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Issue 339, Sunday March 31, 2013
Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.
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Chinese Espionage

On March 7, 2013 Representative Wolf gained media attention with this claim that NASA was breaking US law by allowing a contractor to hire a Chinese native, and sharing technology secrets with him. There may be a dozen such individuals, per whistleblower reports. Why is NASA being so careless, especially when US predominance in space is being challenged by the Russians and Chinese?

Wolf Says NASA Prompted Hiring of Person Linked to Chinese Espionage
March 7, 2013
NASA prompted hiring of person linked to Chinese espionage. May be dozens more in agency. This Chinese national is affiliated with an institution in China that has been designated as an “entity of concern” by other U.S. government agencies.  Not only was he provided access and information he never should have received – working directly on technology that may have national security implications -- but he was also allegedly allowed by both NASA and his contractor to take his work and volumes of other NASA research back to China for a period of time.
Enemies in Our Midst
March 8, 2013
Rep. Wolf, who is chairman of a House Appropriations subcommittee that oversees NASA - said he was told about the practice by 'whistleblowers' at the facility in Hampton, Virginia.
Wolf: More On Potential Security Violations At NASA Centers
March 7, 2013
Even more troubling is that this Chinese national was allegedly employed by a Langley contractor allegedly at the direction of NASA officials in an apparent attempt to circumvent appropriations restrictions the Congress has in place to prevent the hiring of certain foreign nationals of concern. Additionally, it is my understanding that NASA spent several hundred thousand dollars to pay for this individual's contract. I have also received information that at least several dozen other Chinese nationals - none of whom have U.S. citizenship and many who do not even have green cards - are currently working at Langley under a similar scheme.

A close look at the NASA facility where this supposed espionage took place shows they specialize in Near Earth Orbit object detection and space flight, particularly lofting objects into space. Per the Zetas, this is no coincidence, but related to the desperate scramble by all governments of the world to find a shield against the debris in the tail of Planet X, increasingly inbound.

Langley NEO Expert Interviewed by Local Media
It wasn't until he got to work that Mazanek, a Near-Earth Object expert at NASA's Langley Research Center, heard about the meteorite that crashed into a frozen lake in Russia today, causing a sonic boom that shattered windows and left hundreds with injuries.
NASA Langley -- On the Leading Edge Since 1917
For most of the first half of its 90 years in existence the Langley Aeronautical Laboratory concentrated on aviation. When the U.S. decided to develop a reusable spacecraft NASA turned once again to Langley. Researchers in Hampton put space shuttle designs through thousands of hours of wind tunnel testing.

ZetaTalk Insight 3/16/2013: Why would the NASA center at Langley, Virginia (close to the CIA headquarters) be sharing data and technology with a Chinese national , and going to lengths to evade US law about such sharing? On the face of it, it looks like sloppy management. But a close look at the Langley specialties shows that the current concerns about inbound bolides, such as the once recently shot down over Russia, are the nexus. Langley has NEO specialists, showing they focus on inbound objects with a Near Earth Orbit. Their history is likewise testing space bound shuttles, and space flights issues, such as would be encountered if anti-bolide missiles were to be launched into space.

Given what both China and the US know about the pending passage, and the debris in the tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru, their priorities are not theft of technologies, but arriving at viable solutions quickly. Solutions they do not have at present, we might add. Faced with laws and rules to eliminate espionage and theft, NASA at Langley maneuvered to have a contractor hire the Chinese, but a whistleblower blew this arrangement into the media. Representative Wolf will, of course, be privately educated about the pending passage, and can be expected to back off.

Why was Hollywood obsessed with asteroids and meteors in 1997-1998, producing several films on the subject in short order? NASA funding was on the line, and the search for a means to shield against the anticipated debris in the tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru, palpably anxious. This has been disguised as a need for asteroid defense, as outlined in Issue 167 and was a hot issue of debate between the Zetas and astronomers such as Jonathan Tate of Spaceguard UK at the time.  Bolides, ie fireballs, have been on the increase since 2005, since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003, as noted in Issue 202.  The issue has not gone away, and no solution has been found.

Deep Impact
May 8, 1998
After it's discovered that a comet is heading toward Earth, a U.S. spaceship is launched to blow it up. The plan fails, splitting the comet into two pieces, both hurtling towards different parts of North America.
July 1, 1998
An oil driller and his crew are hired to rocket out to a gigantic asteroid and blow it up before it slams into the Earth.
When a plummeting asteroid menaces the earth, heroic astronomer Lily McKee leads a team of brave earthlings out to save the globe. The special effects dazzle, but the "how-will-we-stop-it?" nailbiter suspense factor hinges on shabby science. Condensed into a two-hour feature from the four-hour television miniseries.

Comet Confusion

Is the cover-up over the presence of Planet X desperate enough, or those clinging to denial desperate enough, to try to confuse all the signs in the skies - the Moon Swirls and Second Sun sightings – with a passing comet? Could anyone think them one and the same? Look at the time-lapsed photos of C/2011 L4 compared to the some of Alberto’s recent photos. Per the Zetas, there can be no comparison.

Space Weather News
March 3, 2013
Comet Pan-STARRS (C/2011 L4) is now inside the orbit of Mercury and it is brightening as it approaches the sun. On March 5th, Comet Pan-STARRS makes its closest approach to Earth (1.09 AU), followed on March 10th by its closest approach to the sun (0.3 AU). As Comet Pan-STARRS passes the sun, solar glare will make it difficult to see even as the nucleus vaporizes and brightens. By March 12th and 13th, the comet will reappear in the sunset skies of the northern hemisphere not far from the crescent Moon.
Start Watching for Comet PANSTARRS
March 8, 2013
The comet is low in the west after sunset – perhaps not prominent in the midst of evening twilight – but there if your sky is clear to the horizon and unobstructed by trees or tall buildings.

ZetaTalk Comment 3/9/2013: Although those trying to maintain the cover-up over the presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, might wish otherwise, trying to claim that a comet is the same as the Planet X complex is an exercise in futility. Count the ways in which it fails. Comets are tiny, though the ice in these dirty snowballs, a product of the Asteroid Belt when water planets were pelted to pieces, produces visible water vapor tails. In no way does this compare to the vast dust cloud of Planet X, which is red, not white, due to the iron oxide in the tail. The tail is charged, and swirls in a circular manner, which comet tails to not. The Planet X complex includes moons, which form into Moon Swirls that often forma checkmark relationship to each other. These Moon Swirls funnel sunlight, forming bright orbs around the Sun, which are seen naked eye by the populace. Comets do none of this. 

The patter on comets is increasing. C2012 ISON is being touted as potentially being brighter than the Moon at perihelion. NASA even included descriptions and photos of a rare comet phenomena in their video - the appearance of a String of Pearls during a breakup. Per the Zetas, cover-up skullduggery can be expected to continue despite an announcement by Obama that Nibiru exists.


ZetaTalk Comment 3/16/2013: Why would NASA specifically point out the rare comet phenomena during a breakup, where the appearance, albeit under magnification, is of a String of Pearls? Can this in any way compare to the many photos and SOHO images already in hand showing String of Pearls in the lineup of Moon Swirls and moons in the tail of Planet X? These have been visible naked eye in the past, since the arrival of Planet X, aka Nibiru in the inner solar system in 2003. Photos taken in 2003 and 2004 when the complex was at a distance from the Earth show this with great clarity. Photos and SOHO images continue to show the String of Pearls, though no comet is present to point to as the cause. 

Why would NASA be inserting this rare comet event into a video under their name, when the announcement on the near presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru, is about to occur? C2012 ISON will make its pass around the Sun in late 2013, and given the increasing visibility of the Planet X complex components, the truth will surely be obvious. Those in NASA aligned with the cover-up crowd hope to continue to dissuade and confuse the public, as to the cause of the Earth changes - the increasing booms and earthquakes as the plates move, erupting volcanoes, and the documentable Earth wobble putting the Sun out of place on a daily basis. All this is to be put aside by those clinging to denial and clinging to NASA’s explanations. Or so they hope.

Chavez Death

After struggling for almost 2 years with an aggressive and metastasizing cancer, Hugo Chavez died.

Hugo Chavez Cause of Death: Heart Attack Killed Venezuelan President
March 7, 2013
The government announced on the eve of Chavez's death that he had suffered a severe new respiratory infection. It was the second such infection reported by officials after Chavez underwent his fourth cancer surgery in Cuba on Dec. 11, 2012. During the first lung infection, near the end of December, doctors implanted a tracheal tube to ease Chavez's breathing, but breathing insufficiency persisted and worsened.

The Zetas were asked about his chances and the cause of his cancer in the July 9, 2011 Q&A chat, and replied that it was his personal decision to die. Chavez had the option of a healing, and cancer can be reversed by a decision to live, countering the death march that a depressed immune system brings. But Chavez was choosing to die.

ZetaTalk Insight 7/9/2011: Do you suppose that those who are at the forefront of the fight do not get weary? Do not get discouraged? Do not despair at ever winning the war? This type of battle happens far more often among the warriors leading the charge than the public presumes.

If Chevaz was battle weary, what was the battle all about? He wrenched Venezuelan oil from the claws of corporate interests, and returned the profits to the people. There have been similar battles elsewhere around the world. The Iran hostage crisis in 1979 was during a coup to return oil profits to the people of Iran. Ecuador has recently followed the Chevaz lead in returning oil profits to its peoples.

New Petrol Law Will Ensure that Profits from Crude-Oil Exports are Distributed to the People
May 26, 2011
The president of the state-run oil company “Petroleos de Venezuela Sociedad Anonima” (Pdvsa), guaranteed that the new oil law will ensure that the profits received from the exportation of oil will go directly to the various social projects which improve living standards for the Venezuelan people.
History of the Venezuelan Oil Industry

What did the Zetas mean when they said that battle weary warriors “often” give up during the war for truth and justice? The Zetas got specific.

ZetaTalk Overview 3/9/2013: For those astonished that we would call Chavez Service-to-Other when the US media paints him as the anti-Christ, we would suggest a comparison to the Venezuela prior to Chavez and after. US corporations stole the Venezuelan wealth, its oil, and gave little to the people. Chavez returned this to the people, as have other democratically elected leaders in S America recently. The trend enraged the corporations, and under Bush assassination of Chevez was attempted numerous times. The cancer which finally did Chavez in was not implanted by the CIA, though they certainly tried this during the Bush administration. It is a naturally occurring cancer, a result of his depressed immune system.

What is not recognized by the public is the personal battle that goes on long before a hero, or leader, or trend setter emerges. Most fade away from the challenge, even if a Star Child with a long record of successes on other worlds. The Earth is a particularly contentious world, due to the development of large predators in its history, so that Early Man had to battle to survive.  As a result of its history of slavery under the Annunaki, there is a slightly higher percentage of Service-to-Self souls emerging from the souls sparked on Earth. Being a Star Child on Earth is no tea party, and being a terran born soul undertaking a challenging mission is most certainly not a tea party. If most undertaking such a challenge fade before the public is even aware of their potential, what of those who proceed? Most proceeding fade during the first battle.

Those who survive the first battle are likely to remain in the fight until the end of their incarnation, until the fight is resolved. Their mission can shrink in size and determination, however, and the majority pull back into their comfort zone as the Transformation intensifies. So we have very few sticking to their mission, and of those most reducing the mission size and promise. Chavez was in a position where he could not reduce the challenge. Venezuela was not shrinking. The desire of US corporations to rob the country was not going away. The Pole Shift with all its challenges was before him. He hopes that others will step into the fray and continue the fight, but he felt he was not up to the challenge!

Conscious Contact

Under what circumstances are the peoples of the world allowed to have conscious contact? Per the Zetas, ever since the time of Roswell the Council of Worlds issued an edict that all visitations were to be recorded in the subconscious, so as to reduce anxiety in mankind during Earth’s awakening, the time of rapidly increasing awareness of the alien presence and intelligent life elsewhere.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/15/1995: Visitations are placed only in the subconscious, so a base needs to be established in the conscious upon which to build the conscious memories.

But there have been exceptions, such as the encounter on January 20, 1996 in Varginha, Brazil, known as the Brazilian Roswell. Per the Zetas, as with the US Roswell in 1947, this was a self-sacrifice mission by highly Service-to-Other aliens attempting to change the spiritual balance in Brazil. At risk to themselves, they allowed their craft to crash.


The Varginha, Brazil Entity
January 20, 1996
The entity was seemingly in a dazed condition, and was easily captured by the search party. Three protrusions stood atop of it's head, which glowed with red eyes. It also had long arms, short legs, and big feet. The monster sounded off with a buzz as it was taken into a net approximately 2 and one-half hours after the first call was received. Later that very day, three girls, Lilliane Fatima, Valquira Fatima, and Andrade Xavier, were walking home after work. Taking a short-cut through a wooded area, they stumbled upon another one of these strange alien creatures. When questioned by the press, Military and Fire Department members denied any knowledge of a captured alien. This response did not come as a surprise. There were reports of an unusual amount of troop movement on the day of the monsters, indicating a cover-up.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/15/1996: The continent of South American is caught in a tug of war between visiting aliens in the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other. These groups have engaged each other, and in some cases extreme measures are being taken. The psyche of the populace, having been influenced toward fear and self concern by false stories of blood-drained and weakened contactees, required shock treatment. Thus rumors spread about vulnerable aliens would tend to lean the weight of public opinion into such directions, rather than domination by aliens. Thus, the Service-to-Other win the struggle for public perception, and pity and concern replace fear.

In a similar manner, there was conscious contact in Voronezh, Russia in September, 1989. Three creatures described as being 9-10 feet tall emerged from a craft that landed, but did not crash. They were described as having 3 eyes atop huge hominoid-looking bodies. Per the Zetas, this conscious contact was also to change the spiritual balance in the region.  As with the Brazilian Roswell, this incident also hit the press.


U.F.O. Landing Is Fact, Not Fantasy, the Russians Insist
October 11, 1989
Residents of the city of Voronezh insisted today that lanky, three-eyed extraterrestrial creatures had indeed landed in a local park and gone for a stroll and that a seemingly fantastic report about the event carried by the official press agency Tass was absolutely true.

ZetaTalk Comments 3/2/2013: This report, which involved children as did the Brazilian Roswell incident, is a true report. What was the purpose of the contact, and why were the children and adults allowed to have conscious recall of the incident? This is an exception to the rule that all contact is to be recorded only in the subconscious. The visitation was not perceived as threatening, as the exception to the rule was granted by the Council of Worlds to Service-to-Other aliens to counter a Service-to-Self influence in the region. Gaining media attention, and being reported by children, the incident had the ring of truth and its influence spread beyond those at the park at the time. Were the beings robots, or life forms with three eyes as reported? They were both, as the actual life forms were riding at the head, and the body was robotic. The life form was not hominoid.

New Video Clips

Two new video clips added: Who to Trust on February 18 and Bolide Blitz on March 25.

 The Zeta Report 57 - After the truth about Nibiru is admitted, who will you trust for the truth? On YouTube.

 The Zeta Report 58 - Chelyabinsk bolide was debris from the tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru. And more are coming! On YouTube.