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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 11, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Dow Sinks 387 on Renewed Credit Concerns [Aug 9] Wall Street's deepening fears about a spreading credit crunch sent stocks plunging again Thursday, with the Dow Jones industrials extending their series of triple-digit swings and falling more than 380 points. The catalyst for the market's latest skid: a French bank's announcement that it was freezing three funds that invested in U.S. subprime mortgages. [and from another] Stocks End Mixed After Raucous Week [Aug 10] The stock market, which has been gyrating for weeks over fears that credit is drying up, pared its losses after the Fed's injections of cash and following morning comments from the central bank that it would do all it can to "facilitate the orderly functioning of financial markets." The steep declines seen at times during the session and persistent volatility, however, showed the depths of fear that had some investors yanking money out of stocks. The Fed added $19 billion in liquidity to the market Friday morning, then another $16 billion and, finally, $3 billion.

We mentioned just a week ago that the Puppet Master would not allow the economy to slide too far, and the infusions of cash from central banks in the US and especially in Europe have proved us correct. What will the effect be on the economy, as thousands of foreclosures and hundreds of bankruptcies in the mortgage industry will certainly have an impact. As we have stated, to ride out a depression one simply pretends that those who are bankrupt are solvent. A shell game ensues, with what is on paper a pretense and reality kicked under the rug. Certainly unemployment will rise. Certainly homelessness will increase. But the establishment expects the unemployed and homeless to move in with relatives or live in their cars or line up at soup kitchens. The main issue, in their eyes, it to keep the pretense up. The economy is doing fine! A false value has been and will be put on the stocks in the stock market and on real estate. Thus value will be retained, it's just that the worthless stocks and over priced real estate can't be sold!

Is it possible for the Zetas to explain what the story behind the latest foot and mouth outbreak in the UK is?

The outbreak has been traced to a lab, germs released. When this type of incident occurs, everyone thinks of massive conspiracy, a desire in the establishment to have the populace starve, or perhaps a rival country trying to punish Britain or some form of terrorism. What is not considered is that individual people go quietly insane, seeing the Earth changes and the way these are ignored by the media and their leaders in the government. Britain has just dealt with record floods, and this after tornadoes and record storms have been assaulting the islands increasingly over the past couple years. No end in sight! And no honesty from the government about the cause and where this is leading. The public does not believe this is Global Warming, as it is not logical. Trail derailments are not caused by Global Warming, for instance. Thus many go quietly insane, and take steps that are harmful to themselves or others. Anger and despair is at the base of such actions. An individual released the gern, and this individual is still in a position to repeat the act.

The Zetas have stated that Ron Paul will not be elected as the majority of voters consider him to be a fringe candidate. It seems to me that Dr. Paul handily wins every single debate and his popularity grows, but he is then stifled, deleted and ignored by the Puppet Master controlled media. He appears straightforward, honest and genuinely willing to try and solve problems and comes across as very appealing to a country weary of scandal, lies, self dealing, crimes, corruption and the like that seems to be the hallmark of all American politics and politicians these days . I would assume that the MSM and by extension the Puppet Master's antipathy towards him stems in part to Dr. Paul not being controllable in general and his opposition to the Federal reserve and banking empires, specifically. Given the Puppet Master's desire to only have candidates that are acceptable to him to be in the top tier, per the Zetas, is there any chance of a truly independent candidate that is willing to step up address the forthcoming issues that we will very soon face, again assuming as the Zetas state that there will even be another election and President before the shift? Is the risk of a truly independent thinker in the White House something to be avoided at all costs by the Puppet Master at this critical juncture? Apart from Pelosi, are there any strong Service-to-Other candidates that the Zetas see as having a chance?

Ron Paul is indeed unacceptible to the Puppet Master, but even with that put aside he would not get the nomination. He has a fan club, an aggressive Internet fan club, but in independent polling of the man on the street is not mentioned that often. He speaks of extreme steps, and in uncertain times the common man gets nervous at talk like this. The insecure want more stability, not less. Talk of taxing the rich to help the poor would not cause unease, as the rich are clearly doing well and will survive. Talk of ending the war in Iraq does not cause unease, as it is instead correcting a mis-step by Bush. But talk of ending the income tax seems extreme. Thus, it matters not that Ron Paul gets slighted by the media, as in the end, he would not win the primary!

The Zetas have mentioned that it is best to be subtle and low key in dealing with friends and family members regarding Planet X and the coming Earth Changes. Many have tried this approach with success being somewhat mixed. I agree that low key is best but overall the progress at this point in time towards awakening people to what lies ahead seems modest to me, at least based on my own experience and observations. People are aware that something is up for sure, but to try and get them to connect the dots is hard. Do the zetas have any additional suggestions? Wait until the earth changes really kick in or press ahead now?

We are endlessly asked this type of question. Our advice has been to not press those in denial, but lay out your case, stressing Earth changes in the past that cannot be denied, or perhaps the Jewish Exodus mentioned in the Bible as an example of the last pole shift. Geological changes in the Earth, with the oceans of the globe dropping, universally, 16-20 feet 3,600 years ago, a fact not argued by scientists, or the demise of the last of the mammoths an estimated 3,500-3,800 years ago as some examples of facts. Be sure to mention what one is to do about the situation, steps that one can take to survive and live afterwards, as even if the arguments are being dismissed, the subconscious records this. When the Earth changes pick up, undeniable evidence of a pending passage, those who can deal with reality will come to you to discuss the matter. Those who cannot will go deeper into denial, and there is nothing you can do about this. Pressing those who are frightened by the message only increases denial. Be low-key.

Can the zetas comment on China's threat to dump the dollar this week? Are they tired of holding a depreciating asset with all of this market upheaval? [and from another] China Threatens 'Nuclear Option' of Dollar Sales [Aug 8] The Chinese government has begun a concerted campaign of economic threats against the United States, hinting that it may liquidate its vast holding of US treasuries if Washington imposes trade sanctions to force a yuan revaluation. Two officials at leading Communist Party bodies have given interviews in recent days warning - for the first time - that Beijing may use its $1.33 trillion of foreign reserves as a political weapon to counter pressure from the US Congress. Shifts in Chinese policy are often announced through key think tanks and academies. Described as China's "nuclear option" in the state media, such action could trigger a dollar crash at a time when the US currency is already breaking down through historic support levels. It would also cause a spike in US bond yields, hammering the US housing market and perhaps tipping the economy into recession. It is estimated that China holds over $900 billion in a mix of US bonds.

China is being squeezed by Congress, not the White House. Where the White House has been playing games with finger pointing and accusations of unsafe products, and where it has loudly declared that China should unhitch the yuan from the dollar, it was not about to make any moves. All that had gone on before could be considered a polite argument, mild threats. But to impose trade restrictions would be to take profits from the Chinese, who are losing on the US bonds they've purchased and by having to accept payment for their goods in the US dollars. Their compensation has been the trade imbalance, where their goods have a ready market in the US. Take that away, and they are the losers, the White House the winners, fair trade out the window. What will come of this threat from Congress? Since China has announced its intentions, should trade restrictions be imposed, those in Congress thinking of passing a bill to squeeze China will have many back room meetings where the facts of life are explained to them.

Police Deployed In Response To Unverified Radiological Threat [Aug 10] Police, fire and EMT teams have been deployed around the New York City tonight in response to unverified reports of a radiological threat. Authorities stress that the threat is unconfirmed and that the city's terror alert status remained unchanged. Nevertheless, police say that they have deployed a battery of radiological sensors, including vehicle and helicopter-mounted devices, as a precautionary measure. Authorities are also examining vehicles at checkpoints in Lower Manhattan and selected Manhattan entry points.

We mentioned, when asked to comment on Chertoff's gut feelings about terrorism in the US this summer, that there were plans afoot to claim an actual attack had occurred, when one had not. The Bush White House is frustrated in not being able to create false terrorism in the US, which has been attempted literally hundreds of times. They are being blocked, not only by ourselves and the humans who work directly with us, those in the former MJ12 who went with us after MJ12 was dissolved due to the Bush/Cheney theft of the 2000 election, but also by many humans in the US and state agencies, who are aware of what the White House is up to and counter them. The White House is desperate to declare martial law, to have Bush as dictator reinstate the draft and imprison his political enemies. They have been frustrated in their attempts to declare martial law and invade or bomb Iran also, as these orders have been given numerous times. But what if they could announce that a terror attack had been successful! Would benign aliens and humans working against these Bush plots counter the lies? The public would panic, rioting would start, and the US could slide into Martial Law like a pad of butter sliding across a hot griddle, or so they hope. The New York City dirty bomb threat was such an attempt. That the announcement of chatter detailing the threat was overheard by an Israeli source should not be a surprise, as they were players in this game. What was to happen was an announcement that a dirty bomb had been discovered in a van, with the poor city of New York agast that it came so close to being struck, once again, by terrorists. What went wrong with the plan? As we have stated numerous times, if the thought resides in someone's head, we pick it up, as we are telepathic. We advise our human teammates, they advise their human contacts in the federal agencies, and the group planning to make false claims were then detained. Once the public had been reassured, and the area searched to no avail, such a false claim could not be made. It would be quickly countered by the teams already in place, checking the area. Those who were cooperating with the White House, poised to make false announcements, will not be allowed to return to their positions of authority. What will become of them is in the hands of man, but we can tell you it won't be pleasant, as their fate is intended to send a message to others contemplating the same path. This is considered war, a war for the future of the democracy called the United States, with the very real threat the White House poses not taken lightly.

What do Zetas recommended for the minimum safe distance away from nuclear power plants and nuclear waste sites, to be safe during and after the pole shit? How far does soil contamination from radioactive material reach?

These are variables impossible to put into general guidelines. One power station might have operators who close it down, rendering the station inoperable but likewise safe for the neighborhood. Yet another such station might find the controls breached by earthquakes. Yet another station might be left in operation by operators who panic and flee, such that cracks allow the station to become another Chernobyl. Yet other variables are the size of power stations, how much nuclear material they enclose, and the drift of winds and flow of water which would carry radioactive material. Look at Chernobyl, which contaminated even Sweden by dust, which wafted over many countries. You must thus analyze your own situation and make your own determination. Not being downwind, and above any water flow, would be the best start.

How far from the truth is the number of U.S. armed forces casualties in Iraq?

It has been rumored that non-citizens who enlist are not counted, as they are not truly citizens, and this is true. It is also true that contractors are not listed, and if their families wish to go to the media, they are threatened with loss of compensation. Considering those working for the US or their allies in Iraq, there are over 100,000 dead, with most bodies buried on site and not returned to their families. The extent of death among the Iraqi, who are almost exclusively innocents invaded and caught in the cross fire, almost a million.

Seismic Activity Stops Mine Rescue Try [Aug 7] Seismic activity has totally shut down efforts to reach six miners trapped below ground and has wiped out all the work done in the past day. Rescue crews are drilling two holes into the mountain in an effort to communicate with the miners-provided they are still alive. Meanwhile, unstable conditions below ground have thwarted rescuers' efforts to break through to the miners, who have been trapped 1,500 feet below the surface for nearly two days. But government seismologists have said the pattern of ground-shaking picked up by their instruments around the time of the accident Monday appeared to have been caused not by an earthquake, but by the cave-in itself.

We are often asked how to determine safety in mountain building areas. Should one stand on a peak, or seek shelter in a valley? This is not a simplistic matter, and it is impossible to state general guidelines or even to give advice for a particular area. Hidden weak spots in the rock layers below might exist, undetectable even for ourselves, the Zetas, and suddenly allow a cave-in or shift. This is what occurred at the Crandall Canyon mine. The great salt flats in Utah show that they can withstand buckling, and have done so through several pole shifts. Mountain ranges in the western US are termed new mountains as their edges are sharp rock, showing recent fracturing. Rock layers that are compressed, in the compression zone, will do one of two things. If hard enough, they will remain as flat land, as the salt flats have done, forcing the compression onto the surrounding areas. If able to be fractured, the weak link, they will fracture and throw portions of the layer up on top of other parts of the layer, thus creating mountains from flat land. Crandall Canyon lies to the east of the Great Salt Lake Desert, and passes on any stress created due to the bowing of land in the southwest we have predicted to the mountains to the east of these salt flats. The weak link gives. The New Madrid Fault adjustments we have predicted to occur soon will not just suddenly happen one day. They will be preceded by minor adjustments in the stressed rock. Weak points snap, one after the other, until such minor adjustments no longer suffice. The bridge collapse in Minneapolis, and this mine cave-in, are just a small preview of what is to come!

If Americans really wanted to catch Osama, rather than keep him around as a boogeyman, as a final victory for Bush in '08 until the new Democratic President changes the standing orders, is the Council still blocking his capture?

We never stated that the Council of Worlds is protecting Bin Ladin, and this is not the case. Certainly, with the number of videos put out claiming to be from Bin Ladin, his death could be faked. Saddam and his sons were faked, on TV endlessly day after day, all with a nose too broad to be Saddam and crooked teeth where Saddam had perfect teeth! What is stopping Bush from announcing Bin Ladin's death? He stands as an excuse to rush troops into Afghanistan, protecting the oil pipelines that come down from Russian territory. This was the reason for suddenly invading Afghanistan in the first place, and allowing Bin Ladin to escape. He will be "found" if it appears they are about to be pushed out of Afghanistan. But the weary US Military might not go along with the game by that time.

Are Edwards and Kucinich star children?

Kucinich is an old soul, but neither are Star Children.

I have a question about the Contactee thing. Lately I have had a series of out of body experiences and it seems there were aliens involved in this, they were using some kind of machine to create this out of body thing to happen. It felt artificial. During one of these experiences I could se beings around my bed and they adjusting my physical body as I left it. In other words I could see and feel while being aware. ZetaTalk tells about rules and interference. And things are not recorded in the consciousness only sub consciousness. As people gets more aware, more cool about the alien subject, will this involve these kinds of experiences where the contactee is more and more aware during visitations. Is this what contactees are experiencing or in general can expect to experience in the future?

Contactee recall varies, as some are ready for recall, not alarmed or anxious, right after the visitation, while others can have years of contact and resist recall despite professional help from a hypnotist. It is likewise true that contactees can misunderstand what occurs during their visits, as they are in a strange situation with few familiar bearings. OOB is never encouraged, as it is considered skipping out of school, trying to evade the life lessons for the incarnation. However, OOB often occurs when the soul and body are highly anxious, which accounts for the strong association of OOB recall after an accident or in surgery, when the soul assumes the body may be dying. OOB happens during torture, during extreme anxiety, as Nancy can confirm as her first OOB occurred when she was being tortured by MJ12 in the early days of her engagement with them. Thus, during visitations, you are going OOB and then returning to your body later. Your body experiences the contact, your soul hangs around and gets all the info at the same time. Any machine you perceive is probably a device to help you relax, which unfortunately does not seem to be working. Relax! You've not been hurt to date. Take that as a sign.

Does man possess race-based weapons? Would the Council of Worlds block attempts to use them?

We presume you are talking about bio-engineered weapons, where one race is targeted due to their common genetics. AIDS was such a weapon, intended to eliminate the black race as this race is more succeptible to infection from AIDS than whites. Beyond that, there have been no successes among those in labs plotting such weapons.

Two recent crop circles in Germany on July 25, 2007 in Lower Saxony and on July 28, 2007 in Bavaria have a common theme - a larger ball or impression on the right, a smaller ball or impression on the left.

We have stated that as Planet X proceeds in its 270° roll, pointing its N Pole increasingly toward Earth, that the Earth will put distance between itself and Planet X, as much as possible. This will push the Earth to the left, with its N Pole leaning to the left, to escape the hose of magnetic particles coming from the N Pole of Planet X. Eventually, this distance will place the planets in the arrangement we have described as the ZetaTalk Triangle. What is the relative strength of the magnetic fields involved as this point is approached? At present, the Earth is the lesser influence. Planet X is at least twice as strong a magnetic field, at its current distance. And the Sun is the dominant influence, by far, over both planets.

What are the "dragon fly" dones reported in california?

This supposed photo of a ship with drooping legs is a fraud. Though carefully photo shopped, there are several strong and immediate clues. Is this ship different from the dozens of real videos taken when crowds of people are seeing UFO's in their night sky? Has a UFO with drooping apendages ever been sighted, before? The second clue is the detail, how close the camera is to the object. Again, never before. Third, where are the witnesses? UFO sightings can be individual, but when a good video or photo is allowed to be captured, almost invariably there is a crowd. And last, who stands to gain? Many contactees long for conscious contact, long for the day when discussion on whether man is alone or not are out in the open, as clearly the issue has been settled! We have long again explained that the Element of Doubt needs to be maintained until a particular individual, family, community, or country is ready for confirmation. Thus, UFO blitzes are glowing orbs in patterns seen by many. Those who would go insane with the realization that man is being visited by beings from other worlds can cling to the notion of air balloons or air plane lights. Those ready can get excited about contact. How would one go into denial with the dangling drone? Thus, it is those who wish to frighten man back into compliance with their human masters who are foisting this fraud on you. Don't buy it!

I looked up on Zetatalk and found some references to al Qaeda. but ask, are they as real and threatening as most media says, or are they more of a Government made-up boogyman, made out to be the main bad guy of all the terrorist groups, the US is fighting around the world?

The Arabs have always been fractional, basically tribal until united into a country by a dictator. Even then, they fracture easily within the country. This is due in the main to the geography in which they live, where sustenance can be gotten at a watering hole, an oasis, so fighting over such assets is indigenous. Enter Israel, pushing out the Palestinians in 1948, and not being polite about it either. The reaction was to fight as they had for eons with each other, throwing stones if need be and doing so for honor. When Israel wanted more land, they squeezed their neighbors and then blamed them for the fight that ensured. Not a long stretch to create Iraq, with Saddam an asset of George Herbert Bush and his associates such as Rumsfeld, to be removed when it suited them. This Bush crowd has demonized the Arab reaction to being attacked, and correctly analyzed that they could invade country after country in the Middle East if they kept it up. Thus you have the Golden Mosque bombed by the US, the Sunni now being armed to continue their insurgency, and lies about Iran. All part of the plan, as the plan is to divide and conquer. Yes there is a group called al Qaeda, but there are also dozens of other groups just as fierce! They are just the current boogyman.

Do the zetas know what I can do for Erectile Dysfunction? Maybe they've answered this before?

This obsession of men has been on the rise lately, as stress has been on the rise. A healthy body reacts to sexual stimuli. But clearly nature never intended man to be in the sex act when danger threatened, as then progeny would not result. A distracted couple would be eaten, is the logic, so would not procreate. There are other bodily functions that accompany fright or a threatening situation that prove problematic for modern man. An acid stomach, designed to quickly digest food content for quick energy in an emergency. High blood pressure, designed to allow an injured human to escape despite blood loss. Tense muscles, designed to react quickly should the human need to climb a tree or throw a rock. All these produce stress diseases in modern man. If you want to solve your ED, look to your life style, examine your worries, and take the necessary steps to put yourself at peace.

Does the president always know the current location of Planet X?

Bush always asks, but is given a simplistic answer. He is told it does not seem to be moving very fast, and is in approximately the same place. You, attending the weekly chats, have more information than he does, as he is not considered a mental heavy weight and his handlers don't want him in a panic. He fears not invoking martial law soon enough, before the time when true emergencies are rampant. He fears being pushed aside, as irrelevant, by those recognizing the real threat and ignoring his claims. Thus, if he were to have enough information to be able to figure out, logically, when Planet X might be causing the 3 days of darkness, he would be drunk and frantic and frankly insane, or so his handlers fear. Thus, he is kept ignorant of the details.

Do the Zeta's have any advice on how to desalinate sea-water more simply than is done today, instead of using the distillation technique. Is there any cheap and easy way? And also, with the lack of drinkable wate, especially after the shift, are the ETs removing and storing any clean water, especially from the melting ice-caps and poles? Probably been asked before, but just like to know.

There are many islands or desert areas abutting the ocean who would have discovered by sheer determination a cheaper and easire method if such was available to man. The answer is that someone who can heat a pool of salt water, and place a sheet of plastic over this pool to capture evaporation falling back into a bowl placed in that pool, has a drink. There are known techniques that the common man can rely upon. You may not be bathing, unless in the ocean, but you will have drinking water.

Meteors to streak skies this weekend ... rare and perhaps even more spectacular meteor shower called the Aurigids will also be visible briefly over Northern California skies [and from another] Is this meteor shower called the Aurigids or Fireball from Planet X?

Where red dust and debris are on the increase, when a scheduled meteor shower arrives, it is given great press so as to excuse what others have noticed, the increasingly red skies and fire balls.

Spent the evening with a close friend of mine whose buddy works at our local Observatory. Last night we spent hours talking space, stars, galaxy's and looking through every type of filter at the wonders of the universe and ya know what? No fucking Planet X any.

Your problem is that you were looking out into the skies at night. Planet X has been rounding the Sun since 2003, and is currently in the line of sight as those in the daytime gaze out toward the Sun. Please research before you attempt to debunk, as you've just make yourself looks foolish.

I am curious about the purpose of the 'research facility' being funded at South Dakota's Homestake Mine. Its funding is actually coming from the Defense Department's budget. Is this a Research Facility for the good, or is this some type of ploy? The area is near Rapid City, SD and would certainly be considered to be in the stretch zone and may become unstable.
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has chosen Homestake, a former gold mine in the Black Hills, near Lead, South Dakota, as the site for a multipurpose deep underground science and engineering laboratory. The proposal, chosen from a field of four finalists, was prepared by a multi-institutional collaboration of researchers and submitted to an NSF site selection panel through the University of California (UC) at Berkeley.

The Black Hills, as anyone watching the live seimsographs has noted, are very wobbly once a day - 12 hours on, 12 hours calm - when the presence of Planet X tugs on the South and North poles of Earth. We have stated that the ripping St. Lawrence Seaway ends at the Black Hills, and the tossed earth in that region attests to their participation in a ripping seaway. We pointed out that the collapsed Minneapolis bridge is on a line drawn from the mouth of the seaway, at Montreal, to the Black Hills. One need only look at the tossed earth in this region to realize that human beings should not be underground there. So what is the intent of this lab? The establishment has constructed numerous bunkers underground. This is no secret, as from Mt Weather on there have been leaks and revelations. This crowd would like to know what to guard against, and perhaps to practice putting up bracing at the Black Hills to see how this fares. Since they are looking at something that has long since settled since last being tossed, they will not see what they should be looking for.

Do you see the infrastructure crumbling soon, economicaly, so we would be forced into a bartering system? Like what kind of level are we at, is it almost so severe that we will go to the barter system before year 2007 ends or withen the first couple months of 2008?

We have stated that mankind will move to the barter system as paper money proves to be worthless. In some areas, the rich will still be trying to force paper money or the value they place on their assets such as jewelry long after the pole shift, but survivors won't be buying. In other areas, moving to the barter system will happen quickly when they cannot withdrawn paper money from savings accounts. In some parts of the world, the barter system is the norm! Thus it depends on many variables.

If the Zetas won't give a timeframe of when the pole shift will occur, why did they say it will happen before 2012? Won't this make the establishment gear up sooner?

The establishment thought it was going to happen in 2003, and was braced for this. What has occurred since then has been deterioration of their plans, their preparations. Iraq was just freshly invaded, and the military fresh enough that an invasion on Iran and Saudi Arabia would have been possible. Now look! Bush is on the ropes and withdrawal is certain. Thus is it not gearing up that is the worry, it is more the state of deterioration that should be watched. We have predicted that the establishment will be ignored when the earth changes really ramp up, regardless of their preparation. They will be running for their bunkers, very fearful for their own survival.