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PeopleTalk: In the Hands of Man
mailed Sep 10, 2004 by the author to various media hosts and outlets, among them Rush Limbaugh, George Noory, Art Bell, Matt Drudge, Don Imus, Joe Lieberman, Bruce DuMont, Larry King, Time Weekly, Wall Street, Examiner Weekly, National Enquirer, Earth and Sky.

Some things are cut in stone and men can do nothing to alter the outcome. Other matters can change day-to-day depending on individual and group actions. Recently, I have written to each of you about The Passage of Nibiru, The Pact of Silence and The Really Big Power Grab with the hope that each of you would act individually to expose the pact, bring forward information concerning the periodic passage of Planet X and look into the power grab that megalomania has put in motion. As you may have noticed, I refer those I contact to the reliable information being presented by the Zeta Reticuli Service to Other people on their web site Zetatalk.

There is an alien presence on Earth. Aliens have been here from the beginning. Some are here to help the human race and others are here to exploit man and recruit those who are self centered and do not care about their neighbor. The Zetas are one of about a thousand different Alien peoples on Earth at this time. The affairs of humans and the guests on Earth are overseen by The Council of Worlds to maintain a balanced learning atmosphere for emerging souls incarnate on Earth to learn, or help others learn, to love each other. That is the lesson each human is to learn on Earth in Third Dimension prior to moving on to the Communal Living lesson of Fourth Dimension.

Believe them or not, I am setting forth the facts. You must validate the truth of these statements for yourself. That is part of learning. Not seeking fame or fortune or reward of any sort for myself and realizing a possible risk to my safety for attempting to expose the cover ups, I refer all who would be of service to others to contact Nancy Leider, the Zeta Emissary on Earth, and read the book, Zetatalk, study the archives of the Zetatalk web site and read the pages of the indexed information available in the site. Planet X is coming and that is set in stone. It passes by every 3,657 years on average. Last time it came by Israel used the chaos to depart captivity in Egypt. PX has come by thousands of times in a history that is recorded only in geology, legend, myth, folklore, pictographs and such.

How men, especially those who have not yet heard about the coming Pole Shift and Transition from Third to Fourth Dimension will be caught unaware unless you or others tell them what their leaders, kings, presidents or such are, and have been for some decades, keeping from them that might now be of assistance in reparing individually for the future, will react when they learn of the deceit is in the domain of each individual. The Zetas have spoken to the issue of what could happen when the lie is finally made apparent by the appearance in the sky of the Red Dragon of legend, the dust and moons of Planet X swirling and writhing for all to behold; causing discussion of what it might mean for mankind. They have released two separate articles, "
Two Scenarios" and "What They Fear Most," detailing two possible outcomes each depending on when man learns of the deceit and then relating the actions that may be taken by the common man and the response of the many conspiring governments to prevent loss of position and power.

Please read those Hot Off The Press articles and decide which two scenerios you would prefer play out. The one that does in fact become a reality may depend on whether or not you who have the means to reach millions of people finally determine it is in the interest of all men that the fact be made public, and not really in your interest to be party to the hush. It is in your hands. You, the media people, need to love all of your neighbors and do that which is prudential at this moment. Speak THE TRUTH! Do not remain silent. Only the brain dead need not be concerned about this serious, serious, serious decision. Continue the cover up or destroy the pact of silence and warn The People. Which will it be? Which scenerio will it ultimately be? Maybe, just maybe, you can make a difference and the one for the better of two not so good scenerios will become how mankind reacts and how world leaders responds to retain their power and position in the hope of, in their minds, being the most powerman human upon the Earth.

It is in the hand of man to make tomorrow what it will be or could be.

by Robert