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Issue 432, Sunday January 11, 2015
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Council of Worlds Rules

Per the Zetas, the Council of Worlds is not unlike the Supreme Court, but the Council is a truly elected body, not appointed or confirmed by representatives. Earth is a voting member of the Council on matters that affect the Earth, and when such a vote is called it is a true vote count, not a vote cast by a representative. In the 1940’s Earth voted on her future, and as expected the vote was for the Earth to be a home for Service-to-Other entities in the future. The meek shall inherit the Earth. Since this vote any contact with the visitors has been recorded only in the subconscious of contactees.

ZetaTalk Description 4/15/1996: All forming entities terran born, having formed on the Earth, participated in the vote that occurred just prior to the Roswell incident, the vote that determined the Earth's future orientation as Service-to-Other. When the Earth's future orientation was established all humans incarnated with either newly forming or reincarnating entities, or souls as they are sometimes called, voted. All entities originating on Earth also participated, including those between lives. In this vote, all carried equal weight, by lifetime. This means that an entity who had experienced a thousand lives on Earth had the weight of a thousand votes, compared to an entity newly forming in this incarnation.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/15/1995: The media plays to human desires by portraying alien communications to humans via electronic devices - speaking through the telephone, tapping out a message on the teletype, or via a talking head on the TV screen. This never occurs, as since the advent of electronic devices the rules have been such that visitations are to occur in the subconscious. This rule was put into place when the results of the Earth's orientation poll were in. This poll, taken more or less in the mid 1940's, established that the entities of Earth leaned overwhelmingly in the direction of Service-to-Other. During Transformations, once this poll has been taken, nothing is allowed that will upset this balance. Thus, no full recall of any alien visitations, in any form.

On Earth, which is a 3rd density schoolhouse, humans can savage or care for each other with impunity. Thus it is a shock for humans to learn that the visitors, aliens from elsewhere, can only counsel humans during visitations. Non-interference, free will, is the rule. Young souls on a 3rd density world are to sort out their spiritual orientation amid all the influences they encounter, and make their choices accordingly. Will they be selfish and greedy, or will they care of others at risk to themselves?

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/15/1995: Our visits on Earth are not to interfere with your people's choices regarding their orientation. They must wait until a human gives The Call, signaling an interest in having a conference. Ambassadors from the Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self orientation can only confer with humans, what humans call close encounters or contact. Ambassadors from the Service- to-Self may promise delivery of goods. We are not here to rescue you. You have free will as to your associations.  

How do Dragons and the Chapacabra fit into this picture? Per the Zetas, these were unleashed upon mankind by Service-to-Self aliens responding to The Call from like-minded humans. The rule here is that these creatures cannot touch humans unless the human consents, unlike the missiles and bullets that mankind lobs at one another.

Mystery Creature Causes Havoc in Puerto Rico
The enigmatic creature can best be described as a cross between one of the "Grey" aliens and a terrestrial animal such as a porcupine or a kangaroo due to the presence of quill-like appendages running down its back and enormously powerful hind legs which enable it to leap over trees in a single bound.

ZetaTalk Comment 5/15/1996: As with other scourges, these creatures cannot attack humans unless the human gives permission, but terrified humans who have concluded they are helpless are giving permission by abandoning the fight. What holds the Chupacabras in check, and how can the Council of Worlds allow what appears to be a breach of the Rule of Non-Interference? Where we have stated that the Earth and her future are in the hands of humans, this is exactly why the Chupacabras have appeared - at the request of not just one, but many humans who are closely allied with aliens in the Service-to-Self. However, as the Chupacabras are of alien origin, restrictions still apply. Unless a human gives permission, in essence acquiescing, an attack against a human cannot occur. This ties up considerable Service-to-Self resources, as where the Chupacabras are residing in 3rd Density, their Service-to-Self alien handlers must likewise linger about to reign them in now and then, albeit with a leash invisible to humans.

During mankind’s rapid awakening period, they are gradually exposed to more and more credible UFO displays, and even to sightings of alien bodies. Where the credibility wars have been going on for decades, with famous cases such as Roswell, Varginha, Travis Walton, and Rendlesham Forest well documented, the public is now being shown glimpses of alien bodies captured on film. All this is to be modulated by an Element of Doubt. Those who find the idea of intelligent life from outer space too frightening can slip into swamp gas and weather balloon theories to comfort themselves. An example of the Element of Doubt at play is the UFO captured during the 2012 Olympics opening in the UK. Amid the fireworks was an unmistakable UFO. Yet for those too terrified to believe, it was only fireworks or a balloon.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/15/1995: The rule is, and will be for the near future, we keep the issue constantly before the populace, with a steadily increasing level of discussion, but always, always, with an element of doubt. This element of doubt is necessary during the Awakening so your populace does not become unduly alarmed. What we seek to avoid is the nervous breakdown, the fear in friends and co-workers raising to such a level that they take violent steps against the reporter, or the intensity of fear in the observer that would make them susceptible, incline them, toward giving The Call to the Service-to-Self. For this reason visitations are currently recorded only in the subconscious.

Confused yet? So far we have the Rule of Non-Interference, the guidelines for what votes count, the rule about conscious contact, the rules governing how The Call is answered, and the Element of Doubt. But what about those humans that are under a protection, such as Obama who has endured countless assassination attempts just this past year? How does the Council of Worlds stop an assassin’s bullet or poison tainted tableware without breaking the Rule of Non-Interference? The Zetas explain that this is addressed by the Things vs People rule. Angels working for the Council can manipulate things, and thus thwart a human agenda, while they have not interfered with a human taking action on their intent. The bullet is fired, but it does not arrive at its target. For instance, the Oahspe, a true channeled book, describes the birth of democracy in the US as being assisted by angels who caught bullets in their hands.

Book of Es
Chief of these men raised up by God, to establish the foundation of God's kingdom with mortals, were the following, to wit:  Paine, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Caroll, Hancock and Washington. These then were the doctrines of Paine, to wit: That all the world is my country, and the same right alike to all men. To do good, with all of one's wisdom and strength, is the highest religion.  That this is an age of reason, in which all men should be inspired, to read and think.
The false Christ, perceived the design of God, and sent down to earth, to America, angel warriors to overthrow Paine's doctrines and to precipitate the colonies into war against the home governments in western Europe. Now assigned the army of the inquisition, the 7,000 angels, to be the protecting hosts. Besides these angels, who were generals and captains of the hosts, there were on non-commissioned angel officers, 2,784, who had also been martyred as to earth-life, by scouring, and by the rack, and by being pulled in quarters, and by being burnt, who were distributed amongst the mortal armies of soldiers. Such then, were the inspiring hosts, who remained with the soldiers of the republic during the war, day and night, inspiring them to fortitude and manipulating them to give them health and strength and endurance.
For seven years the war lasted, and during all the while, the earthly commander, Washington, was under the guardianship of the commander of the angel hosts. And there were detailed to guard Washington, day and night, one 1,000 angels. And though he was shot at, and in many ways sought for to be destroyed, these angels saved him, even catching in their hands the bullets that were fired at him.  And in like manner were many other mortal leaders and privates in the war protected and saved from harm by the angels. And yet all this while the angels fought on the other side, endeavoring to pull away the guardian angels, and so make the mortal leaders vulnerable. But these angels were lower in grade and less potent, and, withal, not so enthusiastic, for they had not suffered martyrdom. And it came to pass that the republic was established.

ZetaTalkExplanation 6/27/2004: Brutal intimidation, without any apparent hope of changing the situation, is something the Service-to-Self try to achieve in a developing world, but something the Council of Worlds prevents. A balanced situation, where action can result in change for the better, so a young soul can perceive the result of their efforts to change a painful situation for others, is desired, and thus circumstances are manipulated in the schoolhouse to arrange for this. In all these exceptions with the Rule of Non-Interference, manipulation is done to things, not the incarnated human or life form, and thus does not interfere with the setting the emerging young soul can control. The decisions by the entity, expressed into action by the incarnated human, are not interfered with, thus.

Which brings us to the recently announced Council of Worlds war, wherein they have engaged members of the world’s elite who are blocking Obama’s attempts to announce the pending passage of Nibiru. It would be so simple, in human terms, to just force the issue. Why doesn’t the Council just do this?

It makes no sense to me that the Council of Worlds would go to war and force the hand of the elite, instead of just helping get the announcement made.  Highjacking all broadcast signals would be simple. So, why war?

ZetaTalk Response 12/27/2014: Why would the Council of Worlds not simply make the announcement that Nibiru has arrived and is due for a passage? A booming voice from the skies, a takeover of all TV screens or some such action. To abide by the rule of Non-Interference, mankind must be taking the actions. What the Council is doing is working through the hands of man. Men take the actions, though they can be provided with information or assistance via manipulation of things. We have explained that the rules allow things but not people to be manipulated. Information such as internal codes for Sony computers is provided. Electronic communications such as stock market buy/sell orders are lost or delayed. This is not interfering with mankind’s self-determination, but will eventually force the elite to acquiesce to allow Obama to make his announcement re Nibiru.

Pocketbook Hits

What’s this? Manipulating electronic communications such as buy/sell orders on the stock markets might be a maneuver used by the Council of Worlds! Warren Buffett certainly falls within the description of the enemy during the Council of Worlds war on the cover-up advocates – the wealthy, the banking industry, Republicans supporting corporations and the 1%. He is immensely wealthy, is heavily invested into bank stocks, and right after the October 20, 2014 deadline for the announcement Buffett started taking hits on the stock market!

Why Buffett is Always Betting Big on Bank Stocks
September 25, 2014
That $50 billion banking "company" stocked away within Buffett's empire is also a sizable piece of Berkshire Hathaway's approximately $350 billion valuation.
Warren Buffet Losses $900M on IBM Market Surprise
October 21, 2014
The shares tumbled 7.1 percent, dragging down the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Warren Buffett, IBM’s biggest shareholder, had $900 million of his investment wiped out. Buffett spent $10.9 billion amassing a stake in IBM in 2011 for about $170 a share and has since added more.
$1bn Blow for Buffet: Chinese Car Maker Backed by Mogul Inexplicably Loses 47% of its Value
December 22, 2014
Around 252.7 million BYD Hong Kong shares changed hands, more than 50 times the 90-day average. There was confusion among analysts about the timing of the calls, with several of them saying they were unable to dial in.
Warren Buffett
He was ranked as the world's wealthiest person in 2008 and as the third wealthiest in 2011. In 2012 Time named Buffett one of the world's most influential people.

Manipulating the buy/sell orders to hit them in the pocketbook is one way, but for Israeli hawk Adelson, champion of the 1% and personal friend to Netanyahu, the electronic route was different. He got hit in the casino.

$9 Billion Poorer: Casino Magnate Sheldon Adelson Biggest 2014 Losers
December 27, 2014
It was a bad year for Sheldon Adelson. The owner of some of the largest casinos in the world was the target of Iranian hackers, who brought down servers at the Las Vegas Sands Casino. The cyber assault, in retaliation for comments from Adelson, 81, about threatening to nuke Iran, was followed by another embarrassment - seeing his personal fortune drop by $8.9billion in 2014.
Now at the Sands Casino: An Iranian Hacker in Every Server
December 11, 2014
In an effort to save as many machines as they could, IT staffers scrambled across the casino floors of Sands’ Vegas properties—the Venetian and its sister hotel, the Palazzo—ripping network cords out of every functioning computer they could find, including PCs used by pit bosses to track gamblers and kiosks where slots players cash in their tickets. Adelson is one of Israel’s most hawkish supporters in the U.S. An owner of three news outlets in Israel and a friend of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Adelson also spends large sums of money to support conservative politicians in the U.S.


On October 7, 2014 a cigar shaped UFO was captured in an ISS live feed recording a repair mission by one of the astronauts. Unmistakable.  One minute not there, another there, then disappeared again. Those needing to cling to denial are given Element of Doubt possibilities. Per the Zetas, NASA allowed the release of the images because it is trying to encourage disclosure.

Is a UFO Monitoring Astronauts during ISS Space Walk?
October 7, 2014
On October 7, the live camera feed from the International Space Station (ISS) captured video of a UFO nearby astronauts during a spacewalk. In a YouTube video uploaded today by NASA of the spacewalk, an unknown craft is clearly visible as one of the spacewalking astronauts performs his mission. The UFO appears for 12 seconds beginning at the 1:40 minute mark. It has an elliptical metallic shape and is of unknown size. It appears to be close by and monitoring the astronauts.
UFO Spotted in NASA Video of Astronauts as they Carry Out their Repairs to the ISS
October 21, 2014
According to the Examiner one possible explanation for the UFO is that it could be one of two resupply craft that visited the ISS. However, both the craft are currently docked with the ISS and the UFO in the video appears not to be attached to the ISS. A more likely explanation than a craft piloted by beings from another planet observing human astronauts is lens flare. Light could easily have bounced off the ISS and refracted onto the camera. But, observers have pointed out that there doesn't seem to be a strong source of light near to the astronauts when the UFO is seen. This may rule out lens flare and keeps the object confirmed as a genuine UFO.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/25/2014: This is neither a lens flare nor a docking supply ship. The mystery is less what it is than why NASA would allow the video to be released to the public. We have stated that disclosure would not be forthcoming from the US government, but the cover-up over the alien presence will be gradually dropped. They plan to have Nancy explain how aliens interact with the contactees, and how they interacted with MJ12 in the past. The announcement admitting Nibiru nearby will put Nancy in the spotlight, to explain how she knew so exactingly where and when Nibiru would arrive in 2003. In preparation for this time, NASA has been allowing proof of alien life via their Mars rover, and lately, proof from ISS images.

Then yet again, another UFO appears on the ISS live feed on December 5, 2014. This one is quickly claimed by NASA to be its OPALS communication system in operation, but there is just one problem. OPALS is attached to the body of the ISS, where this red orb is clearly out in space. Yet for those clinging to the Element of Doubt, they can look away and calm their palpitating hearts.  

UFO Shoots Laser Near Space Station? NASA Says There’s An Explanation For This Bizarre Sighting
December 19, 2014
But according to NASA, there’s a very Earthly explanation for the leaser beam in space. The laser beam was actually a test firing of the new Optical Payload for Laser Communcation, or OPALS, system run in part by NASA from its Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. The purpose of OPALS is to create a new, ultra-high speed communications link between Earth and spacecraft such as the space station.

OPALS: Light Beams Let Data Rates Soar
December 9, 2014
OPALS launched to the space station aboard a SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule in April.
Optical PAyload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS)
OPALS successfully demonstrated optical communication by transferring videos and files from the nadir-pointed payload on the International Space Station (ISS) to our primary ground receiver at JPL's Optical Communications Telescope Laboratory (OCTL) in Wrightwood, California, and at times, other international ground stations.

ZetaTalk Comment 12/27/2014: What is the purpose of a red glow and red ray from a UFO? Does this have something to do with the OPALS system, which uses a red laser ray for rapid communication of data? This display has more than one motive. It is first a means of getting into the news, as once the images had been released they could not be withdrawn, and even casual examination will reveal what we had mentioned – OPALS is attached to the ISS, where this red orb is not. Yet for those needing the Element of Doubt, it is provided as those nervous about the alien presence can just accept NASA’s bluster.

A second motive is to show off alien technology. The Council of Worlds has authorized destroying those launches that assist or promote the elite’s attempts to escape the Earth during the forthcoming Pole Shift. Since the exact reason for an aborted launch, exploding dramatically in front of the cameras, cannot be pinned down and can be argued, there are those among the elite who argue that better expertise or different captains will fix the problem. Press on, is their attitude, and meanwhile keep the cover-up over the presence of Nibiru and the pending passage a secret. This glowing red UFO and its pointed red laser is the Council’s way of saying “we have lasers too, but they’re not for communications”.