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Salt Flats
Note: written on Jun 15, 1997. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Many factors go into what constitutes a safe place during a pole shift. Mountains may ride over flat land abutting the mountain range, but if the plates are being pulled apart or sliding past each other, this will not occur. Land is affected by the plate it rides upon, and if that plate is forced under another, the land may lose sea level and become submerged. Likewise if the plate is forced to ride atop another under pressure, the land may gain in sea level. All coastal areas will be subject to sloshing water, but some coastal areas will be the safest due to hot land or violent earthquakes, in which case going out to sea in boats may be the best chance of survival. Gently rolling hills may afford good protection from the hurricane force winds, but where the hills are composed of lose soil that will shift unpredictably or slide, it may be safer out in the open lying flat.

Many contactees have visions about the Salt Flats in the western US, old sea beds pushed high as the west coast of the US has been pushed up and over plates to the west. Such lake beds will surely be soured by the hurricane winds, and the hard flat earth does not invite burrows. These lake beds are surrounded by hills and mountains, many with ravines clearly created when water rushed into the lake beds at some distant point. The land is dry and hard, formed into rock in most places, and inhospitable. It is permeated with salt, a former ocean bed, and is useless for agriculture. However, the Salt Flats have one advantage during the coming pole shift - the land will not buckle. The Salt Flats have lasted over the eons, through various pole shifts as severe as the pending shift, because they are glued to the same plate as the surrounding mountains, and they will not move or buckle.

Thus, if dome shaped structures can be fixed to the lake beds, so that hurricane winds pass over them, this will be an extremely safe area.

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