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Issue 565, Sunday July 30, 2017
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Eclipse Expectations

Another solar eclipse is anticipated on August 21, 2017, crossing over the central US and visible by millions. What can the public expect? Since Nibiru is visible near the Sun, and the Moon’s orbit is very tilted, will this be the coup de grace wherein the public learns that Nibiru does indeed exist? The Council of Worlds can step in and ensure this, or not. NASA can take the opportunity to fess up, or not. As has occurred during past eclipses, the Element of Doubt was maintained so the faint of heart would not be forced to deal with Nibiru before open discussion on safe locations and safety measures had been in the media. But for those with eyes to see, there was evidence.

During the May 31, 2003 Eclipse, just after Nibiru had arrived in the inner Solar System, Nibiru was spotted to the right of the Sun.

Steve Havas
There has been a number of images of the eclipse showing a round, darkish object in front of the Sun next to the Moon.

During the November 8, 2003 Eclipse, it was noted that a total eclipse never occurred and a secondary source of light was evident. This also occurred during the October 27, 2004 Lunar Eclipse.

Here in London its 1.20AM, which should be the totality, yet I can still see a thin crescent of full moonlight. … Yes, a brighter crescent on the lower left. I thought totality would mean 100%? … I thought totality meant 100% also. And clearly everyone saw that thin slither at the side, then at the bottom. … I observed the lunar eclipse with my telescope and was noting times with a nuclear clock. I observed on the east coast of the United States and the lunar eclipse never reached totality. This is the third total lunar eclipse that I have observed, and there is no question about it, totality was not reached. I estimate that it only reached 95 % of totality. … The illumination on the lower limb shows the lack of totality. I have observed total lunar eclipses before and during totality the entire disk is dark with zero illumination. … I am telling you on a crystal clear night here in South Florida. The shadow progression was from the top towards staight bottom and now reversing straight up to the top.

During the dual Lunar Eclipses in April of 2005, the fact that the Moon was pushed into position so the Element of Doubt could be maintained was actually recorded. Prior to the April 8, 2005 Lunar Eclipse the Moon first lifted too far North in this pattern, then suddenly South by April 26, 2005 returning to the pattern it had assumed before the Eclipses.

Texas April 11
The moon is actually north to my location. Way too much north. I am at 46,45 latitude. According to my orrery, moon should be at 22,51 latitude, about over Texas.
Colorado, Apr 26
Something is wrong with the Moon! The Moon has appeared f###’d up for 2 years now.This is the most egg-shaped I have ever seen it though, and barely creeping high into the sky. It is back in the South, just like last summer. Much debate rang out on here on whether the Moon should stay in the south skies all month here in Colorado during the Summer. We were told by resident debunkers on GLP yes, only in the Summer, very normal. Well, it’s barely Spring, and hmmmm, it’s in the southern skies. Rose and will set there!
El Paso, Apr 25
At 23:30 hrs MDT, Monday Apr 25, at Azi 130°, Alt 40° there hangs a full moon with Tycho at 5 o’clock and Geminus at 12o’clock and just the bottom arc visible. Beautiful Moon! Shouting loudly. Look at me!

During the March 29, 2006 Solar Eclipse photos displayed by the establishment sites had such a darkened background that any evidence of Planet X was suppressed. Not a single star was in evidence in the darkened skies.

During the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse, matters escalated. The eclipse was visible across the South Seas (mostly open ocean) and Chile, and was to be broadcast to the world by a number of webcams. It was only at the point where the elipse was ending, the Moon moving on, that any evidence of Planet X would be visible. In the Southern Hemisphere, the view is reversed from that seen by the Northern Hemisphere, so Planet X was expected at around the 10-11 o’clock position. Just at the point where Planet X was to become visible all the webcams serving the public went down! An obvious ploy by the nervous establishment. Only private photos showed what the world might have seen.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/17/2010: Nibiru was at a perfect angle for a dramatic appearance during the July 11, 2010 eclipse. The establishment, desperate to maintain the cover-up during such a well watched event, was frantic, as live feed from several sources had been promised. As anyone watching the event from several webcams noted, the lead-up to the event was played for almost an hour prior to the full eclipse. This was not a worry because the establishment knew that Nibiru would only make its appearance as the eclipse was waning, pulling away from the spot where Nibiru could shine without competition from the glare of the Sun. The order went out to cut all cams as soon as the total eclipse was ended, and remarkably, worldwide, on all cams, this occurred. Is the world wired to a single switch? Was there no interest in the eclipse after the moment of totality? Those who watched from their own yards, and took snaps of the eclipse as it waned, knew the truth.

During the May 20-21, 2012 Solar Eclipse many private photos were taken. So what emerged? During the Full and New Moon the Moon’s orbit is found where expected. But the Earth wobble finds the globe pushed daily to the North when the Sun is over the Pacific. Thus the full Lunar Eclipse was not viewed in California as expected, in the late afternoon, but was viewed in Texas more than expected! The Earth wobble was verified for those watching, who did not get an explanation for these viewing aberrations in N America. A distinct reddish glow was captured at the 2 o’clock position in both Lubbock, TX and China.

So according to the local Sacramento newspaper and media, the Sacramento area should experience 92% maximum of the solar eclispe starting at 5:15pm, peaking at 6:32pm and ending at 7:39pm. Yet here it is 30 minutes before the show and the moon is nowhere to be seen in the California sky - what's going on here? 92% should have made it fairly dark, musky looking at the least outside. Kind of weird I haven't seen one in years, but the last time I did, everything looked smoky, very little light at its peak. Lasted about an hour.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 5/26/2012: The May 20-21, 2012 lunar eclipse was obviously assisted to some degree. The wobble was drastically reduced for the occasion, but even at this level of reduction, it affected visibility on the N American continent. When the Sun is high over the Pacific, the globe is being pushed northward so the magnetic N Pole of the Earth can evade the magnetic N Pole of Planet X. Thus the full view of the lunar eclipse on the West Coast of N America was south of what was expected. Texas was not expected to get a full eclipse view, but did. And where California expected to get the full eclipse view, it did not. This documentation of the Earth wobble has been wholly unexplained by the media or scientific bodies, nor has it even been addressed.

During the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse the Moon and Earth were where expected, unimpeded by the daily Earth wobble or a tilted orbit of the Moon. This has been true of past eclipses, where to avoid undue panic the Council of Worlds decreed that the Moon should be pushed into proper position, and the Earth wobble stayed temporarily. But the truth about the presence of Planet X in the vicinity emerged.  Moon Swirls of Planet X crossed the Sun in the vicinity of prominent sunspots, as more than one dramatic video showed. Since it was seen from more than one cam, and more than one location, it was not balloons or birds or an airplane. It was moving in the wrong direction to be a satellite, nor do satellites lump together and circle each other. The ultimate conclusion was that it was a lumpy UFO. Huh?

Not ISS. Even at low altitudes it wouldn't take a minute and a half. Plus that's not what it looks like. … I saw the same dots from Louisiana. I was looking at it with a welder’s hood. We couldn't figure out what they were. … Starting at 40:26, you capture a plane, traveling in the same general direction as the UFO objects. The plane appears to be smaller, and much faster than these other objects. I suggest that this rules out satellites. … I still maintain that these were NOT balloons tied together. The orbs seem to be interacting with each other and that they were "flying around each other." Also, at one point they form a perfect "V" going off to the right of the screen. If those were just balloons in the wind, the strings would have been all tangled together by then and there would be no way for them to be able to form a symmetrical "V" shape! Just sayin!

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/1/2014: Clearly not sunspots, as they are moving more rapidly than the highly visible and distinctive sunspots. These are also not airplanes or satellites caught by the cam, as the shape is wrong and changes during the passage. These are Moon Swirls in the tail of Planet X, which has been wafting about between the Earth and Sun for years, caught in all its drama by the SOHO cams and by amateur photographers such as Alberto. The Moons are attracted to each other, and cling to each other in the roiling swirl, which constantly changes as the Moons are constantly on the move!

Electrical Meltdown

What caused the explosion in a high voltage substation in LA on July 9? No explanation is forthcoming, nor will there be one. Per the Zetas, it was EMP, so devastating that it melted with wires and set them on fire! Fires seem to be springing up everywhere, in buildings and landscapes. Some of this is due to drought and lighting, but often, due to EMP. Per the Zetas, this will only get worse.

Fire, Explosion at LA Power Facility leaves 94K without Power
July 9, 2017
The explosion was reported around 6:53 p.m. Saturday in the 18900 block of Parthenia Street, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. It was reported in a high voltage electrical equipment area of the facility.
Power now Fully Restored to DWP Customers after Plant Explosion in San Fernando Valley
July 9, 2017
The cause of the blast at Receiving Station J was not clear. The DWP said the fire was affecting only one part of the facility.
Lightning from Cloudless Skies, Prolonged Heatwave and Strong Winds turn British Colombia into a Giant Inferno over the Weekend!
July 10, 2017
Lightning from cloudless skies, prolonged heatwave and strong winds turn British Colombia into a giant inferno over the weekend!

ZetaTalk Comment 7/31/2017: Where fires sparked by lightning or raging out of control in drought and heat dried hills are nothing new, these seem to be on the increase. The American SW has always had wildfires raging out of control, but now these have spread to Canada’s BC province. Dry lightning, or what is termed heat lighting is sparking fires. All this is due to the Earth wobble, which causes drought and then deluge. When dry lightning sparks a fire in what is essentially dried tinder, wild fires emerge. But there is more to the picture as EMP is also on the increase, nor will it abate.

The substation fire in LA was clearly EMP related, as why else does a major transmission line burst into flame? EMP causes a surge so that all around the transmission lines are heated to the melting point and even metal burns under such circumstances. Nancy’s Newsletters have featured the increase in EMP fires in Europe and the coast-to-coast outage in the USA, all of which hint at what mankind can expect. Today man expects isolated homes to be rebuilt after fires, but may soon find he must cluster in fireproof enclaves. Today man expects his electrical grid to serve his every need but may soon be forced to learn to live without the grid. Change is coming.

Russia Leads

Given the state of the announcement over the presence of Nibiru, how will this proceed? Obama failed to make an official announcement during Jade Helm in 2015 because he “lacked courage”. Then the Prongs began in January, 2016 but these have stalled of late, though Planet 9 and speculation about a 10th Planet appear now and then in the media. Trump showed supreme courage in refusing to join the Paris Accord and pronouncing that Climate Change, while real, was not due to Global Warming. And a brave Swiss scientist has declared the Global Warming data fraudulent. But is there no hope for an admission about Nibiru from the establishment?

We had an interesting event in Russia - for the first time on the website of the main meteorological organization of the country CENTER FOBOS appeared an article, where it was written, that the cause of climate change could be the change in the slope of the axis of the earth.
With the Change in the Angle of Inclination of the Earth's Axis, the Climate of the Planet Changes
June 28, 2017
There is an opinion that global climate change can be associated not with the notorious human impact on nature, namely, with a change in the slope of the Earth. Moreover, all natural anomalies point to this factor. Why is this happening? There is no single answer to this question.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/31/2017: Russia has always been more open about the alien presence and the pending passage of Nibiru, while stopping short of admitting publically or officially that Nibiru exists. The cover-up over Nibiru was initiated by President Reagan after Nibiru was located in 1983 by the IRAS telescope sent aloft. Russia was in no mood to go it alone, telling the truth to the world, especially since there seemed to be decades before it arrived. We, the Zetas, were telling MJ12 that 2003 was its arrival date, which proved true, and MJ12 in the US shared its information with the Russian equivalent.

What has happened that Russia is now taking a bolder stance? On February 4 a Russian astronomer stated that a bolide was from the trash in the tail of Nibiru. On May 25 a Brazilian senator announced that Nibiru likely exists. But the banner of truth about Nibiru is being carried by Trump, who led on June 1 by refusing to continue with the Paris Accord, stating that Climate Change is not man-made. Compare this to 2016 when astronomer Cox of the Slooh Telescope stated on live TV that Nibiru exists and is to the right of the Sun, the Second Sun increasingly seen. Cox retracted under pressure, but no retractions are occurring in 2017.

The cover-up over the presence of Nibiru is in its death throes. There is the increased visibility, where the Second Sun is making an appearance and being filmed, setting the Internet abuzz. There is the Earth wobble, what the “Main Meteorological Organization” in Russia is calling an axis tilt, so that the Sun rises and sets where it ought not on a daily basis. This certainly would be considered an axis tilt to those viewing this, in shock. There are the erratic tides and weather, and though denied the increase in quakes and volcanism. The public is in alarm, with the term End Times on many lips. If the establishment is to retain credibility, they must step up and admit that Nibiru exists!

And indeed, the 2016 Slooh revelation was denied, and called a joke. But not so the Russians, who do not “lack courage”.

Astronomer ‘Exposes NASA Cover-up’, claiming Second Sun, and Nibiru REAL during Broadcast
June 6, 2016
Mr Cox, a presenter for the respected online Slooh Telescope channel, which broadcasts live shows to coincide with significant astronomical events, made the comments as Mercury was filmed as a tiny dot passing over the surface of our sun.  Nibiru, or Planet X, is an alleged huge planet with a vast orbit, that conspiracy theorists claim will one day pass so close to Earth that its gravitational pull could break havoc on our planet, triggering earthquakes and other catastrophic events. Now, Mr Cox’s remarks have added to the belief it is real.