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ZetaTalk: Bunker Government
Note: written during the Feb 23, 2002 IRC Session, and added to during the Jul 13, 2002 IRC Session.

Underground bunkers where the US government expect to proceed as a carry-on government have long been in the news. Mt. Weather was a shock and an expose when first discovered, as it was so well outfitted and financed that the issue was more how such a facility could escape notice, not only physically but financially within the budget, rather than any other implication. Since its discovery, and exposure, Mt. Weather has not been the location of choice. This is, obviously, because it is well known, and in times of trouble the public would crowd the entry and lay there, dying and stinking, complicating life at this facility. Instead, other facilities not exposed, and supposedly secret, have been promoted. This includes, as is well known by their neighbors, a spot in Indiana, the prime location now. Near Kokomo, Indiana, in the hills surrounding this small town, burrowing goes on as the shift approaches. Other facilities are known in the mountains of New Mexico, adjoining to facilities above ground in Utah and Colorado. Less well known are facilities in Houston, which will be much under water but were placed there to satisfy the Bush family, who were not into listening to our warnings about Earth changes and flooding. These in fact received the greater amount of funding, and are stymied now as to what to do - move or stay and risk drowning? Facilities to house the elite are also fairly well known, in North Carolina and Wyoming, prize locations of the ultra right.

In other countries, such as the Urals in Russia, there are known locations. Britain is planning to leave their island and head elsewhere, most likely Australia. This is little publicized, but the rules about immigration in Australia reflect this mindset. Canada has become a mass of public opinion the Brits do not welcome, and Australia has pockets of the ultra-right well in hand for many decades, which the Brits feel they can count upon. The Australian elite are planning, surprisingly, on being inland, the very places where flooding will occur. They reason that they will be safest where least expected to be found, in deserts where little life except the peaceful aborigines exist. Thus, they are setting up, like the NASA elite in Houston, in the worst place, flooded for sure. However, we expect them to change these plans at the last minute, and thus they will be obvious as to where they are headed. Just follow the truck loads of supplies! Africa, where expected to be above the waves, is considered a cesspool of infection, Ebola not the only issue of concern. Muslim countries are expected to remain, the ruling class sitting tight, as they have no confidence in their ability to move and still be on top of the pile.

Note: below written during the Sep 7, 2002 IRC Session.

In the past, the elite in the US planned to go underground in facilities such as Mt. Weather. Mt. Weather, like Greenbriar, got revealed and of course this ruined their ability to house the elite out of the reach of the maddening mob. Many, many other facilties were constructed, as rumored, with the idea that the pole shift would ruin the atmosphere but not cause extensive quakes and shifting of the crust. In those days, the CIA, who was dominant in MJ12 in the early years, listened to the Service-to-Self aliens who impressed them with technology, and talked their language, frankly, one Service-to-Self group to another. The Service-to-Self aliens spoke of saving the few, the elite, and leaving the masses to their lot. This resonated with the CIA, who were composed at the start with recruits from the Nazi SS.

What the CIA did not understand was that these Service-to-Self aliens were not into truth telling, and cared not for the CIA one wit. The goal is to harvest Service-to-Self souls, and the more hardened the better, so despair and a sense of being abandoned and abused were the emotions and setting they hoped to achieve. Thus, they lulled the CIA into believing they would survive, even encouraging the Sr. Bush to institute underground facilities in Houston, which will be under water well before the shift. During the past few years, while the truth of these Service-to-Self aliens vs the truth of ZetaTalk have emerged, some hysteria has emerged among the elite. The orginal underground facilities, which were in areas subject to flooding or mountain building, were abandoned in the plans, and new facilities such as Kokomo begun. The problem with these new facilities is that the construction has revealed them, and thus they too are no longer suitable. Thus, at this time, all plans are up in the air, though any and all facilities may in fact be used by the desperate. They will be entombed, or drowned, or attacked by angry mobs gaining entry, and thus in the true light of Karma get what they deserve.

Note: below added during the Dec 21, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The US with their Mt. Weather is not alone in their expectation that underground facilities would be the best bet in the event of a possible pole shift. Human scientists present, in their limited view, the nuclear winter scenario, where all life above ground would die. Humans tend to put a few facts into the mix, ignoring a massive amount of other facts, and thus come up with wrong conclusions. This is done for several reasons,

  1. the limited human IQ,
  2. the desire to arrive at a conclusion and thus limiting the options,
  3. limited human knowledge.

Thus, given the projection that a nuclear winter, caused by volcanic eruption, could and perhaps has happened in the past (as in the case of the presumed dinosaur extinction), the elite planned to go underground and live several decades thus.

In fact, as we have stated and any thorough analysis of the facts will present, dinosaur extinction was not caused by a nuclear winter, as not all forms were so affected, thus it was species selective, not global. It was a virus, not a nuclear winter. But given that military personnel are not known for their deep thinking, are brusque and bossy, they grabbed at the projections and plotted their course. Given the size of the quakes, Richter 9 force worldwide, with mountain building and renting of continental rifts, these underground facilities will hardly be a safe place. It takes little to trap an outlet, torque an elevator such that it cannot rise or fall, and create panic in the tomb. Air circulation will not work, slowly smothering those trapped inside. Water will find its way into underground pockets, drowning those trapped. Electrical equipment will falter, plunging those into darkness. A fitting end of the elite who have, in their greed for power and wealth, sent the poor into mines and such circumstances.

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