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Issue 649, Sunday March 10, 2019
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Ecuador Crunch

Ecuador lies in the center of a four-plate  crunch, between the Nazca Plate to the west, the Cocos Plate just to the northwest, the Caribbean Plate above, and the S American Plate upon which Ecuador rides. During the S American roll, ongoing at present, the top part of S America falls westward, forcing subduction under the Andes by the Nazca Plate. The Caribbean Plate is shoved down and westward during this roll, pushed by the hump of the S American Plate above Venezuela. This pushes the Caribbean Plate westward over the Cocos Plate.

Deep 7.5-Magnitude Quake hits Ecuador-Peru Border Region
February 22, 2019
A deep magnitude-7.5 earthquake struck the Peru-Ecuador border region early morning, the U.S. Geological Survey said, causing tremors that the Ecuadorian president said were felt around the country.

Powerful 7.5-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Ecuador
February 22, 2019
A very powerful magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck southern Ecuador in the early hours close to the country's border with Peru. The quake was felt in the Ecuadorean capital, Quito, and the coastal city of Guayaquil. Peru's official geophysics institute said it registered two aftershocks of 6.06 and 6.6 magnitude in the 30 minutes that followed the first tremor.

In that the 7 of 10 plate movements were predicted by the Zetas in 2010 and have been unfolding as predicted, what awaits? Apparently, many more jolting quakes along the Andes. Less than a week after the quake in Ecuador there was an officially recorded UFO sighting at the International Airport in Lima, Peru. Per the Zetas, this was a warning to expect more quakes along the Andes, and right on cue quakes began erupting up and down the Andes and in Central America. Both the Ecuador and Peru quakes were deep, involving subduction of the Nazca Plate under the Andes.

7.1-Magnitude Earthquake hits Southern Peru
March 1, 2019
It had a depth of around 260 kilometers (160 miles).


ZetaTalk Analysis 3/1/2019: When a UFO incident not only appears on film but is affirmed by the Peru Air Force, it is not a hoax. The recent magnitude 7.5 quake in Ecuador, located where four plates involved in the S American Roll touch, shows the roll is increasing in ferocity. When we gave our prediction for the S American Roll, we predicted significant quakes up and down the Andes. This certainly includes Quito, Ecuador which was struck by the four-plate squeeze on February 22 and Lima, Peru which got a clear warning on February 28.

The location of the International Airport in Peru was chosen as it is well lit, all activity recorded by the traffic controllers, and any anomalous activity would be recorded by the Air Force.  As expected, the UFO sighting was well documented and the public informed. What was the telepathic message being given during the display? The quake in Ecuador was only the start of the sizable quakes we predicted to accompany the S American Roll, which has not yet completed. Islands in the Caribbean will be pushed down under the waves, and the Andes repeatedly jolted.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2010: Along the Andes, these quakes will be in the range of a magnitude 8-9, but lesser elsewhere. In that the Andes will rise, riding over the Nazca Plate to the west, no significant tsunami will be produced along the west coast of S America. All major cities in the mountain building areas will experience these great quakes - Santiago, La Paz, Lima, Quito, and Bogota.

Tribunals Timeline

Over this past year we have had hints of US Military Tribunals. Dunford’s marines landed at Langley on November 20, 2017 and confiscated their files, in a lawful snatch of intel, and almost simultaneously Hillary and McCain wore ankle boots signaling they were under House Arrest. McCain later showed up wearing his boot on the wrong foot. Then, in apparent good health, he suddenly died of cancer and had a closed casket funeral. Q implied he was executed for treason, and Q called his moment of death to the minute a month earlier. On December 21, 2017 President Trump wrote an Executive Order (EO) stating that funds involved in human rights abuses could be confiscated.

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption
December 21, 2017
I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States, such as those committed or directed by persons listed in the Annex to this order, have reached such scope and gravity that they threaten the stability of international political and economic systems. I therefore determine that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.

ZetaTalk Comment 1/31/2018: What does Trump’s Executive Order mean? It means that all Hillary funds, laundered through the Clinton Foundation, will be confiscated. None of these matters will be in the press, per se.

On March 1, 2018 Trump issued another EO clarifying that both civil and military courts were valid, and allowing civilian courts and lawyers to be used to augment military staff during military Tribunals. It also alluded to the current law allowing Martial Law to be declared during times of National Emergency.  There was an odd delay in this EO to January 1, 2019 but what did occur were multiple subpoenas served during the Bush 41 funeral on December 5, 2018.

Trump Signs Sweeping Executive Order
March 4, 2018
Signing of a sweeping Executive Order making the most significant changes to the Uniform Code Of Military Justice (UCMJ) since the Military Justice Act Of 1983—and whose most significant change authorizes, for the first time in history, experienced civilians to take part in the US Military court-martial process—thus clearing a path for mass “Deep State” arrests whose trials and sentencing would not impact the normal flow of the US Military justice system.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/31/2018: How to take those under House Arrest out of circulation? How to inform the public? Trials await, and this latest EO by Trump allows them to proceed according to Military Law.

Between March 1, 2018 and January 1, 2019 Trump won a solid Republican Senate, to guard against impeachment. Kavanaugh was confirmed to solidify a favorable SCOTUS. Barr was confirmed as the new Attorney General, and declared he would only release that portion of Mueller’s pending report he deemed appropriate. Because the government shutdown lasted over 31 days, Trump can now legally dismiss members of the entrenched Deep State, and restricted rehiring of these individuals via yet another EO on January 17, 2019. Then, due to the illegal immigrate crisis at the Southern border, Trump declared a National Emergency in yet another EO on Feb 15, 2019.

Where are we now? Tribunals are openly discussed. Senator Graham confirmed the legality of Tribunals during the Kavanaugh hearings. And apparently Trey Gowdy can now talk openly about Tribunals, as he did on a recent Fox News show with Maria Bartiromo. Is the public being educated?

Sen Graham asks about Military Tribunals
September 5, 2018
Lindsay Graham asks Kavanaugh about 9/11 and the Law of Armed Conflict.
Video: Rep. Trey Gowdy brings up Tribunals in Fox Business Interview
February 24, 2019
Rep. Trey Gowdy may of just hinted that something may be going on with Gitmo and Military courts, as he has mentioned on Fox Business today the word tribunal. The question obviously with Trey Gowdy mentioning tribunals on today's Fox Business interview, is what does Trey Gowdy's mention of tribunals mean? Well just look at the prep for Gitmo, the multiple deployments to Gitmo under Trump, and the changes to the military court martials under Trump.

Mars Water Confirmed

At the start of the ZetaTalk saga, the Zetas stated that Mars had lakes - surface water - but this was “thoughtlessly” run into underground chambers by the Annunaki who used the water rush to wash their Gold ore. Since the establishment does not want to admit that the Annunaki existed, since they are considered extraterrestrial intelligence from elsewhere, no admissions were forthcoming from NASA. The big cover-up continued even when Annunaki artifacts were found on Mars, as they were repeatedly.

ZetaTalk Statement 7/15/1995: Mars met its demise as a result of visitors from Nibiru, who set up mining operations on Mars in preference to Earth where large carnivorous mammals roamed about in great numbers. Where the atmosphere on Mars was thin, it was ample, so the visitors set about using what water resources they could muster to wash the ore they were after. In so doing they sought to control the run-off on the relatively flat surface of Mars, and did so in a thoughtless manner by directing waste water down a culvert. Thus precious water increasingly was sent underground, and a chain of events was set in motion that could not be reversed. The surface of Mars cooled as the atmosphere thinned.

As evidence that Mars once had lakes hit the press, NASA had another dilemma - how to explain that Mars had water but it had mysteriously disappeared. Scientists debated all this, all agreeing that the surface showed evidence of past lakes, but it was not until 2008 that NASA was forced to agree. By 2011 NASA admitted the possibility of underground chambers. By 2015 scientists were estimating the prior lakes to be as large as the Arctic Ocean, enough water to sustain life. Still NASA denied that life on Mars was a possibility.

Meanwhile, the Mars Rover had delivered images of a live mouse and hawk and the skull of a goat. All this was simply ignored by NASA. Now we have additional information about the water on Mars based on studies by the European Space Agency. Using their Mars Express, they have discovered, via radar, vast underground chambers filled with water. There indeed was the estimated body of water as large as the Arctic Ocean. But we are still stuck at how the water got there. But it is clear – Zetas Right Again!

First Evidence of Planet-wide Groundwater System on Mars
February 28, 2019
Mars Express has revealed the first geological evidence of a system of ancient interconnected lakes that once lay deep beneath the Red Planet’s surface. Features include channels etched into crater walls, valleys carved out by sapping groundwater, dark, curved deltas thought to have formed as water levels rose and fell, ridged terraces within crater walls formed by standing water, and fan-shaped deposits of sediment associated with flowing water. The water level aligns with the proposed shorelines of a putative Martian ocean thought to have existed on Mars between three and four billion years ago.
ESA’s Mars Express Radar gives Strong Evidence for former Mars Ocean
February 6, 2012
ESA's Mars Express has returned strong evidence for an ocean once covering part of Mars. Using radar, it has detected sediments reminiscent of an ocean floor within the boundaries of previously identified, ancient shorelines on Mars.


Telepathy has been studied by mankind for centuries, as it absolutely exists between humans, between animals of the same species, across different species, and between humans and animals. Studies have been conducted at Duke University and in Russia that show telepathy can travel hundreds of miles. The Russians found that a mother rabbit’s heartbeat spiked when one of her young was killed on a submarine miles offshore, and that humans in telepathic contact with each other had a synchronized heartbeat.

Synchronicity at Duke
Duke was well-known as a center of parapsychology research. We don't know how it's transmitted, but experiments show that there are information processes out there that some people pick up on that we don't understand.
U.S. and Soviet Spooks Studied Paranormal Powers to find a Cold War Advantage
October 29, 2008
Soviet research on telepathy dates from the early 1920s when a program was established at the Institute for Brain Research at Leningrad State University. The Soviets appear to have been fascinated with telepathy, which they called "biological communication," as a ship-to-shore way of communicating with submarines without using electronic equipment.

ZetaTalk on Telepathy 12/15/2002: A telepathic person in listening mode may seem distracted, though other functions can proceed. In tune with the inbound message, the receiver's heart will beat in tune with the sender, and their brain be activated in similar places, so they are acting as much as possible as a single brain. During these modes, it is possible for the receiver to start sending, as they are in sync, on the same wave length, so to speak.

ZetaTalk on Telepathy 12/15/2002: Telepathy is both specific and general. As someone who has telepathic ability can tell you, it can also be voluntary or visited upon one. The receiving brains are in essence busy with their own business, so the incoming is treated as noise in the main. Where the incoming strikes a cord with the receiving brain, such as a familiar scene or mutual concerns, the receiving brain may decide to listen. The receiver concentrates on the inbound signals, not allowing itself to be distracted by internal concerns of the self.

The fascination for humans is the possibility of being able to control a communication means that requires no equipment and can go through walls. Thus, brain communications are studied. But man has only documented brain communication that includes physical proximity, such as synapses that touch, or material that can flow through the plasma of a long nerve cell, or where the nerve cells are close enough to be influenced by each other’s electrical fields, or between the ends of nerve cells, the gap junction. Their success rate? They are able to influence a rat via transmission of human EEG to an implant embedded in a rat’s brain.

Neuroscientists Say they've Found an Entirely New Form of Neural Communication
February 18, 2019
Scientists think they've identified a previously unknown form of neural communication that self-propagates across brain tissue, and can leap wirelessly from neurons in one section of brain tissue to another – even if they've been surgically severed.
Scientists Connect a Human Brain and 'Rat Cyborg' Brain Together
February 4, 2019
A Chinese research team has developed the ability to mind control a rodent, building a wireless brain-to-brain system that enables a human to move the "rat cyborg" through a maze. The human controller was fitted with a device known as an electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure brain signals. The EEG was connected directly to a computer. The computer would then decode the human brain signal and pass it through a model to stimulate the rat's brain and tell it to move in a particular direction.

Per the Zetas, about 10% of the populace has some telepathic ability. And the use of humans with this ability by the CIA for Remote Viewing is well known. Their lackey, Courtney Brown, is trying to identify viewers for the CIA. Per the Zetas, Service-to-Other aliens use telepathy exclusively, though Service-to-Self aliens prefer to avoid telepathy as it enhances empathy, which they consider a distraction. Can humans enhance their telepathic ability? Telepathy happens more readily when the brain is in Alpha brain wave mode, as during sleep, or when the Carbon Dioxide level is high, such as on mountain tops. One can meditate, going into the Alpha mode, and hold one’s breath.

ZetaTalk on Telepathy 12/15/2002: In general, and to a high degree, telepathy is something your DNA supports. Be aware that only a small segment of humankind can utilize telepathy to any degree. A small percentage of the population has an occasional telepathic experience, rare, sometimes once in a lifetime. Of this small percentage, a smaller yet percentage, perhaps only 2% of the whole population, have any ability that they can muster at will. In that they share DNA, share brain wave hardware, so to speak, family connections are the most common. Twins and family also share experiences, which also increases occurrences.