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Moon South
Apr 25, 2005

Something is wrong with the Moon! The Moon has appeared f###’d up for 2 years now.This is the most egg-shaped I have ever seen it though, and barely creeping high into the sky. It is back in the South, just like last summer. Much debate rang out on here on whether the Moon should stay in the south skies all month here in Colorado during the Summer. We were told by resident debunkers on GLP yes, only in the Summer, very normal.Well, it’s barely Spring, and hmmmm, its in the southern skies. Rose and will set there!
Colorado, Apr 26
At 23:30 hrs MDT, Monday Apr 25, at Azi 130°, Alt 40° there hangs a full moon with Tycho at 5 o’clock and Geminus at 12o’clock and just the bottom arc visible. Beautiful Moon! Shouting loudly. Look at me!
El Paso, Apr 25

Skymap expects the Moon at Azi Azi 121° Alt 4°. SOUTH by 9° and way HIGH in the sky by 36°, as expected by the aberrant pattern when the Moon is between Full, wanning to New.