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ZetaTalk: Moses
Note: written on Jan 15, 2001.

The story of Moses is written almost with complete accuracy in that the Jews were forbidden to lie in anything they put into print and the story in many cases is bolstered by Egyptian writers who were recording the cataclysms that struck Egypt at the same time. Velikovsky did a good job pointing this out. So was Moses lying when he said he had a guide? He went to the mountain top. He prayed fervently for guidance. He had a large charge in the number of people he felt responsible for. He was in desperate need to get them to safety as they left Egypt, knowing the retaliation that would come to escaping slaves, and his heart was in this throat the whole time. Needless to say, a man of this quality, who gave this Call, was given Spirit Guides who responded to him. There’s been a lot of discussion about why the Red Sea separated and how he could have found his way.

What was the pillar of fire? In fact, there was a space ship with a light pointing down, showing him where to go. This was a time of great darkness, in which they were stumbling over rock. In many cases, because of the earthquakes, new rocks with very sharp edges had been tossed, and the old paths were no longer walkable. So they were stumbling and climbing and it was important to lead the lame and the small children, the cattle and sheep in tow, and perhaps an ox cart - to find a path where they all could flow over and struggle forward and not find that they were faced with a cliff or huge boulders that they would have to climb over. So the light was directing which way to go as they approached. In the past, ZetaTalk was unable to explain the degree to which Spirit Guides and visitors could assist humans during times of trouble, so as not to interfere with the sense that humans in 3rd Density are to have that responsibility for their life is in their hands, and that they will not be rescued by parent figures or those they might consider gods. We, the Zetas, sought and were given special permission from the Council of Worlds to detail how Noah and Moses were assisted, as it was deemed that ZetaTalk has a following that is already taking responsibility for the path their lives will take, in the main.

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