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ZetaTalk: Free Will
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

Our visits on Earth are not to interfere with your people's choices regarding their orientation.

Humans, in general, do not understand how non-interference works. On Earth this tends to be all or nothing. You tell your children that sex is nonexistent and punish them for thinking about it, and then one day they are married and can have at it - all or nothing. In between is a swamp that everyone is distressed about - teen age petting and extramarital affairs and the curiosity of youngsters. Theorems are taught at school as absolutes, even when they are being questioned at the highest levels. Absolutes are so much more comfortable, and avoid all that unpleasant discussion. In particular, they avoid that uncomfortable feeling that one really does not understand how things work. Non-interference does not constitute staying utterly away from emerging entities on 3rd Density worlds or avoiding certain subjects because they cannot be explained fully. This is a human concept, based on the way humans try to control their environment, but is not how the rest of the Universe works.

Non-interference can best be explained if you keep in mind that nothing can be done by an alien unless it is through a human - nothing. In this they must wait until a human gives The Call, signaling an interest in having a conference. Ambassadors from the Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self orientation can only confer with humans, what humans call close encounters or contact. Ambassadors from the Service-to-Self may promise delivery of goods, as where one sells their soul to the devil for gain or where your government, early on, thought they would get alien space ship technology from their early contact with those in the Service-to-Self. This orientation is notorious for not telling the truth, and no technology has been gained - none. There were, however, some souls firmly recruited into the Service-to-Self ranks, by these maneuvers, which were within the rules guiding alien behavior on Earth.

We are not here to rescue you. You have free will as to your associations. Those who call us, the Service-to-Others, receive our help and guidance. Those who call others, the Service-to-Self, by the same token receive the help and guidance of those others. Our activities are dictated in great part by The Call of your peoples, singularly or as a group. For the Zetas in the Service-to-Others orientation, ourselves who are speaking to you, we may go outside this guideline only in order to ensure that the genetic material we require is available for the hybrid program. We must, in cases where this is not by invitation, consult the Council of Worlds. Extreme measures are taken, including removing the entity from his or her genetic environment temporarily.

Humans do not, in general, understand how much control they can exert over their interaction with entities not native to the Earth. Being native to the Earth means the entity has not had prior incarnations on other planets. Resident visitors incarnated at the present time as humans can affect each other, but not native terrans, unless by invitation. This is known as the Rule of Exclusion. This may seem confusing, but is part of the reason the class you call Bigfoot is as elusive as it is. They are in quarantine.

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