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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 16, 2012

More signs of desperation in the ranks of the Cover-up emerged recently through the mainstream press, presenting musings regarding the alleged discovery of “a thick, 60-mile-long "phytoplankton megabloom" under Arctic sea ice”, reported in the journal Science. Funded by NASA and taken on the road by the minions, also picked up, predictably, by known Disinfo conduits, this whole piece is unmistakably bearing the mark of a Cover-up Campaign. Headlines re this are trumpeting that phrase which was formerly a perfectly suitable one, two words which accurately describe a predicted symptom of the Planet X presence, “Climate Change”, but sadly now carry the inference of, is a bedfellow with, that discredited nonsense Establishment fabrication we all know and despise as “Global Warming”. Would the Zetas please lift the veil on this, explain what is really going on? [and from another] 'Megabloom' of tiny plants under Arctic sea ice tied to climate change. Experts were shocked to find a thick, 60-mile-long "phytoplankton megabloom" under Arctic sea ice, announcing in a study that ice made thinner by warming temperatures has, for now at least, created ideal conditions for the microscopic, single-cell plants to flourish.

This is another effect of the daily Earth wobble, as was the blob of algae found floating in the Arctic in 2009. If the tides can bring Fukushima tsunami debris across the Pacific to the West Coast of America, tides can push Pacific plant life into the Arctic. But what is astonishing about this new discovery is that it happened at all, because there are no tides that would move in that direction sufficiently. The tides are circular, rolling up off the Equator during the Earth’s rotation and then circling round to the East thence back down to the Equator - the Coriolis Effect. For the Artic, this places tides from the Pacific up along Japan thence curling back down along the West Coast of the Americas, not forced into the Arctic through the Bering Straits.

The daily Earth wobble, which has become steadily more forceful, puts the globe in an up/down posture, tilting the magnetic N Pole away when the Sun is over the Pacific, and allowing the N Pole to bounce back down later, as a reaction. This N/S pumping action brings the waters of the Pacific, and whatever it may be carrying, into the Arctic. Until the cover-up over the presence of Planet X has been broken, so the daily Earth wobble can be addressed, such occurrences will remain a mystery. Any matter potentially pointing to the presence of Planet X is a forbidden topic!

Regarding the storm in Denver on the night of June 6th, 2012.  I can attest that it was the strangest storm I have ever witnessed.  The lightning was like a strobe light and non stop for hours. [and from another] On the night of June 6th in Denver Metro Area of Colorado, there was a huge amount of lightning, hail, etc happening with all kinds of warnings, for flash floods, tornadoes, etc.   What really threw me for a loop was the lightning.  These lines (which are many miles high) and spaces between the lines are all going on and  off  EXACTLY in unison, and at about  one- second intervals non-stop for at least 20 minutes or more that I observed it - and it looked like a machine was doing it.  It did not seem natural or real at all in it appearance, timing, or in what it made my body feel like.  I got lost on a road I have driven thousands of times before in the last 19 years, which is basically a straight shot to my house. [and from another] Amazing Pictures of Devastating Hail which Submerged CARS as it Swept Colorado [June 9] These amazing pictures show the devastation caused by massive hail storms which have swept through Colorado and Wyoming this week. Destructive hailstones coated the ground so thickly that the landscape appeared to be covered in snow. The hail downpour was part of a powerful storm system that rolled through parts of Colorado and Wyoming on [June 7], packing heavy rains, high winds and hail.

Dangerously high radiation levels reported in Indiana
[and from another]June 8, 2012 According to RadNet, the United States’ radiation monitoring network, South Bend, Indiana experienced extremely high levels of radiation last night [and from another][June 7] — up to 100 times higher than safe levels. UPDATE: RadNet issued the following statement this morning: The alert level reading last evening appears to be a false alert from an equipment malfunction. [and from another] Those on the ground report that the explosions are ‘loud and deep’, sounding like fireworks with a kick. The explosions are oftentimes followed up with a squadron of helicopters or other aircraft, oftentimes black and unmarked. These explosions are seriously consistant, loud booms. Thousands of comments on articles, discussion boards, and twitter posts are surfacing regarding this event. Explosions are still reportedly being heard in rapid secession, often a large number over the course of only a few seconds. [and from another] DTE Energy's nuclear generation facilities are located in Newport, Michigan, on the shores of Lake Erie At 1.1 million kilowatts, our Fermi 2 plant represents 30% of Michigan's total nuclear generation capacity. This single plant is capable of producing enough electricity to serve a city of about one million people.  Fuel costs are about half those of the most efficient coal-fired plants.

There has been strange phenomenon in northern Iraq that people are amazed. It happened the evening of 7-06-2012. You could see the fireball in several places, about 100 km east of Erbil. A huge fireballs that has never happened before. It looked long from which a spiral. People could smell something strange smell and it lasted for approximately two hours. I hope you come up with an explanation for this phenomena. The place is situated in a mountainous area. What are these gas that burns in the air.
[and from another] A mysterious swirling spiral of light seen in the skies over Lebanon, Syria and Jordan late [June 7] sparked a flood of speculation over the nature of the nighttime event, including that it may have been a UFO sighting. The trail of light was also reported in Armenia, Turkey and Cyprus. The Voice of Russia radio station’s website reported Friday that Russia had conducted a successful test of the Topol Intercontinental ballistic missile from the firing ground at Kapustin Yar in Astrakhan, south Russia.

On the night of June 6 the public was shocked by a lightning storm in Colorado, booms and an apparent  radiation leak at the Fermi 2 plant along the St. Lawrence Seaway, and a magnetic spiral accompanied by methane or gas flares in the Middle East.  This is no coincidence, as a waft of the magnetically charged tail of Planet X created a lurch in the Earth wobble, causing plate movement, and magnetic displays in the atmosphere. Where the Earth wobble is caused by a conflict between the Earth’s magnetic N Pole and the N Pole of Planet X, this creates a relatively gradual push during the daily wobble over the course of an hour or more. Getting slapped by the highly charged tail of Planet X snapped the magnetic N Pole of Earth away, creating sudden plate movements.

The Seaway of course has been steadily spreading apart, with booms in Wisconsin the latest piece of evidence. Other than a break in some monitoring equipment and the resultant heightened alerts, there was no harm done to the Fermi 2 plant in Indiana. But in Iraq, where the turning of the Arabian Plate is causing the pointed tip of the plate to grind through the oil fields, this jolt released trapped gasses, causing fires and smoke trails visible in the night sky. Excuses offered by the establishment, that there was a nuclear exercise near Fermi 2 and that a Russian Rocket several countries to the east of the spiral were responsible for all this is to be expected.

What caused the massive and dramatic lightning display over Denver and the spiral in the sky seen and filmed widely from Northern Iraq to Turkey to Israel? Lighting is intrinsically caused by differences in the electro-magnetic charge in various air masses, as are spirals. Are such wafts of the tail to repeat and become common? We have warned the establishment that the cover-up would not hold, but would rather be taken down by various displays arranged by the Council of Worlds. This demonstration is but a hint of what could be arranged if they do not comply with the demands of the Council. Mankind, the common man, deserves to know what they are dealing with, in order to confront the spiritual lessons before them.

Was wondering if the Zetas would be able to answer, since the Council of Worlds declared war with the Cover-Up and more evidence getting through, will the establishment be forced to make admissions about the cover up or Planet X?

Clearly those at the helm of the cover-up know the day is approaching, and they fear it’s going to be sooner rather than later, when the truth will be out and they will have to own up to lying to the public. And then the public will treat them harshly. There’s much talk behind closed doors about breaking the truth into pieces and making partial admissions. The group that is pushing this is basically winning, hoping to become one of the good guys who can then report on matters such as “where’s is the planet now?” and “what is the magnetism doing?” instead of one of the bad guys trying to deny everything while the Earth wobble and the weather goes extreme.

There are of course old die-hards who would rather hold out until the last minute and then rush for their bunkers.  In general these are old men who have initiated the cover-up from the start and don’t have anything to lose really, by holding out as long as possible. Their careers are over but they don’t want any egg on their faces. They don’t want any questions about the roles they played in the past. Those wanting to start making admissions are the younger ones who can say that they inherited the cover-up and the national security directives so it’s not their fault. They can say they were threatened with a treason charge, and with being imprisoned. This is of course in the hands of man but the trend has been in the direction of telling the old men  “you’re not in charge and we’re not listening to you anymore, so stop running around with your black ops people trying to kill anyone who says otherwise”.  

What would be the outcome of admitting that there is a planet in the inner solar system?  They could make a general announcement. They could have Obama make this.  He could explain that the issue had been under security directives to avoid panic but that it is coming closer and becoming more obvious and they feel that the public needs to know. They could present diagrams showing where Planet X is positioned, and explain what it’s doing to the Earth, causing the wobbling and weather changes. They would say they’re not sure what the outcome will be but that the public will be kept informed, then walk off the podium and let some scientist take over to explain all the details.

The Council of Worlds will put increasing pressure on the cover-up, with Punch 1 a hint of what is to come. And the Council of Worlds has threatened a series of shocks increasingly devastating to the cover-up. The presence of Planet X was frankly obvious during the recent lunar eclipse and Venus transit, and the Earth wobble is raising questions even among those who do not look to the skies. They’re not going to go away, they’re going to continue.  So the issue for the cover-up crowd is, do you want to inform the public and be one of the good guys or do you want to hold out and have worldwide riots when the public realizes their governments have been lying to them about a matter that directly affects their safety and survival?

Would the Zetas care to comment on this story: It appears to be an example of migration due to sinking lands, and of a neighboring country turning people away. If these were supposedly refugees from a temporary skirmish situation, why would they be refused entry? On the other hand, permanent refugees, due to land lost to the sea would not be wanted. [and from another] The Myanmar government regards Rohingyas as illegal immigrants from neighboring Bangladesh and denies them citizenship. But Bangladesh has refused to grant them refugee status since 1992, when tens of thousands of them flooded into Bangladesh complaining of persecution by the Myanmar military.

Will some migrants be left adrift at sea from countries sinking during the 7 of 10 plate movements, and during the harsher flooding to come during severe wobbles and the Pole Shift itself? This will absolutely be the trend. To date, when migration via boat is rejected, the migrants are returned from whence they came, or resettled on other lands. The operant word here is land, as there is terra firma somewhere where they can be received. In this particular case, where Bangladesh is refusing refugees Myanmar considers to be citizens of Bangladesh, there are political and religious reasons for the standoff, and this is likely to be resolved by an intervention of the UN. But what will occur when there is no dry land available for migrants elsewhere, and pleas from the UN are ignored?

Boat cultures, floating cities of desperate refugees with nowhere to go, will become common in SE Asia and India. The 7 of 10 sinking on the Sunda Plate is nearing completion, but India and other lands on the Indio-Australian Plate being pushed down will find their sinking lands steadily worsening. Some coastal countries will find they have little land for their citizens, who will sneak over borders at night, moving inland, or take to boats for fish or to seek a footing elsewhere. The boat people, they will begin to be called, as this will reflect their life. Most will die at sea, without fresh water or the means to collect a meal from the sea. But some will fish and barter for vegetables in land based settlements.