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Ursa Major/Milky Way Offset
on Sep 7

In Wisconsin, on Sep 7 at 8:30 PM, Ursa Major was observed too far to the North by 20°. The star at the bottom of the cup was observed at Azi 345°, but Skymap expects it at Azi 325°. The start of the handle was observed at Azi 295°.

Note this 50° horizontal stretch of the Big Dipper is appropriate for a N. Pole position on Dec 25, 2003, not the 30° stretch Skymap expects for Wisconsin on Sep 7, 2004, again demonstrating that a tilted Earth in a halted orbit fits the constellations viewed.

Milky Way is 15-25° off north-to-south here in Windsor Canada [Sep 8].

Note the offset for the Milky Way and Ursa Major are similar, about 20°.