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Signs of the Times #824
Their combined mass does not come close to the mass of Planet X, which is 23 times that of Earth. For the Earth alone, the ratio is 1 to 23. The Earth, Venus, and the Dark Twin being essentially equal in size and mass and Mars being relatively insignificant, the combined mass of the planets in the path of Planet X thus provide a ratio of 3 to 23. Hardly a contest. Now give this monster momentum. ... At the present time, the planets encountering Planet X have halted, but Planet X is moving. Thus, momentum is the prevailing factor in this shoving contest. Planet X will plow forward, forcing these minor planets before it, knocking them into each other, at an increasing speed. If you think the sweeps that Nancy has been keeping track of recently have been interesting, they are about to become more than an intellectual curiosity. It is an unshakable grip, an inevitable path, an accelerating drama. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Plowing Ahead.]
Signs of the Times #823
For May 3-8 Whiplash, the One was accompanied by SOHO Burnout without a Solar Event cause and a 6.6 Chile quake and a Tilted Face Moon face, the Two disrupted Sats and Servers with a Tilt North and China and Sicily quakes and a Moon Shift to the South, and the Three by India quake and a dropping Hutson Bay cold spot. [Note: Sweeps are not coming with 2 days, rather than 2.5 days, between them, showing the planets closer together during the whiplash. The multitide of symptoms that show the sweeps to be real are global shuddering on the live seismos, earthquakes, flux and pulse with sat disruption, and the Earth visibly tilted with the Sun suddenly seeming to move, the Moon’s orbit changed, and the geographic N Pole migrating. These are not imaginary Earth changes.]
Signs of the Times #822
This photo [below] I just made here in Moscow by my Fujifilm S1Pro camera with Tamron 28-300 3,5-6,3 lenses. I just crop it, no other correction. Please note it has no daylight saving time mode, so it was done at GMT +3 hour. It seems to me too red. [and from another source] Total eclipse to paint moon red [May 4] ‘The Moon is to turn blood-red [right] during a total lunar eclipse in UK skies, the Royal Astronomical Society has said. The total eclipse will already be under way as the Moon rises on Tuesday [May 4] evening but will only become visible as the Sun sets and the sky darkens. A dim reddish-brown Moon should climb slowly above the south-east horizon. The Moon travels through the long cone-shaped shadow the Earth casts in space and takes on a dark coppery or orange tone.’ [Note: the very blood red color anticipated was billed as normal. ]
Signs of the Times #821
Look at the Moon right now. It´s bright orange and the face has rotated. In Toronto the moon is up and for the first time I´ve ever seen it, bright orange. It also looks like the face has rotated somewhat. It´s not just a little bit orange, it´s deep bright orange. It was orange until 11:02 pm EST. [and from another] South Carolina, bright orange Moon! [and from another] It´s orange in Hamilton, Ontario too. Freaky. [and from another] I was looking at the Moon the night of the eclipse and although I couldn’t see the eclipse form where I am located I did notice the Moon looked differant, besides being very bright, the face did not look the same. I looked at it with binocs and the moon is not in the same position it was formerly. [and from another] Well I noticed the same thing. It was a very bright orange, and huge! The face was in a totally different position. [and from another] If the face has changed, that is big news, and if the moon is turning to blood, that is big news too. This is not normal either. [and from another] I can't understand why nobody in the scientific field or the media is noticing the erratic lunar movements [May 7]. Just two days ago the moon rose almost due East, last night it rose way too far to the South here in New York. How can people not notice the change? And secondly, why would the moon change orbital direction but everything else stays the same? [and from another] The Moon so bright and it appear to be one night far North than the next night far South [May 7]. As it moves through the sky, here in New York, it seams to speed up than at times it seeams to slow down. [Note: a tilted face has been noted, documented, and is a result of an Earth tilt and lean.]
Signs of the Times #820
Drought Settles In, Lake Shrinks and West's Worries Grow [May 2] ‘At five years and counting, the drought that has parched much of the West is getting much harder to shrug off as a blip. The latest blow was paltry snowfall during March in the Rocky Mountains, pushing down runoff projections for the Colorado River this year to 55 percent of average. Snowmelt is the lifeblood of the river, which provides municipal water from Denver to Los Angeles and irrigates millions of acres of farmland. The period since 1999 is now officially the driest in the 98 years of recorded history of the Colorado River, according to the United States Geological Survey.’ [and from another source] Water Crisis As Mexico City Sinks Faster Than Venice [Apr 30] ‘Five hundred years ago, it was a compact Aztec citadel set in a broad highland lagoon. But today it is a vast metropolis sprawling across a dried-up lake bed. Mexico City's underlying aquifer is now collapsing at a staggering rate beneath the streets. While Venice slips into the Adriatic at a fraction of an inch each year, Mexico City is lurching downwards by as much as a foot a year in some areas.’
Signs of the Times #819
Flash floods kill eight in Iran [May 2] ‘Eight people were killed in flash floods when a river burst its banks in western Iran's Kermanshah province’ [and from another source] Severe storms strike TX, MS [May 2] ‘An estimated 75 to 100 Livingston homes and businesses were flooded after up to to 10 inches of rain fell in a two-hour period and water spilled over from a large culvert. Golf ball size hail also fell.’ [and from another source] Floods in Kenya claim six lives, displace several thousands [May 4] ‘At least six people have drowned and several thousands displaced by floods following torrential rains currently hitting Kenya. Several homes and livestock were swept away across the country, while flights were diverted from Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Mombasa's Moi International Airport on the Indian Ocean coast. Commuter railway services to Nairobi's suburbs were also suspended, after rail tracks were flooded. Most roads have also been washed away throughout the country, following two days of heavy rains. Up to 3,000 people have been displaced by floods along the banks of River Nyando.’ [and from another source] Australia told to expect refugees from global warming [May 3] ‘The conservationists currently visiting Australia say climate change is raising sea levels and increasing the frequency of events like cyclones which will one day make some low-lying Pacific island nations uninhabitable.’
Signs of the Times #818
If Venus is going to transit the Sun on June 8th why is it at 45 degrees at sunset! Also why does it continue to get brighter [May 3] when the debunkers said it would be getting dim by now? [and from another] Venus was very high and very bright again tonight. Too hig and too bright as a matter of fact. [and from another] In Wisconsin [May 5] at 9:18 CDT Venus was observed 14° too high and not dropping toward the horizon for the transit as expected. [and from another] This photo from Japan shows Jupiter and the Moon have switched sides. The illuminated side should be facing Jupiter, but in the photo is turned away from Jupiter, showing something amiss with the orbits and placement.