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Issue 190, Sunday, June 20, 2010
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China Sinkholes

Sinkholes, sinkholes, sinkholes in China lately, and they are horrific - large, deep, and sudden. Only Guatemala has sinkholes that equal these in depth, but China has so many more, so very many more. This has all occurred only in the past few years, and the latest rash of sinkholes is so dramatic it has hit international news.

Sudden Sinkhole Outbreak Raises Fears in China
June 7, 2010
The Chinese have discovered at least eight sinkholes that suddenly formed in the past two weeks across their country, and many more have appeared during the past two months. Experts on site suspected that the sudden collapse of an underground karst cave created by eroded limestone caused the sinkhole, but the investigation is ongoing. Later the same day, about 300 miles west in Nanchang City, capital Jiangxi Province, a moving car was trapped when a hole about the size of the car suddenly opened up on a main road. On June 3, four huge sinkholes opened up in Guangxi Province where a torrential storm was raging. According to Chinese state media reports, more than 600 villagers had to be evacuated because of them. Three smaller holes were found between May 27 and May 30 in southwestern Sichuan Province, less than 80 miles from the Wenchuan epicenter of the deadly May 2008 Sichuan earthquake that killed approximately 80,000 people. In Yibin City about 260 miles from the earthquake's epicenter, 26 larger sinkholes have formed since April 27.
Sinkholes, Sinkholes, Everywhere you Look in China
June 11, 2010
Beginning 2010 April 27, several sinkholes appeared one after another in Yinbin City of Sichuan province, with the number of sinkholes numbering over a dozen. Sinkholes are formed by the chemical dissolution of carbonated rocks and are usually naturally occurring with a few instances of a sinkhole being formed by the collapse of a mine. What's curious though is that most of these sinkholes have occurred in the last year or so.

Sinkholes Appear
June 11, 2010
A sinkhole opens up in Dachengqiao village of Nengxiang county, Central China's Hunan province, June 10, 2010. Frequent appearance of sinkholes in the village has neighbors jittery. Experts still haven't determined what caused the huge hole to open up or whether it might keep growing.

Sinkholes in Hunan
June 11, 2010
There was perhaps a slightly comical element to the sinkhole which opened in home in Ningxiang County, Hunan Province on Tuesday, as it involved the family's toilet. Last month, the paddy field belonging to Yang's family also collapsed. This caused two telegraph poles to suddenly disappear, and cut off electricity for several days. In recent years, there have been regular land collapses in Nanxiang County, most notably when the playground at the Fuquan Elementary School collapsed leaving a sinkhole with a width of 80 meters.

What is causing this rash of sinkholes across southern China? Notice the Provinces involved, and their location - Sichuan Province, where the pressure from the subducting Indo-Australian Plate is greatest, and Jiangxi and Hunan and Guangxi provinces strung out in a region affected by breaking rock where the tongue of the Eurasian Plate housing Indonesia is breaking off. The Sichuan basin sits atop the Himalayas, in an area where the Himalayas are pushing east. A major fault line, the Xianshuihe fault, runs through the area. Satellite views show the rumpled mountains of the Himalayas in relation to the location of the recent Sichuan sinkholes. In 2007 in Guangxi Province 100 sinkholes suddenly appeared. But these sinkholes have only started to appear in these numbers since Planet X began jerking the Earth around in a daily wobble. Per the Zetas, there is not only a relationship, there is a cause and effect, absolutely.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/31/2007: To the South and West lies the curve of the Indio/Australian plate, which is being driven under the Himalayas, to the East lies the Philippine plate, which will increasingly lose out during the adjustments the plates make prior to the pole shift, losing ground and eventually disappearing as a discernable plate. The tongue of the great Eurasian plate that holds Guangxi Province also holds much of Indonesia, which will also suffer during the pole shift, crumbling. This tongue is not stable, and much fracturing of rock will occur during the turmoil in the area. This fracturing of rock has already begun!

Will the Three Gorges Dam be affected? It lies at the western edge of Hubei Province, so is right in the middle of the fracture zone!

China: Cracks in the Three Gorges Dam
June 7, 2010
Recent media reports tell of a series of landslips, minor earthquakes and cracks appearing in roads and buildings along the central section of the Yangtse, between the dam and the city of Chongqing. Almost 10,000 "dangerous sites" have been identified, but many of the people living near them cannot be relocated for lack of money.

Thunderbolts of the Gods

In Issue 188 we covered the many references in folklore and prophecy of trumpeting during the last weeks, which the Zetas stated was due to immense thunderclaps due to interplanetary lightning passing from the Earth to Planet X. These thunderclaps were loud enough to produce temporary deafness, a "sudden silence". There is more evidence that this interplanetary lightning does occur, in petroglyphs. This issue came up during the weekly Q&A with the Zetas on the Pole Shift ning.

SOURCE: The Last Judgment - Michelangelo Sistine Chapel

Question: I am curious about Wallace Thornhill and David Talbot's research, they head the "Thunderbolts Of The Gods" website, with their latest documentary called "Symbols of an Alien Sky". They are comprised of inter-disciplinary scientists who work from Velikovsky's concepts as a base model, although they do not agree with some of V's work. Some of the imagery they show regarding a planetary body (Venus to them) in close contact to Earth, would cause an electrical connection of various stages of plasma discharge in our upper atmosphere, and hence petroglyphs from around the world recorded this. My question is, is there any validity to some of their theories regarding the images our ancestors witnessed in the sky, and therefore, could we expect to see similar phenomenon as Planet X moves closer?

ZetaTalk Response 6/12/2010: We have stated that static electricity will be generated by the friction of the charged tail of Planet X against the Earth during the last weeks, and that this will result in what the ancients described as trumpeting from the skies, a type of thunder when the lightning leaves the Earth's upper atmosphere on its way to Planet X. Except for the point where it leaves the Earth's upper atmosphere, or the point where it arrives at Planet X, this lightning moves silently and invisibly. But in the upper atmosphere of Earth would not take the form that traditional lightning passing from sky to Earth assumes. There, a sudden snaking down to Earth occurs, the pathway lit for a moment, followed by the thunderclap. Upper atmosphere lightning has less to interact with, no hydrogen or oxygen or other components to fuse or split, so it lacks the flash of light. But there is a point of connection where an electrical discharge is accumulating in Earth's upper atmosphere to a point in space which this discharge can use as a route for grounding on Planet X. When that connection is make, what is the appearance from Earth? As these clever scientists have shown, a laboratory plasma discharge takes the appearance of ancient petroglyphs, worldwide. This is not a clash of Venus or the Dark Twin that creates such displays, but rather the drama that close contact with Planet X during the last weeks presents.

Flash Foods

From the start of the ZetaTalk saga the Zetas have warned about raging water on the move during the hour of the pole shift and as tides begin to be more extreme.

ZetaTalk Warning 4/15/1999: There is no safe place in the air or on the water that will not be affected by the pole shift, and water can shock you with its turmoil. The ocean, like the atmosphere, is not isolated. It swims, and is affected by pushing and bumping air, and pushing and bumping water that creates swirling. Just imagine the Earth's air and water currents with a great deal more turmoil - cold water rushing in, the sloshing that occurs when the Earth is turning under the water so that great tides occur, and then a reversal, a pulling back, as water finds its level. Humans are used to thinking of slow moving rivers and tides that ease in and ease out. Imagine if the press behind the water is strong and the waters move rapidly and crash, bore up into the hillsides because they have no place else to go, swarm over the countryside beyond the hills that might bridge along a coastline and come roaring back out to sea so that people find water coming from behind them, coming from inland and from the ocean alike. Water can be very unpredictable, although it can be analyzed if one sits and thinks about it a bit. A boat is not a safe place during the coming pole shift, unless one is prepared to be in the middle of an ocean, or washed well inland, or floating upside down, or drawn down into a vortex such that they are underwater for an extended period of time.

But they have likewise warned about raging rivers going over their banks and the effects of extreme deluge or continuous drizzle. Lately, this warning was brought home with flash floods in Arkansas and Oklahoma, in areas not previously experiencing such flash floods.

'Backbuilding' Thunderstorms Drench Oklahoma City, cause Flooding
June 14, 2010
The Oklahoma City area was dealing with vicious flash-flooding and scattered power outages after what CNN meteorologist Jacqui Jeras called "backbuilding thunderstorms," a series of heavy rain cores without intermittent periods of let-up. The National Weather Service said almost 10 inches of rain fell between 2 a.m and 11 a.m. Areas that have never flooded before are flooding now.
Flash Floods Paralyze OKC Metro
June 14, 2010
A flash flood warning has been issued for the Oklahoma City metro. At least two interstates were shut down, including Interstate 35 at Northeast 50th Street. This is near a bridge that often floods when heavy rains fall. Parts of Interstates 44 and 40 also flooded this morning. The I-40 westbound on-ramp at Council Road was closed. The I-35 southbound off-ramp at 2nd Street in Edmond was also shut down.

20th Body Found in Aftermath of Arkansas Floods
June 14, 2010
A wall of water swept through the Albert Pike Recreation Area before dawn Friday, when most of the campers in the remote area were sleeping. The park is located along the Caddo and Little Missouri rivers, and the flood struck so quickly that many of the campers had little chance to escape.

Even where the elevation is high, water wants to seek its level and will create flooded areas or river water leaving its banks, and moving at a force and rate that would astonish those familiar with their placid rivers.

ZetaTalk Warning 2001: During the torrential rain that accompanies the pole shift hour and the hours following, all major rivers will flood their banks to a degree not in the memory of man. When the banks have been crested, the surrounding land becomes the river, with the water moving across flat land in a sheet, toward whatever is the drainage point. Man is accustomed to thinking of flood waters as relatively stationary, rising up foot by foot and then dropping in a like manner, so that issues of safety and protection of property from the flood are thought of as escape from the rising water. When the press of water upstream or upland is extreme, from a large amount of water, then flood waters are not stationary but move rapidly, tearing structures off their moorings so that more than the water is on the move. Trash of all manner will be in the swirling waters, headed for the sea across flat land not accustomed to floods at all! The flood will be a moving rush of water, not in its designated place within river banks, but across miles of land so that the whole state of Missouri, with the exception of the Ozarks, may become a river at flood tide.

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