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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written July 14, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

There has been an announcement this week regarding the first planet found outside of our solar system with water. Is this more build-up to a possible Planet X announcement or an attempt to confuse the public once knowledge of Planet X becomes more widespread?

The trend has been steady in NASA announcements. Go back 5 years and they were denying that life elsewhere was possible, or something close to that stance. Now we have life bearing planets being discovered, repeatedly in the news. They don't want to be left in the dust, as major media is being directed by the Puppet Master to declare the alien presence real and not at all that unfriendly! This trend has been put into place for several reasons. One is that the establishment has lost the campaign to convince the public not to get curious about or huggy with aliens. Contactees are on the increase and out of control. Second, the elite have not been able to arrange a safe shelter for themselves on Mars or the Moon, as promised by Service-to-Self aliens whom they met within the auspices of MJ12. Realizing that they are stuck on Earth, they are hoping for help from Service-to-Other aliens who are talking about helping Service-to-Other communities of humans. The sooner we all get friendly with these Service-to-Other aliens, is the logic, the better the chances of getting aid. And finally, mass sightings are on the increase and we have promised that sightings of alien bodies is next, being caught on video and film. Won't NASA look foolish just starting to admit that life bearing planets exist after the fact!

Is the recent sinkhole in Mexico City an effect of the stretch zone? I assume that it is based on reports on its size and appearance. [and from another] Massive Sinkhole Opens in Mexico City [July 9] Even in a city where historic buildings regularly lean, crack, collapse or sink below sidewalk level due to excessive water extraction and unstable soil, the 45-foot-deep sinkhole - which measures about 15 yards in diameter - came as a shock.

We have mentioned that N America is being bowed and pulled on a diagonal, and at some point large quakes along the New Madrid will occur. Mexico is being pulled to the West, while New England is being pulled to the East. In addition, the West Coast is being pulled into a bow near the Southern California area, which will create cracks in the Arizona area. The recent sinkhole in Mexico is only more evidence of this.

Is team Bush still planning on trying more false flag terror? Chertoff has a "gut feeling" about terror attacks as does Rick Santorum. It amazes me that this group still is trying the same approach to false terror that has not been allowed hundreds of times, per the Zetas. Is this due to Congress openly considering impeachment of Bush now as many, including Senator Boxer openly are discussing this? [and from another] White House, FBI Agents Race to Disrupt 'Summer of '07' Threat [July 11] Whitehouse Senior law enforcement officials said today that the growing signs of a "Summer of '07" terror attack on the U.S. have led the FBI to dispatch dozens of agents to track down new leads across the country. The threat has also led the White House to begin a weekly meeting of senior law enforcement and intelligence officials. [and from another] Chertoff Bases Warning of Terror Risk on 'Gut Feeling' [July 11] Fearing complacency among the American people over possible terror threats, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said in Chicago on Tuesday that the nation faces a heightened chance of an attack this summer. Still, Chertoff said there are not enough indications of an imminent plot to raise the current threat levels nationwide. And he indicated his remarks were based on "a gut feeling" formed by past seasonal patterns of terrorist attacks, recent al-Qaida statements, and intelligence he did not disclose.

We have stated that the Council of Worlds has allowed an exception on the Rule of Non-Interference, allowing ourselves and our brethren in the Service-to-Other to interfere with the Bush White House plans to create terrorism within the US as an excuse to invoke martial law and continue the Bush occupation of Iraq. This has proved true since 911, and has even been extended to the UK recently. Given that, why are Chertoff and the White House promoting the expectation that terrorist attacks will occur in the US? They are clearly planning something, with the anticipation that this time, they will succeed. Since we have stopped literally hundreds of attempts, including dirty bombs in large cities within the US, they know they cannot actually cause a faked terrorist attack. But they can claim it occurred! Or so they think. In the past, the only thing they have been able to trot out before the public have been interrupted plans, and these pathetic groups of young men who were supplied with guns by the FBI. It was clear to the public that these yahoos did not pose a threat, and were only a possible threat because of the help they were getting from the FBI! Since none of this impressed the public, and since the UK has recently failed as a false flag operation site, what to do? The answer the White House has come up with is to claim an actual terror attack, complete with government reports and faked evidence to support the claim, and have this much on the news. Will this work? Hardly. Can they claim bioterrorism, when there are no bodies, no quarantine, no hospital wings assigned to the stricken? Can they claim a dirty nuke when there is no radioactivity and no explosion? Can they claim an attempt to throw a city into chaos by throwing a switch to create a blackout, when such stress on the grid occurs regularly during the heat of summer? Such attempts will only convince the public that terrorism is, and has been, faked by those in the White House, creating a furious lashback. It will not be the media leading the backlash, but public disgruntlement and disbelief registering in the polls that will show this result.

What are your thoughts about the "fire the grid" project on July 17?

This effort is all to the good, but for reasons not explained to the human contactee who initiated this project. We mentioned last week that the collective conscious does exist and is a telepathic connection that occurs anytime humans watch the same TV show, for instance. Here, there is more than idle musing about a subject, there is to be intense loving thoughts about the planet in general, healing the Earth, which equates to reducing pollution and controlling population explosion and limiting corporate greed and human greed in general! During this hour, those humans participating will be thinking about others, how they are affected by the mess, a massive explosion of Service-to-Other thoughts. All this drives Service-to-Self visitors away, as we have explained on the ZetaTalk website, as they cannot tolerate Service-to-Other thought which draws them away from their focus on themselves and into a return to empathy, which they all felt at some point in their early years. They flee. So you have Service-to-Self visitors fleeing the Earth, perhaps never to return, and the collective consciousness of many in touch with one another. They do more than think the same thoughts, they contact each other, telepathically, and these kinds of contacts seldom disappear once established. All to the good!

President Pervez Musharraf's decision to storm the Red Mosque in Islamabad and his words about the elimination of terrorism and extremism are a challenge to the home-grown Pakistani Taleban and its attempts to mobilize religious opposition to military rule. Any comment on this?

Bush's puppet in Pakistan is about to be deposed! The Taliban is already retaking Afghanistan, and now this! Meanwhile, Bush insists the exhausted US military must remain in Iraq, so he can have the oil. He allowed Bin Laden to escape while in Afghanistan, a situation for which he is not called to account on except by Michael Moore, videographer of Fahrenheit 911. Should Pakistan be lost, with no more Bush puppet, there will be considerable uproar in the US Congress. India too, will be distressed, as this is a nuclear power as a neighbor. Jun 8

Those analyzing this Belgium crop circle have noted the clockwise or counterclockwise orientation of the crop lay. This is indeed key to the analysis of the design. Planet X, as we have explained, has a retrograde orbit, and a retrograde rotation. Retrograde, in human astrophysics which prefers to view the solar system from above, is clockwise. As Planet X turns its N Pole toward Earth this affects most the N Pole of Earth, which tilts away giving the Earth the foretold 3 days of darkness. As the Earth fails to put on the brakes during this tilt, gently turning upside down for the foretold 6 days of sunrise West, rotation of the Earth seems to be retrograde too, at that time. In this upside down position, the flow of magnetic particles from Planet X flows disproportionately against the hapless Earth from one side. For Belgium at sunset, this flow comes from the West. Those trying to understand what is happening to the Earth during these harrowing days, seeing the compass highly erratic and pointing in all manner of directions, will find the N Pole of their compass pointing away from the rolling Planet X at sunset, thus the flow inward toward the inner circles in this design, at the West end of the circle. As with all crop circles, the message is something the subconscious gathers and understands, while the conscious comes up with all manner of odd interpretations. The fact that no other interpretation can be laid upon this pattern will cause this crop circle to remain in the backs of minds, being pondered, until the Earth changes begin to make its meaning clear. April 23 and July 1

These two crop circles, both appearing in Germany, have a singular meaning - penetration or compression of a circle. This circle was given to the German people because of their renowned mechanical intelligence, which can grasp the meaning better than most. The circle represents defense, a perimeter, the 5 pointed star an unbroken line forming a series of triangles, also known to be difficult to break in structural analysis. What is approaching to break this defense? Something with two large appendages, which Planet X and its two major moon swirls is known to be, the Winged Globe of lore. Planet X is turning in place during its 270° roll, pointing its N Pole outward toward Earth, and it is this action that penetrates the magnetic defenses of Earth. This turn is implied in the increasing size of Planet X in the April 23 crop circles. As it approaches and draws near to Earth, Earth backs away, trying to escape, temporarily changing the angle of these moon swirls as viewed from Earth. But still Planet X draws nigh, and the Earth begins to lean to the left, its N Pole trying to escape the hose of magnetic particles coming from the N Pole of Planet X. We have mentioned recently that Planet X was approximately 150° along in its roll, but the point when the Earth's defenses were penetrated is already past, come earlier, as noted on the July 1 crop circle. This point occurred when the lurch, the temporary lean to the right, occurred. May 20 and July 02

For mankind, the message in this May 20 crop circle is of a wave, a building, of a wave about to overwhelm. The globe inside the circle, trying to evade this wave, is Earth. We have described the Earth's struggle to escape the flood of magnetic particles hosing out from the N Pole of Planet X, which is larger than Earth and thus has a larger magnetic particle flow in its field. For the Earth, there is no contest, as this is a flood Earth cannot oppose and cannot escape! This crop circle also implies a rapid buildup, a sudden wave. The Swiss think of themselves as immune to suffering a tsunami, but this is a tsunami they cannot escape. The July 2 crop circle returns to this concept, as these circling waves are all encompassing.

Two NASA employee's, two of the top officials, say they are going to resign before the end of the year, 2007. What is the real reason behind this development, are they going to their bunkers?

We have mentioned the stress within NASA, as to be an employee there is to be aware of secrets that are terrible. Employees are not allowed to talk to family, not allowed to unburden except to each other, and not allowed to make any changes in their lives that would give a clue to the public about what is coming. They have one choice, if they wish to move from Houston or another facility in an unsafe zone. They must retire! For most, who are not of retirement age, they cannot afford this, or their commitments to others require them to keep their job intact and remain in their location. Frankly, most think they will have time to escape, as the 270° roll of Planet X is going slowly. But this exodus is a clue, and an increased exodus would be a big clue, though you are unlikely to hear about mass resignations announced by the major media for this very reason.

How long after the pole shift until aliens will live on Earth bringing their advanced technologies to share with us?

Humans are being helped now, if they are the right sort, are highly Service-to-Other and devoted to helping others. They are helped with their health, are being guided to safe locations and into meetings with others of like mind. They are discovering helpful native plants growing nearby them, which suddenly seem to pop up as though planted there. They were planted there! As we have explained, high tech devices will not be shared until after the pole shift due to the danger that Service-to-Self humans will take over these technologies. Immediately after the pole shift, depending upon location and threat of Service-to-Self takeover, survivors will find a helping hand being extended if, that is, they are of the right mindset, the right spiritual orientation, and if no takeover by the Service-to-Self is possible in their location.

Baby Mammoth Discovery Unveiled [July 10] The six-month-old female calf was discovered on the Yamal peninsula of Russia and is thought to have died 10,000 years ago. The animal's trunk and eyes are still intact and some of its fur remains on the body. In terms of its state of preservation, this is the world's most valuable discovery. The 130cm (4ft 3ins) tall, 50kg Siberian specimen dates to the end of the last Ice Age, when the great beasts were vanishing from the planet. It was discovered by a reindeer herder in May this year. Yuri Khudi stumbled across the carcass near the Yuribei River, in Russia's Yamal-Nenets autonomous district. What caused their widespread disappearance at the end of the last Ice Age remains unclear.

Approximately 10,800 years ago the pole shift that caused the Biblical Flood occurred, moving Siberia northward and causing a massive dieoff in the Mammoth population. This time frame coincided with the end of what mankind terms its last Ice Age, which was in fact just a movement of the crust which placed France under the Sun again. How could it be that Siberia hosted vast grasslands for these mammoth herbivores, while at the same latitude France was frozen! Did the Sun wink off for France, and back on for Siberia? That this obvious explanation, a crustal movement, is ignored by scientists shows how deep is the human need for denial when faced with such cataclysmic occurrences in the past. Fear blinds, causing mankind to look only at one piece of the evidence at a time, as then the conclusion is not thrown blatantly into their face. France had an Ice Age. Look at that and no further. Siberia was a grassland supporting giant herbivores at the same time. Look at that and no further. That the mammoth froze quickly, without thawing for 10,000 years, shows that their grasslands were no longer present nor did the deep freeze relent! Where such discoveries present mankind with undeniable proof that crust shifts have occurred in the past, at approximately 3,600 year intervals, this is not on the major media. Just so very scary, the facts, and so many clinging to denial!

Proenza to be Absent During NOAA Assessment [July 9] Part of the dissatisfaction among the team of forecasters might be that for them, Proenza is not one of the guys. While he was at the hurricane center in its early years, in the 1960s, and worked on hurricane hunter flights, he has spent the last four decades with the National Weather Service, the last seven of them as administrative head of the service's Fort Worth-based southern region. [and from another] Proenza Reassigned at Hurricane Center; Deputy Cirector Rappaport Succeeds Him [July 9] Bill Proenza was removed at least temporarily and possibly permanently Monday as the director of the National Hurricane Center. Ed Rappaport, the center's deputy director, has been named as the acting director, with the meanest stretch of the hurricane season fast approaching. The trouble started about three months ago, when Proenza criticized his superiors at NOAA for failing to plan a replacement for the QuikSCAT satellite, which has outlived its life expectancy. He said when it dies, hurricane forecast accuracy will be significantly hurt. Forecasters felt that he had misinformed the public, saying that they have the technological firepower to continue making accuracy forecasts. He was named the hurricane center director in January, replacing the popular Max Mayfield, who was known for providing a calm but strong sense of leadership. Prior to coming to the hurricane center, Proenza, 62, was director of the National Weather Service's Southern Region, based in Fort Worth.

If one were to replace Max Mayfield, why not with one of his trusted deputies such as Ed Rappaport, as was the ultimate outcome? The furor over the QuikSCAT satellite was just for show, to present a face of integrity and concern to the public. A second motive was to make the statement, however untrue, that forecasts could not be done in the future with any degree of accuracy. Why was this scam to be foisted on the public? Because of the anticipation that the hurricane season would be highly unpredictable, and increasingly so. Thus Proenza is another liar, installed by the White House as a puppet of the cover-up. The staff sensed this, and rebelled en masse.

Could you ask the Zeta's about the subconscious mind and if or how it varies between different species? I was hoping to get an explanation of how the the subconscious mind works or something about the mechanism that operates or controls it. Are humans the only species in the universe with a subconscious mind?

Humans have in essence two brains, in that the subconscious and conscious can operate independently of each other and do so during amnesia. This is not an evolutionary development, but a result of genetic engineering. At one point, during a leap forward, the genetic engineers did not want to lose something that would have been lost by switching to a single brain. All the hominoids visiting Earth at this time are not so afflicted, nor will those souls incarnating into humans at this time find themselves so afflicted in the future as the Hybrids will not have two brains. The subconscious is a complete brain, recalling all that occurs with integrity. Human scientists will often call the subconscious a trouble maker, telling tales, but the opposite is true. It is the conscious that goes into denial, forgetting or avoiding what ever is uncomfortable. In this role, it also fabricates!

During amnesia, the bridge to the subconscious is disconnected, chemically, with the conscious in control. The human forgets the past, and can concoct any past it feels comfortable with, but in the main, simply forgets a recent trauma or guilt. During visitation, we use this chemical connection to allow the visitation to be recorded only in the subconscious, which can be relied upon to retain the memory with integrity. When the contactee is ready, emotionally, to deal with recall, he does so by building a bridge between the subconscious and the conscious, but is guided by his subconscious knowledge in any case. We have been asked before about life forms elsewhere, with this affliction, and mentioned the difficulty of having two heads, both with brains, who cannot communicate with each other except externally! This type of life form appeared in one of the Star Wars movies, as announcers during a pod race. If you think you have problems, imagine their problems!

When being asked a question , whether in email, chat, or forum, do you or the zetas know the orientation or anything suggesting the motive of one making the inquiry?

We are aware of the spiritual orientation of the questioner, by many sources. We can interrogate the soul, or can listen into the thoughts, both of which give unmistakable clues as to orientation. How do we find the human who questions? Telepathy works by finding the source who is thinking about the subject. In the case of a GLP question, they are thinking about the Forum, about the GLP website, about what has been recently posted, about their question in particular, for starters. In particular, they are focused on their question, out of pride or eagerness or simply to be able to quickly reply if needed. Piece of cake!

Are the artificial cloud cover, aeorosels, chemtrails, are these actually helping to cool off the earth from the suns rays, and the extreme heat from Planet X?

This rumor has been spread by those doing the chemtrails, in the hopes that the truth will not be entertained. Humans innately want to trust their government, and are horrified to find out the truth. Where the vast majority of those in government service are at least sincere about doing their job for the taxpayer, for the people, it is those at the top who call the shots. The plans to exterminate useless eaters, the lies about assassinations, voter fraud, criminal activity in the White House, pedophilia, blackmail, drug running by the CIA, the CIA destabilizing legitimate democracies in the past, the big oil grab in Iraq, insider trading, self dealing of all kinds - these and other situations are not only mind boggling for the average person, they are an emotional jolt! Thus, when seeing the chemtrails, and researching on the Internet, the average person encounters this myth, that this is being done to help. Many will walk away relieved, and believe this, until something worse is sighted in the sky, which will of course happen soon enough. Then their shock will be worse!

How long after the shift do the Polar Caps build ice to become the New Polar Caps?

We have stated that it will take 100 years, approximately, for the new poles to be covered with ice to the extent the existing poles are today. There the similarities end, as due to the switch to 4th density, there will be a dimmer Sun, so the poles will layer up with ice beyond what your Earth has today. This will draw up water from the oceans, revealing more land around the Equator.

Are all the troops going to leave Iraq before the shift? And the Navy is in Niagara County NY patrolling a power generator. What are they up too?

We have stated that we anticipate an evacuation from Iraq, as the Earth changes at home will require the troops to return. This will be done quietly, without announcement in the media, unless there has been an administration change in the White House. In that the last weeks and months will take most by surprise, it is unlikely that a total evacuation will be done, though possible. We anticipate a skeleton crew maintained at all bases around the world, to implement a limited response if necessary, to be the guiding plan in place for the military. These would be personnel who have connections in the community, who would elect to remain, in the main. Of course the military and other Homeland Security forces are checking possible terrorist attack sites, all the time! A power station that would affect NYC as it has in the past would be a likely site.

I want to ask what role Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper plays in the "global scheming" of things. When he first appeared on the scene in Canadian politics (seemingly from nowhere), I had a bad feeling about him... a deep intuitive untrust. Maybe because he just looked so young and squeaky clean to be running our country, I find it hard to believe that he had any chance of winning over the more seasoned, and politically connected players. Or maybe he is connected in some way that the public is not aware of. At a time when the whole world is seeing through the veil of deceit and distancing themselves from Bush, Stephen Harper is standing inline with George's plans, and has been from day 1 of his election as PM. Most notibly is the SPP and further North American Union scheme that is being forced through swiftly without the consent (or even awareness of most) of the citizens of Canada, US and Mexico. My questions for the Zetas are; Is Stephen Harper a member of the 'new world order' or 'illuminati' gangsters? Also, could they have fixed the Canadian elections, as well? [and from another] US Ran Nuclear Weapons Exercises the Week Before Bush-Putin Summit [July 6] Shortly before the so-called 'Lobster Summit' between President George W. Bush and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Kennebunkport, Maine, the United States appears to have carried out a significant nuclear weapons exercise, according to a report in Friday's Washington Times. "International radio operators picked up large numbers of coded Air Force communications being sent around the world on June 26 that indicated some type of military activity was about to take place," writes Bill Gertz in his weekly "Inside The Ring" column. Gertz suggests that the transmissions, which he called 'extraordinary,' were related to US nuclear forces. "A U.S. military official said the radio traffic was monitored from the Air Force Global High Frequency System (GHFS) that some observers regarded as 'extraordinary' because of the unprecedented length of messages," he writes. "The messages appeared to be emergency action messages, coded communications sent by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to U.S. Air Force strategic nuclear forces." [and from another] At the Brink? Non-Denial Denial? 6/25 and 6/26/07 [and from another] Note this June 26 date was the SAME date that the Emergency Notification Action attempt was made. Bush was notifying military bases of his martial law attempt, at the same time he was trying to notify the public! Yet both failed!

Canada's election was not rigged in the same manner as the 2000 and 2004 elections were rigged in the US, via electronic vote fraud - a lack of a paper trail and an easy change of vote tabulator totals in a computer. Canada's election was rigged by a false presentation to the public, so that Harper looked more substantial and of a different character than his history would present. It was rigged in the media and by advertisement supported by dollars, where his opponents did not have such support. As with Mexico, which did not require much to push the election over to the conservatives, little was required. In Mexico, bribery and stolen and destroyed ballots are easily arranged, and not a surprise. The Supreme Court in Mexico could also be relied upon to support the conservatives, as was the case in the US in 2000. For Canada, the election rigging was possible because Canadians had become complacent about their electoral process.

We have addressed the plans of the Bush White House to effect a N American Union installing Bush as dictator over N America, thus the plans for the Amero dollar. Despite a conservative at the helms in both Mexico and Canada, this is not becoming reality for several reasons. The first is the dramatic plunge of Bush's fortunes. He is down in the polls, being rebuffed by Congress, being investigated on many fronts, and most of all failing utterly in Iraq. This causes all who lined up to implement the grand plan of the N American Union to hesitate, as they fear failure and being associated with Bush in his failures. The second is the inability of Bush to declare martial law as he has asserted behind closed doors that he would. We have reported on his many attempts, some of which are blatant, the most recent occurring in late June using the Emergency Action Notification network. The third is Bush's failure to arrange for an immigration amnesty in the US, something he was certain he could attain even after the Democrats took over Congress, as his views lined up nicely with most of the Democrats. He is seen as impotent, within the US, and thus his grand plans as unattainable.

The last factor is the increasing Earth changes, which distract government, whatever their agendas happen to be. Drought and deluges, food shortages, and the economic slowdown all create a restless populace, which is not the setting where an alliance that would not be in the citizens' favor can be announced. Canadian citizens would not be thrilled to learn that they are to be absorbed into the warmongering Bush camp, and would resist, especially given the failures of Bush. Mexican citizens likewise would question such an alliance, as the immigration bill Bush has been pushing did not pass. They would question the sanity of such an announcement. Unless Bush can succeed on declaring martial law, and can show that he has the military under his thumb, in compliance, the N American Union is dead!

Here, at my home, in the Vancouver, Washington area, I could not help but notice that at around 9 pm last evening the sky had a rosy hue. For most this would be associated with sunset and that would seem logical. However, what made this especially peculiar was that this rosy red hue was only in the eastern sky. Any thoughts? [and from another] I recently noticed [Jul 12] red dust as a leftover from years on a never used plastic chair on my balcony [in Germany]. The rainwater on that chair was never washed away because there was only a little rain hitting that chair standing outdoor but under a roof. The chair turned out to be a perfect rain-vaporization-plate and the small water amount was just right to keep the leftovers from that rain on the plastic. So there was always only a little rain that hit that chair and then the rain dried of again. It is funny, that the dust was exclusively on that chair. This proves to me that the dust was/is very very fine. The red dust accumulated over a period of about 2 years. The strong color made me curious about finding out what it could be. The dust-tail of PlanetX is said to to be comprised from iron oxide. So I put some of the red dust on a piece of paper and checked it out with a strong magnet. The dust turned out to be magnetic. It is iron oxide.

Recently there was a report from Russia of red dust in a fountain and water tub which was infrequently used. The Russian report was followed by a test for iron oxide, which was present. As with this report from Germany, the tests for iron oxide were performed. Both reports were accompanied by photos. What are these increasing reports telling the public? As we have stated, the tail of Planet X is increasingly turning toward Earth, as it is charged and blows out from the N Pole of Planet X which is increasingly turning toward the Earth. Red dust will become more prevalent on Earth, the wrap-around red dust at dawn, the dust reported in 2003 returning.

What kind of mechanism actualizes our memory and consciousness? Does the Zeta's memory and consciousness work like humans or how is it different or actualized?

The brain works on chemistry. Each memory is a chemical path running along neurons to connect to another chemical path. When the memory is to be blocked, because the human is distressed when recalling the memory, the body inserts a chemical break in that path, which can be restored later as it is not permanently broken, only altered. This is why painful memories seem to fade, when joyous memories are recalled fully, over the years. Consciousness is simply the ability of an organism to conceptualize itself as separate from others. Obviously, intelligence exists in animals such as apes, who can figure out how to get food using tools and use language to some extent. But the ape does not see itself as separate from the world around it. Unless this ability evolves, a soul does not spark in the animal, as it is just following instincts in the main.

How old were the Polar Ice Caps? Science leads you to believe the Polar Ice Caps are hundreds of thousands of years old.

There is much confusion about polar ice caps, which in the main do not melt completely except during massive pole shifts like the forthcoming shift which will place the ice caps under the equatorial Sun. Most pole shifts are a slight adjustment in crust shift, a few degrees. The N Pole within the last few shifts has been in France, in Wisconsin, in Siberia, in Greenland, and over the Artic ice. All this is slight enough that some ice remains in the former pole to confuse the issue, especially when the pole returns to that location later. Greenland was the site of the last N Pole, for instance, and is still covered with ice. Confusion also exists because dust settles on poles and is taken to be dust from ages ago, when it might have been picked up and delivered from elsewhere. If you take an item from the attic, and it is covered with dust from 100 years ago, and you shake this out on the dining room table, does that mean the table has not been used for 100 years? Dust is carried afar, during storms, high aloft, and deposited on the ice which subsequently gets covered with more ice. Such is the confusion.

Is Nancy the only human who can instantaneously establish a telepathic link with a group of aliens without first putting herself in an expanded state of consciousness such as a channel would? Would this type of communicating require an implant first?

We have explained that Nancy is unique in her telepathic link with us. She did indeed have an implant, of our DNA into her telepathy center in her brain. This occurred in her late 20's, long before she was even consciously aware that she was a contactee! This episode is described within ZetaTalk, by Nancy herself. Why don't we have more Nancy's about? There are unique characteristics required of someone performing this role. We have explained them within the body of ZetaTalk. Nancy has courage to stand up to Service-to-Self pressure, as she has immense courage and refuses to be intimidated. She has a long history of being highly Service-to-Other and firm in her stance against Service-to-Self intimidation, allowing us to trust her in this role.

The PM of Iraq announced that he does not need the Americans there anymore in Iraq. They could pull out. Why would he make that statement? [and from another] PM: Iraqis Can Keep Peace Without US [July 14] Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said Saturday that the Iraqi army and police are capable of keeping security in the country when American troops leave "any time they want," though he acknowledged the forces need further weapons and training.

The Bush White House is under pressure these days, to cooperate with Congressional inquiries, to try to remain in Iraq despite all the defections among the Republicans who are likely to vote for a redeployment and soon, to remain in office despite the increasing calls for Bush and Cheney to be impeached. In Iraq, the elected government is also under pressure. The Shia are in the majority, and thus cannot be ignored. The Sunni are angry because they used to be in charge under Saddam, and are being armed by the US under direct orders from Bush to create continuing chaos as an excuse for the military to remain in Iraq, and the Kurds are so restless to establish a separate state that Turkey has massed troops at the Iraqi border. Malaki cannot simply kiss up to Bush and carry on as though running Iraq were his decision! It is like herding cats, and his parliament resists! He is aware of coup attempts in the past, as well as assassination attempts by the US against those elements in his government who resisted Bush orders. Where these did not succeed, he is acutely aware of the threat. He is also aware that the country is blowing up, under the continuous inciting that is being done by the US and Britain. The US does not want to leave, or at least this is the order from Bush - to remain. Those elements in the military loyal to Bush or confused about the orders they receive are doing ops to create chaos, such as blowing up the Golden Mosque, etc. Thus, seeing that the civil war will not settle down as long as the US is there to incite chaos, Maliki is stating the obvious. Leave, as then we might have a chance, is his statement.

Wouldn't a plant superfood that makes plants grow under poor conditions be a tremendous help for farming in the aftertime?

Yes, and this is among the types of assists to be given to survivors in the Service-to-Other.