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ZetaTalk: Exponential
written Oct 28, 2006

When we explained last May how we simulated the seasons it was in response to observations that the Sun was rising and setting in the extreme North, and when we explained how we effected an apparent Solstice it was in response to observations that civil twilight was lasting 2 hours, not 1. Another change has indeed occurred, but not because benign aliens are tipping the globe to simulate the seasons. Earth has been pushed back into the October position, so the globe can be allowed to position itself normally for a change. So what has caused the observed changes - a magnetic North reading to the extreme West of expected, the Planet X complex noted above the Sun, from the Earth's vantage point, rather than just to the right of the Sun and slightly below the Ecliptic, and particularly jolting quakes almost daily during the last sweeping arm of the Sun?

We mentioned in January, 2005 that leading into the 3 days of darkness, when Planet X is fully hosing the Earth with magnetic particles from its N Pole, that there would be a distinct lean to the left, where the Earth appear to be attempting to fall on her side. This will become so extreme, prior to the 3 days of darkness, that the Earth will literally be on her side at times during the extreme wobble that will accompany this lean. Scarcely something that will go unnoticed by the populace! But at the onset of this lean, and increased wobble that accompanies it, the Earth first attempts to evade the hose of magnetic particles from Planet X. Where can it go to evade this, when it is caught in the cup, the eddy flow of particles emerging from the Sun? At first, it crowds to the left hand side of the cup, so that Planet X appears to be to the right of the Sun, which was the case during the Spring of 2006. This is also the relative position of these two planets when the extreme last weeks occur just prior to the pole shift. But in the mean time, when Planet X is at a distance from Earth that allows Earth to maneuver about in the cup, other gyrations occur.

The eddy flow cup that Earth and Venus and the Dark Twin are caught in becomes progressively smaller as Planet X approaches, as the strength in the flow of particles coming round the sides of Planet X is more dense, thus like a rapidly flowing river, has more pressure to push the hapless planets caught in the cup toward its center. When at a distance, these particle flows have dissipated, but still have the capacity to buffet the planets into the cup because there is a difference in the crowding rate, less in the center, more at the periphery. The closer Planet X comes, the more intense, like the claw arms of a crab starting to close about its prey. The Earth and her siblings, Venus and the Dark Twin, are starting to feel the effects of this squeeze, are bumping into each other during sweeps with more violence, and as always when crowding occur, seek to evade the crowd and move, if possible. Since the bumping between the planets caught in the cup is happening at the Ecliptic, an obvious outlet is to rise above or sink below the Ecliptic, which is what Earth is temporarily doing. Thus, as in May, 2006, the magnetic N Pole of Earth suddenly swung further to the West, because we had pushed Earth below the Ecliptic and the vulnerable N Pole was exposed to the hose of magnetic particles coming from the N Pole of Planet X and swarming around on the Ecliptic.

What evidence is there that this has occurred? First, the bumping of planets during the sweep was more than had occurred in the past, a clear pattern of stress quakes in a series of 6+ Richter quakes. Just as the sweep was ending, the Earth finally pressured to drop below the Ecliptic, dual reports showing the position had changed. It is no accident that these reports both arrived in Nancy's email queue on Oct 25, 2006, as though these contactees don't know each other, they both were alerted to this change at the same time. Thus, second, a compass reading showing the magnetic N Pole of Earth swung to the West by a dramatic degree. And third, the photo from Italy showing Planet X above the Earth, at the Ecliptic where Earth is below, unlike all recent photos which showed Planet X to the right of the Sun, both Earth and Planet X on the same plane. Will this ease the stress on the Earth, so that quakes and snapping rock settle down for a time? The Earth changes have been lineal, in the years leading into the pole shift, but when Planet X draws close they become exponential. Earth cannot escape, as after all, where would she go? She is already bobbing and weaving to the extent that she can move out of her orbit. What lies ahead for her is more violence during the sweeps, a stronger wobble, and the inevitable lean to the left!

Signs of the Times #1649
The most recent sweep was accompanied by a large number of 6+ quakes, exceptionally active. The Black Hills again have their 12 hour wobble, from the dark to the face point, daily. Has something changed? 10/8 6.2 Tonga 10/9 6.1 Philippines 10/10 6.1 Japan 10/12 6.1 Chili 10/13 6.2 Kuril Is. 10/15 6.5 Hawaii 10/17 global 6.8 New Guinea 10/18 6.3 Australia 10/20 6.5 Peru 10/20 6.0 Philippines 10/22 6.1 Indian Ocean 10/23 6.2 Japan 10/24 6.8 Japan 10/26 6.1 Sicily [and from another] I check my 2 compasses daily. There has not been any movement since May. But just this morning [Oct 25], I checked and both of them moved roughly 20 more degrees West of North! They were steadily at approximately 20 degrees West of North for months. Now today, they show 40+ degrees West of North. Huge movement. Something changed. As you know, I have never had any electronic devices in the area to affect them. [and from another] Hallo good morning Nancy, much time silent, so today [Oct 25] I tried as in the past, confirm object steady, but not always possible to capture. Greetings, Alberto. [and from another] Mystery explosion in Devon/Cornwall, England [Oct 27] 'In Bude (Cornwall, England) today there was the sound of a huge explosion that caused huge cracks in at least one person's house. The thing is no one knows what caused it -- there is no obvious explosion site, and the MOD and RAF deny any supersonic planes were flying over that area.'