the current sun belt of the US, with rich soil and good drainage. The roads through the mountains west of the Continental Divide, and lands some 60 miles to the east of the Continental Divide will be torn up and unusable, but the eastern portion of Montana may find its roads repairable. This will support migration, especially for cities such as Billings which are criss-crossed with railroad, highways, and river transportation. Expect to be a hub.

Is the most recent leaked Alien footage genuine? Tape 06 - Family vacation Can the Zetas comment on the production and timing of this video?

There are several clues that this video is a hoax. Tape 05 was documented in a manner consistent with a military operation, where Tape 06 was chatty as though telling a story. The quality of the videos was dramatically different. The story itself was absurd, as why would any MJ12 visitors object to being filmed? If they had an objection, the camera would have failed, simple as that. Tape 06 was produced in order to cast doubt on Tape 05, by those who do not want the alien presence to be proven true and embraced by mankind. Tape 05 had the ring of truth, where Tape 06 lacks this and has many points on which it can be debunked, thus, they hoped, taking Tape 05 with it to be discredited. The ploy will not work, as the public are not the fools hoped.

There was a recent story in the news about rogue planets the size of Jupiter floating about in the milky way. I realize this is likely a prep story for the masses about Planet X... My question: are there such things as rogue planets that are not bound in orbit to other bodies of mass? It seems to me that something of such enormous mass wouldn't just float about aimlessly in space but would become bound in some sort of gravitational relationship with another body of mass. Am I wrong? Would the Zetas please explain what they know about this? As you have stated before, humans do not fully understand the properties of gravity - so please shed some light on this. Rogue Planets: Billions of Jupiters on the Loose in the Milky Way.,8599,2072290,00.html [and from another] Story with a bad smell to me: What do you think about? And here it is even in the sermons of truth (sarcasm warning sign here!) the National Geographic: [and from another] Lonely Rogue Worlds Surprisingly Outnumber Planets with Suns [May 18] Astronomers have discovered a whole new class of alien planet: a vast population of Jupiter-mass worlds that float through space without any discernible host star, a new study finds. While some of these exoplanets could potentially be orbiting a star from very far away, the majority of them most likely have no parent star at all, scientists say. And these strange worlds aren't mere statistical anomalies. They likely outnumber "normal" alien planets with obvious parent stars by at least 50 percent, and they're nearly twice as common in our galaxy as main-sequence stars, according to the new study. Astronomers have long predicted the existence of free-flying "rogue alien planets." But their apparent huge numbers may surprise many researchers, and could force some to rethink how the planets came to be.

Step back a decade and NASA was denying that life bearing planets existed outside of the Earth, a philosophy shared by the religious elite who have also been shuffling back from this stance of late. Then we began to hear about other stars with potentially life-bearing planets, and the religious elite began to murmur that perhaps they had burned people at the stake for no cause over the centuries, as yes intelligent life could exist elsewhere and perhaps not in human form. The US military has decided of late to try to leap past the embarrassment of their Blue Book days of denial by providing proof of the alien presence - the Skinny Bob tape and other such documentation in their possession. Would the public be so stunned and entranced by the material that they would forget to castigate the US military for their decades of a cover-up?

Denying the alien presence was only one of NASA's problems, however, as they were also covering up the existence of Planet X. A "smoldering brown dwarf", our term for Planet X, brought ridicule, as per NASA a brown dwarf could only be gaseous and as large or larger than Jupiter. A hybrid between a planet and such a failed star could not exist, and thus NASA had no term for such a thing. Meanwhile increasing evidence available to the public that Planet X is right there next to the Sun is creating great anxiety at NASA. It is showing up on SOHO and Stereo images and creating signs in the sky worldwide. Could they somehow leap ahead of their decades of a cover-up with dramatic announcements, once again?

The great fanfare that the announcement of what is termed "rogue planets" has received is no accident, as NASA hopes to suddenly discover that one is the elephant in the room, there all along creating magnetic problems for planet Earth and causing the increase in earthquakes and plate movements. Rogue Planet is the term Nancy chose when the Troubled Times teams began to track Planet X inbound at our coordinates. NASA is even placing the only "Hot Neptune" possible of sustaining life at 21.4 times the mass of Earth, where we have always stated it was 23 times the mass. Are they trying to say, "Zetas Right Again"? As with the arguments about coming clean over the cover-up over the alien presence, there is much debate in smoke filled rooms over this approach also. Any admission is going to generate rage in the public. Look behind the great fanfare that this announcement received to see the heated arguments behind closed doors. What will result? This cannot be reliably predicted, as with all matters in the hands of man.

Could you tell a few words about recent crop sircles? Madisonville, Tennessee Reported 12th May 2011. Sumatera Barat Indonesia. Reported 13th May 2011 Oudenbosch, Reported 12th May.

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What appear to be dumbbells represent the Earth wobble, which has gotten more violent during the present trimester, the summer trimester ending in late August being the strongest each year. As Nancy has pointed out in her Figure 8 wobble data points the wobble is not a direct back and forth but a figure 8, slanting this way or that on a daily basis. The angles depicted in the center of Madisonville infer this. Sumatera also shows the wobble, uneven as the N Pole lean to this way and then that occurs during their day. Oudenbosch shows that the passage is not balanced. While fighting through the particle crowded Ecliptic, Planet X encounters not only the Earth in its path, but also Venus and the Dark Twin, which comes up behind the Earth in their shared orbit. The exit of Planet X from the solar system, once the passage has involved the Earth in a pole shift, is swift.

Could Zetas comment: how long it will take to finish the sinking process of Indonesia from now on? Any chance of previous prediction about the status of South China Coast when Indonesia has finished the sinking process as it does not loss any elevation up to date. [and from another] Heyuan-Large Area of Subsidence [May 20] Suddenly found the house sinking concrete floor has obviously occurred, in the room there is a collapse area of about 10 square meters large pit. [and from another] Sudden Subsidence Emerged Farmland Hole 10 Meters Deep [Qujiang] [May 20] Visual depth of 10 meters, the hole diameter of about 4 to 5 meters.

We are loathe to dismiss the possibility of tsunami along the South China Coast, or anywhere else on the Sunda Plate, the tongue holding Indonesia, because the final sinking may still be swift, and it is this rapid sinking that would incur a tsunami. When sinking is gradual the water has time to disburse. The complex interaction of plates that take place during the 7 of 10 may seem to be slowed, but this is deceptive. In fact, movement and tension building is occurring, apace. What this means is that, for the plate movements at the start of the 7 of 10 scenarios, Indonesia through Africa, it will move along with more rapidity at some point, catching up. The pace of Planet X, as it moves toward the Earth in its passage, has not slowed. It is all still pending, and thus the 7 of 10 scenarios may become swift.