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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Nov 4, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can the Zetas please describe what the physiological changes to the human anatomy might be during the week of rotation stoppage? Will electric current be held in abeyance? Will we still hold the same gravitational 'weight' as we do now? Will we experience dizzyness, etc, in addition of course to the sheer shock and horror of the realization sinking in of what will be going on?

As surprising as it may seem, live of the surface of Earth will not experience any adverse reactions during rotation stoppage. What happens when a super-sonic jet slows down and land? Because this is gradual, the passengers do not slam against walls as they would if forced into a sudden stop. When gradual enough, the passengers do not even realize they are slowing down. Thus, rotation stoppage will not be noticed as a change in motion. For some odd reason, there is a theory floating about the Internet that without rotation objects on the surface of Earth will float off the surface, into space. In fact, the opposite occurs, as rotation tends to pull objects outward, via centrifugal force, so a stopped rotation increases the gravity pull every so slightly. Thus, rotation stoppage will not be experienced as a change in gravity pull. Where magnetic particle flows will be moving in other than normal directions, this likewise will not affect life on the surface. Do humans visiting the North or South Poles find themselves affected, when magnetic particles are flowing consistently outward of inward there? Electro-magnetic pulse may occur here or there and affect sensitive technology, but living things will not notice or be affected. What mankind will notice will be the air temp during the 5.9 days of rotation stoppage, the air on the long day side warming to the extremes known on Earth and likewise the air on the dark side cooling off. This will be mediated by wind currents, warm air rushing to the cool zones, so will not become extreme to the point of threatening life, however.

What will be the rate of rising water on the East Coast? 10 inches a day or 10 inches a second? And what will the critters likely do, especially the snakes? [and from another] You're talking about the rise during the hour of the shift? Sloshing water will roll inland a long way where the land is flat, rise up if cliffs and ravines present, doing tidal bore, but in general get 200 feet high 100 miles inland. The Zetas advised to get to high ground, as there would be back and forth sloshing, but have never addressed the timing of this.

The sloshing of large bodies of water, oceans, great lakes, and inland bays, is much faster during the shift than during the normal tides that follow the Moon. Where the shift happens in an hour, the sloshing flows inland over approximately a 2-3 hour period, and then quickly reverses back to slide onto the other side with a mirror effect, completing a back and forth slosh within 6 hours. Thus this can be considered twice as fast as the normal Moon tides and with much greater force as the water on the move is greater.

With all the disclosure about 'gay' goings on in and around the White House are they working there way to the top exposing Bush for the same?

Where the public anticipated an October surprise from the Republicans, the opposite has happened, and not by accident. It has been an onslaught of expose, related to gay and pedophila lifestyles in the main. For Foley to Haggert, this has had the effect of turning the religious right away from the poles, deepening the Democratic victory as this was an important part of the Bush base. These individuals were chosen for exposure due to their chumminess with Bush, and the photos in the public domain showing Bush smiling and laughing and in obvious close association with them. Will Bush be exposed next? Yes, inevitably, with GannonGate a handy piece in the arsenal.

Sports are a great distraction for many. Some are completely obsessed and watch sports all day. They happen year round - Super Bowl in winter, World Series in fall, NBA championship in Summer. They could be used to help distract people from thinking about anything else. I'm not a big fan of sports, but since so many of my friends are, I am forced to watch some of it. I can't help but feel sometimes the games are rigged for a reason, with many underdog favorites winning. I would like to ask if games in both college and professional sports are rigged to some degree?

Professional sports are frequently rigged, with this or that star to take a fall, as gambling is ever present and the stakes are high. Where school sports would be subject to these same pressure, they are watched more closely, with academic standards needed to be maintained for the players to be involved at all, and thus scrutiny is every present. Where not entirely free of being fixed, it almost never happens in school sports.

British consulate in Basra to evacuate [Oct 30] Some have already been evacuated by helicopter. [and from another] Audit finds missing U.S. weapons in Iraq [Oct 29] The Pentagon cannot account for 14,030 weapons. [and from another] Iraqi Demands a Pullback; U.S. Lifts Baghdad Cordon [Oct 31] According to senior Shiite politicians close to Mr. Maliki, the Americans had been extremely reluctant, if not opposed, to withdrawing from their roadblocks and checkpoints in Karada and Sadr City. [and from another] PM fears country 'nearly out of control' [Oct 31] Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki is telling his inner circle that the situation in Iraq is "nearly out of control," according to CBS News intelligence sources. [and from another] Military Charts Movement of Conflict in Iraq Toward Chaos [Nov 1] A classified briefing prepared two weeks ago by the United States Central Command portrays Iraq as edging toward chaos, in a chart that the military is using as a barometer of civil conflict. [and from another] Iraqi Police Find 56 Bodies in Baghdad [Nov 3] The unannounced Negroponte visit comes five days after the arrival of National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, who flew to Baghdad after the Iraqi leadership issued a series of bitter complaints about U.S. tactics in the country.

We mentioned when the Golden Mosque was bombed that this was a US incited bombing, done by those elements within the US government that wish to see the US go to war with Iran, for oil. In that the US Military was reluctant, being over-extended, the White House wished to force them over the border into Iran by creating so much chaos that the US Military would be swept into the conflict. They are throughout Iraq, and to defend their positions, would engage, or so went the logic. What has occurred is sectarian conflicts that are causing the US to withdraw, become more insulated in fewer locations, and more guarded. This is due to many factors, not the least of which is clever planning by those elements trying to rid Iraq of the US occupation. They are not fools, and there are hundreds of instances where Iraqi bombers are accused, when no such bombers are known to the opposition! In addition to this obvious clue that elements within the US and Britain are trying to incite a larger conflict, there are the instances where British soldiers have been caught dressed as Arabs, with explosives in their car. Any incited sectarian violence, which is present at all times in Iraqi and needs no nudging, has been pointed thus against warring factions, not against the occupation. The press against the occupation has remained covert such that it is difficult for the US or Britain to identify the agents, which they call insurgents. Thus, a military action has not been called for, but instead a wearing fatigue resulting in withdrawal, which we predicted last February, 2006

Verdict due in Saddam trial over executions [Nov 4] IRAQ is bracing itself for another surge of violence tomorrow, when Saddam Hussein is expected to be sentenced to death for crimes against humanity. The trial, which started a year ago, aimed to heal Iraq's wounds after Saddam and his Baath party's 35-year regime. Instead, it has become a symbol of Iraq's divisions, between the long-oppressed Shia majority, who now rule the country, and Saddam's Sunnis. Clashes between them tomorrow could push Iraq over the edge.

The farcical trial of Saddam, which has in the docket one of this doubles, his cousin, is concluding just ahead of the mid-term 2006 elections not by accident. Subject to bribery and threats, not the least of which is the occasional death in the family for those conducting the trial or acting as lawyers, this farce is ending at a well planned point. Desperate to have Iraq appear as a success in some manner, this was easily arranged, and is expected to flood the TV screens and talk shows with jubilant Iraqi celebrating Saddam's pending execution. Since Iraq has become a powder keg, the opposite will happen, but the desperate White House is pushing ahead with their plans, as usual, despite setbacks.

Are Chem_Trails seen in the sky, everyday and night, a good spray or a bad spray.

The plan for chemtrails or contrails as they are sometimes called, has not changed, though what is evident to those under the spraying cannot always decipher the plot from the current progress. At the start, we stated that this was to be a means to poison populace on the move, migrating from urban areas toward enclaves of the rich. This has not changed. But as the testing on the populace was alarming them, with many doing pattern analysis and getting wise to the plot, they backed off. In addition, the US Military, who was to assist during the last weeks in using their planes and what was expected to be obedient soldiers, rebelled, and refused to poison US citizens. Thus the elite, which includes some elements in the US Military and NASA and Congress and certainly the current residents of the White House as well as the ultra-wealthy, have made arrangements for alternate spraying operations when the time comes. None of this will succeed, but they plot on. Meanwhile, they practice the spraying patterns and how to use the wind patterns using chemicals that fog the view, claiming they are trying to prevent the public from viewing the Planet X components. One can decipher their target migration routes by seeing where the fog drifts, and lands. They will fail at this, as the weeks leading into the shift are something the elite cannot imagine, and thus, they imagine their life will function as it does today. This plot will fail, utterly.

The Puppet Masters plan to weaken the Bush administration is in obvious full swing. After the November elections, is the MSM likely to increase revelations of Bush crimes instead of being so guarded about the real scandals?

This will particularly be the case as evidence secured by the new Democratic majority comes available for the press. It will be a feeding frenzy, with the Bush White House attempting to use every means possible to maintain control. Expect attempts to declare Martial Law, or declare Bush President for life. Very interesting times.

Michale J Fox's disease is tragic but interesting from a certain standpoint. It is rumored he drank 14+ diet soda a day which has Aspatrtame (a known neuro-toxin in it. Everytime you look at packaged food ingrediants, it is full of 'preservatives' and other poisons. Could the Zetas comment on the health of all this tampering? Is it really a conspiracy with the FDA and big pharma to make us sick and sell medicines?

Where the incidence of certain diseases is on the increase, this is, as we have stated, due more to the eminations from the core of the Earth and subconscious realization that there are Earth changes not being acknowledges by the media or the establishment than any other factor. Depressed immune systems resulting in all manner of illnesses, and increased metal illness, are examples. For any given illness that one could point to affected by diet, there are cases in the world where such diet does not exist which disproves the proposition. Where this does not excuse known toxins, which indeed are not healthy, it does not prove a conspiracy. Greed is the motive. Innoculations being the exception, as there are planned innoculations to sicken the populace, held in abeyance until the last weeks. We have warmed of this, within the body of ZetaTalk.

Can you comment on what is behind the U.S. Coast Guard and their shooting exercises in the Great Lakes?

Numerous terrorism attacks were expected leading into the elections, as they were planned but did not occur. In order to declare that Bush Co had been on top of matters, there had to be an alert ahead of time, so Homeland Security could claim their procedures had succeeded. Does this crowd never learn? They have been foiled hundreds of times, in trying to create a faked terrorism attack, but keep trying to find a way around our countering of these attempts. Thus, you have an alerted military at times, or arm of the government, but no actual attacks on US soil. [Oct 4] Last March, the federal government set up a Web site to make public a vast archive of Iraqi documents captured during the war. The Bush administration did so under pressure from Congressional Republicans who said they hoped to "leverage the Internet" to find new evidence of the prewar dangers posed by Saddam Hussein. But in recent weeks, the site has posted some documents that weapons experts say are a danger themselves: detailed accounts of Iraq's secret nuclear research before the 1991 Persian Gulf war. The documents, the experts say, constitute a basic guide to building an atom bomb.

Count the ways that have come to light wherein the Bush White House and their allies have shot themselves in the foot re Iraq. An anticipation that a verdict against Saddam will bring Iraqis into the street in jubilation, just in time for the 2006 mid-term elections, giving the Republicans and Bush a boost. This will not only fail, but will move in the other directions, creating more Sunni rage which they will vent against the Shia deemed to be in charge. Putting Iraqi documentation on the web hoping for some new evidence to sally forth, again just ahead of the mid-term elections, proving Bush and company right on the WMD front. Rather then produce evidence, it produced an uproar with a focus of attention on the poor judgement shown by the White House and their allies in Congress. Once again, they ignored the advice of the intelligence agencies, honoring politics instead. None of these maneuvers are lost on the US or Iraqi public, showing only that there are clowns at the helm, and deepening the hatred the world feels toward those who would be king of the world, sitting on the oil fields, and standing on the blood of innocents to do so.