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Issue 854, Sunday February 5, 2023
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Biden Bashing

If Biden is a White Hat Double under the control of the Junta, then why is there so much Biden bashing in process? This is deliberate, to make the American public disgusted with Biden and less likely to incite civil war when President Trump is reinstated. As we stated in 2021, at the time of the 2020 election fraud, the Junta had a 5 front war in process and did not want to be overwhelmed – a CCP invasion from Canada, Soros funded Antifa riots, Defund the Police campaign, Moloch worship, and the Deep State.

Democrats in Tough Spot with Biden Classified Documents
January 13, 2023
Senate Democrats are finding themselves in a tough spot as they try to figure out how to best respond to revelations that President Biden had improperly stashed classified documents at his personal office in Washington and in his garage in Delaware.
Trump Addresses Hunter Biden $50K Rent Rumor as 'Greatest' Scam of All Time
January 17, 2023
President Biden has been under fire in recent days by Republicans and Democrats after classified document were discovered at two sites. House Republicans now in the majority have set their sights on multiple investigations into Hunter Biden and other aspects of the Biden administration. Speculation has ramped up online after President Biden's 2017 tax returns allegedly did not declare $49,910 in monthly rent payments from Hunter Biden.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/17/2023: There have been many Biden Doubles. At the start of the 2016 campaign the Democrats Black Hats murdered the real Biden and installed a Black Hat Double they could control. Just ahead of the 2020 election the Junta replaced the Black Hat Biden with their own White Hat Double, whom they could control. This White Hat Double has been running as a faux President ever since.

As we have often noted, the Junta was dealing with a 5 Front War at that time. They delayed challenging the 2020 election, using the Kraken documentation, fearing a civil war. The CCP invasion onto US soil, Antifa riots, Defund the Police, and cleaning out the Deep State Satanists from control of government has by now primarily been successful. To reduce the likelihood of civil war the Junta is allowing the public to hate Biden by exposing his past corruption and pedophile tendencies.

ZetaTalk Insight 5/31/2021: The Junta is preparing to overturn the 2020 election, announcing to the world that they had proof of election fraud in hand since the election occurred on November 3, 2020. As is patently clear, the US Military has never acknowledged a Biden Presidency, and with the use of Doubles a Biden Presidency has just been a well-orchestrated movie. President Trump never left office because the Insurrection Act was invoked on January 11, 2021 ahead of any swearing in of Biden. Congress is not in session or in power under Martial Law, thus the inauguration was invalid. The Junta has been dealing with multiple war fronts. The Junta had been hoping that the 2020 audits being done in the Swing States that were key in 2020 would prove the Biden Presidency illegitimate, but this is a slow process. Thus the Junta is preparing an alternative approach.

Progress is being made on cleaning up the Cabal’s political control. For instance, the highly polarized and cooperative Prime Minister of New Zealand suddenly and reluctantly resigned. This is a White Hat victory, and shows a positive trend. As a Commonwealth country, New Zealand may only be the first to topple. Canada next?

Jacinda Ardern Resigns as Prime Minister of New Zealand
January 19, 2023
Labour leader to stand down no later than 7 February, saying she ‘no longer had enough in the tank’ to do the job. Ardern became the world’s youngest female head of government when she was elected prime minister in 2017 at 37. She has led New Zealand through the Covid-19 pandemic, and a series of disasters including the terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, and the White Island volcanic eruption.  Ardern said her decline in the polls did not prompt her decision to leave.
New Zealand Leader Jacinda Ardern Announces Shock Resignation before Upcoming Election
January 19, 2023
Speaking at a news conference, Ardern said her term would end by February 7, when she expects a new Labour prime minister will be sworn in – though “depending on the process that could be earlier.”

ZetaTalk Insight 1/19/2023: Despite protestations by Ardern, she was indeed given an ultimatum by the White Hats. Resign or face a Sudden Death. She had been enjoying her political power and would have won the upcoming election, and clearly was emotional about her supposed need to resign. New Zealand is a member of the Commonwealth, as is Australia and Canada. Ardern was in love with the power her position gave her, and aligned fully with the Queen’s agendas even after it was clear the Queen was no longer in power.

Nibiru Influence

With a spate of scientific articles espousing a new theory about the Core of the Earth slowing to a stop and then rotating in the opposite direction, mankind once again shows their ignorance about what causes planets to rotate. Nothing has changed since 2014 when we last addressed this issue. Planets do not rotate because of Newton’s laws, but because they are reaching for an attractant out in space, continuously. They all rotate in one direction in synch with the Sun because the Sun has sweeping arms that act like brooms.

ZetaTalk Insight 1995: Rotation is due to a mobility difference between the core of a planet and the surface, and for lack of a better analogy we relate this to a dog chasing its tail. The core of the Earth is liquid, and mobile, and has a mind of its own. As the Earth moves in its orbit around the Sun, the relationship of the core of the Earth to surrounding influences changes. A child standing on a merry-go-round and wishing to face his mother must himself turn a complete circle in order to do this. In like manner, the heavy Core of the Earth moves to face or escape magnetically related forces in the Universe about your Solar System, dragging the surface with it. The core is not homogeneous everywhere and thus parts of it are strongly attracted or repulsed to this part or that of the Universe about it, so motion in the core is constant. No sooner does a part of the core move to the far side of its liquid tomb, then it finds itself presented with its old problem again, and sets into motion once again.

The Sun, Mercury, and the Earth all point their magnetic N Poles in the same direction and no, the Sun does not reverse its poles every 11 or so years. NASA’s own Ulysses probe told them that. During the coming passage of Nibiru, the Earth will slow to a stop but this will only cause the crust to rip from the Core, so that after the Pole Shift the crust will have a different alignment vis-à-vis the Sun and Core.

ZetaTalk Insight 1995: You are aware that your Earth is heavier at its molten core, which is rumored to be composed primarily of iron. This is not entirely untrue, but regardless of the composition, the Earth's core is more sensitive to the magnetic alignment than the crust. The core grips the crust, and is not as liquid as one might think. There is friction. There is the tendency for the whole to move as one, despite their differing magnetic allegiances. The pole shift is in fact a movement of the interior of the Earth, the core, to come into alignment with the giant comet.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/14/2010: Slowing rotation is not a linear matter, but exponential as the Earth is pulled closer to Planet X. The Earth moans, groans, and complains as the core pulls at the crust but the crust is gripped, increasingly, and held by Planet X. The slowing is a lurching matter too, as when the Atlantic Rift is exposed, the grip slows the rotation, but when hidden, rotation tries to return.

So if slowing rotation only becomes an issue during the Last Weeks, why has this unsupported theory appeared in scientific article and media reports?  Yet another excuse that will be proffered to explain the signs that Nibiru is real and pending for a passage, as the establishment is desperate to retain control.

Why Earth’s Inner Core May Be Slowing Down
January 25, 2023
The spin of Earth’s inner core may have slowed, with the heart of the planet now rotating at a slightly more sluggish clip than the layers above, new research finds. The slowdown could change how rapidly the entire planet spins, as well as influence how the core evolves with time.
Earth’s Inner Core may have Stopped Turning and could go into Reverse, Study Suggests
January 25, 2023
In research published in the journal Nature Geoscience on Monday, Yi Yang, associate research scientist at Peking University, and Xiaodong Song, Peking University chair professor, studied seismic waves from earthquakes that have passed through the Earth’s inner core along similar paths since the 1960s to infer how fast the inner core is spinning. Since 2009, seismic records, which previously changed over time, showed little difference. This, they said, suggested that the inner core rotation had paused. Song and Yang argue that, based on their calculations, a small imbalance in the electromagnetic and gravitational forces could slow and even reverse the inner core’s rotation.
Earth's Spinning Inner Core Recently Paused Then Flipped Its Direction
January 23, 2023
The swirling solid ball at the center of Earth’s inner core appears to have recently paused and may even now be rotating in the opposite direction from previous decades, according to a new study.

ZetaTalk Insight 1/23/2023: Once again mankind’s faulty theories gain the headlines. This new Core reversal theory is akin to the Flat Earth theory, which relies on a narrow perspective and a complete lack of logic. The announcement that seismic waves passing through the Earth’s Core show that the Core is rapidly slowing to a stop and has even reversed is now the theory of the day. Yet the media and these same scientists cannot admit that Nibiru is in the inner Solar System and positioned for a passage of Earth. What is wrong with this picture?

Mankind lacks data and does not even understand the composition of the Core, or that the Sweeping Arms of the Sun are the reason the Earth and other planets in the Solar System rotate. In their desperation to maintain a coverup over Nibiru, mankind’s establishment has pushed the Global Warming theory, distorting facts about the Core. Mankind pushes the Solar flip theory, that the Sun’s poles flip every 11 years, despite the evidence provided by their own Ulysses probe. This has been extended to a faulty theory to cover the N Pole drift to Siberia, a reversal of Earth poles rather than any passage of Nibiru.

This new Core reversal theory is based on an assumption by two Chinese scientists. What happened to the peer review process? Notably China is ground zero in the panic over Nibiru, using draconian lockdowns over Covid to the point where the entire country was rioting and the CCP had to relent. We have described how the crust of Earth is gripped during the Passage of Nibiru so the crust is torn away from the core, thus allowing the crust to shift 90 degrees. Is this process starting early? No. This is a process that will occur during the Last Weeks.

Do the seismic waves passing through the core show the rate of rotation of the Core? Yes and No. The Core is magnetic, and subject to having parts of it pulled in various directions, especially now that the very magnetic Nibiru is close at hand and inflicting EMP on mankind’s infrastructure at an increasing rate. If your compass malfunctions because you walked past a magnet, does this mean that the N Pole has moved?  Add this latest theory to the list of excuses that will be forced on the common man by the Nibiru cover-up. Not based on truth, but based on the establishment’s desperation to maintain control.

Nibiru makes its presence known in many ways, beyond the possibility of a slowing rotation in the Core. Green comets have been appearing since 2003 when Nibiru entered the inner Solar System, but now a Green Comet has been imaged with a third tail, pointing toward the Sun instead of away from the Sun. What could this mean? The scientific community is bumfuzzled and claims it can only be an optical illusion. But the Zetas, as usual, explain.

A Sneak Peek at the Green Comet! Image Shows a Glimpse of the Ice Ball set to Pass Earth Next Week - for the First Time since the Age of Neanderthals 50,000 Years Ago
January 24, 2023
A green comet not seen in 50,000 years is making a pass of Earth next week. Currently, E3 can only be seen with a telescope, but it will be visible to the naked eye when it reaches perigee - the point at which it is nearest to the earth - at the start of February, when it is 26 million miles away.
Optical illusion gives Rare Green Comet an 'Anti-Tail' that Seemingly Defies Physics
January 27, 2023
C/2022 E3 (ZTF), a rare green comet, which has been streaking across the night sky as it approaches Earth for the first time since the Stone Age, briefly grew a bizarre third tail. This "anti-tail" appeared to streak in the wrong direction, seemingly breaking the rules of physics. Normally, comets like this have two tails: One made from dust, which is blown off the comet by solar wind; and one made of gas from within the comet that sublimates, or transitions, directly from solid to gas. But on Jan. 21, several astrophotographers snapped pictures of the green comet with a third tail that was pointed towards the sun instead of away from it.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/27/2023: We were asked at the start of the ZetaTalk saga why green comets had arrived. Unlike the normal comets – dirty snowballs formed from the water planets in the Asteroid Belt – these new comets would turn green when burning up in the atmosphere. These were claimed as space junk, thus the green color from their mineral content. But why would C/2022 E3 develop a third tail pointing toward the Sun when the Solar Wind blows the other way?

The appearance of green meteors in 1997 was termed by ourselves as harbingers because they preceded the arrival of Nibiru in 2003. Unlike the dirty snowballs formed in the Asteroid Belt, this trash had been collected during Nibiru’s long transit between its two foci – the Sun and its dark binary twin 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances away. Nibiru is a magnetic giant, and its vast tail composed of iron oxide dust is due to this. But the debris that follows Nibiru is attracted to Nibiru for more than this reason.  There are many attraction/repulsion dances at play.

Of course, Nibiru is between the Earth and Sun at present, but the establishment will not allow this factor into the green comet equation because of their intense Nibiru cover-up. But their claim that green comets are space junk does not explain the “anti-tail” appearance. C/2022 E3 is reaching for Nibiru, like a lover arriving late to a tryst. Plot the direction of this third tail and it will point to where Nibiru is riding at present – at the orbit of Venus and postured just to the right, coming toward Earth in a retrograde orbit.

Green meteors with a third tail are not the only puzzle in the skies, as in Turkey a dramatic orange cloud appeared, standing alone in an almost cloudless sky. This is not Nibiru, but a Petrol Mass. Photos of Nibiru may be shrouded in red dust, but the appearance is distinctly different as this photo from April shows. Nibiru is also at a distance, nowhere near the Earth at present, and this Turkey cloud was just above the ground. But an Alabama photographer did capture Nibiru crossing the Sun, and no, this was not a sunspot as claimed which likewise has a different appearance.

Massive UFO-like Cloud hovering over City leaves people Thinking 'Aliens are Coming'
January 20, 2023
A massive circular red cloud, which witnesses said looked like a UFO, was spotted over the city of Bursa in Turkey, with the bizarre phenomenon leaving residents shocked.

Sun Activity: Spectacular Prominence Eruption
January 21, 2023
Sun activity from flaring is low, but Twitter is buzzing about a spectacular prominence eruption and bright CME off the sun’s southwest limb. Wow! It’s really something. The SUVI 304 angstroms imager observed the prominence lifting off the sun around 12:30 UTC on January 20, 2023. The plasma rope and resulting bright CME moved into the SOHO/LASCO C2 field of view around 13:32 UTC, January 20, 2023. Sun activity is low, with 13 C flares. The largest was a C7.3 flare from AR3192 at 22:43 UTC on January 20, 2023.
Giant Sunspot
There's a big dark spot in the middle of the sun. David J Kriegler saw it last night at sunset over Gulf Shores, Alabama: This is AR3190, one of the largest sunspots of surging Solar Cycle 25. "It's almost five times the diameter of Earth, and could be seen through the thick humid atmosphere over the Gulf of Mexico," says Kriegler.
AR3190 Sunspot
This is AR3190, one of the largest sunspots of surging Solar Cycle 25. "It's almost five times the diameter of Earth, and could be seen through the thick humid atmosphere over the Gulf of Mexico," says Kriegler.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/20/2023: What is the nexus between a dramatic orange cloud amidst clear skies over Turkey, a transit of Nibiru across the Sun seen naked eye by a photographer in Alabama, and Ezra’s comment that something is coming ‘soon’ re the Turkey cloud. We have often warned that the Council of Worlds will take steps to alert the people of Earth that Nibiru is real and approaching for a passage. The Turkey cloud likewise stands out from its surroundings, full of dark red dust which most who see such sights take to be an End Time sign.

If the spot on the Sun were a sunspot, then there would be a massive number of photos and reports from the public, not just one. Sunspots do not announce themselves by being visible naked eye, they do so by their detectible emissions in the Solar Wind and thus are announced well ahead of time by space weather sites. The cover-up over Nibiru will not stand for long, but will crumble in a tsunami of evidence and doubt.