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ZetaTalk: Perfect Body
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

A long life, stopping or slowing the aging process or even attaining immortality is much sought after by humans. Humans would also love to modify themselves so they can eat endlessly and not gain weight, or have prolonged sexual intercourse until they tire of sexual climax, or have all the physical characteristics that constitute attractiveness between the sexes, or have athletic prowess and metal acuity, and while we're at it, not go bald. However, this does not assist in the spiritual growth of the individual, which is the aim of incarnations. What lessons are to be learned if one is never presented with problems? What painful adjustments must be made? We have stated that immature entities require incarnations in order to develop spiritually, and without incarnations this process at this point in their development goes much more slowly. Likewise, without hardship, the incarnations teach little.

It is not by accident that entities are incarnated in 3rd Density into deformed bodies, or mentally retarded bodies, or ugly bodies. Nor is it by accident that the mix of physical disabilities in a family does not result in harmony. The father, anticipating an athletic son, gets instead one clumsy and given to baby fat that seems never to melt. The mother, hoping for a daughter to be her companion, gets instead one feisty and rebellious. The brother, wanting never to have to share his toys or parent's attention, finds he has a number of younger siblings and is torn between being insensitive to them and having his way. How do we move toward Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self in these situations? This is the lesson of 3rd Density, and if all were perfect people, lessons would only be learned when there is not enough to go around.

Similarly, in 4th Density, there are continuing lessons, aiming toward perfecting the entity's skills at operating within the chosen orientation. And likewise, a perfect body delays the desired spiritual growth. The physical changes being genetically engineered into a proper physical body for 4th Density Service-to- Others existence are not aimed, therefore, at creating a perfect body. They are aimed at the top priority aspects - these being intelligence toward the 300 IQ level, telepathy to allow complete understanding of the other, longevity to approximately a span of 400 years per lifetime, and body parts to sustain the physical existence. These body parts are, for the hominoid, a digestive tract, reproductive organs, limbs and digits, and sensory organs.

Imperfections will exist, as they are concomitant with life and genetic complexity. These imperfections are looked upon, when they occur, not as a curse but as an opportunity not only to work at eliminating the imperfections, but as an opportunity to love and support the entity so afflicted.

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