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We have mentioned that the Salt Flats of Utah are an example of land that will not buckle during the pole shift, as evidenced by its past behavior over the eons. The surrounding mountains absorb any mountain building pressure. Such isolated areas can be determined even without a geologists help if one examines where seismic activity occurs and where mountain building has not occurred. The map accompanying this question not only shows seismic activity, but also flat areas where virtually no seismic activity occurs. Note the Salt Lake region show up as rigid in this regard, as does a large swatch of land in SW Idaho, part of a past lava flow from Yellowstone, and in other areas such as those areas of the former greater Lake Lahontan in Nevada. Plateaus appear here and there west of the Continental Divide, flat and undisturbed by seismic or volcanic activity. Consider these to be relatively safe areas, in regard to mountain building activity during the hour of the pole shift.