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Issue 310, Sunday September 9, 2012
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New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times
Pending Announcement

On June 16, 2012 the Zetas hinted that an announcement admitting the near presence of Planet X in the solar system might be forthcoming, as Earth changes such as the Earth wobble have made it difficult to deny. The establishment has a choice – admit the presence and become one of the good guys or continue to deny and look more and more like a liar.

ZetaTalk Hint 6/16/2012: What would be the outcome of admitting that there is a planet in the inner solar system?  They could make a general announcement. They could have Obama make this.  He could explain that the issue had been under security directives to avoid panic but that it is coming closer and becoming more obvious and they feel that the public needs to know. They could present diagrams showing where Planet X is positioned, and explain what it’s doing to the Earth, causing the wobbling and weather changes. They would say they’re not sure what the outcome will be but that the public will be kept informed, then walk off the podium and let some scientist take over to explain all the details.

The Zetas reiterated this prediction on July 21, 2012 to refute what John Moore, an ex-military man who claims information sources within the US military, predicted Planet X would make a pass by the Earth on August 17, 2012. The Zetas stated Moore was being setup for failure, as other than ZetaTalk, whom they have been unable to stamp out or discredit, the establishment wants to be in control of the message after the planned announcement. 


Private and trusted source … These kind of briefings would take place .. 6 weeks to 3-4 months ahead at most … My source .. both mature men and both Viet Nam vets … My source is not the dependent … The original source does not even know they are a source.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/21/2012: The cover-up is poised to make an announcement, by Obama, a worldwide broadcast announcing the presence of Nibiru, aka Planet X, nearby. When such an announcement is made, the cover-up is most concerned about maintaining control of the message. In that ZetaTalk has been on target since its birth in 1995, even tracking Planet X into the inner solar system in 2003 with documented evidence, it cannot be disputed. It is also too widely known to be eliminated and has proven resistant to being discredited. But there are dozens of individuals, generating their own prophecies and garnering their own following, who will try to grab the stage. The cover-up wants to be the voice that is listened to, in control of the message, and thus these other human sources of information are being taken down, ahead of time.

And again on August 25, 2012 the Zetas reiterated their prediction, this time citing the odds at a 93% probability.

ZetaTalk Odds 8/25/2012: We, the Zetas, have mentioned a pending announcement by Obama a number of times, and would estimate the probability that this will happen at 93%. Obama is clearly leading in the polls, and no one could accuse him of fabricating the issue to increase his electability, which will if anything increase.

The cancellation of NBC’s show The Event, just as a large planet inhabited by intelligent aliens was looming for a collision with Earth, raised a few eyebrows. Why was this popular series canceled? And why when Earth changes such as a stopped rotation, twisted magnetosphere, tidal waves, rising sea levels, meteors, horrific earthquakes, and shifting plates are depicted is there almost never a passing planet in the script? Melancholia does allow an extinction level event, but not a passage. Per the Zetas, after decades of hardline denial of the reality of Planet X by the establishment, there is a 93% probability that this will suddenly reverse and the pending passage admitted. Then what?

The Event
The plot centers on a group of extraterrestrials, some of whom have been detained by the United States Government for sixty-six years since their ship crashed in Alaska, while others have secretly assimilated among the general populace.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/1/2012: If one wants proof that the CIA has dictated the Hollywood agenda, look no further than this for proof. Why else would a passing planet be verboten? Thus, just as the cover-up crowd is planning to announce that indeed there is a rogue planet in the vicinity responsible for the rise in earthquakes, volcanism, and erratic weather, there has been no voice explaining how the Pole Shift and Last Weeks will unfold – except ZetaTalk. In that ZetaTalk has been suppressed mightily by the cover-up crowd, media sources told not to feature Nancy and Coast to Coast told to limit her appearances to only once every few years, they are hoping to steer the attention after the announcement to their hand-picked puppets, those who have cooperated with the cover-up. How will this play out?

Since the public has in the main been unfamiliar with the concept of Planet X, which has been presented as a conspiracy theory promoted by a crazy woman in Wisconsin, they will be trying to sort it all out. NASA has had two of their senior folk state in print, published by major media sources, that Nancy Lieder should not get their ear. Nancy was the only person so singled out, yet now when she is proven correct, the public should listen to the liar NASA rather than Nancy? Even if the Internet is scrubbed of such evidence, this evidence is in too many hands to be eliminated, and is in the memory of too many to be forgotten. This will go viral as though set on fire when the announcement is made. The million fans will become a billion, overnight. The establishment cannot stop this, unless they close the Internet down entirely, which as we have repeatedly explained, will not happen.

Thus, at first, the public will get familiar with some new faces, explaining the history of Nibiru and putting the establishment’s spin on what the passage will involve. But simultaneously they will be hitting the Internet, and even by manipulating Google’s search results so that Nancy and ZetaTalk are pushed down, the chatter of a billion fans, most of them new, will overwhelm this suppression. It is frankly too late for the establishment to kill Nancy and ZetaTalk. They have tried for years - through ridicule and countering the truth with lies, by putting forth alternative spokespersons and forcing the press to ignore ZetaTalk - and not succeeded in stamping it out. The truth, pure and simply, is hard to stamp out. Thus, faced with seemingly ignoring the obvious, the establishment controlled media will be faced with a choice.

  1. Continue to ignore Nancy and look like they are controlled, and that the truth is still being withheld, or
  2. Feature Nancy with her history, accuracy track record, timeline failures such as the 2003 passage and 7 of 10 delays, and the ZetaTalk description of what to anticipate during the Pole Shift.

They will chose the second option after a few days, in essence forced to do so.  

Planet X History

In 1983 the discovery of Planet X hit the front page of the Washington Post. An infrared balloon sent above the Earth’s atmosphere spotted it in the direction of Orion, and in the excitement that followed the truth was allowed to hit the press. But a cover-up soon followed, with denials all around. There was a choice, at that moment, to tell the truth or cover it up, and those in control in 1983, in the middle of the Reagan presidency, chose the latter. But the Zetas believe the public should be empowered by the information the establishment has kept for themselves all these decades, and have been steadfast in telling mankind how to discover the truth.

Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered
31-Dec-1983, Washington Post
A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and possibly so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite. When IRAS scientists first saw the mystery body and calculated that it could be as close as 50 billion miles, there was some speculation that it might be moving toward Earth.

In 2001, Planet X was sighted at the Zeta coordinates at the Neuchatel observatory in Switzerland, the Lowell observatory in Flagstaff, and at the Gordon Macmillan Southan observatory in Vancouver. After the capture at Neuchatel, the Lowell and Macmillan observatories created obstacles to viewing, showing the hand of the cover-up. In 2002, Planet X was sighted at the Zeta coordinates using infrared, as JPL’s IRAS team had done in 1983. Infrared images were taken at the Haute-Provence observatory in France by a student, at an observatory in Zaire, and by a private individual claiming to be an astronomer in Florida (who was attempting a debunk but instead proved the point). Planet X was visible at the coordinates, and moving according to the Zeta coordinates. 

Going into 2003 the international team rented time on CCD imaging equipment, taking regular weekly images and providing the FTS files to the public. These files are still available from the ZetaTalk website. The Planet X complex moved steadily according to the Zeta coordinates which had been provided years earlier, such is the Zeta accuracy. The bright glow of reflected sunlight from the vast dust cloud of Planet X could be seen on inverted images. Significantly, this glow does not show up on comparison star charts taken before Planet X passed through.

RA 4.29741 Dec 9.96621 on March 3, 2003
ZetaTalk (dated December 1, 1997)
RA 4.21791 Dec 11.75342 on March 02, 2003
ZetaTalk (dated February 3, 2003)

Then, by March of 2003, excited reports poured in from around the world. The inbound complex was being sighted, naked eye, and photographed, as it continued to move along the Zeta coordinates given 7 years earlier!

Here in Montevideu we can see the red object too! It is barely visible under Aldebaran star and has a strange yellow cloud on it. I don`t know what is this thing along with the object. Looks like the object is morphing into another shape!
The object has appeared naked eye last Friday and it is visible in some regions of South America as confirmed by many people in Uruguary, Peru, Argentine, and Brazil. The coordinates given by the site matches with our viewings in South America skies.
Fantastic! Unbelievable! Heavenly! We see the same red object in Cordoba (Argentine) below the Aldebaran star! Man! This is Huge!
I saw the Planet X complex with My binoc's 10 power. I was at my Farm in East Texas. This is real.
Bless you my soul. Faithful am I and rewarded I am! Spotted exactly where predicted. The Orion belt orientation and SW sky (vantage point: Sacramento Mtn. NM) was quite precise. Naked eye verification. Red flckering to the right, then to the north, then nothing, then flickering again, some yellow noticed on the opposite side of red on next visibility.
New Mexico

In the years since 2003, Planet X and its Moon Swirl tubes have been photographed, videotaped, and appeared on NASA’s SOHO and Stereo satellite images. NASA and their lapdogs have steadfastly denied it existed. It appears as a Second Sun at sunrise or sunset when sunlight bounces off the vast dust cloud shrouding Planet X at the right angle. The Moon Swirl orbs are brilliant orbs of light around the Sun, when the tubes of the Moon Swirls turn to funnel sunlight down the tubes to the eye or camera of the viewer. Moon Swirl orb brilliance rivals the light from Planet X itself, which is shrouded in dust. A Monster persona appears when light from Planet X spreads outward and then is bent back by the gravity of Earth. The Winged Globe depicted by the ancients appeared on SOHO, and Planet X and its Moon Swirls have appeared regularly since then, with a drifting tail of debris and dust.

In early 2012 an amateur astronomer who had been a photo contributor in 2003 reappeared on the scene to provide dramatic photos taken behind a red filter or Mylar. The Zetas had long advised that the Planet X complex could best be seen when a filter for red light was used, and the thin film insert from an old floppy disc is such a filter. The Red Filter Revolution was born!

I use the thin film that you can cut from an old floppy disc, it seem to be film of cobalt droped iron oxide. Easy to do, by closing the lens of the camera and good view. But I use also classic Mylar and orange color. Ciao Alberto

Alberto’s success, and technical advice, inspired everyone to take a peek, and this technique and the photos revealing the Planet X complex went viral on the Internet. Confirmation of what one individual sees at a date and time comes from having someone on the other side of the world find the same Moon Swirls and wafting tail, in the same place. Yet the cover-up over the presence of Planet X near the Sun, wafting between the Earth and Sun, continued.

Things of Worth

How secure is our paper money, and how valuable in times of starvation will items like gold and jewelry be? Per the Zetas, things of worth will prove to be those items that help us grow or gather food or provide shelter. The Zetas have predicted that currency, stock certificates, and other paper assets will be worthless, as what stands behind the pieces of paper to give them worth will evaporate. The assets of corporations will evaporate, bankruptcies everywhere, with paper assets becoming worthless.

ZetaTalk Description 9/17/2004: The banking system or any paper money system is built on confidence, confidence that a note will be paid out in something solid, something other than a paper promise, which is what all money systems and bank notes are. Centuries past, when the world was operating primarily on the barter system, such promises were few and were backed by gold or silver, or land, or a herd of horses or cows, something solid. But today it is the norm for every person, without substance to his name, to have access to credit cards that allow him to go into debt beyond his ability to repay. As can be seen when whole countries default on the paper money they float out under their flag, the value of a dollar can collapse quickly. Argentina is a case in point, the money becoming worthless almost overnight. During the Great Depression, the world was not beset with natural disaster after natural disaster, as is starting to occur today. We mentioned that crop failure would follow the irregular weather, and it did. But buildings collapsing in earthquakes, trains running off suddenly twisted tracks, factories exploding as gas lines breach, and storms tearing at coastlines without remorse do more.

This has certainly proved to be the case, historically, during stock market crashes, currency devaluation, and bank failures. 

Financial Crisis 2007-2012–2010
The bursting of the U.S. housing bubble, which peaked in 2006, caused the values of securities tied to U.S. real estate pricing to plummet, damaging financial institutions globally.  Economies worldwide slowed during this period.
2008 Stock Market Crash Analysis
Notice the overall drop from the high in September 1929 to the low in November 1929 was approximately  47%.  The Japanese stock market showing the decline around 1986, very close to the drop shown on the previous chart of the Dow Jones in late 1929.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average showing the current decline from 2007 thru the beginning of October 2008 the same approximate decline in the 40+% range.
Argentine Economic Crisis–2002)
The peso suffered a huge depreciation, which in turn prompted inflation. When the default was declared in 2002, foreign investment fled the country, and capital flow towards Argentina ceased almost completely. The Argentine government met severe challenges trying to refinance the debt. The state had no spare money at the time, and the central bank's foreign currency reserves were almost depleted.

What are things of worth? Hand tools, needle and thread, seeds and gardening experience, livestock and land, a solid skill set and a can-do attitude.

ZetaTalk Advice 12/15/2001: We predict that long before the shift, a barter system will be replacing the current paper money system. The value of the dollar, in all countries, will be falling, such that in any transaction one or both parties will feel they are getting a fair deal only if a thing, not a representation, is given or received. The common man will find they are pleased with themselves if they have had the foresight to secure goods of value, such as seeds or tools or dried food. The value of appliances that are dead and not able to run, even of cars unable to run over broken roads, will be zero. The value of items that can increase worth, such as a needle and thread which can repair clothing otherwise worthless, or a shovel that can create a garden otherwise a weed patch, will balloon. In that one's skill sets can be considered a bartering item, one should examine their own skill set.

The Pawn Shop chapter of the Finegan Fine story depicts the difference between those who grasp the reality of the coming economic times versus those who cling to the past. 

Finegan says, “Got any umbrellas?”The pawnshopman says, “None of those, but got a sale on over here.”. He walks over to a counter top piled high with video games. “Half price, today only.” Finegan says, “But we got no electricity!” To which the pawnshipman replies, “It's coming back.” Both Finegan and the pawnshopman stop the conversation and just stare at each other at this point, as Finegan is stunned at this delusion and the pawnshopman does not want to get into details. Finegan leans an elbow on the counter, leaning toward the short pawnshopman who is standing proudly behind his wares, fingertips resting on the counter edge and back ramrod straight. “How do you figure? You must know something I don't.” To which the pawnshopman replies, “Yez sireee, it's coming back. When they come through here laying new lines and roads, we'll all be back in business again. Yez a matter of time.”

Just then a man wearing his Sunday best, suit and bow tie and shined shoes and hat walks into the pawnshop. He is carrying a small wooden box, which he sets on the counter. He opens it carefully and music plays. He almost visibly breathes a sigh of relief, as though he had expected it might not work right. He looks at the pawnshopman, who says, “Not much call for these, but it is a beauty. What you looking for?” The man in his Sunday best looks a bit worried as he is going to try for food instead of the usual - cash. “I'd trade for a sack of flour for the mizzus.”The pawnshopman replies, “None of that, but I do have a sale on over here.” He gestures at the pile of video games.

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