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Figure 8 Pattern

The wobble has returned and is stronger, swinging more widely, than before. Compare to June, 2005 and May, 2005 and April, 2005 and November 2007 measurements.

New York, NY
Feb 25, 2008
Sunrise 8:00 am Azi 133° Alt 25°
I was sitting in the northeast corner of my house when the sun shone into my living room from the window at the top of the door in the southeast corner of my house, casting light on the middle of the bookcase that I had against the opposite wall.
Skymap expects Azi 116° Alt 15°
HIGH by 10° SOUTH by 13° when noon over Ireland.

Cincinatti, OH
Feb 15, 2008
Big Dipper 5:30 am Alt 90°
When I viewed it the big dipper was at the top of the dome with the pointers (the two outer stars of the cup) pointing to about 40 to 45 degrees.

Skymap expects Alt 50-80°, 65° average
HIGH by 25° when noon over Italy.





New York, NY
Feb 25, 2008
Sunrise 8:22 am Azi 95° Alt 15°
The wobble was finished and the sun hastily jumped over to above the chimney of the house across the street from my house. What a shock!
Skymap expects Azi 120° Alt 19°
NORTH by 25° suddenly when noon over Iceland.

Seattle, WA
Mar 18, 2008
Sunrise 6:30 am Azi 81°
As with a couple of weeks ago we are looking at a huge jump north in sunrise. Three days before Spring and sunrise is aprox 10 to 12 degrees to far north.
Skymap expects Azi 93°
NORTH by 12° when noon over the Atlantic.

Madrid, Spain
Feb 28, 2008
Sunset 6:50 pm Azi 280°
Skymap expects 258°
NORTH by 22° when noon over El Paso.

El Paso, TX
Feb 26, 2008
Betelgeuse 6:50 pm Azi Alt 80°
Betelgeuse was 10° South and 10° East of the Sky Dome, in the SE sky, and Orion was standing upright.
Skymap expects Alt 55°
HIGH by 25° when noon over Tasmania.


Madrid, Spain
Mar 1, 2008
Sunrise 8:40 am Azi 95°
Skymap expects Azi 107°
NORTH by 12° when noon over Iraq.