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Issue 646, Sunday February 17, 2019
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Weather Wobbles

It’s not just the temperature extremes, not just the records breaking, it’s the sudden swings from cold to hot, and the juxtaposition between the temps in the hemispheres. What’s causing all this? The daily Earth Wobble, which keeps getting more extreme. This was last covered in Issue 589 in January, 2018 and matters have only gotten worse. The Zetas, of course, predicted this in 2004, and I, Nancy, set out with an international team to measure where the Sun rose and set, to establish the Figure 8 wobble pattern. Jet Stream contortions followed.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2004: Now that a more violent Polar Wobble has started, will the weather be exempt? Hardly. Where the Earth is pulled, the atmosphere is not, and lingers where it was while the crust moves beneath it. Will this trend continue, and become more extreme? Why would it not, in an Earth wobble that we have predicted will become more extreme as Nibiru swings its N. Pole, a hose of magnetic particles that cannot be ignored, toward Earth. The push of the Earth’s vulnerable N. Pole away will occur with more violence, the rebound back to align with the Sun’s dominant voice will occur with more violence, and the weather will follow!

During the last days of January, 2019 the upper Midwest in the US endured a record breaking Polar Vortex that combined with wind brought deadly cold that killed almost a dozen. Train tracks in Chicago had to be set afire as the cold contracted the metal and pulled them loose. Minnesota begged natural gas customers to keep their thermostats at 60 F degrees, and a power outage put thousands in danger. Pipes burst, cars could not be started. But meanwhile, Australia and Argentina endured extreme heat!

It’s Official, Chicago Is Colder than Parts of the Arctic, Yukon, and Mars
January 30, 2019
Chicago’s frigid weather is worse than parts of Siberia, the Yukon and the Arctic. In fact, the deep freeze is even colder than recent temperatures on Mars. The temperature in Chicago plunged to -22° by 6 a.m. on Wednesday. By comparison, it’s 13° – or 35° warmer – in Murmansk, Russia, which is north of the Arctic Circle. The northernmost town in the United States, Utqiagvik, Alaska, is also north of the Arctic Circle, and is -6° on Wednesday.
The Arctic Midwest, Day Two: Four All-Time Cold Records Topple
January 31, 2019
The coldest air since 1994 settled in for a second day. In contrast, in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is summer, January 2019 has seen two nations or territories and 33 stations set their all-time heat records.

Roads Melt and Animals Drop Dead as Australia Suffers Through its ‘Most Significant’ Heatwave for 80 Years and Temperatures Top 120F
January 18, 2019
Australia is battling through its 'most significant' heatwave for 80 years that has seen temperatures soar above 104F (40C) for six consecutive days across the country. Roads melted, animals dropped dead and fires raged as temperature records tumbled across New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.
It’s so Hot in Argentina and Uruguay that Thousands of Cows and Chickens fall Dead from Heat Stress
February 3, 2019
Hundreds of cows died from heat stress in Argentina in the last few days. This wave of hot temperature has also reached Uruguay where more than 100,000 chickens have already died.
Temperatures Above 42-degrees Celsius (108 F) are causing Overcrowding on Rio Beaches
February 2, 2019
Extreme heat has been affecting Australia and now southeastern Brazil. Temperatures have spiked above 42-degrees Celsius (108 F). Rio's beaches have never been so crowded.

These extremes would indicate that the geographic N Pole of Earth had drifted South over Canada and the geographic S Pole of Earth had shifted North over Australia – points geographically opposite each other on the globe. The Wobble tilt was to blame. Just as suddenly, an early Spring arrived in the US, causing temperatures to rise dramatically within just a couple days. The wobble does, per the Zetas, switch about just that quickly. More to come, no doubt, as the Zetas predicted that the seasons would blend into one another.

Now the Floods! From Colder than the Antarctic to Springtime in a Couple of Days
February 1, 2019
From experiencing the coldest temperature ever recorded with lows colder than the Antarctic and even Mars, temperatures are expected to swing upward. For Chicago, Minneapolis and other parts of the Midwest that endured the harshest cold of the Arctic outbreak, the upswing in temperatures can be as high as 70 to 80 degrees.

ZetaTalk Warning 7/29/2005: Has the lineal increase we predicted in 1995 reached its climax? We are not here with good tidings, nor were we here with good tidings in 1995. Temperature extremes, and in particular temperature swings, will increase, so that the seasons almost blend into one another. The key will be the unpredictability, as a looping jet stream and increasing extremes of high and low pressure over land will force the atmosphere into unexpected directions.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/24/2010: Clearly the Earth is tilted into temporary magnetic opposition, the N Pole pointed toward the Sun, causing an extreme summer heat in the northern hemisphere and extreme winter cold in the southern hemisphere.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/6/2010: This slight lean to the left is a temporary adjustment, which may result in a sudden bounce back with an overcompensation of a lean to the right. These types of temporary adjustments will occur on occasion as the Earth pulls hard to the left, to evade Nibiru.

Telecom Wars

Are there cloak and dagger battles in the telecom business? There is certainly much to be gained, such as information to be gleaned from snooping software and profits from high speed 5G internet traffic. The flash and parry of the swords can be seen on occasion in the news. For instance, in the push to implement 5G transmission despite health risks. For instance, the real reasons Huawei’s CFO - Meng – has been detained in Canada. Is it Iran sanctions or that Huawei dominates the telecom server business and thus can snoop on everyone? And has Google been doing just that, snooping, and killing off any likely leakers who might reveal the truth?

Why 5G Cell Towers are more Dangerous
5G cell towers are more dangerous than other cell towers for two main reasons. 5G is ultra high frequency and ultra high intensity. 3G and 4G use between a 1 to 4 gigahertz frequency. 5G uses between a 24 to 90 gigahertz frequency.
5G Service is Coming – and so are Health Concerns over the Towers that Support it
May 29, 2018
The wireless industry is in a race to roll out 5G service. The network is supposed to be up to 100 times faster than current data speeds, but it requires cellphone tower equipment to be closer to users than before. Wireless companies in the U.S. say they'll have to install about 300,000 new antennas – roughly equal to the total number of cell towers built over the past three decades.
China Poised to Lead the World in 5G
China will account for more than half of all 5G users by 2022. China is also expected to dominate through 2025, at which time it might represent 40 percent of global 5G connections.

ZetaTalk Opinion 1/31/2019: Does 5G technology have a negative effect on human and animal health? Yes. Will this stop the rollout of this high speed internet traffic route from being implemented worldwide? No. Look at mankind’s history. The use of speeding missiles heading toward one another on roads when the dangers of head-on collisions are well known is so universal that almost every household owns one of those missiles. Yes, we are talking about cars. Devices that provide opportunity for occupants to fall thousands of feet to certain death would certainly seem dangerous, but the airline industry flourishes.

The profit motive dominates in all these matters. Then it falls to the courts to haggle over whether damages should be paid, and the lawyers also profit. There is no covert motive on the part of those pushing technology such as 5G, as all is seen as facilitating mankind’s quest to do more, see more, and at a faster pace. If there is a covert motive, such as the terminator gene in seeds, this is eventually stopped by protests. 5G will be implemented, though only the poor may be afflicted by the towers, sparing wealthy neighborhoods.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. is a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, South China. Huawei has deployed its products and services in more than 170 countries, and as of 2011 it served 45 of the 50 largest telecom operators.
China Warns of 'Grave Consequences' Over Arrest of Huawei Executive
December 8, 2018
Prosecutors in Canada allege that from 2009-2014, Meng used a Hong Kong front company, Skycom Tech, to do business in Iran while Huawei cleared financial transactions through U.S. banks, causing said banks to be “victim institutions” of fraud.
Huawei ‘Crashes Party’ to become Largest Telecoms Kit Supplier
December 6, 2018
The 31-year-old company has come under serious, unprecedented scrutiny, caught in the middle of a trade war between the US and China while concerns mount about the use of its equipment in European telecoms networks.

ZetaTalk Opinion 12/31/2018: If Huawei has been evading US Iran sanctions since 2009, why has the CFO of this company, Meng, just now been arrested? As can be readily seen, Huawei is closing the gap on Samsung and Apple, becoming the world’s premiere telecom provider. Nestled snuggly in China’s southern provinces, Huawei is not under US influence or control, thus the arrest warrant.

22-Year-Old Employee found Dead at Google's NYC Office
December 9, 2018
Scott Krulcik was found unconscious on the sixth floor of the company's offices in Chelsea.
Raging Fire Erupts from the Roof of Google's Office in China's Silicon Valley
December 12, 2018
A massive fire erupted in a Google office in China, sending dangerous black plumes of smoke rising into the air. The furious blaze was in the Zhongguancun tech district, also known as China's Silicon Valley, in Beijing. Google employees were evacuated from the building then later allowed to return.
Google's China Search Engine
December 12, 2018
Project Dragonfly is the name of the company’s plan to create a China-specific, censored version of its search engine in order to cater to the government in Beijing.

ZetaTalk Opinion 12/31/2018: As can be clearly seen from the various results of Google searches, Google can and has played politics. As with the FaceBook scandals, private data on users is readily available too, and for sale. Twitter bans users who do not align with their viewpoint. In all of this, how much control does the US Congress have? Zilch. CEOs promise to be fair and balanced and blame underlings for missteps. Is Google suddenly scrubbing their files and killing potential whistleblowers? Yes. Dead men tell no tales and a roof fire is a convenient way to empty the Beijing headquarters while it is being scrubbed.

Nuclear Treaties

The Zetas have long predicted that going into the Pole Shift, all treaties would be broken, but this would not result in World War III. They have also stated that where not admitted by the countries holding nuclear weapons, most of this armament has been deactivated by benign aliens, who do indeed have the capability of changing the chemical structure of radioactive material. This is something I, Nancy, observed being demonstrated to MJ12, and can vouch for this. A clear vial of liquid being poured into a canister and the Geiger counter no longer crackled.

ZetaTalk Statement 1/25/2006: Restless borders will be watched but not breached, as each country anticipates turmoil in its own populace, unable to maintain a front when its back side, the side open to its populace, is vulnerable.

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/15/2001:  Since a common tactic to distract a restless populace is an outside threat, governments of many countries will saber-rattle, pointing the finger elsewhere and making threats and demands. This will not lead to war, as none of these countries would gain by war, in that the whole world is affected by the economic and crop disasters. There is no prize. So the demands made, one country upon another, to correct what is seen as a cause elsewhere, will be loud, but not followed by actions other than those of a paper dragon variety - all noise, but no substance.

ZetaTalk Prediction 6/26/2010: Deals or agreements made before the major Earth changes, what we have described as the 7 of 10 or 8 of 10 stages, will certainly be broken. All treaties are, eventually.

ZetaTalk Statement 7/9/2016: We, the Zetas, can negate the power of an atomic bomb through the addition of a simple chemical liquid. Thus, nuclear proliferation no longer exists on man’s Earth, despite the continuing bragging and strutting about of those who would intimidate others.

Now the INF treaty covering missiles has been broken. Europe, which points the finger at Russia, is alarmed, as the treaty was designed to protect Europe from Russian aggression during the Cold War. Times have changed, and both Trump and Putin agree the old treaties no longer apply in a world where many countries hold the bomb. And the Zetas explain.

Donald Trump Confirms US Withdrawal from INF Nuclear Treaty
February 1, 2019
Since 2013, the US has alleged that Russia has developed a new ground-launched cruise missile which violated the INF prohibition of missiles with ranges between 500km and 5,500km. Washington’s European allies have been anxious that the death of the INF treaty would lead to a return to the tense days of the 1980s, and an arms race involving short- and medium-range missiles on European soil.
Chinese Missiles are Behind the Pullout from INF
February 1, 2019
The real reason for the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) is China deploying 1,000 medium and short-range missiles preventing a US presence in neighbouring seas.

ZetaTalk Overview 2/28/2019: When does a treaty become irrelevant? Before the ink dries. Priorities change, in an ever changing world. Alliances strengthen or wan, so new treaties to cement an alliance are needed. Toss in the pending Pole Shift caused by the steadily approaching Nibiru and the swirl of change is expedited. We stated that all treaties will be broken by the time the Last Weeks arrive. We stated that the US will bring its troops home from overseas bases before the Last Weeks too. Every country around the world will look inward to a restless populace, or focus on its immediate dangers, from immigrants or invasion, and be less concerned about international alliances.

Will World War III erupt? The opposite will occur, as there is no prize to be gained by invading another country. Actual warfare will be replaced by posturing and rhetoric. Q has pointed out the relationship between the slipping grip the wealthy have on power to beating the drums of war. Russia is constantly demonized, for the benefit of European elite, but is not the problem. The INF treaty and NATO were designed to protect Europe during the Cold War, before the collapse of the Soviet Union. This has been replaced by the threat of ISIS in the Middle East.

Trump and his Junta are reworking treaties and tariff agreements to fit the times. Russia and China are not a threat. We have stated that most, almost all, nuclear weapons have been deactivated by a Council of Worlds edict. But those countries that claim to possess viable nuclear weapons will posture and threaten as the Earth changes tighten their grip leading into the time of the Pole Shift. It will be rogue nations or terrorist groups that will threaten the sense of security the public seeks. But true security lies in self-sufficiency and good relations with one’s neighbors, not a manufactured crisis about the wolf at the door.

Snow Circles

The cover-up over the alien presence has always denied that Crop Circles are laid by aliens, and there are enough fraudulent designs laid by humans to bolster that argument. A hoax can be identified by footprints or a path that a human could use. The fraud also lacks the key signs of a legitimate Crop Circle – grain bent at the nodes by a growth stimulant ray, and woven grain. What are the signs that this Snow Circle is legitimate? There is no way a human could have accessed the pristine snow and ice. The single set of foot prints shows that humans would have left traces on this exquisite design.

Massive Owl Face Appears in the Snow as Aliens Move on from Crop Circles
February 4, 2019
The little green men seem to have moved on from their longstanding interest in putting weird patterns into grain crops – and turned to ‘snow circles’ instead.

ZetaTalk Analysis 9/15/2001: Where legitimate circles have perfect geometry, are laid down almost instantaneously and without footprints, and leave the grain bend and growing, these lacked all of those characteristics.

ZetaTalk Analysis 8/5/2004: Hoaxes lack the characteristics of legitimate circles which are crop bend at the growth nodes, not broken, and crop laid in different directions overlaying each other, and precision in line and curve.

And what does the Owl design relay? Checking prior ZetaTalk from 2010 and from 2017 on Earth Wobble designs, we find similarities. The 2019 Owl design shows an extreme wobble, encompassing almost half the circle, at the top and bottom. It is about to get more extreme!