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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 11, 2015

This cube UFO seems to be going viral on the Internet. Is it real? Is El Paso vulnerable in some way? [and from another]  Witness Of Major Texas UFO Cube & Portal Sighting Breaks Silence 7/1/2015 [and from another]  [and from another]  Gil Broussard, who is not as astronomer but it claimed that by others, as an orbit that will causes Nibiru to collide with Earth round about March 16, 2016. GLP's Dr. Astro cannot find any planet at his corrdinates, via infrared viewing.

Timed to coincide with the start of Jade Helm, this UFO hoax is being promoted on the Internet so that those who embrace it can later be trashed. Of course it is photo shopped, a fact easily ascertained with a bit of examination. The announcement is expected to do more than inform the public about Nibiru and to give disclosure on the alien presence a boost by pointing to its arrival date – 2003. ZetaTalk and only ZetaTalk predicted that date and provided the astonishingly accurate coordinates for the search by the public and amateur astronomers.

Thus anyone but Nancy Lieder and ZetaTalk has been pushed forward on the Internet lately, to include Marshall Masters and Stan Deyo and John diNardo and Gil Broussard and a crop circle analyst Anu.  The debate even includes a search via infrared for Broussard’s Nibiru by GodlikeProductions Dr. Astro and a denial by McCanney. The cover-up crowd cannot stop the announcement, but they hope for Nibiru and UFO and alien fatigue by flooding the Internet with claims and counter claims. The cube UFO is such a maneuver.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw that there is now a new Network News and a Social network serving the top 1%. As I imagine that the top 1% are not that visible, those behind this network could be aspiring 'one-percenters'. However, those thinking of themselves as 'the elite' must feel that there are enough of them out there to warrant a separate news and social network. Could you/the Zetas please comment what is happening on this front? Is it to try and reenforce their status as a collective of STS people? [and from another]  Ranadivé is in Davos this week to unveil Toplink (formerly called TopCom), his invite-only social network for the world's richest and most powerful people. He envisions it as a tool to "unlock the collective wisdom" of the world's best and brightest. [and from another]  One Percent News is the first news source exclusively of, by and for the 1 percent. The goal of One Percent News is to provide the nation’s super rich with the information they need to stay ahead of 99 percent “democracy extremists” so that the 1 percent can continue to control nearly half of the planet’s wealth.

The 1% have been steadily gaining strength in recent years, so why are they suddenly acting like they are under siege? The 1% have financial advisors, often compete with one another, and if inclined to share secrets or investment tips would only do so with trusted partners. Would beauty contestants have a club only for the beauty queens, or football stars have a club only for teammates? What would be the point? For Toplink or One Percent News to suddenly appear indicates a siege mentality brought on by the unrelenting pressure of the Council of World’s against the elite. Since those with a Service-to-Self mentality only seek to take advantage and routinely stab each other in the back, this will hardly help the 1%.

My question is in regards to the recent posting in the Council of Worlds at War thread about the "glitch" aboard the New Horizons probe en route to Pluto. Does this "glitch" fall under the same circumstances as the Philea probe, to maintain the rule of non-interference? Or could this be building up to a similar situation to what occurred when the Dawn spacecraft flew past Ceres? [and from another]  NASA's New Horizons probe, nine-and-a-half years outbound from Earth and less than two weeks from a historic flyby of Pluto, went into protective safe mode Saturday afternoon after experiencing an on-board anomaly, the space agency reported. The spacecraft's autopilot, as programmed, switched over to a redundant flight computer and began transmitting telemetry to Earth to help engineers troubleshoot the problem. An anomaly team was assembled to analyze the glitch but given the probe's enormous distance -- it takes radio signals nine hours to make a round trip -- it likely will take "one to several days" to restore normal operations. NASA said the anomaly team was working to return New Horizons to its original flight plan. New Horizons is expected to pass within 7,750 miles of Pluto on the morning of July 14. Following a pre-programmed sequence of commands that were uploaded last week, the spacecraft will aim itself and its instruments at Pluto and its large moon Charon for the first close-up looks at the distant worlds. Because of it takes radio signals four hours and 25 minutes to cross the 3-billion-mile gulf, real-time commanding is not possible and New Horizons must carry out its observations autonomously.

Almost a decade into its journey, the New Horizons probe is faltering. Why? Poised to make a close pass to peek at Pluto, the probe’s mission seems innocuous enough. If comet Rosetta housed an alien base that operated via radio signals, and the Ceres asteroid contains several well lit space ports, might Pluto likewise be home to aliens in the Service-to-Self? The Service-to-Self are forced to remain in 3rd density by their masters, as they do not do teamwork well and something akin to the movie The Fly occurs at times. Visitors from the Service-to-Other are adroit and slip into 4th density between work stints.

If radio signals are used by these aliens in the Service-to-Self, and if NASA’s New Horizons probe uses radio signals for communication with NASA back on Earth, is this an inherent conflict? Why would it not be? New Horizons is receiving radio signals from more than one source. Signals from an alien base on Pluto confused New Horizons, and the likelihood of NASA getting through to their probe without static and interference is slim. They might manage to fix New Horizons, only to find it quickly discombobulated again.

In the 5th of July issue, the zetas mentioned that in 2015 there are about 3.5billion humans who are actually in contact with aliens and the numbers are increasing. If this is the case, a lot of people will survive the coming pole shift if they believe and follow their contactees advice regardless of what the establishment would do. Please respond to this concern.

If there were 12,000 contactees in 1998 and close to a billion in 2012 and if fully half the Earth’s population of 7 billion people were contactees by mid-2013, then what is the count today? Of course, the approximate count of a billion Star Children incarnated on the globe does not count, as they are our peers, not our contactees. If 3.5 humans were contactees by 2013, this count has risen to 4.2 billion, with the remaining  1.8 billion of low intelligence or in regions of the world not drastically affected by change so curiosity does not impel toward giving The Call.

Why would the pending Pole Shift caused by the passage of Nibiru not be the first issue under discussion? The Call is controlled by the human giving The Call. If the human gives The Call to discuss crop failures in their locale and the resulting starvation increase, the aliens responding will not insert a mention that the drought has been caused by the approach of Nibiru unless the topic is raised by the human in some way, such as a question about the cause, whether human induced or otherwise. A leap to Nibiru does not automatically follow. How to parse scarce food in the community would likely be the focus instead.

For those who find is surprising that alien visitors would not press knowledge of the pending Pole Shift upon mankind, would not be concerned about saving their skins during the coming cataclysms, remember that simply saving a human body is not the goal. Spiritual development is the goal, in particular growth toward the Service-to-Other orientation. And what would the contactee do? They do not have the resources to move to safety. Even when the tides and earthquakes are upon them they will not be able to move, and immigration will increasingly be blocked. Contact is an assist with saving the soul, not saving the body.

Culture also have small influences any decisions about the orientation or is it misleading? Does the Council of Worlds considered whether choice as "sincere", these 7% souls on Earth and on Nibiru 12% STS? It is known that young souls can be influenced by the environment, but one life is insignificant and can balance the circumstances. But in the past quite a considerable time the balance was broken.

What constitutes a balanced spiritual environment for the growth of young souls and the choices available to them? Choice is always there, the free will the young soul is allowed, but if unrelenting terror and a sense of hopelessness prevail for hundreds of lifetimes this can skew the view. The young soul finds it is losing the incarnation early in life, due to standing up to slave masters or being a hero for others, and thus repeatedly killed at a young age begins to seek another route. This was the reason the Council quarantined the Annunaki from Earth, and the reason Earth has 7% in the Service-to-Self rather than the usual 5% on developing worlds.

Does not an imbalance exist under different cultures on Earth? If a young soul has already developed a lean toward being Service-to-Other, being incarnated in a brutal society can actually sharpen and propel the soul in the Service-to-Other direction. Seeing girls denied an education or equal rights in Muslim societies, a brave Service-to-Other soul such as Malala becomes a hero and risks being maimed to do so. She is the stronger for this. Likewise, a young soul leaning to Service-to-Self in this society might find itself incarnated in a female body and experiencing empathy for others as a result. This empathy lingers through future incarnations.

A balanced environment for a growing soul involves the realization that things can be different, as the Birthing Guides arrange incarnations to bring these insights to the young souls. Malala knew that being a martyr can bring change, as she had witnessed this in prior lifetimes. The young soul leaning to Service-to-Self likewise gets to witness interaction in a highly Service-to-Other society, and takes note of the rewards for all due to cooperation and caring in such a society. We have made the statement that a trouble free life seldom results in spiritual growth, and souls most often spark under duress where action on their part is required. Polarized cultural environments are thus not a hindrance.  

Are the computer glitches experienced by United Airlines, NYSE, and WSJ part of the Elites slowing down the crash of the markets before the announcement? [and from another] May I ask the Zetas of these two events are linked? NYSE and United both both described as "glitches" Is this an example of the Council of Worlds turning the screw? Or is this even EMP related? [and from another]  The main index, the Shanghai Composite, has plunged by 30 per cent since its peak in the middle of June, the biggest three-week fall in more than 20 years. The big rise on Chinese share markets over the past year has been driven by the popularity of margin loans in China, loans taken out by investors to buy shares, a move encouraged by the Chinese government to develop equity markets. Traders are now calling in some of those loans because of fears that stocks are overvalued. [and from another]  More than 1,400 companies — representing a majority of all companies traded on the mainland's two major exchanges — have halted trading in an effort to stop the previous days' slide. The amount of officially sanctioned margin trading in the Chinese stock market ballooned from 403 billion yuan to 2.2 trillion yuan. Experts estimated that another 2 trillion yuan or so of borrowed money has flowed into the markets using vehicles designed to skirt official limits on margin trading. The government cracked down on vehicles designed to skirt the margin trading rules in April. The government's toughest measures came on June 12, when China's securities regulator announced a new limit on the total amount of margin lending stock brokers could do, while also reiterating the curbs on illicit margin trading. The stock market has been in freefall ever since. [and from another]  Trading has resumed on the New York Stock Exchange after an outage of more than three hours caused by technical problems. As of 2:51 pm Eastern time, nearly three and half hours after the outage started, trading had not yet resumed on the NYSE. There was no interruption at the dozens of other U.S. stock exchanges, including the Nasdaq, so investors were still able to buy and sell stocks easily. The market was already lower as traders worried about China’s failure to halt a plunge in its shares and talks remained stuck between Greece and its lenders. [and from another]  Stranded passengers are probably wondering why United had to ask the Federal Aviation Administration to abruptly ground all its planes at 8 am and kept them grounded until 9:49 am - an almost two-hour delay that grounded 4,900 flights worldwide and caused big delays in United hubs in Chicago, Denver and Houston. The airline said a router malfunction was to blame, but it wouldn’t elaborate. [and from another]  A malevolent tweet from the hacker collective Anonymous seems to hint at something more sinister. “Wonder if tomorrow is going to be bad for Wall Street.... we can only hope.” 10:45 PM - 7 Jul 2015 [and from another]  Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson noted the glitch that caused the trading halt and an earlier computer problem that grounded United Airlines flights appeared unrelated. On Tuesday, hacker group Anonymous tweeted a suspicious statement about potential problems on Wall Street. Separately on Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal website experienced an apparent outage that was resolved by roughly 1 pm ET. [and from another]  The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) suspended trading today at 11:32am ET due to a “technology glitch”. Investors can still perform trades, just not on the NYSE. Around the same time as the NYSE shutdown, the Wall Street Journal began experiencing technical issues. When attempting to access, the Wall Street Journal Homepage, resulted in a 504 message. The third incident from today was an apparent “automation glitch” that caused United Airlines to ground flights for an hour. The International Business Times has reported the Wall Street Journal outage was due to slow server activity in processing HTTP requests. The 504 error that visitors were receiving was a result. United Airlines blames its grounded flights on what it calls a “router malfunction.”

China is considered the world’s strongest economy at present, and its newly affluent citizens are doing more than buying cars and electronics. They are playing the stock market. In a country not familiar with capitalist gambling markets, China is still establishing controls. Its recent bursting bubble, wherein their stock market lost 30% within weeks, is a learning curve and not a fatal blow. Such market crashes are familiar to the West, from the 1929 crash to the more recent 2008 housing bubble crash on Wall Street. Was the shutdown of the NYSE a reaction, a protective maneuver known as Plunge Protection? Yes, despite claims that it was a computer crash. Panic trading is stopped in these instances.

What raised eyebrows was the apparent nexus in timing for other outages. United Airlines halted all flights earlier in the day for two hours, claiming a computer glitch. The Wall Street Journal crashed, simultaneous to the NYSE down time, reportedly due to the rush of the public to read the latest during the market closures. If a DDOS attack can disable a server, certainly a rush by the public can create delayed service, but is there more to this story? Amid all this was a tweet from Anonymous suggesting on July 7 that Wall Street will have a bad day on July 8, which then resulted.

Though seemingly separate issues, these well publicized outages not only have a common nexus, they were caused by the same hand. As we stated after the elite caused Obama to miss his October 20, 2014 date for the announcement, the Council of Worlds has gone to war with the elite.  We have stated that this war has been won and the announcement will now proceed, but given the nature of the Service-to-Self individuals prevalent among the elite, they are being given some last minute reminders on just who won this war. They should not expect to recoup or rally. The sudden demise of a Space X shuttle to the ISS, after many successes, was such a reminder to Elon Musk and his cronies.

China is a partner during Obama’s announcement, but the China stock market was clearly headed for an adjustment, and thus the timing of the Council’s warming. Speculators in China will be reined in sharply by China, unlike the criminals on Wall Street who were never really disciplined after the Wall Street crash in 2008. Margin traders in China, hedge funds on Wall Street, deceptive derivative packages by mortgage bundlers, and the hallmark symbols of these crimes the NYSE and the Wall Street Journal. Anonymous of course is a human working closely with the Council on these matters.

What did the down time for United Airlines have to do with this sharp warning to Wall Street and wealthy speculators worldwide? The United downtime occurred the same day, but earlier in the day. The elite, who dearly want to prevent Obama from making his announcement, rely on modern day electronics to enhance their wealth. Beyond being able to make transactions around the world in a blink of an eye, the symbol of their elevation to the status of gods, in their eyes, is air travel. They can cross borders, evade prosecution, go to pleasant climates, and no one can stop them. Please note, this can be stopped with a wink of the Council’s eye. 

Could the Zetas say something about this latest crop circle that appeared in Brandenburg, Germany. It seems to indicate a more violent wobble?

This design depicts a retrograde orbit, which Nibiru, aka Planet X has. When looking down at the solar system, the view astronomers prefer, the Sun rotates in a counterclockwise manner, as do all the planets that go round and round in orbit around the Sun. Nibiru deals with the sweeping arms of the Sun when it approaches for its periodic passage by hopping over the sweeping arms, thus passes through the solar system in a retrograde manner – clockwise. Thus when Nibiru appeared in front of the Earth in her orbit in December 2003, he halted the Earth’s orbit and pushing her backwards into the August position.

Earthquakes on Earth worsened after that because a battering had ensued. The sweeping arms swept the Earth into Nibiru, and Nibiru pushed back with a magnetic and gravity repulsion force push. As Nibiru comes outbound from the Sun, pressing closer to the Earth (which is trapped in front of Nibiru), this battering will increase. A stronger wobble, more earthquake jolts, Earth plates sliding for longer distances, the 7 of 10 plate movements picking up the pace, and all of this action fixed astrophysics that will not change. Mankind must prepare for the Pole Shift.