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Signs of the Times #1108
NASA, so well funded as to have misplaced hundreds of billions of dollars, per the accountants, was not devastated because yet another probe failed. They were devastated because the information on that probe was vital to analysis of where Planet X has been, its speed and trajectory, and the composition of its tail. As we explained months ago, the establishment has been Driving Blind in trying to view the trajectory of Planet X from Earth, as it ran up close to the Sun while on the opposite side of the Sun during the Spring and Summer of 2003, so observatories and even the Hubble and SOHO were of no use. The Hubble cannot look toward the Sun lest its mirrors get fried, and the SOHO has a limited range and is expected to be Sun centered at all times. What can one learn about speed from a body that is heading straight on? The side view is needed. Probes sent out to gain that perspective have routinely broken, though little has been said in the press about this. As with the Columbia Shuttle this success is snatched from their hands at the last moment, the sense of defeat is more devastating, the lesson brought home with more force, and the message not lost. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Genesis.]
Signs of the Times #1107
Of late, as Planet X has moved to center itself between the Earth and Sun, the Wobble Points have likewise even moved in synch, a clear sign of this dance of the planets, the Earth is the lesser partner and in the grip of Planet X . But as the S. Pole of Planet X is pointed more and more in the extreme directly at Earth, and when Planet X has risen so close to the Ecliptic to be literally at the midpoint of the Sun’s middle, this tilt and lean in the Earth has lessened. The answer lies in the dominance of the Sun, by far the larger magnet. The Earth Wobble is caused by dictates from two magnets, somewhat offset from each other. But at a time when the S. Pole of Planet X is pointed toward the Earth, this reduces to the dictate of one magnet only, the Sun, allowing the Earth the freedom to return to her Winter stance, the Dec 25 stance. Magnetic particles flow out from the N. Pole and return at the S. Pole, thus the S. Pole is an intake that is less disruptive to another magnet in the area than a strong N. Pole would be, pointing a stream of magnetic particles at a planet. For the Earth, this is a minor deflection of particles from its own magnetic field toward the S. Pole of Planet X, but the Earth’s alignment is not disrupted as the dominant magnet, the Sun, temporarily exerts its influence on all sides of Planet X. Planet X, in this position, is like an adjunct to the Sun’s intake of magnetic particles at the tight magnetic flow lines that curl around the Sun’s middle. A tight, close, hug of particle flows, like the Eye of the Storm, seemingly placid while danger lies on all sides. [Note: new Zetatalk: Lull in the Eye.]
Signs of the Times #1106
Places such as the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Red Sea and African Rift in Kenya, and the Parana river basin near Buenos Aires rarely experience strong quakes, and certainly never in the memory of man experience great quakes. But during the time leading into a pole shift, when the surface of the Earth is tugged in different directions, torn, and plates are torqued to assume new positions with each other, tear zones participate and are not exempt. [new ZetaTalk: Stretch Zone] Some things are cut in stone and men can do nothing to alter the outcome. Other matters can change day-to-day depending on individual and group actions. Recently, I have written to each of you about The Passage of Nibiru, The Pact of Silence and The Really Big Power Grab with the hope that each of you would act individually to expose the pact, bring forward information concerning the periodic passage of Planet X and look into the power grab that megalomania has put in motion. As you may have noticed, I refer those I contact to the reliable information being presented by the Zeta Reticuli Service to Other people on their web site Zetatalk. ... It is in your hands. You, the media people, need to love all of your neighbors and do that which is prudential at this moment. Speak the truth! Do not remain silent. [Note: an Open Letter to various media heads from Robert.]
Signs of the Times #1105
Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Center Miami FL 5 PM EDT Sep 5. Latest satellite imagery indicates that Ivan has intensified. It is unprecedented to have a hurricane this strong at such a low lattitude in the Atlantic basin. [and from another source] Hectic Hurricane Season Hints at Things to Come [Sep 7] ‘First, Florida was hit by Hurricane Charley. Then came Hurricane Frances. Next up, Hurricane Ivan? What's behind this year's upsurge in violent storms? Some studies, based on computer modeling, indicate that hurricanes could become more intense if sea surface temperatures rise in accordance with long-term climate change.’ [and from another source] China Flood Deaths Mount [Sep 8] ‘Flash floods triggered by days of torrential rain have killed at least 161 people in south-west China. The authorities have put the massive Three Gorges hydroelectric dam on alert and are reinforcing outlying bulwarks. Officials say that the largest flood peak on the Yangtze River for decades is expected within hours. The worst-affected area is said to be the city of Dazhou, which was hit with 360mm (14.4 inches) of rain.’ [and from another source] Eskimos Fret as Climate Shifts and Wildlife Changes [Sep 6] ‘The Pangnirtung fiord, for instance, formerly was covered with hard ice between October and July, but in the past several years residents here say it has only been frozen between December and May. The Meteorological Service of Canada reports that the summers of 2002 and 2003 were particularly warm in the eastern Canadian Arctic, and the last three winters have also been unseasonably mild. The Yukon and Alaska have been downright scorching in recent months, with temperatures in Whitehorse reaching over 85 degrees nine days in a row in June.’
Signs of the Times #1104
Earth lean confirmation from Korea. Morning Time - always 7-8° East, Noon Time - always 4-6° East, Evening Time - always 7-8° East [and from another] I have been observing the position of the South Celestial Pole to be moving [Sep 5]. It has not been a unidirectional, progressive movement, but erratic: it has been higher then lower and higher off the horizon. It moves left of terrestrial target, then back on target, then to the left again during subsequent observations. Once it may have been slightly to the right. [and from another] My first impression is chaos in the water vapor patterns that almost has a fractal nature to it´s spirals and streaming patterns. I don´t recall seeing such long streaming patterns before. What would cause a fractal appearance of clouds? A zig zag sort of effect? A wobble in the Earths rotation perhaps? This data is concrete evidence that the Earth may indeed be in a wobble at the present time. The looming consequences of this new Earth-state is anybody´s guess. Perhaps it does indeed point to an impending pole flip. [and from another] Milky Way is 15-25 off north-to-south here in Windsor Canada [Sep 8]. [and from another] In Wisconsin [Sep 7] at 8:30 PM, Ursa Major was observed too far to the North by 20°. The horizontal stretch of the Big Dipper observed is appropriate for a N. Pole position on Dec 25, 2003, again demonstrating that a tilted Earth in a halted orbit fits the constellations viewed. [Note the offset for the Milky Way and Ursa Major are similar, about 20°. ]
Signs of the Times #1103
Global Quakes in Sweep Sets have been renewed, with a Sep 6 Big/Double accompanied by a rare Argentina quake, and a Sep 9 Medium. [and from another source] 7.0 EQ´s in Rapid Succession Practically Unheard Of [Sep 5] ‘While earthquakes measuring around 8.0 on the Richter scale had occurred along the same offshore trough every 100 to 150 years, tremors of about 7.0 occurring in rapid succession there were practically unheard of, Tsumura said.’ [and from another source] ‘Two earthquakes off the west coast were felt in Tokyo and sent tremors through other major cities. Coastal areas close to the quakes, which happened five hours apart, were ordered evacuated amid reports of tidal waves approaching from the Pacific.’ [and from another source] Rare earthquake rattles Argentina [Sep 7] ‘An unusually strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 shook Argentina on Tuesday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey and local officials. The tremor was also felt in Buenos Aires, although with much less intensity. Several tall office buildings were temporarily evacuated.’
Signs of the Times #1102
Last month, north was in the exact corner of my bedroom. Now
[Sep 6] north is 10 degrees to the left (West). However, that was this morning. I just checked it and it is looking more like 20 degrees. [and from another] As a sailor on the big Lake Erie, I have noticed that north this year has had a variation of about 8 to 10 degrees. This year there seems to be a large amount of variation, as opposed to past years where there was no noticeable changes during the boating season. I know that my compass is working fine, since my GPS can verify what course I am running. [and from another] A 10 degreess drift in one day is startling, normally barely 1 degree per year. [and from another] Last night, I noticed that Mag N has moved about 10 degrees toward the East! Checked again at 12:01 AM Sept 6th, and Mag N is now 21 degrees east of where it was. [and from another] I am a satellite technician so I am always looking at my compass in order to point satellite dishes to the right satellites and I have noticed some changes recently. The Dishnetwork birds are at 180 azimuth here, which is straight South. Last week I took a compass reading, located 180 on the compass and pointed the dish. Guess what? No signal! I had to move the dish to the West about 10 degrees to find the signals. I always make sure there are no metal objects nearby when I take a reading because it interferes with the magnetic field and causes a false reading. One of three possible things has happened: The magnetic field around the earth has changed somehow; my compass went wrong; or the satellites have been repositioned further to the West. I use a lensatic compass which is nothing real fancy, just functional, and have had the same one since I began my career 5 years ago, so I feel pretty confident in its accuracy.
Signs of the Times #1101
Train derails in Schuyler, New York [Sep 7] 'A 37-car train derailment on Saturday afternoon. At least one of the cars was carrying a hazardous material. Inhaling the component could be deadly.' [and from another source] Train Derails, Dumps Military Tanks [Sep 5] ‘A Kansas City Southern train carrying military fighting vehicles derailed Sunday. Twenty-two train cars derailed just after 2:00 Sunday afternoon. Their cargo was M-1 A-1 Abrams Tanks and Bradley Fighting vehicles. Officials are still trying to determine the cause of the accident.’ [and from another source] Authorities Investigate Train Derailment In Moore, North Carolina [Sep 7] 'Authorities say a CSX freight train derailed at a connection track. an engineer noticed his train was switched onto the wrong track. When he hit the emergency brake, twenty-two cars derailed.' [and from another source] On the news today [Sep 7], a huge 20 deep sinkhole opened in Joplin, Mo. A man's patio sunk while he was having a barbeque yesterday! He barely survived. [and from another source] Building collapse in Ugandan Capital [Sep 2] 'A three-storey hotel which is in its third month of construction collapsed on Wednesday and killed at least six people, local media reported on Thursday. '
Signs of the Times #1100
Noah's Ark plan from top Moon man [Sep 8] ’The European Space Agency's chief scientist has said there should be a Noah's Ark on the Moon, in case life on Earth is wiped out by an asteroid or nuclear holocaust. He is concerned that if the Earth were destroyed, there would be little or nothing left of the rich diversity of life on the planet. You could repopulate the Earth afterwards, like a Noah's Ark. Europe's first probe to the Moon, the Smart 1 mission is due to arrive ahead of schedule in November. It is the first of what he hopes will be a fleet of robotic spacecraft sent to the Moon. They would be used to build a lunar colony.' [and from another source] There is a quiet buzz that you can almost feel related to these stories, about magnetic pole shifts and "did you hear about the moon" gossip. We are way below the Y2K level of tension but that may be simply because we don't understand the threat - if there is one. There are private advisories out already to begin stocking up with supplies, like for Y2K, Me? I dunno. Y2K was a predictable event and very survivable. It was more a question of comfort than calamity. How do you prepare for a celestial event that seems to indicate a possible pole shift? How much toilet paper and beans should one have on hand when the world turns upside down?
Signs of the Times #1099
For martial law to succeed at all, there must be a problem extreme enough to be recognized as a rationale for extreme protection, the continent rent in two by earthquake, a tidal wave tearing away all the cities along a coastline, or a wave of disease threatening to wipe out the country if not controlled by quarantine. And this threat must be real, else support for the strong arm of martial law would not be in place, and erosion would occur quickly. Thus, martial law imposed just ahead of such disasters would succeed, but attempt to impose them during such disasters would likely fail as the component of martial law are subject to panic too, and disrupted communications and lack of reassurance on the outcome feed that panic in the control system the elite counts upon. Once again, the Catch-22 for the elite, as without a firm date on changes likely to incite panic, they cannot stop the wildfire they fear. There are two scenarios possible: a controlled panic where the common man is aware of what is happening and can listen to their hearts as to how to proceed, or the uncontrolled panic the elite fear. [Note: new ZetaTalk: What They Fear]
Signs of the Times #1098
Genesis Space Capsule Crashes Into Desert [Sep 8] ‘The Genesis space capsule, which promised scientists potential clues to the origin of the solar system, crashed to Earth on Wednesday after its parachute failed to deploy. It wasn't immediately known whether the cosmic samples had been destroyed. NASA officials believed the fragile disks that hold the atoms would shatter even if the capsule hit the ground with a parachute. Hollywood stunt pilots had taken off to hook the capsule's parachute, but the refrigerator-sized capsule — holding a set of fragile disks containing billions of atoms collected from solar wind — hit the desert floor without the parachute opening. The capsule was returning after three years in space as part of six-year project that cost $260 million.’ [Note: more likely carrying information on the location and speed of Planet X and the composition of the tail.]
Signs of the Times #1097
Russians Rally Against Terror, Bury Dead [Sep 8] ‘The Foreign Ministry said Russia will take new steps seeking the extradition of people it says are linked with terrorism, including Chechen rebel representatives Akhmed Zakayev and Ilyas Akhmadov. Zakayev has been granted refugee status in Britain and Akhmadov in the United States. Putin rejected calls for negotiations with Chechen rebel representatives. "Why don't you meet Osama bin Laden, invite him to Brussels or to the White House and engage in talks, ask him what he wants and give it to him so he leaves you in peace?" Picture of Chechen Akhmed Zakayev on British flag.’