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Issue 303, Sunday July 22, 2012
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Signs in the Sky

Are there alternate explanations for the signs in the skies that show the presence of Planet X. Although the establishment would like you to think they are all lens flares or dust on the camera lens, those arguments fail utterly. The Pole Shift ning
blog for Planet X complex photo captures recently had several videos showing distinct, static, and brilliant Moon Swirl captures that are demonstrably not lens flares or ghosts. Lens flares and ghosts move with the camera. Object that are real do not move. Here is proof from Wales, New York, and Mexico. On July 1, 2012 a video taken in Wales had a static Moon Swirl at 9:30 o’clock. On July 4, 2012 a video taken in New York had a static Moon Swirl at 2:30 o’clock.  On July 6, 2012 a video taken in Mexico had a static Moon Swirl at 12 o’clock.




Alberto, the Father of the Red Filter Revolution continues to astonish with his excellent captures, this one provided on July 7, 2012 taken only with a mylar solar filter. Mylar, as does the red film inside old floppy discs, filters for light in the red spectrum. This brings out the components of the Planet X complex which are shrouded and engulfed in red iron oxide dust. Red Filter Revolution photos from around the world show consistency in where the tail is wafting, at any given point in time, and do not have the characteristics of lens flares whatsoever.

Meanwhile, the Dark Twin can still be seen almost nightly from Neumayer Station on Antarctica. We featured this on April 22, 2012 in Issue 290 of this newsletter. This was recently revisited on the Pole Shift ning on July 5, 2012. Approaching midnight at Neumayer Station, the cam is looking back into space toward the West, back along the shared orbit the Dark Twin and Earth share.

Clearly this dim orb is not the Moon nor is it Venus, as a quick check on Skymap shows.  At 21:10 UTC the cam is looking West, the Moon is in the East, and Jupiter and Venus are below the horizon on the West, not visible from this S Pole location.

Many people are confused by reflections of the setting Sun in the windows that house the Neumayer Station cam, thinking these are rising planets. But if they were planets they would be moving with the setting Sun. They are instead going in the opposite direction, proving they are reflections and adjust as the angle of reflection changes. 

Triangulating Planet X

Images taken of space, at a distance, are two-dimensional (2D). Distance is hard to gauge unless an object whose distance is known is close at hand, standing in front of or behind the object in question.  Thus, the establishment, with all their eyes on the approaching Planet X, cannot determine how rapidly it is moving unless they can triangulate (3D).

noun Surveying, Navigation.
1. a technique for establishing the distance between any two points, or the relative position of two or more points, by using such points as vertices of a triangle or series of triangles, such that each triangle has a side of known or measurable length (base or base line)  that permits the size of the angles of the triangle and the length of its other two sides to be established by observations taken either upon or from the two ends of the base line.

NASA has eyes in the ISS, which has a view not unlike the view from the surface of Earth, without the atmosphere clouding the picture. Ground based telescope arrays in S Africa and Australia and in Chile are scanning the skies for clues in radio emissions to pinpoint the direction of Planet X and its movements. NuSTAR has started scanning for x-ray emissions and the defunct and underfunded Hubble has been replaced with a couple alternates the DOD just happened to have on hand, so there are additional satellites triangulating too.  Probes such as the twin Pioneer probes sent out years ago may still be operating, though they have a limited life and may be equipped with the wrong or older technology.  But satellites close to Earth are vulnerable due to the debris in the tail of Planet X, which is hosing his vast tail in the direction of Earth. What is needed are eyes at a sufficient distance, who can see the whole drama stretched out across the skies, and report! Something like a Sentinel! Just look at what this graphic implies! 

Sentinel Mission to Place Asteroid-Hunting Telescope into Orbit Around the Sun
June 30, 2012
California-based non-profit B612 Foundation has announced its intention to place an asteroid-hunting infrared telescope into orbit around the Sun. Named Sentinel, the ambitious endeavor is to be the world's first privately funded deep space mission and will aim to map up to 90 percent of all asteroids larger than 140 meters (459 ft) in Earth’s region of the solar system. In addition to these sizable asteroids, Sentinel will further provide data on a number of smaller asteroids, down to a size of approximately 30 meters (98 ft) in diameter. Originally established in 2002 following a one-day workshop focused on asteroid deflection, the B612 Foundation boasts a wealth of experience and expertise in its ranks, with several former NASA astronauts and senior team members involved. Since its inception, the B612 Foundation has maintained a core mission of both moving toward the exploration of the solar system, while also raising awareness of the potential for a catastrophic asteroid impact, as the project's website highlights.

Per the Zetas, it is no surprise that the Sentinel is privately funded by the B-612 Foundation, as the wealthy are frantically worried now that they find their bunkers are insecure, and they cannot escape to Mars or the Moon.

ZetaTalk Comment 7/7/2012: Increasingly, private funds are being placed into space endeavors that can only be interpreted as helping cash strapped governments watch the approach of Planet X and be alert to the whips of its debris ridden tail. Where NuSTAR, deployed June 21, 2012 for x-ray detection, is a NASA satellite, the Square Kilometre Array ground based radio array is privately funded. Where the X-B37 plane was sent aloft by the Air Force, Brandson’s Virgin Galactic rushed to fill in for the ISS shuttle by 2012, and Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin and other endeavors are a private push to get man and machines into space, for unspecified reasons. Now we have the nonprofit B-612 Foundation sending a privately funded satellite aloft to watch out for asteroids.

We have stated that in the past the elite assumed they could escape to Mars or to the dark side of the Moon to ride out the devastation of the Pole Shift, and certainly assumed that their underground bunkers would be secure. What went wrong with these plans? Escape to Mars or the Moon required assistance from Service-to-Self aliens, who lied as the Service-to-Self are wont to do. Underground bunkers proved to be filled with radon gas and other emissions from increasingly stressed rock, deadly within days to those placed there as test subjects. Now they are on the surface of Earth along with the common man whom they expected to leave to their fate when Planet X passed. They are frantic to get advance warning on the hour of the passage and any advance warning they can on large debris ridden swipes of the tail.

Krymsk Flash Flood

What caused the flash flood that killed hundreds in the small Russian city of Krymsk on July 7, 2012? There was no breach in the reservoir nor were the rains that torrential, yet the devastation was swift and deadly – houses torn apart and cars carried away.

Russia Flood Deaths Reach 171 as Putin Orders Inquiry
July 8, 2012
Krymsk has been affected worst of all as the deluge engulfed it overnight, tearing through the city and leaving a trail of desolation in its wake. Witnesses reported buildings destroyed and trucks and other vehicles being overturned. People desperately tried to escape the advancing deluge, fleeing to higher ground and taking refuge on the roofs of buildings. Federal investigators, however, acknowledged that water had been released naturally from the reservoir, but they insisted it did not cause the flooding and the dam had not been breached. They said the problem was the heavy and sudden rainfall. Many residents remained unconvinced, however.

Per the Zetas, the answer lies in the geography of the region, and is explained by the region being in the stretch zone. Krymsk will not be the only such flash flood caused by the stretch.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/14/2012: What caused the flash flood that swept through Krymsk in the middle of the night? The reservoir did not break, nor was excessive flow released due to rains. The rainfall was not responsible either. Looking at the geography in the Krymsk region, one can see that the reservoir lies above the mountain range to the south, and this is the direction the river draining Krymsk and the reservoir must flow. This entire region is in the stretch zone, as we have repeatedly mentioned, with singing reservoirs, derailing trains, sinkholes suddenly appearing, and bridges pulling apart.

When ground is pulled taught, there are unseen adjustments. Frequently the ground drops, loses elevation, and this happened to the region around Krymsk. Frequently river bottoms pinch shut, and this likewise happened where the river passes through the mountains to the south of Krymsk. Thus, simultaneously, rain swelled the river, the river could not drain properly, and the town dropped in elevation. Because of the cover-up over the presence of Planet X, the populace is left blaming the government, and future such tragedies will occur.

Will the Russian government be honest with the grieving citizens of Krymsk, and explain that the blame lies with the rogue Planet X in the near vicinity? Matters seem to be moving in the opposite direction, with the Russian Duma approving Internet restrictions and harsh crackdowns on demonstrations.

Kremlin Internet Bill 'Signals Growing Repression of Critics by Putin'
July 10, 2012
The bill calls for the creation of a federal website "nolist". Internet providers and site owners would be forced to shut down any websites on this list. According to Wikipedia, the bill will "lead to the creation of a Russian analogue to China's great firewall".

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/14/2012: Information on Planet X, its obvious presence in the inner solar system, and the history on Nibiru and its periodic passage has appeared on Russian TV to an astonishing degree. Putin, as a partner in the cover-up, has been pressed to limit this, and is doing so. Beyond limiting what the cover-up crowd would call a premature rupture of the cover-up, a sudden revelation that the establishment has been lying for decades over the approach and pending passage of a monster magnetic planet that now lurks between the Sun and Earth, what can they do to assuage their worry? Just how will the populace respond? This has been an intense topic of discussion among all parties responsible for the continuing cover-up. As the time when revelation will occur, most likely not at the hands of the establishment but as a result of directives from the Council of Worlds, polarizing postures will develop. Threats of martial law will thus arise, until the issue of just how the populace will respond has been answered.

Polarized End Times

The Zetas have explained that prophecies about the End Times were often predicated on the awareness of ancient prophets that polarizing of the spiritual orientations would intensify.

ZetaTalk Comment  2/22/2003: The birthplace of several religions in conflict - Christianity and Islam - are in the Middle East, and these have been known for centuries to be at each other's throats. The Crusades, for instance, pitted Islam against Christianity, and this has been known for centuries. Add to this the prophecy of the Antichrist, which is logical given the polarization that occurs going into a Transformation period such as the Earth is in. Prophets therefore take all these matters into their heads, stir the soup, and prophesy. This does not mean that this will all come about as predicted.

Does the recent sacking of an Islamic temple in Timbuktu fit into this scheme? It is certainly nowhere near the Middle East, but it is on the ancient trade routes, where gold and salt traveled. Therein lies the answer to the Timbuktu prophecy, per the Zetas.  

Al-Qaida Linked Fighters Destroy 'End of the World' Gate in Timbuktu
July 3, 2012
Today there are old women, old people in Timbuktu who say that maybe it is the end of the world. Islamists of the Ansar Dine group say the centuries-old shrines of the local Sufi version of Islam in Timbuktu are idolatrous. They have so far destroyed at least eight of 16 listed mausoleums in the city, together with a number of tombs.  Sufi shrines have been attacked by hardline Salafists in Egypt and Libya in the past year. The attacks also recall the 2001 dynamiting by the Taliban of two 6th-century statues of Buddha carved into a cliff in Bamiyan in central Afghanistan. Located on an old Saharan trading route that saw salt from the Arab north exchanged for gold and slaves from black Africa to the south, Timbuktu blossomed in the 16th century as an Islamic seat of learning, home to priests, scribes and jurists.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/14/2021: Since we are in the End Times, it would seem the ancient Sufi of Timbuktu were on target with their prophecy. This falls in line with repeated prophecies of End Time clashes, mentioned in the Bible and by those interpreting Nostradamus. Why would the polarizing of the spiritual orientation - Service-to-Self making their last stand on Earth - and the tensions brought about by the terror of rapidly escalating Earth changes and starvation caused by crop shortages cause the Sufi temples in Timbuktu to be destroyed? Timbuktu has historically been on a trading route, and the ancients knew that clashes would be inevitable as tensions rose.

Kudzu Self Reliance

News from a refugee camp in Africa, which is in danger of losing all funding while the ranks of the desperate swell, shows the need for being resourceful when traditional means of sustenance and shelter disappear. Moving into government sponsored camps are not the right way to go, albeit this may be the only option for many, and in many places.

Funding Crisis at World’s Largest Refugee Camp
July 12, 2012
Aid agencies warned Thursday that a critical shortage of funds is threatening lives in Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camp complex, the world’s largest, risking worsening an already volatile security situation. The current situation of Dadaab is untenable: there are over 465,000 refugees, a volatile security situation and restrictions in the movement of humanitarian workers.

The Zetas have advised self-reliance, absolutely, as the Pole Shift approaches. One can starve and die in a camp, or think creatively and resourcefully.  

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/15/1999: There will be no security blanket that the populace can rely upon, so self-reliance must be the rule. The panic that will settle into governments as the time approaches, when each individual will be dealing with their own personal panic and anxieties, is completely unpredictable. It may run in all manner of directions. The movies that have been put out of late, where asteroids are falling and a calm prevails, and the government is like a rock of logic and quietly empties towns or flies people up to blow up asteroids, is so far from the truth as to be ludicrous. You will have your military running down the halls and bumping into each other; leaving their posts, turning guns on themselves and others. It is totally unpredictable. What will a frightened animal do when cornered? Well, your entire government and bureaucracies will turn into that in the last few months. So the populace should not look to them, but rather look to themselves.

Take the example of Kudzu. In the US, where it has become an invasive weed, the emphasis is on  eradication. Yet Kudzu is entirely edible. The tubers are like potatoes, the leaves an excellent forage for cattle and presumably an excellent vegetable or salad for humans. The fibrous vines can even make cloth and the plant overall has many medicinal qualities! It is related to the pea plant and puts nitrogen in the soil, and pulls mineral nutrients and water up to the surface for other plants. What’s not to love here!

Kudzu has been used as a form of erosion control and also to enhance the soil. As a legume, it increases the nitrogen in the soil via a symbiotic relationship with nitrogen-fixing bacteria. Its deep taproots also transfer valuable minerals from the subsoil to the topsoil, thereby improving the topsoil.  Kudzu can be used by grazing animals as it is high in quality as a forage and palatable to livestock.

Kudzu fiber has long been used for fiber art and basketry. The long runners which propagate the kudzu fields and the larger vines which cover trees make excellent weaving material. It has shown value in treating migraine and cluster headaches.  It is used to treat tinnitus, vertigo, and Wei syndrome. Kudzu has traditionally been used as a remedy for alcoholism and hangover in China. It has also shown potential in animal models of Alzheimer's disease. It may help diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Kudzu fiber, known as ko-hemp, is used traditionally to make clothing and paper.

With the Pole Shift approaching, why eradicate it! Eat it! Innovative solutions to survival after the Pole Shift, such as farming Kudzu and living atop junked car piles, were featured in a chapter of the Finegan Fine script and story, quoted below. Be like Kudzu – refuse to be eradicated.

Finegan Fine: Kudzu Canyons
The kudzu has covered several trees, which form spires, and has covered the remains of some houses in an abandoned subdivision, the shape of the rooftops barely discernible. They see an even more amazing sight - the remains of a car recycling junkyard where cars have been piled high after being crushed. Children and adults are climbing down the vines, hand over hand and putting their feet against the rusting crushed cars underneath the vine cover. The piles of crushed cars, topped with cars as living quarters, and the kudzu cascading down the sides of the piles, all now covered with creeping and hobbling residents, look a bit like an anthill under an evacuation.

Four men walk up with a kudzu tuber in a sling, one man on each corner of the sling. An immense 100-pound kudzu tuber conglomeration is in the middle of the sling, roots sticking out in every direction. The men heave it onto the empty picnic table, while the woman and girl bring buckets of water from the shore to slosh over the tuber mass, scrubbing any dirt away with brushes. A man comes with a machete knife and begins to hack at the tubers, breaking the mass into potato sized chunks. Periodically they step back and let the woman and girl collect the chunks in their hands and walk to the boiling pot, tossing the chunks in.

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