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Issue 319, Sunday November 11, 2012
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Frankenstorm Cause

Sandy was branded a Frankenstorm, or a hybrid storm, because where it was only a Category 1 hurricane, it was expected to collide with multiple high pressure areas, cold fronts to the North and West of its path, and thus as Sandy (as all hurricanes are) was a low pressure area, it would be forced to turn into the coastline, seeking the path of least resistance.

Worst Storm in 100 Years Seen Headed for Northeast U.S.
October 26, 2012
Hurricane Sandy will probably grow into a “Frankenstorm” that may become the worst to hit the U.S. Northeast in 100 years if current forecasts are correct. Sandy may combine with a second storm coming out of the Midwest to create a system that would rival the New England hurricane of 1938 in intensity.  Computer models suggest the hurricane may transform into a hybrid system over the weekend because of another storm moving in from the Midwest. The 1938 hurricane killed more than 500 people after crossing Long Island and battering Connecticut and Rhode Island.
Frankenstorm 2012: Hurricane Sandy Hybrid Could Hit New York, New Jersey And Pennsylvania
October 26, 2012
Will a Hurricane Sandy, winter storm hybrid, dubbed a "Frankenstorm" by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, ravage the U.S. East Coast? Climate Central reported that the jet stream winds boxing in Sandy and creating a "Frankenstorm" are part of "blocking patterns [which] have appeared with greater frequency and intensity in recent years."

Meteorologists stated that Sandy would be “boxed in” as “blocking patterns” have apparently appeared in recent years. Is this another way of describing the Earth wobble? When the Sun is high over Italy, the globe has a lean so that air in the North Atlantic is compressed.  But during the day in the US, when the Sun is high over North America, the North Atlantic is pulled down away from the Arctic air, easing that compression. This has been described as a pumping action, or a vertical jet stream. Then when the Sun is centered over the Pacific, pushing the N Pole away from Planet X, the air will again be compressed over the North Atlantic. But a few hours later, when the Sun is over India, once again the North Atlantic gets relief. Some of this would indeed tend to “box in” Sandy.

Computer models predicted landfall, and mandatory evacuations in low lying areas were ordered by the New York City mayor. Though only a Category 1 hurricane, Sandy was immense, and the storm surge was expected to produce immense flooding as a result. Thought hurricanes turning inland along the northern coastline of the US were rare, history had shown that New York City, the largest city in the US, could be flooded by such storms, with great loss of life.

NYC Evacuations Begin Over Hurricane Sandy; Public Schools Closed
October 28, 201
New York City announced the closings of its mass transit and school systems, both the nation's largest, and ordered residents to leave some low-lying areas Sunday ahead of the massive storm approaching the eastern third of the U.S. Hurricane Sandy was headed north from the Caribbean to meet both a snowstorm and a cold front, and experts said the rare hybrid storm that results will cause havoc over 800 miles from the East Coast to the Great Lakes. A storm surge of 6 to 11 feet was expected. Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered an evacuation of the low-lying areas along the edges of the city, including parts of lower Manhattan like Battery Park City and some of the financial district, sections of Brooklyn and Staten Island and the Rockaways in Queens.

The impact on the New Jersey coastline was as bad as expected, water washing up the streets of New York City, into the subways, and the power shut down in the city to prevent damage to the system. Despite the torrential rain, fires broke out and were out of control.

Mammoth Storm Sandy Plunges NYC into Darkness
October 30, 2012
The city had shut its mass transit system, schools, the stock exchange and Broadway and ordered hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to leave home. Utilities deliberately darkened part of downtown Manhattan to avoid storm damage.
At Least 50 Flooded Houses Destroyed by NYC Fire
October 30, 2012
A huge fire has destroyed at least 50 homes in a flooded neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens. Video footage of the scene shows a hellish swath of tightly packed homes fully engulfed in orange flames as firefighters hauled hoses while sloshing in ankle-high water.

As bad as this disaster was, it is nothing compared to what is coming during the hour of the Pole Shift or in the Last Weeks during the Severe Wobble. This Frankenstorm did not include earthquake damage, which will be present during the Pole Shift and during the lurching of the Severe Wobble. The Zetas have always warned that fires are one of the biggest dangers for those remaining in the cities. Frankenstorm Sandy certainly echoed that warning. 

ZetaTalk Warning 2001: Heavily populated areas have several drawbacks during times of crisis such as the coming cataclysms will bring. However well prepared a given family may be, they are never prepared for what their neighbors will bring to them. New York City is one of the most heavily populated areas, and by being a coastal city, has additional strikes against it. For many, on islands along the coast supported by a system of bridges that have been torn apart, they will have no escape. Tall buildings will bash into each other during the seemingly endless earthquakes, which they were scarcely designed to withstand. Fires and the howls of the injured and desperate make travel through such a devastated area literally life threatening. Those who stay in New York City during the coming cataclysms are either ignorant of what is about to occur, courageous, or harboring a death wish!

Will Frankenstorms continue? Per the Zetas the wobble is becoming more severe. Living along the coastlines will become increasingly hazardous.

ZetaTalk Warning 2/4/2012: There has been no change in the wobble pattern, the wobble has merely become more severe. The pattern of the Figure 8 remained essentially the same.

ZetaTalk Warning 10/30/2012: As with Irene in 2011, hurricanes running up the East Coast of the US are being affected by the Earth wobble to the point of being noticeable in their path veer. The upper Atlantic is no longer welcoming for these low pressure areas, which choose rather to move inland in the US where the heat of the Earth has created upward convection of air. Arctic air, chilled and thus high pressure zones, has been pushed down from the Arctic over the Atlantic, blocking the path of these hurricanes on occasion.

What will this mean for the future? We have stated that the wobble will worsen, to the point that the seasons will blend into one another. We have stated that many coastlines will eventually become unlivable, being used to grow crops only, as the Last Weeks approach. Wobble sloshing during the Last Weeks will not be slight, but bring tides up to 200-300 feet running N/S as the globe slings back and forth prior to a firm lean to the left. Those horrified by what Hurricane Sandy has done to the East Coast of the US are being encouraged, by Mother Nature, to leave the cities early. Why linger?

Cylindrical UFO Duet

An amateur astronomer in Kentucky managed to videotape a cylindrical UFO in great clarity on October 16, 2012, and just when this was hitting the press on October 24, 2012 yet another instance hit the press. A TV station cam fixed on the Popocatepetl volcano also caught a cylindrical UFO plunging into the volcano cone. Per the Zetas, this duet was designed to get UFOs into the news.

Cylindrical UFO Videotaped By Kentucky Amateur Astronomer Allen EplingE
October 24, 2012
Several eyewitnesses in different areas of eastern Kentucky reported seeing a strange, cylindrical UFO hover for two hours in clear skies last week, but an amateur astronomer's striking video and images of the object are now coming to light.
Light on the Phenomenon of Popocatepetl
October. 26, 2012
The House that Televisa has permanently recording the activity of the volcano Popocatepetl caught the moment that in a down light and apparently introduced themselves inside the giant crater. Approximately kilometer long by 200 meters wide, you can not appreciate where it comes from, but with a speed seems aircraft entering the crater. Is a cylindrical body, shows no excess shine on its front face and shadow. We went with the astronomer at UNAM, a member of the International Astronomical Union. The Scientific trarse precludes the possibility of it be a meteorite. The attention of astronomers certain characteristics of this object, first you have a clean line.

ZetaTalk Comment 11/3/2012: It is not by accident that a cylindrical UFO was captured in clear skies by an amateur astronomer over Kentucky, while being seen by numerous others in the vicinity, and captured by an official video cam pointed at Popocatepetl. UFOs visit volcanoes, as we have stated, to determine their status, and are not affected by the intense heat as would man-made devices.  Normally, a smaller UFO in a more typical shape is used – round or saucer shaped. The drama this time was employed so as to get into the news. The clarity of the photos and video taken by the Kentucky astronomer prove this not to be a weather balloon or falling piece of space junk, as it hovered without moving.  Likewise as an object plunging into the volcano, it fell outside of what would be expected – a meteor or a hunk of lava being spat out of the volcano. Both issues happening in close succession allow for greater press coverage, which was the plan.

The Zetas indeed described the activity of UFOs inspecting volcanos, early in the ZetaTalk sage in 1995. The Zetas stated they are taking the measure of the state of the lava below. Just as taking a pulse can relay information about the state of the heart, this is a quick way to determine what the roiling lava is doing.

ZetaTalk Description 11/15/1995: The Earth increasingly shows signs of responding to her brother, Planet X. In addition to unpredictable and extreme weather and increasing earthquake activity, emissions from active volcanoes change in subtle but detectable ways. These emissions give an accurate measure to those who know how to read them. As alien groups in the Service-to-Other are in residence in 3rd Density on the face of your planet, they have an obvious interest in violent geological changes that will tear up their temporary homes. These groups monitor volcanic emissions, both in lava composition and particles in the air, to better predict in the short-term when earthquakes or volcanic eruptions will occur. The rumors that UFO sightings occur frequently near active volcanoes is, therefore, true.

Cylinder shaped UFOs are nothing new. A famous UFO case from 1985, which has never been debunked, remains “unsolved” by the authorities.

UFO Over Mojave Desert Sept. 9, 1985
This cigar-shaped UFO was photographed by general aviation pilot David Hastings as he piloted a Cessna Skymaster plane over the Mojave Desert on Sept. 9, 1985. There has never been an indication of hoax in this case, which remains unexplained to this day.
Filer's Files #22 -2009
May 27, 2009
I was with my father on March 3, 2003, and took a picture of the landscape at that time saw nothing, but when we saw the photo in more detail we saw that it was something strange.
Filer's Files #8 – 2009
February 18, 2009
On February 15, 2009, A cylinder shaped object was captured while looking at Phoenix Webcams. Object below is enlarged cylinder. Note this object is similar to cylinder filmed over the UK.
Mystery Cylinder UFO Spotted over British Holiday Resort
February 13 2009
During the handheld video, the person behind the camera struggles to track what appears to be an elongated gunmetal-grey cylindrical shape that’s moving across the sky and is barely visible to the camera’s lens without performing an extreme zoom. Not alone in watching the strange shape, a number of fellow caravan occupants on the holiday site in Brean, Somerset, witnessed the UFO as it moved about in the blue July sky.

Sunda Soggy

Though the Sunda Plate had already sunk to the level predicted by the Zetas during the 7 of 10 plate movements, the Sunda Plate continues to get more soggy. From Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and the islands near Fiji. Where the sinking during 2011 and 2012 was explained by the establishment as due to rain, the claim now is “climate change” with “rising seas”, as though rising seas would only affect SE Asia and the South Seas and not the beaches elsewhere around the world.

Sea Change
October 25, 2012
Rising sea levels and land sinkage are proving to be a double-whammy in the Mekong Delta, where residents are constantly forced to raise their homes to remain above water. Around 20,000 hectares of farmland are submerged during high tide now, twice the 2007 level.

1,000 Cambodian Families Evacuated Due to Floods
September 19, 2012
Cambodian Disaster Management Agency, 2011, severe flooding in the provinces of Siem Reap along the Mekong River and killed 250 people and affected nearly 500,000 families. Nearly 1/5 of rice destroyed.
Thai Opposition & Government Blame each other for Flood Mismanagement ?
September 23, 2012
In Thailand, 15 provinces have been declared disaster flood zones. Work crews took a long time to drain off the water because subsidence in the city means the canals now have only a gradual drop and the water flows out much more slowly.

11 Islands That Will Vanish When Sea Levels Rise
October 1, 2012
The Solomon Islands are east of Papua New Guinea, and have a population of 584,578. A team of French researchers have been monitoring the island of Vanikoro, part of the 992 islands that make up the island chain, because they think it is slowly sinking. The team placed a survey marker a safe distance from the beach, and seven years later it was underwater. After what is know about Tegua the researchers found that along with rising sea levels, this particular island is also sinking. Micronesia is made up of 607 mountainous islands and low-lying coral atolls and is being eroded away by rising sea levels. Palau consists of eight principal islands and more than 250 smaller ones, about 500 miles southeast of the Philippines. Their population of 20,000 is being threatened by rising sea levels.

All this was predicted by the Zetas, who cite the scripted drama of the plate movements – the Pacific Plate being pulled under the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate, which is rising. The little platelet that holds Fiji in particular will suffer in this crunch.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/15/2011: Samoa rides on the Pacific Plate, which is pushing under the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate, and as this process continues and accelerates, approaching the pole shift, will virtually disappear. The Solomon Islands do not fare much better, for the same reasons. Tonga and New Caledonia ride high. The little Fiji Plate, as the recent sinking indicates, will be a loser, pushed down into the notch as the Pacific Plate presses ever westward.

Spain Cracking

The African roll, per the Zetas, will pull Gibraltar 125 miles further apart, and open up a 50 mile divide at the Sinai. These changes have not shown up, to date, on the MODIS satellite images, though the African Rift valley and internet cables torn along the east coast reflect the roll, as does excessive flooding in Nigeria and the restless Canary Islands. But Spain is certainly showing the stress along the plate border in the Mediterranean. A giant crack developed along the southern coastline. Per the Zetas, the plate border above Algeria is the most vulnerable part of the Mediterranean during the African roll.

Spain: Land Crack 1.5 Kilometers Opened
October 18, 2012
Land crack 1.5 kilometers in length opened after the recession of water in flood-affected areas of El Esparragal, Puerto Lumbreras. Depth ranges from 2 up to 5 metres. The most surprised was the owner of one of the estates, which now is divided. No conclusions yet no.  None of the advising technical personnel does not dare to determine, could this happen in consequence the fault line or be the result of extensive groundwater extractions.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2010: The fact that the African Plate, during previous rolls, created mountain building can be seen on a relief map. Morocco and Algeria have mountains due to the rolling in the past. One can see in the mountains of Spain and Italy and the Balcans and Turkey that this was the case there, too, in the past. The Alps themselves were built during previous African rolls. But this time the African Plate will drop away significantly, slipping to the south during the roll. The border of the African Plate slices across northern Algeria, and thus when the plate rolls and drops, the Mediterranean floor there will suddenly find itself unsupported. Where the land mass housing Morocco and Algeria will not lose elevation, in the main, retaining its floatation strength to ride on the magma beneath, the floor of the Mediterranean is of a different composition. It will sink there, unsupported on the African side where the plates will pull apart. The roll of the African Plate during the 7 of 10 scenarios thus spares all but the Mediterranean floor above Algeria!