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TOPIC: Rogue Planet

During the 1980's newspapers frankly carried articles about the Historical search for Planet X, also known as Nibiru by the ancient Sumerians or as Marduk or the Dark Star, which became a 1983 Discovery. Infrared Scrutiny continues however, in spite of NASA Denials and IRAS Denials, with the Hubble and a scope in Hawaii recently outfitted and a computer Model attesting to its existence. A Pope-Scope points toward Orion and a Pioneer Probe diagram attests to its existance too. A synopsis of information on this Traveling planet and it’s Orbit, Passage, Turn-Around and Return has been compiled. Bodes Law points to such an additional planet, and there is a lean in the direction of Orion. Wandering Asteroids and Comets point to past passages. Such long Elliptical Orbits, like a recently discovered New Mini-Planet, are now even considered Normal. Wandering or Migrating planets, or Brown Dwarfs or Methane Dwarfs, which are Common and even Nearby, and the Definitions not clear. Planets in a Binary System are also not unknown, and as our Comets pull in the direction of Orion, our sun is suspected of being a Binary too, as NASA admits. There are Life Bearing wanderers, and New Planets are being discovered lately outside of the solar system. Are we being prepared for an announcement? By late 2001, Russian Billboards were hinting at this, and by early 2002 a UN Site made mention. Sitchin reported Correlations between Planet X and the 12th Planet, and Alford also links a passage to The Flood.