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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written September 8, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can the Zetas tell us what is behind all of the new propaganda over the new Osama Bin Laden tape?

We have stated all along that Bin Laden was alive, even when the US buried him and resurrected him at their convenience. As with most Bin Laden tapes, this one is a fake, but is from a different source than most of the others. CIA labs generate most of the false tapes, from the many legitimate voice recordings they have from him, thus the voice recognition software would confirm it is Bin Laden. This tape, chiding Bush and not threatening the US and not taking credit for 911, is pointing to the Bush lie. It will prove to be legitimate. Many sources check this and can do the verification, so the CIA cannot counter this fact. More than one can play at this game, and this is the Puppet Master's ploy this time around. More decapitation of Bush, at his hand.

There was a series of disaster shows on this past week on the History Channel, Discovery Channel and Science Channel. In particular the History Channel postulated that a massive "comet" hit the Indian Ocean around 3800 years ago caused the widespread disruption that is in geological evidence and the Science Channel also ran a series of disaster shows with one notable show speculating on a "Super Comet, After the Impact" where a super comet impact wipes out much of life on Earth This is getting fairly close to the Planet X theme. Is the plan still to keep slowly pushing the truth as people's comfort level with this type of concept increases?

Disaster movies over the past decade have likewise been pointing to pole shift scenarios, such as a volcano in the middle of Los Angeles, a large meteor threatening life on Earth, the Earth as a water planet following a catastrophe, the core of the Earth stopping its rotation and creating electromagnetic chaos, and sudden climate change. The fact that the most recent movies are documentaries made for TV, and supposedly based on science, is indeed a step closer to telling mankind about the Planet X scenario.

Here is another example of what seems like real life events following a Zeta prediction, as if scripted. Vanity Fair has a feature article about Al Gore and of how the media grossly distorted his words on many occasions during the 2000 presidential race, thereby purposefully manipulating the public's perception of him. The Zetas said the intent of Gore's recent movie was less about global warming than about Al Gore, suggesting it was groundwork for his reemergence. The current Vanity Fair article virtually lays out a path of what almost seemed to be a conspiracy to defame him during the 2000 race. The Zetas said the puppet master owns most of the media and he wants the public awakened. Earlier, they also claimed Al Gore is protected by them, thereby suggesting he has an important future role.
Equally interesting is the next article which came out on the same day, gently suggesting the Supreme Court overstepped their constitutional boundaries in their 2000 presidential race ruling, perhaps opening the door to further media examination of potential corruption.

Very perceptive! Both of these are examples of how the public is being gently prepared for having Gore as President, one way or the other. Where a sudden elimination of Bush and Cheney by arrest or assassination to then be replaced by Pelosi is the obvious first step in that it is the legal route, having Gore as President would be another. If the real crimes are confessed to then Gore was elected President in 2000, and a successful re-election would be presumed in 2004, making him the current President. He has been prepped to be a leader during the near future when the public will need someone they can trust. Gore is a long shot, as the true crimes are unlikely to be revealed. Alternatively, Gore's legitimate claim needs to be prominently in the public eye in case the pole shift does not arrive by the time the elections are being held. We have stated that there should be no assumptions about the Democratic candidate being Hillary Clinton. This is why! It is likely to be Gore, after all.

As I understand it,the Zetas seem to have a well-ordered society.They must have gone through the same trials as we humans are going through now. They must at one time have "pruned" their family tree of "useless eaters." Did they first identify the genetic lines of those "parasites" and then stop them from breeding? I guess they first created a criterion by which a family tree was judged to be productive or counterproductive re: the society at large. Now if this was how their well-ordered society was achieved (and the tremendous benefits such as interstellar travel), at what stage did they start?

This sounds like a question from a Nazi camp intent on producing super humans! Useless eaters? In a Service-to-Other society, there is no such thing. All life, incarnated, is treated with the same respect. If you are asking how we attempt to eliminate health problems and improve an individual's life in our society, we indeed apply ourselves to these scientific and medical arenas.

What is the cause of Nancy's health problems? Is telepathic communication with the Zetas harmful to humans?

Telepathy, for those who have this ability, is as natural as breathing. It is simply the ability to visit with those not in the room, and employing other than verbal or body language communication. Just as a tense visitor, one fuming with anger or in a knot with anxiety, can make others in the room miserable, a telepathic conversation with someone angry or tense can do likewise. But we, the Zetas, do not visit these emotions on Nancy, and she can choose to reject any other telepathic communication. The human with telepathic ability is in charge, and can accept or reject a conversation.

Nancy's health problems are due to a massive assault on her body when she was a young woman, by what is termed French Polio. She was expected by all the specialists assigned to her to die, and shocked them all by recovering to apparent good health. This was due entirely to her strong determination to live, and the fact that the paralysis did not entirely paralyze her heart and lung action. She suffered heart damage, which she has known all her life, and which is the cause of her struggle with heart failure at present. We, the Zetas, have assisted her often and to this day to remain alive. Without this assistance, she would have been dead a decade ago.

Last week the Zetas referred to you as a "prophet", for I believe, the first time. Does this imply that "prophets" have been getting their info from aliens rather than God?

We have often aluded to the involvement of aliens. Moses was a contactee, and guided as to where to take his people, being assisted on their escape through the Red Sea. Noah was a contactee. Scallion is a contactee. Cayce was attended by a slew of spirits. Nancy is no different.

Would you care to comment about Northcom plans to attemp martial law exersise nationwide on October 15th to 20th and that other countries like australia, canada, and guam are also exersising this on those dates. what will be the outcome of this? [and from another] NORTHCOM Plans 5 Day Martial Law Exercise [Sep 9] The United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) has just announced plans for an anti-terrorism exercise called Vigilant Shield 08. The exercise which is slated to run from October 15th to October 20th is described as a way to prepare, prevent and respond to any number of national crises. The exercise is simply a test case scenario for the implementation of martial law. Although the description of the exercise is disturbing, USNORTHCOM also announced that they are more prepared for a natural disaster and a terrorist attack after they used their response to Hurricane Katrina as a test laboratory. During Hurricane Katrina, authorities violated the constitutional rights of citizens by stealing people's firearms and even relocating people against their will. These announcements are incredibly disturbing on a number of levels as the nature of Vigilant Shield 08 and the admission that Hurricane Katrina was used as a test laboratory shows that the government is actively preparing the military and government institutions for martial law.

These exercises by NORTHCOM are not in support of any intention Bush has to declare himself Emperor and President for Life, via his many Executive Orders. Bush has attempted this several times, and has had the riot act read to him by those in charge of NORTHCOM. Go back to the days after Katrina and see his long face for evidence of this. NORTHCOM has certainly noted the problems with bridges crossing the Mississippi in Minneapolis and Memphis. They are aware of the threat of earthquakes in the US, a fact making the USGS frantic. They simply do not know what the public will do, if faced with massive disaster, beyond what the local emergency management teams can handle. During Katrina, the military was very helpful but was called in late. They don't intend to have this happen again!

Will Zero Emissions Vehicles continue to work after the pole shift as long as there is a power source handy?

We have described the state of affairs after the pole shift, when the grid will be down and not be repaired due to the lack of replacement parts, skilled labor, and time to attend to such matters. Taking care of the injured and feeding the starving will concern those of good heart, and those wanting to be opportunists will not find those they can intimidate able to do anything in any case. Roads will be torn up, landing strips too, fuel burned up due to shattered infrastructure or fractured pools in the ground set afire. Alternative means such as wood gas or wind or water mills will only go so far, and will not sustain more than a few lights in a survival community. High tech, as we have endlessly stated, will come from alien visitors, ourselves the Zetas and our Zeta/human hybrids, but not from the hands of man. Those humans who are of good heart and free from the threat of takeover by humans who are Service-to-Self will find aliens contacting them and assisting them. Their lifestyle can be as ours, high tech. Thus, we hope you can see from our descriptions, that "zero emissions vehicles" is not the issue. CO2 will be rampant, due to volcanic eruptions. Please read the Pole Shift section to get an overview on the matter.

On the rumored Bin Laden Trade. It is a very large options contract that wagers some market indexes will drop significantly by mid september 2007. What makes this transaction so unusual is that it is a big risk for alot of money, and it is a similar financial move made prior to the 9/11 attack in NY, hence dubbed the Bin Laden trade. Speculation on this financial move is manyfold, but it is believed few have the financial clout to for this maneuver & many think it is based on insider information. Would the zetas please comment on this transaction and what event has prompted this trader to wager on such a drop in the market.

The bottom line is in this put option that if the markets go up, they lose a huge amount of money. If the markets go down, there are varying profits to be made. Even for billionaires, who might have lost heavily in the hedge fund losses due to the housing bubble bust, this is a high risk. Gamblers, however, often invest good money after bad after a loss, as this is part of their compulsion - to win at all costs, risking all. The assumption is that the markets will play out as they have historically done. It is logical for a disaster as large as the recent housing bubble bust to have repercussions for many months, as the effect ripples through the economy. The US construction industry was booming due to all the potential mortgage holders given credit when they did not qualify. Now these companies are distressed, and layoffs are occurring. Industries supplying the construction industry are having orders canceled. And the US public, during this credit squeeze and hearing the horror stories about defaulting home loans from friends and co-workers, are more cautious about spending at all, on anything. Logically, the markets would continue to flounder.

Is there more to this, as speculated? Is insider knowledge of something happenstance to take place in September at work here, something that would drop the markets like a stone? Indeed as suspected there is insider knowledge, but not on any factors of which the public is not already aware.

As anyone following the news can determine, the tit for tat games the Bush administration is playing with China have continued, Bush kicking the dragon, betting that the Puppet Master will not allow China to bring the US down too quickly, as the Puppet Master does not want bank failures. But what is the limit of the Puppet Master's rage against his errant Puppets, Bush and Cheney? How precipitous a drop is to be allowed? The Puppet Master does not care about some loan companies washing out, as over a hundred have done during this housing bubble bust. The banks are holding without failures. The Puppet Master does not care about a slowing US economy, as his interests are worldwide and he is aware that the economies will go belly up during the pole shift in any case. Ultimate ownership, and an unbroken link to the Puppet Master as owner, is his concern. The banks hold the debtor/creditor relationships, the links to the Puppet Master as ultimate owner, and this has not been broken. Thus, someone with inside knowledge on the Puppet Master's rage, and orders to punish the Bush administration, could surmise with accuracy that China will be allowed to slam Bush, using the dollar as a weapon. This is indeed in the plans, in the works, but how this plays out in the markets is subject to many factors, and is in the hands of man. Thus, our predictions cannot be assumed to be accurate, as man is allowed free will in these matters.

Five killed in Shershah bridge collapse [Sep 5] At least five persons were killed and several people were injured when a portion of newly inaugurated Shershah Northern bypass bridge connecting to Hub River caved in at Paracha Chowk of Karachi. The authorities fear that the death toll could rise. The rest of the bridge has also developed serious cracks and it is feared that it would also collapse. Nazim Karachi Mustafa Kamal has said that NHA had constructed the bridge and a probe would be held to ascertain the real cause of the bridge collapse. President Musharraf had inaugurated the bridge last month. According to sources NHA and FWO had constructed the bridge for heavy traffic.

There has been ample evidence that the Indio/Australian plate is moving, pushing under the Himalayas and sinking India as it does so. Since this plate loosened during the great December 26, 2004 Sumatra quake, there have been reports of high water along India's eastern shores, beyond what any rising sea level would produce. What happens when one plate moves while the neighboring plate remains? A rip, affecting any bridges or rail lines or structures with a footing on both sides of this rip. Such rips affect more than just the immediate area, as the stress is transferred to either side, weak points giving and strong points holding. Since the cover-up over the presence of Planet X forbids any discussion of how the plates are moving these days, some faulty construction issue will be put forth as the cause. But as with the Minneapolis and Memphis bridge problems, the engineers will find no problem to account for the collapse.

Concerning Blackwater making purchases of military type planes in south America, it is inconcievable that they would have a legitemate legal use for one, and I cannot imagine that they would be intended for use in the Middle East. What is Blackwater's intention with it's newly sought airpower?

Blackwater is operating on what might be popularly called the Dark Side - Cheney and Rumsfeld and the Bush family and their close associates. Even before the US military began to resist, to rebel, they were funding special operations via Blackwater and their ilk, as there was zero oversight and lots of funds. Due to the Congress switching to Democratic hands, there is now more oversight, or the threat of this, and war profiteering and the building up of private armies for those in the White House is feared to be next. This is an area that has not had Congressional oversight, and it is begging for it. Thus, to avoid scrutiny, or so they hope, they went shopping in odd places!

Nancy It seems that Bush and General Petraeus are talking about troop reductions, with the general taking the position against immediate troop withdrawal. British troops as well are being removed from Iraq. Is this the beginning of the reduction of US military forces in Iraq, or are they still just going through the motions? [and from another] GAO skeptical that Iraq security can last [Sep 5] As Congress opened a monthlong showdown with President Bush over Iraq, Senate war critics on Tuesday demanded evidence that the security improvements claimed by the White House could be sustained once American forces hand off the task of maintaining order to Iraqi military units. The GAO report found that of 18 designated benchmarks set out for Iraqi leaders last year, the country has met three, partially met four and failed to meet 11. The agency's findings that benchmarks had not been met were widely reported last week. [and from another] Time to Head to Congress [Sep 4] The top military general in Iraq hinted that next week's much-anticipated report on the status of the troop surge in Iraq would include a recommendation for troop reduction in March, if not sooner, to avoid a strain on the Army.

Bush intends to stall, as he has in the past, hoping now to push any determination to the spring. What he hopes for is some breakthrough on the many fronts where he has been trying to incite a war with Iran, martial law within the US, and some sort of fantasy about the world finally embracing him as the ruler of the new world. That he is failing on all fronts, has been failing for quite a while, and is being blocked effectively has not sunk in. Petraeus knows the military presence cannot be sustained, as the military is already broken. He knows that a draft will not be called, as the Democratic Congress would never support it. He placates Bush and this is one of the major reasons he is being replaced. In view of the faltering economy, more economic indicators not yet in the news, more earth changes devastating the economy and crop shortages, Bush's delusional plans are not even remotely possible or sustainable. We anticipate an aggressive Congress, more military resistance and more talk about Bush's mental state in the forthcoming weeks. This is all in the hands of man, but this is the trend we anticipate.