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California anticipates being inundated, due to the very famous Edgar Cayce predictions along those lines. The state is large, so the many problems befalling it do not necessarily spell disaster for any given family. The major cities along the coast will experience devastation due to earthquakes and be unlivable afterwards. Highly industrialized area will find their surroundings befouled as a result of the quakes. Reliant on piped water, those in the desert will find themselves without clean water as the ocean inundates inland valleys. The long-term danger in riding out the shift in California, or life afterwards, will be from living near or atop plate boundaries, which will be restless for hundreds of years after the shift. The volcanoes along these boundaries, even those in Alaska, will waft their volcanic dust along the new prevailing westerlies, which will move them down along the coast, in the direction of the new east. Thus, fishing along the coast will be the best option for survivors, who can return to the coast after the tidal waves have settled.


The majority of California will end up above the flood in the Aftertime, though the rubble of what was formerly densely populated cities along the coastlines and in the lowlands of the central valley will not be habitable due to flooding as well as earthquake damage. The key to survival in the Aftertime in California is not merely escaping the high tides, which will wash over and around the coastal mountains because of the force of water from the compressing Pacific, but life afterwards. California is basically a desert region, turned green because of irrigation and piped water. This will stop. Be near a water source such as a stream, and be prepared to garden and farm.


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