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Early in the ZetaTalk saga, the Zetas made the point that the speed of light is not the fastest that a physical object, such as a planet, can move through space.

Speed, in space, is a relative thing. In the dozen or so years prior to a passage, Planet X speeds up from almost a standstill to a zoom, toward the foci it is approaching. Imagine the Earth without atmosphere, and a rock some miles overhead. What is the speed limit on this rock as it plummets? There is no limit in space, only that which mankind assumes. During math discussions on sci.astro, it has been surmised that the speed of Planet X approaches the speed of light during its most rapid approach, and this astonishes those in the discussion. Why is it assumed that light is the fastest thing in the universe, re travel? Man thinks this because it is something he can measure. He is aware of such a small percentage of matter and energy about him that to say that he comprehends 1% of what the universe is composed of would be an overstatement. Our space travel, in 4th Density and even 3rd Density, is faster than light, and we do not melt. Man does not understand, so we cannot give him satisfaction in our explanations. Suffice it to say that our explanation is correct, and Planet X travels rapidly into our midst, thence the Repulsion Force is invoked, thence it floats past between the Earth and Sun.
ZetaTalk: Planet X Speed, written 2001

Now, anticipating the time when they will have to admit to a planet next to the Sun, and how it arrived quickly and took them by surprise, the establishment is laying the groundwork. Then now admit that Planet X can move through space rapidly! Zetas RIGHT Again!

Runaway Planets Zoom at a Fraction of Light Speed
March 22, 2012
Seven years ago, astronomers boggled when they found the first runaway star flying out of our galaxy at a speed of 1.5 million miles per hour. The discovery intrigued theorists, who wondered: If a star can get tossed outward at such an extreme velocity, could the same thing happen to planets?