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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Jan 13, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Was the UFO seen over O'Hare a Pleiadean 'ScoutCraft?'

You are implying that the UFO was scouting, and this is not true. It had no need for information gathering. It was making a presence, deliberately, as the people of Chicago are ready for more contact, a faster pace in their Awakening. Nor was it Pleiadean. The life form guiding the ship is not even one known to the public, nor would they be comfortable with it.

Would the Zeta care to comment on Bush's statement the other evening about his troops surge? It appears that his words were entirely scripted and that he appeared tired, or defeated. Some surmise that he was broadcasting from an underground bunker, therefore no proper US military flag was in the television background. [and from another] The Zetas have stated that Bush will not be successful in attacking Iran and widening the war. Given that, the amount of activity with cross border raids, arresting diplomats, more ships, more troops, etc. Bush seems absolutely determined to expand the war. Given he is still in office how can he be stopped as he is very determined? Even if the Military continues to not obey attack orders, with so many potential flashpoints something is bound to happen. Is he more desperate now that the signs of Planet X are widely undeniable? [and from another] Did the President Declare "Secret War" Against Syria and Iran? [Jan 12] Washington intelligence, military and foreign policy circles are abuzz today with speculation that the President, yesterday or in recent days, sent a secret Executive Order to the Secretary of Defense and to the Director of the CIA to launch military operations against Syria and Iran. Adding fuel to the speculation is that U.S. forces today raided an Iranian Consulate in Arbil, Iraq and detained five Iranian staff members. Some are suggesting that the Consulate raid may have been designed to try and prompt a military response from Iran -- to generate a casus belli for further American action.

We have mentioned repeatedly during this past year, as the heat on Iran has been turned up by the White House, that the original plan included invading Iran and Saudi Arabia so the Bush crowd could fully occupy the oil fields of the Middle East at the time of the pole shift. They see this time approaching, and are making a final desperate push despite all opposition. Bush has ordered Iran to be attacked repeatedly, during this past year, with the military refusing each time. Now he has replaced his generals in Iraq and has put a compliant Navy man over the entire theatre of operations, including Afghanistan. He has issued orders from the White House in every direction, hoping that some will slip by the guardians who are preventing an all out debacle in the Middle East. His orders are countered, stymied, blocked, but he hopes to overcome these maneuvers eventually, knowing that once a conflagration starts, it is hard to put out. Bush has been stirring the pot, blowing up the Golden Mosque to encourage civil war, and taunting the Iranians. None of this will work, as they see the game plan and understand that their role is to not engage. What will the outcome be, of this last desperate push to force the US Military to attack Iran, to have an excuse to call a draft in the US, and to invade the Saudi fields in order to 'protect' them from terrorists? The current modus operandi of the Bush countering will continue, stepping up as his press steps up, and will hold. Beyond holding, the Bush press will run into snags in the Congress, will enrage the American people and Congress so they take action to pull down the troop levels in Iraq by the many means at their disposal. Meanwhile, the hand played by the increasing Earth changes is not even being considered during this human drama. We have stated that by the time the last weeks arrive, that emergency management teams, including the US Military as an arm of FEMA, will be so engaged in rescuing Americans in distress that all will be turning a deaf ear to angry demands from the White House. This point, when Bush's concerns will be irrelevant, is just around the corner. Bush will simply be ignored.

Nancy, would the Zetas like to comment on the Airliner that wnet missing in Indonesia and what was found to be peices of the aircraft in NW Indonesia? "What was found was the right tail's stabilizer number 65C25746-76." Is this true? [and from another] The tail's left horizontal stabilizer was found by a fisherman, south of Pare Pare, about 300 metres off the beach on January 11. This was confirmed by serial number. Later the same day, the body of an Asian woman was recovered from the sea nearby, but she is not yet confirmed to have been a passenger on board the aircraft. Nine other parts of the aircraft, including passenger seats, life jackets, a food tray, part of an aircraft tyre, eight pieces of aluminium and fibre, an ID card, a flare and a headrest have also been recovered from the area. [and from another] 11 January 2007 - A fisherman found a piece of a Boeing 737 that disappeared more than 10 days ago, the first hard evidence that the plane carrying 102 people had crashed into the sea off Sulawesi, a top search official said Thursday. The piece of tail from Adam Air Flight KI-574 was recovered Wednesday in the Makassar Strait, 185 miles off Sulawesi Island's coast, said Eddy Suyanto, the head of search and rescue operations.

Crashing planes, which have an explosion near the tail, do not simply drop like a stone if they have their wings intact and are still being propelled. They continue, just out of control, with the passengers and crew hysterical. Things blow out of an airplane with a hole in it near the tail, get sucked out. The explosion happened over the sea, near the coast, and the crew did their best to head inland to try to land on the beach. They overshot, not having control. End of story.

How is comet McNaught interacting with Planet X?

Comets, as we have explained, react more to the solar wind than gravitations objects. They are extremely light weight, like a feather in the wind. Thus, this particular dirty snowball is not interacting with Planet X any more than with the other planets it passes. Perhaps a slight perturbation, but nothing more. Unless its trajectory puts it in a directly path with a planet, it does not crash, but passes by.

We all remember the big fanfare about comet Hale-Bopp ten years back. But McNaught is much brighter than Hale-Bopp, in fact it is the brightest comet in 30 years, yet it gets much less media coverage. Don't the TPTB want us to look towards the Sun because Planet X is there, or what? [and from another] Brightest comets seen since 1935

Seeing the Earth changes, the farting Earth, the increased quakes, people are looking to the skies, expecting something to appear, momentarily. The tail is pointing toward us, increasingly, bringing hints of red dust along with meteor and fireball activity. Will this not mean that the Planet X complex will be seen, shortly? This is the logical presumption, but when the tail turns toward the Earth, lying between the Earth and Planet X, it in fact creates more of a disguise, more shrouding, at least in the short term. But the hunger for some sign from the skies remains. Thus, when a simple comet makes its appearance, all manner of speculation emerges. It is just a comet, and carries no more significance than that.

Any truth to the rumor that Cheney will leave the White House this month?

There is a rumor that Cheney is trying to negotiate with prosecutors, that if he leaves office, he will not be prosecuted. In that Bush could so pardon him, this is an unlikely stance. Cheney is not more inclined to leave than Bush, as they are on a power trip. Cheney would have Bush killed if he were able, such is his greed. He has essentially be running the government, and is even more resentful of Bush since Bush has been trying to act independent of him. Bush cannot dismiss Cheney, who was elected, and also has failed in any attempts at assassination. Thus, they live an uneasy life with each other.

Nancy, would the Zetas like to comment on the reasons why the common men/women of the world would rather expend their energies bickering among themselves, blaming one another for the woes of the world, rather than use that energy to speak to authority? Or perhaps is this some psy-op to take the blame away from themselves? Perhaps also that the common man is just confused by today's events and just would rather lash out at one another then to help to see the reasons this is happening.

The common man does not see him or herself as powerful. There are stories they hear, from childhood, about arrests, the police beating someone arrested, innocent people going to jail, people being fired from their jobs if they challenge their employer in any way, and blackballed afterwards among other employers. Even group protests most often result in people being arrested, having to pay fines, being beaten or gassed, and often even being shot. Even though the vote is billed as the avenue of change, the average voter is complacent, viewing their single vote as insignificant. Thus, when enraged, they kick the dog rather than attack the source!

Having read an interview with Betty Hill, I find that her description of the Zetas does not match with your description. Betty said in the interview that the Zetas spoke verbal English. The "leader" asked her "What is a yellow?", and she had to explain that yellow is a color. She was quite clear in the interview that they were not telepathic. How can this deep schism between Betty's views and your own views be reconciled, given that you claim to be in communication with the same group of life forms. Betty did say in the interview that the Zetas spoke verbal English. The "leader" asked her "What is a yellow?", and she had to explain that yellow is a color. She was quite clear in the interview that they were not telepathic.

Among humans, there are dozens of languages. Some are clicks and grunts. Some people sign, being deaf. Would an alien race, encountering deaf people, insist that all humans only sign? There are over a hundred Zeta races, raised on different planets. Some speak, some do not. Since we anticipated the Betty and Barney Hill incident to be laid out for the public, we chose a race of Zeta that would seem most human like. End of story.

Also, why weren't photos allowed to be taken of Bush's recent public talk?

Bush is frantic to hide what he is actually up to from the public, re his attempts to push the military to antagonize Iran and then move onto martial law and a draft in the US. His glum demeanor said much. He is scared this will not succeed. Thus, every precaution was taken, a staged speach in front of military, and no chance photos taken than could be analyzed carefully. Vido moves along, so any slips can be washed over. Stills are much more revealing.

Can the Zetas comment on approximately how many members of Congress are aware of Planet X if any? If there are some, are they inclined to share what they know with the people or are they constrained by the Bush/CIA group?

Fewer than two dozen members of Congress are officially informed about Planet X. They can often be identified by their complete agreement with Bush on every front - Lieberman, McCain, Frist. Others have heard rumors, but when they ask are stonewalled. Often this is an answer they understand, as unless there is a fact to be stonewalled, there is no need for a stonewall. Thus, is the question was asked, how many suspect, the answer would be hundreds.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard has been an outspoken supporter of George W. Bush throughout the Iraq conflict and recently voiced his approval of the planned surge in U.S. troop numbers. Would the Zetas care to comment on the reasons for the Australian government's continued support of the United States' military strategy? Is the Australian government aware of the coming Pole Shift and positioning itself behind what it believes will be the dominant force in the aftertime?

Australia is closely associated with Britain, and is the locale where the Brits mean to run to when the going gets heavy. It is of a like mind with the Brits, having a long history with them. Australia does not have a military that could, on its own, keep the hordes in Indonesia out of the country, nor prevent invasion from China or other countries concerned about being too near the new S Pole. It is, thus, allying with a couple allies it assumes will be kind to it - Britain because of its influence with the US, and the US because of it's military power.

You recently stated that Planet X has rotated through 135° from the position directly facing the sun, The last 45° in approximately 60 days. Where in this rotation is Planet X now? Where is Planet X relative to the ecliptic? The speed of rotation through the 270º you have stated is nonlinear. Is it increasing or decreasing?

The speed of movement through the 270° roll is not linear, not even logical to the human understanding of how magnetics work. Planet X has moved faster while the Earth has been resisting its influence, because the magnetic fields of Earth and Sun are aligned. When Earth starts to tip, lean to the left, this will create a magnetic conflict, slowing things down. Magnetics prefer an either/or situation, with another magnet either aligned with it, side by side, or directly in opposition, a right angles, and lastly end to end. Another aspect is the elevation to the Ecliptic, as when slightly below the Ecliptic it can point its N Pole out into space, but when at the Ecliptic, it must hose at an inbound particle flow (that man is unaware of in the main) and this pushes back against Planet X. Thus, a linear rate cannot be assumed. By the same token, rapid movement can happen.

Tsunami fears ease hours after strong quake [Jan 13] Tsunami alerts issued for the Pacific Basin due to a massive underwater earthquake were lifted hours later Saturday when only minor surges resulted. The alerts had been issued for Japan and a broad area surrounding the Pacific Ocean -- including Hawaii and Alaska -- after the quake hit east of the Kuril Islands. The temblor had a preliminary magnitude of 8.2, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center bulletin said. [and from another] Strong quake hits Uzbekistan [Jan 9] A powerful earthquake rocked mountainous southeast Uzbekistan overnight, the RIA Novosti news agency reported Tuesday quoting emergency ministry officials. Tremors of up to 8.0 on the Richter scale were registered some 200 kilometres (120 miles) southeast of Tashkent, officials said. No casualties or damage were reported. - AFP/ir [and from another] Cover-up in the 'official' lists:
08Jan2007 18:33:14.8 39.6N 70.2E 2 No Mag A*EMS TAJIKISTAN 2314
08Jan2007 18:33:19.3 39.7N 70.2E 33 mb=3.7 M*GSR TAJIKISTAN 2305
08Jan2007 18:25:06.7 40.5N 70.1E 33 mb=4.1 M GSR TAJIKISTAN 2012
08Jan2007 17:21:50.8 39.8N 70.3E 23 M =6.0 M*NEI TAJIKISTAN 1545
08Jan2007 17:21:49.7 39.8N 70.2E 33 MS=5.9 M*GSR TAJIKISTAN 1843
08Jan2007 17:21:47.2 39.8N 70.3E 10 mb=5.9 M*EMS TAJIKISTAN 1806
08Jan2007 17:22:30.1 42.2N 65.7E 30 mb=5.4 M*ROM CENTRAL KAZAKHSTAN 1754
08Jan2007 17:21:49.7 39.8N 70.3E 14 M =5.9. M*NEI TAJIKISTAN 1747

As we mentioned some time ago, the plates have loosened up, rock fingers holding them where they abut each other snapping off for over a year to the extent that the are smooth along their edges rather than snagged. Still, they rest against each other in the main where they have been because nitches and notches fit into one another. But when strong forces, such as the increasing wobble, force them out of their nitches and notches, they move readily to new positions. What does this mean for the world, going forward? Stronger quakes, more frequently, with the Atlantic allowed to stretch and consequent catastrophes in the stretch zone, and with the Pacific allowed to compress with a more active Ring of Fire and consequent volcanic eruptions.

Can you tell your readers what is the back story is behind the Amero, the possible new North American unified currency? There is not too much information on the internet and no mention of it at all on your site. What back stories there are seem to be at odds with each other. The reason I ask is CBC Radio reported earlier this week the Toronto Dominion Bank is hoping that the Amero would be implemented within 5 to 8 years, but when I called the CBC today they had no record of this being reported, although they do have a story on it from 1999. There are some claims that The Jefferies Group officials (investment banking among "other" energy related services) have been quoted that the Amero is already in production and plans are underway to accelerate implementation before the current US presidential term expires. What relationship would this have with the Iranian oil burse and the US foreign debt held by China ? What would be the implications for Canadians (or who would be the biggest looser from such an event)?

The Bush plan for the Americas is no secret, as the many meetings between Fox in Mexico, the voter fraud in Mexico delivering Mexico to continuing control of the elite, and coordination between Canada and the US Homeland Security Department during exercises. We have stated that both Mexico and Canada are resigned to the power of the US, which has a greater population, creater economic clout, and certainly a more powerful military. Bush considers they will be his territory, after the pole shift, and has laid plans. As with his intentions to attack and occupy Iran and then occupy the Saudi oil fields, regardless of setbacks, he proceeds. Thus, one only sees the tip of the iceberg, occasional mention in the press, and conflicting reports. He does not want to explain his intentions, so has ordered this be below the radar, for now.

Could the Zetas tell us what part of our food supply is genetically modified? Does any of it have an effect on our health? If so, what foods should we avoid?

Modified corn and soybeans, staples, are most likely to be included in your diet, but good luck avoiding them as they are slipped into everything. In the main this is just nutrition, in the small amounts included, but when a steady diet as fed to rats, affects them as studies show. Read the labels, protest to your government, and eat natural foods rather than fast foods based mostly on starch.

Do the Zetas have any comment on the ice storm that is hitting central part of the country?

We predicted in 1995 that such weather extremes would occur. Alternating drought and deluge, temerature extremes, and then to the point where the seasons would blend into one another. These have all arrived, in turn, as predicted. What can we say, other than Zetas Right Again!