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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written January 2, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Russia May Send Spacecraft to Knock Away Asteroid [Dec 30] Russia is considering sending a spacecraft to a large asteroid to knock it off its path and prevent a possible collision with Earth. Anatoly Perminov said the space agency will hold a meeting soon to assess a mission to Apophis. It would invite NASA, the European Space Agency, the Chinese space agency and others to join the project once it is finalized. "Apophis is just a symbolic example, there are many other dangerous objects we know little about," he said.

This is an attempt to reassure the populace that the establishment intends to do something about incoming debris. The timing of the release, the article, is an attempt to get ahead of what the establishment assumes will be increasing fireballs, visible swarms of debris in the sky. The populace is to say to themselves that help is on the way, the establishment will address the issue, when in fact nothing can be done. Unless debris is in an Earth orbit, like the space junk man leaves behind during ISS maintenance or satellite disposal, it cannot be targeted.

Planet X has been appearing on SOHO and the Stereo Ahead for some months now, in approximately the 4:30 o'clock position. But sometimes something bright with a tail shows up all over the place, above the Sun, to the left of the Sun, etc. If this is Planet X, why is it moving around so much?

When the Winged Globe or the Red Cross appears to the lower right on the Sun, this is the Planet X corpus. We have explained that the tail is vast, the Moon swirls swinging to either side of Planet X by 5 million miles, but the tail itself swings further than that. During the hour of the pole shift, when Planet X is a mere 14 million miles from the Earth, the tail is whipping the Earth, depositing hail and red dust. The tail itself can catch the light, reflecting this to Earth, in what appears to be a blaze of light with a tail drifting away. It is charged, so clings to itself in places, so is thicker in some places than others, just as an electrical charge can raise the hair on your head. As Planet X turns its charged tail toward the Earth, increasingly, such sudden appearances will increase, consternating NASA.

The Zetas, after poleshift Council of the Worlds will forbid to visit the Earth to aliens STS or they also will be here and will continue to reap a crop of souls?

The Earth will not strictly be a Service-to-Other world until approximately 100 years from the present, at which time it is estimated that the Earth will have 89% incarnating souls and be allowed the leap to 4th density. During this time, this 100 year period, there are undecided souls on Earth, and these can be visited by ambassadors from the Service-to-Self. After the leap to 4th density, those humans still incarnated by undecided souls will be extremely old, so the number of years they would fail to have their Call to those in the Service-to-Self answered would be slight, in the scheme of things. This, the 11% probably aged undecided on Earth at the time of the leap to 4th density, is not considered a hindrance to the Earth becoming a fully Service-to-Other planet.

Why did equalitarian experiments on the Earth generate repressive regimes? What factors do influence transition of the whole civilization in orientation STS and transformation of their habitat in a prison planet? Zetas have told that the nature cannot influence an orientation choice.

Earth is not an experiment, it is a school house. Repressive regimes emerge on all young worlds, where both Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self mingle. Those planets that are assigned to be prison planets, entirely Service-to-Self, do not develop that way. They may have been 3rd density worlds at one time, but either all intelligent life failed to thrive there or most often those who were undecided or Service-to-Other were removed, leaving only those who were decidedly Service-to-Self. At this point, it became a prison planet.

After poleshift I intend to collect group of survival STO. It will initially consist of a small amount of people (relatives/friends). But then will probably send Call in order that other survived people STO independently could find out the given group (without my invitation because difficultly to define for the short period of time orientation of the person which will meet on a way) i.e. in order to aliens STO have helped to direct survived people STO to an arrangement of my group?

If you are asking whether we, the Service-to-Other Zetas, would direct people to your group you must understand the following. Not everyone who states they are Service-to-Other truly qualifies for that term. In fact, most who casually toss the term around are undecided. You are, for instance, assuming that you and your relatives and friends are Service-to-Other. Until individuals are put to the test, put in a situation where they would have to sacrifice for another, sacrifice their well being and safety for another, this has not been put to the test. Those who simply give to charity and pass out cookies to others are going through motions. When all is well, it is easy to seem giving and caring. We will state only this. Benign aliens will guide Service-to-Other individuals to Service-to-Other camps.

The Zetas, you expect split of concealment of Planet X in 2010? What your forecast concerning disclosing of PX this year? It is known that the PM prepares something for disclosing of PX.

This is in the hands of man, so cannot be predicted. We have in fact predicted that the cover-up is likely to remain intact until the last weeks are upon mankind, due to the fear that those in the establishment have of being attacked by an angry public. We have stated that we hope that leaks will occur by those with conscience blurting out information in the media, but this is already being carefully guarded by the establishment, who would simply declare anyone who does so insane.

Was Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten an Annunaki? He has a very strange shape of the head.

No. The Egyptian royalty were interbred, and this type of thing happens during inbreeding.

Why is the Puppet Master so smart? What is the secret of his smartness?

The true trustee of the House of Rothchild has inherited more than wealth to manage, he inherited a high IQ. This is of course why that family trust developed in the first place. The second reason is that as much as the family cherishes its wealth, guarding its assets with good judgement calls, it values its intelligence. Many wealthy men marry women who are bimbos, for their compliance and beauty, not their intelligence. In these cases, they care for this current life only, not for what their children or grandchildren might inherit genetically. If anything, the native intelligence of the original Rothchilds has increased, within the trustee's family line. It should be noted that the public Rothchilds, who are de Rothchild, of the House of Rothchild, are descended from daughters, the female line, so are not those in charge of the trust. The official Puppet Master is off the books and untraceable.

You have described here ../poleshft/ppole.gif last 5 PS and they don't seem to have been very strong. So I can't understand why will be current PS so extremely huge in comparison to last 5 PS?

We have detailed within the body of ZetaTalk that this pole shift will be the strongest in many shifts. This pass Planet X finds itself pushing against the Earth, the Dark Twin, and Venus on its outbound pass. If Planet X comes into the solar system able to move quickly past the Sun, it does so. But if hindrance occurs, then more hindrance and obstacles can accumulate in front of it. It is the placement of Earth, Venus, and the Dark Twin which matters here. Once a hindrance occurs, then Planet X slows down, deals with particle flows, and more planets arrive to be caught "in the cup" as we have explained, caught in the eddy flow of particles coming round behind Planet X from the Sun. Using an analogy, if a car can enter onto a freeway and get to the fast lane quickly, it is on its way. But if this car gets caught in congestion in the slow lanes, it may take forever to edge its way over to the fast lane.

Assume an old man is alone in a forest and suddenly he was surrounded by a hungry pack of wolves. If he makes a Call in this moment, will it be considered as an STS Call?

Yes. The exception would be if the old man is concerned for those dependent upon him to return. If the concern is for himself, this is considered a self focused Call.

Do 4th, 5th, and 6th density Service-to-Other beings, such as Jesus and Buddha, ever revert to 3rd density behaviors and need to return to 3rd density worlds to re-learn their lessons?

This can and does happen, as we have explained.

Would it be a good idea to have a supply of gold coins on hand?

We have stated that gold and jewels and famous art work will be worthless in the Aftertime. Seeds and hand tools and skills will have worth. However, in those areas where those who cling to their assets congregate after the pole shift, we expect haggling over the value of these items to continue for a time while supplies run out.

Can the zetas tell us if Yemen is a real threat?

Yeman is just another country where those inflamed with hatred of the US and its interference with Arab and Muslim countries have congregated. This is nothing new, and goes back thousands of years, the conflict between Christianity and Islam, both of whom were militant against each other, and cruel. Recently, it has changed from being simply a conflict between religions to being a quest for oil, an oil grab, with most of the oil in Arab hands.

Do nature fairies, garden spirits, elves, and other mostly invisible Earth entities really exist? If so, what are their roles?

Spirits are about, either as ghosts haunting a place where they have unsettled issues or as visiting spirits who might be souls one knew in a past life, come to visit, or alien visitors in spirit form responding to a request for a conference. Today, a human might report seeing a light orb, or a light ball, where such a spirit wants its presence to be known. In the past, such visits were described in other fanciful ways. Elves are often myths referring to dwarfs, who were killed in past times so were hidden by their mothers.

Two weeks previous it was stated there was new info around the PTB. Is it stepped up panic? Can there be anything that can be shared on the subject especially on this forum?

We hinted that the Puppet Master was taking more initiative in getting the cover-up over the presence of Planet X, and the pending passage, to break. About this we can say no more.

On Nibiru is visible but there is also talk now about a new comet and a discussion on GLP about this comet. What about this. And does this so called comet have a relation with the tail of Planet X?

The establishment fears their inability to hide the presence of Planet X and its tail, which has been appearing regularly on SOHO and the Stereo Ahead images. Their choices are to close down the public service or to take some downtime now and then, or just allow the images to remain and make some kind of excuse. They have taken vast unexplained downtime, due to their inability to doctor every image in a prompt manner, but fear taking the service down entirely would raise more interest in what is displayed there. Making a big fuss about a passing comet will likely be their next attempt at handing public interest. They will claim any unexpected light to be such a comet, or its tail.

Obama looks like he is aging rapidly. Is this a clone?

Obama has no clones. This was strictly a George W. Bush issue. The weight of so many responsibilities always ages a president quickly. This is known and frequently talked about during historical perspectives on US presidencies.

Why do sometimes animals rush to people's help if they are in trouble?

Humans are not the only sentient animals. Dophins are famous for rushing to the aid of swimmers. Dogs help others in their pack, and when forming a bond with humans are simply considering the human as part of their pack, usually with the human as the dominant or Alpha male or female. Cats likewise care for each other, groom each other and lie next to each other for warmth and companionship. Both dogs and cats share the kill, bringing food back to those who did not participate in the hunt. This is survival genetics, this empathy and social structure. This is why it develops in the first place.

Can the Zeta's explain the hemisperical crustal dichotomy of the planet Mars?

Mars has a N and S Pole as does the Earth because it has a tilt so that part of the globe has less or more sun, depending upon the seasons. A pole is just a part of a globe receiving less sunlight than the equator of that globe.

This winter especially I sometimes observe reddish, "peachy" sky. The weather is equal for example for two days and it is not snowing but one day the sky has usual dark blue colour and the second day it becomes a little bit more "peachy". Is it an anomalous effect?

There is of course red dust from the tail of Planet X, which is not heavy as yet but present. This drifts around, and while in the atmosphere, can color the sky. Volcanic eruptions also cause a sky to have a red appearance, especially at sunset or sunrise when there is much red light present to bounce off dust in the clouds. This also can drift around, so at other times the sky appears blue.

I want to ask about this video. Is it a true "Second Sun"?

Yes. There are clearly two light sources, both in the shape of an orb.

Can the Zeta's explain what causes "anaesthesia awareness"?

We are assuming here that you are referring to those instances where a patient complains that they were "awake" during an operation, though seemed to be asleep or unconscious. Anesthesia hopes ideally to have the patient unconscious, and certainly inactive, but there are many stages to becoming awakened. The patient is aware of his surroundings before being able to move and speak. Thus, some drift into awareness of what is happening, aware but unable to move as yet, to their horror.

Do/are Zetas or Hybrids incarnated in 3rd density at this time of Transformation?

No, except for visitations, we reside in 4th density.

The Zeta's have stated that during the pole shift the wave height will be approximately 600-800 feet. Could they also give an indication of the speed that these waves will travel?

You can compute this using human math if you take into consideration our guidelines that the water will be 200 feet high, 100 miles inland, on average, before sloshing back again. How fast do your tides move today? How far inland do they go, before returning? You will find, we anticipate, that the tides move faster than your incoming tides do today, due to the force of water behind them, but not so fast that they rip all in their wake.

I am a single mom with 2 daughters and I am having trouble connecting with STO community before the pole shift. Should I form a community?

You are obviously giving the Call, out of concern for your daughters. Trust your gut, and you will be guided to contact with others.

Can Zetas comment on PTB, Puppet Masters, etc., present state of action, thinking, etc. at this time?

Beyond what we have stated, no. The Puppet Master would like to see strong survival communities and is disappointed that the middlemen, those in political power and in charge of the media, have not done more to encourage this. He feels that unless the public is seriously informed in some manner, and encouraged to be self sufficient where possible, that much will be lost. The middlemen are exposed to the public and fear the wrath of the public when they realize they have been lied to. This game is in play, and not yet resolved.

On a previous session it was stated that the Puppet Master might be the source of disclosure prior to the pole shift. Can the Zetas tel us if this still a possibility? If so will it occur in time to allow preparation prior to the first big shakeups before the lean to the left? And if so, will it be open disclosure, or will it be cryptic in some way?

We have often stated that matters which are in the hands of man cannot be predicted, because man has free will. Beyond this statement, we add that if the element of surprise is a weapon to be wielded, then for ourselves to disclose all on a chat to curious minds would be a wrong move. Nancy will have a clue in her forthcoming newsletter, which talks about articles recently written in the newspapers. Check the archives re this.

Do the astronauts in the International Space Station feel the effects of Planet X as it get closer to Earth?

They see it, so have emotional effects to deal with. They must participate in the cover-up, and realize they could be impacted at any moment by the increasing debris flying by. They are also less protected from radiation than those on the surface of Earth, and thus electromagnetic swings are something they must deal with, both in their equipment and in their physical bodies.

Last week the zetas stated that the NASA/Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon had found info on both UFO's and Planet X. Gary has stated that he found a picture of a cigar shaped UFO above the earths atmosphere and also a list of 'non terrestrial Officers'. Some people think that Gary has not yet revealed all the info he found out whilst hacking for 2 years and that he has an 'ace' that he is holding back until the last minute that can be released when and if he is extradited. What info does Gary have on Planet X and could this be a major break in the cover-up should he release it?

You are assuming that he would be allowed to reveal any information about Planet X. People with damaging information, information that could be corroborated elsewhere, are watched closely. Sudden heart attacks, even imposed at a distance, are possible. He knows this, and will only talk about information that cannot be corroborated.

I was wondering if a human survives the pole shift and they are STO or leaning towards STO; would they be allowed to recall their subconscious memories? Meaning all the memories of possible alien contact, conversations, and floating through the air, etc. I'm sure there are many contactee's that wonder about such things that may never be know to them if only in the subconscious. Thanks for all the hard work that ZetaTalk does, we are trying to prepare ourselves so that all is not in vain.

You are assuming that the aliens in attendance of Earth during and after the pole shift would have nothing better to do than to assist those humans in making the connection between their subconscious and conscious! The Aftertime will be an immensely busy time! This is something you are expected to do for yourself, as the story is written in your subconscious. This is also something that is very individual to each contactee, who may or may not be ready to deal with all of it. By allowing the contactee to pace themselves, to take responsibility for this, such individual sensitivities are accounted for perfectly.

I recently saw a news story about the sea lions off the California coast (I think it was) San Francisco where the story said the animals have suddenly disappeared. Are they fleeing an upcoming ocean event or is this migratory?

This exodus is due to many factors. In part because the food supply comes and goes, and they chase the food supply. In part because it is normal to head south for mating this time of year. In part because the bay area is too close to the San Andreas, which is stressed and giving off signals that animals are sensitive to.

Can you give an update on the status of elite flight to their safe places? It seems to me that more "high" executives are in the news that are stepping down.

Most retiring early are doing so because the economy is not expected to improve, and demands will be made that cannot be met. These individuals have ample retirement accounts, so do not need to work, in the strict sense of the word. Those who are clearly aware of the coming pole shift are not inclined to retire early, as they want to retain influence as long as possible. They do not fear being trapped, as they all have quick exits arranged.

How does Hillary Clinton feel about her present role in President Obama's administration? Are Hillary and former President Clinton changing in any way? I'm not looking for anything that will embarrass or harm anyone. I merely want to know if she and/or her husband feel that they are accomplishing something worthwhile and lasting by working in the present administration? Would you care to comment?

Both these individual have strong Service-to-Other inclinations, and are thus sincere in their global efforts. They also both enjoy the stage. They both are, of course, aware of the presence of Planet X and its likely impact on the Earth, and thus this matter comes up for conversation often around the globe. Beyond how to lessen the impact on the globe, how to prevent panic, there is often discussion on how to rebuild civilization, and thus those in such positions often imagine themselves kingmakers.

Are the Zetas and other sapient races divided onto "elites" and "peons" like humans seem to be? Do the Zetas believe such division has any merit?

In Service-to-Other cultures, there are no elites and peons, as all are cared for on an equal basis. In Service-to-Self cultures, this is absolutely the arrangement, the strong ruling over the weak, a strict pecking order. In all species, on all developing worlds, there are a few who emerge who are highly Service-to-Self, where most determine to be Service-to-Other. This is true of the Zeta worlds as well.

You said last week that the Zetas are manipulating the Earth to make the Sunrises and Sunsets correct. Are they also moving the Earth closer to and further from the Sun?

Tipping the globe so the N Pole is closer to or further away from the Sun is a manipulation that simulates the seasons. We have also stated that we push the Earth below the Sun's ecliptic or rise it up in order to change the amount of sunlight or the angle of sunlight coming from the Sun. But the Earth's orbit remains fixed through all of this.

I know this doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things as it is just a movie; but I don't understand why the Zetas have said that Avatar was strictly for entertainment. It's a very entertaining movie and that is true, but there are clearly some very deep underlying themes within it. STS vs STO, finding a balance with spirtuality and nature and the opposite of that and what results. While it was an entertaining movie I guess I was a bit surprised that the Zetas seemed to dismiss it a bit.

The question was whether there was a particular agenda in the movie, which there is not beyond entertainment. Most movies have these themes, in some degree. The Earth is a schoolhouse where the humans struggle with good and evil as a primary theme. Nothing new there. Raping the land, polluting vs living green is another theme man deals with almost constantly. Avatar was not exceptional, thus, in this regard.

I have read much ZetaTalk about ghosts/spirits and that they can manipulate temperature, sounds, and air flow. Also, that poltergeists are created by angry teens in the area can cause physical movement of objects. My question relates to the show "Ghost Adventures", how can they have so much evidence of objects being thrown, getting scratched on their bodies, and being physically assaulted? Is it that most places they investigate there is a angry teen always around or do they cause the activity themselves with their spirits or something?

Ghost hunters and such shows are for entertainment, and thus they make claims. Ghosts can be seen by those humans they wish to speak to, most often in the form they had during their last life, the life in question. Ghosts or spirits can manipulate the temperature in their surroundings, and thus can appear on film or even affect electrical lights as this is likewise a particle flow as is heat. But the hosts of such TV shows are making claims, for entertainment purposes.

Third orientation outside of STS and STO? Rapidly switching between strongly STO and strongly STS (many times per second, say) - has any entity done this before? If so, does this constitute a "third" orientation?

You are describing an undecided entity, but the dither does not happen many times per second. Who dreamed that up?

Greetings star ancestors, I have noticed in some chemtrail videos that some airplanes look like holograms, are there UFOs cloaked as airplanes making clouds too?

These are poor videos or videos attempting to film a plane already in fog.

Are Zetas hive-minded?

No more than human teams who work closely together and are aware of what the other team mates are dealing with. Are fire-fighters hive minded? The FBI? The surgeon and his team in the operating room?

Greetings star ancestors, I notice your response to UFOs in particular areas, in that the beings in the craft are sending telepathic and spirit to spirit messages to the humans below. Do the dis-incarnate spirits hear it too? And if some humans are mentally capable of receiving telepathy or spiritually aware another way of seeing who are ready because they feel something and the rest who don't are just lost spiritually and have no telepathy?

Not all humans who are sent a telepathic message receive it, but this is due to blocking on their end. They either are resistant to any message about catastrophic Earth changes coming soon, out of fear, and thus in denial, or they resist outside influences out of a fear of losing self control, even if this self control would only require them to ponder a message. Disincarnate spirits are not the target, and might tune in if inclined but since they cannot be affected by a cataclysm, might have other things deemed more important to do.