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Signs of the Times #1652
British consulate in Basra to evacuate [Oct 30] Some have already been evacuated by helicopter. [and from another] Audit finds missing U.S. weapons in Iraq [Oct 29] The Pentagon cannot account for 14,030 weapons. [and from another] Iraqi Demands a Pullback; U.S. Lifts Baghdad Cordon [Oct 31] According to senior Shiite politicians close to Mr. Maliki, the Americans had been extremely reluctant, if not opposed, to withdrawing from their roadblocks and checkpoints in Karada and Sadr City. [and from another] PM fears country 'nearly out of control' [Oct 31] Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki is telling his inner circle that the situation in Iraq is "nearly out of control," according to CBS News intelligence sources. [and from another] Military Charts Movement of Conflict in Iraq Toward Chaos [Nov 1] A classified briefing prepared two weeks ago by the United States Central Command portrays Iraq as edging toward chaos, in a chart that the military is using as a barometer of civil conflict. [and from another] Iraqi Police Find 56 Bodies in Baghdad [Nov 3] The unannounced Negroponte visit comes five days after the arrival of National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, who flew to Baghdad after the Iraqi leadership issued a series of bitter complaints about U.S. tactics in the country. [and from another] We mentioned when the Golden Mosque was bombed that this was a US incited bombing, done by those elements within the US government that wish to see the US go to war with Iran, for oil. In that the US Military was reluctant, being over-extended, the White House wished to force them over the border into Iran by creating so much chaos that the US Military would be swept into the conflict. They are throughout Iraq, and to defend their positions, would engage, or so went the logic. What has occurred is sectarian conflicts that are causing the US to withdraw, become more insulated in fewer locations, and more guarded. This is due to many factors, not the least of which is clever planning by those elements trying to rid Iraq of the US occupation. They are not fools, and there are hundreds of instances where Iraqi bombers are accused, when no such bombers are known to the opposition! In addition to this obvious clue that elements within the US and Britain are trying to incite a larger conflict, there are the instances where British soldiers have been caught dressed as Arabs, with explosives in their car. Any incited sectarian violence, which is present at all times in Iraqi and needs no nudging, has been pointed thus against warring factions, not against the occupation. The press against the occupation has remained covert such that it is difficult for the US or Britain to identify the agents, which they call insurgents. Thus, a military action has not been called for, but instead a wearing fatigue resulting in withdrawal, which we predicted last February, 2006. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, dated Nov 4, 2006.]
Signs of the Times #1651
Airing now once a week on Wednesdays on the Blog radio, and in the Archives thereafter for free listening, The Connection featuring Nancy has broadcast or recorded the following information packed shows for the month of August. For those unable to listen to audio on their PC's, the scripts for the various shows become available as links from the ZetaTalk Media page shortly after the show airs. Currently available for the shows for Oct 4, Oct 11, Oct 18, Oct 25.
October 4 - Marshall Masters on the Survival Paradigm Assume the worst happens: you survive the next global catastrophe, and your Plan A fails. What will you use to create a new Plan B on-the-fly? Titanic hubris, 9-10 denial and bunker bravado? Not likely! This is why Godschild Covenant author Marshall Masters is talking about Plan B and The Kolbrin Bible.
October 11 - Controlling the Masses, the Establishment's Plan Why control is top down, from great wealth to political control through middle men and thense to the masses. Battles of the titans, or why the Puppet Master and the Puppets do not always agree, and the inevitable outcome. The agenda going in to the pole shift, and the arsenal they plan to use to defend their bunkers and assets. What the elite fear, and the steps they have put into place as insurance against loss. Muzzling the media, how this is done. The role pedophilia plays in control from the top, as the perfect blackmail device. Ganongate and the Bush family involvement as an example. Selecting out the best workers into work camps, and how the Guest Worker program fits in. Poisoning the masses via contrails. Bird flu as excuse for containment and quarantine of undesireables. The possibilities of Martial Law.
October 18 - Contact Nancy, What the Email Queue Reveals The 6 guidelines for email to Nancy, and why they regularly get ignored. Examples galore from sources kept anonymous. The press for personal counseling by the Zetas. The desire for the stage, to be another Nancy, or for special powers or abilities. Find Jesus! Is Nancy talking to demons? The difference between a question and a lecture, and why this is not clear. Traffic management, giving directions to the massive ZetaTalk and Troubled Times material. Informative email, sharing news and observations from around the world. Real questions, how ZetaTalk was built. The press for ZetaTalk on other channels or sources, and why this is seldom answered. Frankly hostile, insulting, or whacko email. Making demands, why Nancy is not your servant. Opportunities for counseling, and the occasional compliment.
October 25 - Contact Groups, Making a Difference How contactees initiate contact, and learn of the coming cataclysms. Choosing a role, always the contactees choice. Why many contactees are unsure of their role, and why many deliberately remain unaware of their status. The many conflicts contactees have over being overt about their knowledge of the coming pole shift. Timed release information. Sudden life changes and what triggers these changes. Contactee groups, or guided introductions among contactees. How contactees, singly or in groups, make a difference. What activities are initiated. The birth of the Troubled Times website as an example. IRC chat among founding members as example. List of TOPIC's in the Food, Shelter, Health, Energy, Information, Teams, and Word sections as example of the contributions of a few hundred individuals determined to provide pertinent information to the common man.
Signs of the Times #1650
How about Ramatis, Brazilian prophet, who wrote the book Mensajes del Astral where is described the approach of an intruder planet into our solar system? [and from another] In 1950 a celebrated Brazilian medium named Hercilio Maes channeled a prophecy from his guide Ramatis. Maes predicts that the earth's axis will change through ninety degrees due to the gravitational pull of an enormous new planet which will enter our solar system soon. [and from another] Ramatis delivered lectures to standing room only crowds through human instruments like Brazil's Chico Xavier and Luis Muzio. Ramatis discussed the imminent destruction of Earth by an orphan planet named Hercolubus, orbiting an invisible sun named Tila, whose trajectory brought it through the solar system every 6,666 years. [and from another] In S. America, the primary prophecies relaying the coming pole shift have been from an entity known as Ramatis, who used several channels, relaying the same message from each. All the channels Ramatis used were sincere, with the message essentially being relayed unpolluted by the human vehicles. That the message of a 90° shift, due to the passage of a large planet with a long orbital period, which orbits two Sun's, one of which has never lit and thus is invisible, remarkably parallels our description of the orbit and passage of Planet X. However, ALL channeled work suffers from the limitations of the human to relay the intended message, or confusion among those hearing the message. Channeling is NOT using the channel as a typing machine, it is using the channel's education, understanding of science, ability to entertain concepts, command of the language, and ability to formulate analogies or create scenario descriptions with depth and detail. If the channel has no word to describe something the spirit wishes to relay, the channel will wrap words about the concept as best it can. Thus, the possibility of distortion exists. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Hercolubus.]
Signs of the Times #1649
The most recent sweep was accompanied by a large number of 6+ quakes, exceptionally active. The Black Hills again have their 12 hour wobble, from the dark to the face point, daily. Has something changed? 10/8 6.2 Tonga 10/9 6.1 Philippines 10/10 6.1 Japan 10/12 6.1 Chili 10/13 6.2 Kuril Is. 10/15 6.5 Hawaii 10/17 global 6.8 New Guinea 10/18 6.3 Australia 10/20 6.5 Peru 10/20 6.0 Philippines 10/22 6.1 Indian Ocean 10/23 6.2 Japan 10/24 6.8 Japan 10/26 6.1 Sicily [and from another] I check my 2 compasses daily. There has not been any movement since May. But just this morning [Oct 25], I checked and both of them moved roughly 20 more degrees West of North! They were steadily at approximately 20 degrees West of North for months. Now today, they show 40+ degrees West of North. Huge movement. Something changed. As you know, I have never had any electronic devices in the area to affect them. [and from another] Hallo good morning Nancy, much time silent, so today [Oct 25] I tried as in the past, confirm object steady, but not always possible to capture. Greetings, Alberto. [and from another] Mystery explosion in Devon/Cornwall, England [Oct 27] 'In Bude (Cornwall, England) today there was the sound of a huge explosion that caused huge cracks in at least one person's house. The thing is no one knows what caused it -- there is no obvious explosion site, and the MOD and RAF deny any supersonic planes were flying over that area.' [and from another] Since the bumping between the planets caught in the cup is happening at the Ecliptic, an obvious outlet is to rise above or sink below the Ecliptic, which is what Earth is temporarily doing. Will this ease the stress on the Earth, so that quakes and snapping rock settle down for a time? The Earth changes have been lineal, in the years leading into the pole shift, but when Planet X draws close they become exponential. Earth cannot escape, as after all, where would she GO? She is already bobbing and weaving to the extent that she can move out of her orbit. What lies ahead for her is more violence during the sweeps, a stronger wobble, and the inevitable lean to the left! [Note: new ZetaTalk: Exponential.]
Signs of the Times #1648
Forward Base Falcon Disaster [Oct 11] At the time of the attack, there were approximately 3000 men inside the camp, which also was filled with ammunition supplies, fuel, tanks and vehicles. Iraqi contractors had assisted in the construction of the camp, which occupied nearly a square mile and was surrounded with guard tower-studded high concrete walls. An after action report, issued by the Department of Defense, stated that: "no injuries were reported." When the flames had been brought under control on the morning of the 11th of October, primarily because the entire camp had been gutted, nine large American military transports with prominent Red Cross markings were observed by members of the foreign media taking off, laded with the dead and the wounded. Over 300 American troops, including U.S. Army and Marines, CIA agents and U.S. translators were casualties and there also were 165 seriously injured requiring major medical attention and 39 suffering lesser injuries. [and from another] Insurgents Hit U.S. Base in Baghdad [Oct 11] Falcon is located in a former commercial trucking depot in a sprawling industrial area at the southern entrance of Baghdad. It is near the violence-torn district of Dora, where U.S. troops have been focusing in a 2-month-old sweep of the capital neighborhood-by-neighborhood aimed at rooting out militants and weapons. [and from another] No Additional Troops to Baghdad [Oct 20] A senior military official told ABC News that any changes agreed upon would not include more U.S. troops going into violence-torn Baghdad. The White House has already ruled out partitioning Iraq, as even some prominent Republicans have suggested. And pulling out the troops altogether or on a timetable is a "nonstarter," according to the Bush administration. So what will Bush do? [and from another] The evacuation in Viet Nam was done while the US Military was in friendly territory, in South Viet Nam. Here the US Military is in hostile territory where is may have to evacuate suddenly, or where evacuation may not be possible at all! What would the timing be of such as explosion of violence, so well placed that guarded munitions depots are easy targets? The question should rather be posed, what is to stop such an explosion of violence? This is the question being asked in the tents of the militia who have for so long been trying to rid Iraq of the US occupation. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Falcon Depot.]
Signs of the Times #1647
I have been entering some art into the Halloween Splash contest on What do you think? I hear you sing and dance in this one. David Dees.
Signs of the Times #1646
6.10.06 Russia Caucasus pm 13/21 [and from another] October 10, 2006, at 1:21 pm in the afternoon. The Ecliptic is more or less horizontal at noon. Thus Planet X complex to the right of the Sun, along the Ecliptic. An excellent capture.
Signs of the Times #1645
Another Colorado School Shooting [Sep 28] Less than 40 miles away from Littleton, Colorado where the Columbine school massacre took place in 1999, another high school shooting occurred on Sep 27, 2006. This time, an older man attacked a class at Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, Colorado. The man released all the male students and kept the female students as hostage, then killed one student and himself as SWAT closed in. [and from another] Principal killed at Wisconsin school; 9th-grader charged [Sep 30] A teenager who pried open his family's gun cabinet brought two weapons to his rural school Friday and shot the principal to death after a struggle with adults and other students, authorities said. the teen had complained about being teased by other students and decided to confront teachers and the principal using a shotgun and handgun taken from his parents' bedroom. The shooting also came one day after Weston Schools Principal John Klang gave him a disciplinary warning for having tobacco, according to a criminal complaint. [and from another] School killer told wife he molested family members [Oct 3] Pennsylvania schoolhouse killer Charles Carl Roberts IV told his wife he molested young relatives 20 years ago and was dreaming about molesting children again. Investigators talked to relatives and analyzed suicide notes as they tried to determine what made Roberts barricade himself inside the tiny Amish school, tying up girls and shooting them -- five fatally -- before killing himself Monday. Roberts may have targeted the school for its girl students intended to molest the children. Roberts brought KY Jelly lubricant to the schoolhouse where the assault occurred. [and from another] Why the molestation of young girls, as part of the package? Mere murder and terror are not enough, they are raising the bar into pedophilia, and competing with one another! [Note: new ZetaTalk: Amish Massacre.]