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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 21, 2012

Not sure if this weird  tsunami-like event occurred in Italy July 13, 2012 was already discussed on this ning. It seems related to the daily wobble, and no news in English, sorry. [and from another] What has happened? On the morning of July 12, around 9.30, the sea recedes. About twenty feet back from Liguria to Sicily. Then the water back to shore, but in the form of about a meter high tidal wave. Happens the first, second, the third time, and so on for about 3 hours. Shortly after 12 everything back to normal. But the phenomenon has triggered a "hunt for the cause." The earliest hypothesis was that the tsunami was somehow linked to the earthquake which shook the area around Ischia.[and from another] Tsunami like on Tyrrenian Sea A small tsunami was observed on the coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea, from Sicily to Liguria. The sea for about 3 hours has retreated about 20 meters. "Small tsunami" in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the sea crazy for three hours The Messenger. A "small tsunami" on the Pontine coast Small 'tsunami' in the lower Tyrrhenian Viterbo News 24. Like the tsunami, tidal wave on the Tyrrhenian Sea, INGV, perturbation . The change in the level of the Tyrrhenian Sea, which lasted several hours, recorded in the late morning of Thursday 'last year, on the coast of Lazio and . Mini tsunami in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the confirmation by INGV: "no earthquake effect" CronacaLive. Mystery of the sea, still unexplained "tsunami" in the Tyrrhenian sea. Tsunami like waves anomalous Tyrrhenian without explanation, on the morning of Friday, July 13, 2012, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Gaeta July 13, 2012

Clearly, during the African Roll, wherein Africa drops as well as rolls its top part to the East, the plate border running through the Mediterranean will pull apart. When it does so, tsunami potential exists. When plate borders pull apart, as they do in the center of the Atlantic, for instance, water rushes into the void, clashes, and then rebounds. In areas subject to tsunami, residents along coastlines are told to beware of water suddenly receding, pulling away from the coastline. This is not a reduction in sea level, but the precursor event, where water drops into a void created by plate movement. The receding tide is followed by the rebound, which rolls inland with surprising speed. The Tyrrenian Sea tsunami is proof that the African Roll is in process!

There has been a recent uptick of dramatic mudslides occurring in the Pacific Northwest.  While the press predictably attributes these incidents to saturated soil from melting snow pack and/or rain, given the broad geographic proximity of these events and that several occurred within hours of each other, it appears there is more to the story. Will the Zetas confirm these are stretch zone incidents resulting from the increased stress on N. America, and also elaborate if underground volcanism or heat from stressed rock are also contributing factors? [and from another] June 24 - Josephine Creek near Kaslo, BC.
Mudslide wiped out dam that funnels water to Kaslo BC on Kootenay Lake about 70 kilometres north of Nelson.
[and from another] July 12 - Johnsons Landing BC. 4 houses washed away by mudslide on Gar Creek, above Johnsons Landing, carving path of destruction down the mountainside into Kootenay Lake. [and from another] July 15 - Fairmont Hot Springs, BC 600 stranded as Highway 93/95 buried in debris from mudslide at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.  Mudslide formed a natural dam along creek upstream from the resort, eventually releasing a devastating torrent of mud and debris. [and from another] July 14 - Mudslides Close 66 Miles of Highway and Rail Line in Southwestern W. Multiple mudslides buried railroad tracks, buckled a state highway, after mud and debris gushed down the bluffs above the Columbia River in eastern Klickitat County about 50 road miles west of Goldendale.
[and from another] July 14 - Mudslide Buries Train Tracks Near Pasco, Washington.
Slide buried 300 feet of track in boulders and debris and washing out the track bed.
[and from another] June 11 - Massive Landslide in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. Perhaps the largest landslide in North American history, half-mile wide and 5 ½ miles long, registering as a 3.4-magnitude earthquake, burying a remote valley beneath the 11,750-foot Lituya Mountain in the Fairweather Range about six miles from the border with British Columbia.

Why has a spate of mudslides occurred in the region just inland from Vancouver Island and center of the Juan de Fuca Plate border? The presence of the Juan de Fuca Plate shows the pressure that is applied during Pole Shifts as the N American continent is pulled into a bow. The Pacific Plate has been fractured to create the Juan de Fuca, in essence. This happens regularly because, as we have stated, the N American Plate is flat on top, so it cannot roll. S America and Africa can roll, though they also bend and bow to some degree. N America bows until the New Madrid adjusts and the Seaway rips, but until then has stress from top to bottom. Mountainous areas are prone to landslides, due to the angle on hillsides, but when they happen, en mass, within days of each other, something else is afoot. The ground has moved, reacting to the bow pressure.

A video was recently uploaded to the internet, shot by a camera, undescribed. Apparently depicting an object in the vicinity of the Moon, or at least at a similar declination etc as the Moon north pole:
Wolverhampton UK on July 15, 2012. Would the Zetas please give their unique insight on this?

On can see upon close examination of the video that the orb in question is not solid, but light. The solid Moon retains its appearance when the camera jiggles, where the orb has a delayed reaction to being moved, appearing smeared. Camera lens record the light over a period of time, and thus when the camera is being moved an object can appear in more than one place on the lens. When some objects move, and others remain solid, this indicates they have a different source. The jiggling of the camera is intended to imply a nervous photographer, a hand held device, and thus imply legitimacy. Could the Moon be filmed from behind glass? This is not evident from the video, but this is the case, with a light laser pointed at the where the tip of the Moon crescent would appear. The distance between the cam and the Moon, and the cam and the window, differ. Thus in a zoom, there is an adjustment to one, but not the other. This is a fraud.

The John Moore show, 11 July 2012. A soldier in the military gave John Moore a call 10 July (according to the show) telling him that the last week the military have been conducting briefings for soldier families living on the East, West and Gulf Coast of the US. The soldiers where told about a planet that have entered the solar system called Nibiru and are to be causing very severe problems, much worse than what the world now is experiencing. Their families should prepare and be put on standby and ready to leave with little notice. So my question is: Why are they now informing military personal (if the show speaks the truth)? Is it an altruistic action or another agenda in play here? Clearly they are not informing the public. [and from another] Private and trusted source … These kind of briefings would take place .. 6 weeks to 3-4 months ahead at most … My source .. both mature men and both Viet Nam vets … My source is not the dependent … The original source does not even know they are a source.

John Moore’s source was provided false information to embarrass John Moore, and discredit him. There are various parties warning the public about the coming Pole Shift, and pointing to the skies. One of these is the ZetaTalk source, an alien source, which cannot be eliminated because Nancy is under protection and any assassination attempt is known before it even gets started. Other such prophecies, from non-human sources over the eons, are also untouchable due to their accuracy on other matters.  Then there are the human generated “sources” of information about the pending Pole Shift, which are in the category of theory or leaks. If they are claiming theory, they are considered relatively innocent but if claiming leaks, the cover-up considers them a threat.

Given that the cover-up is so tense, the fear of a breach among those in the know so heightened that anyone even suspected of planning to leak information to the public is killed, what is the likelihood that dependents in the US military, en mass, would be informed? The concept is ludicrous, and anyone entertaining the concept a fool. This is, in fact, the reason John Moore was given false information, though John and the man he considers his “source” were both unaware that false information was being delivered. Both, being military men, are under the illusion that the US military would take care of them, and their dependents. Thus concocting such a story as dependents signing “disclosure agreements” and being warned “at most 3-4 months ahead” of a disaster is believable, on an emotional level, to these gullible men.  

We have stated that the US military will find most in its ranks missing by the time the hour of the Pole Shift arrives. Some will have gone rogue - taking guns and comrades to form self-serving gangs. Some will run off to be with their families and taking their dependents off the base and into more familiar territory. Some will go insane, as 43% of the populace will, per our predictions. Most certainly, the US government will not be able to feed and house an army, much less an army of dependents. They will attempt to select only the most reliable soldiers, primarily those without family ties, and release the rest knowing the likely outcome.

Most joining the military are doing so looking for a parent, and when the parent can no longer care for the child, the relationship is broken. The notion that these children are heros is promulgated in the media, and by those in government, to keep the ranks placated when they are sent into wars that primarily support corporate interests, and maimed or killed. Thus we have the populace emotionally wanting to think the US government would care for its troops and dependents, and that social services likewise would not collapse, tuned into John Moore and other such human sources of information, with rapt attention. Why is their faith in these human sources being trashed, just as the Earth changes are increasing to the level that they cannot be ignored?

The cover-up is poised to make an announcement, by Obama, a worldwide broadcast announcing the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, nearby. We have explained this pending announcement in the body of ZetaTalk recently. When such an announcement is made, the cover-up is most concerned about maintaining control of the message. In that ZetaTalk has been on target since its birth in 1995, even tracking Planet X into the inner solar system in 2003 with documented evidence, it cannot be disputed. It is also too widely known to be eliminated and has proven resistant to being discredited. But there are dozens of individuals, generating their own prophecies and garnering their own following, who will try to grab the stage. The cover-up wants to be the voice that is listened to, in control of the message, and thus these other human sources of information are being taken down, ahead of time.

My question is in regards to PX disclosure, as has been described in recent weeks by the Zetas, where they describe how this could be done by Obama, and then govt could try to take the role of "the good guys". Seeing as we are in an election year, could PX disclosure be used by the Romney camp to preempt a Presidential announcement? At the risk of being too political here, it seems to me that Romney is representing the interests of the most wealthy, meaning those people supporting a cover-up over PX. Also, although most of the corporate owned pollsters say the presidential race is within just a few points, Romney has shown serious flaws, and may be growing more desperate for a shift in focus, where he could then play "the good guy" vs the silent White House. Perhaps, if the elite believe disclosure is inevitable, they could quickly jump to such a tactic, could they not?

The cover-up has maintained control over the message given to the public by brutality. The recent assassination of a Japanese astronomer in Chile did not even try to hide the fact. It was a message, to those who might be thinking of taking the risk. Those who would assassinate anyone even thinking of preempting the cover-up by a general announcement to the public include the Secret Service, who would be put into place to guard Romney when he becomes the Republican nominee. There is no where he could run, or be safe. The mics would not work, Romney would appear to have a stroke or aneurism, and this group well knows this. This type of guard is put around Obama too, as the death of JFK shows is possible.

President Barack Obama asked one of his advisers to create an electronic control center, which would have sealed access to the network of government and administration"
Sorry for the Russian link. Just can't find it in English. Could you comment this, if it possible?
[and from another] A team of Russian hackers to cyber security guard U.S. July 18, 2012 President Barack Obama has ordered one of his advisors to create an electronic control center, which would have sealed access to the network of government and administration. There is a team of hackers, which operates in the shadow of the world. They are the best. It is to them by the CIA and the Pentagon has officially offered the job. There is a team of hackers, which operates in the shadow of the world. They are the best. It is to them by the CIA and the Pentagon has officially offered the job. A hacker who is very famous in Russia, beat all competitors: two minutes, he broke into the computer system of the American military establishment. [and from another] The National Security Agency has a challenge for hackers who think they’re hot stuff: Prove it by working on the “hardest problems on Earth.” Computer hacker skills are in great demand in the U.S. government to fight the cyberwars that pose a growing national security threat — and they are in short supply. For that reason an alphabet soup of federal agencies — DOD, DHS, NASA, NSA — are descending on Las Vegas this week for Defcon, an annual hacker convention.

Yes, hackers from Russia have been hired by the US government, which is no secret. It was in the news almost a year ago that the NSA was looking for hackers, to work at protecting the US government ‘s business from hackers. Are they seeking a leak-proof control center? This is of course the goal, especially in the current times when the pending Pole Shift will have many maneuvers the US government would like kept secret from the American public, as well as from enemies abroad.