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Lou Gentile Hour!
June 29, 2005

Signs of Planet X, folding Pacific with new land rising, New Madrid/Great Lakes stress, magma slam in Chile, snow in summer in Somalia, and high tides in India

Last month on the Lou Gentile show, we featured the Stretch Zone to explain the reasons the North American plate is being pulled diagonally, putting stress on the center of the plate. Timing for this May 27, 2005 explanation was because this stress was about to manifest within the US, and it has! Previous Zeta predictions on the Earth torque and Magma Slam and Snow in Summer and High Tides unexplained by earthquakes are also manifesting. Those who have been following ZetaTalk, and listening to the Lou Gentile show, were not surprised.

Folding Pacific, New Land Rising
Wobble stress in the Pacific and Atlantic on May 31 and in the Pacific/Antartic on June 9 was followed by distinct Wake/Midway adjustments on June 10, the live seismos going black on those islands, a day after the Zetas predicted a folding Pacific, with more Pacific Island stress on June 15 when the target="_top">West Coast began to drop into the void left by the fold. Note the distinct pattern of quakes on June 9 where new land is predicted to rise between the tip of Africa and S America, another Zetas prediction. New Land/Folding Pacific - Zetas RIGHT Again!
Ridges will rise higher, trenches will grow more narrow, and the release of tension elsewhere will allow other plates adjoining the great Pacific to likewise move.
ZetaTalk: Folding Pacific, written May 9, 2005
New land will emerge near Antarctica between the tip of Africa and South America.
ZetaTalk: Sinking/Rising, written Jun 15, 1997

New Madrid/Great Lakes Stress
Warning came out in the press from US scientists about the New Madrid fault line, discussed and a warning issued just last month on Lou Gentile (the stress will be in the New Madrid fault, centered in the plate, which is pulled apart in a diagonal), and newly discovered fault lines in the Great Lakes affecting Lake Ontario. Within days of the press on New Madrid, a propane plant in St. Louis exploded, no known cause. The Zetas have presented a yawning St. Lawrence Seaway, and a severely dropped SE, as something to be expected during the coming pole shift. Seaway Stretch - Zetas RIGHT Again!
Stretching along the Atlantic has been recorded during 2002, when trail derailments, exploding buildings, and sudden sinking of land occurred. Stretching results in quakes, as the plates underneath, in layers like flaky pie crust, release. Stretching results in land not supporting prior buildings or roads or bridges, which suddenly collapse. Stretching also results in volcanoes oozing more lava, or if the skin of the Earth thins, an explosion.
ZetaTalk: Pre-Shift Quakes, written Apr 5, 2003
Places such as the St. Lawrence Seaway, when the surface of the Earth is tugged in different directions, torn, and plates are torqued.
ZetaTalk: Stretch Zone, written Sep 11, 2004
Niagara Falls will split during the widening of the St. Lawrence Seaway, as will all natural and manmade barriers between the Great Lakes and the Atlantic.
ZetaTalk: Niagara Falls, written Nov, 2002

Magma Slam
After the dual 8.1/8.2 south of Tasmania and in Auckland on Dec 23, followed by the infamous 9.3 in Sumatra on Dec 26, the Zetas gave their Magma Slam explanation, in which they predicted two other Magma Slam areas - the spine of the Andes and the African Rift. On June 13, a Richter 7.9 quake struck in Chile, on that spine. Magma Slam - Zetas RIGHT Again!
And where would those double whammy points be? … Tasmania … the African Rift … the spine of the Andes in South America.
ZetaTalk: Magma Slam, written Dec 28, 2004
Snow in Summer
From June snowstorms in Colorado to frozen troops in Chile to snowfall in Somalia to the first Tropical Storm, Arlene, arriving 11 weeks earlier than in 2004, thence to record heat in the US and India and Japan for June, the weather has become what the Zetas predicted in 1995. Snow in Summer - Zetas RIGHT Again!
Violent storms, unusual weather patterns, severe and long lasting droughts, increased frequency of hurricanes, torrential rains, and a general warming of the planet. Mankind will find its greatest problems with the weather to be its unpredictability.
ZetaTalk: Heralding, written prior to July 15, 1995
As we stated in 1995, severe and intractable drought, drought and deluge swings. Very cold summers, relayed in the past, in ancient reports of what the Chinese called a world cycle, meaning the approach of another pole shift, where snow fell in summer.
ZetaTalk: During 2000, written prior to Jan 12, 2000
High Tides
Early in 2000, the Zetas predicted usually high tides, unrelated to quakes. This began occurring but none with such drama as on May 20 and May 22 tides in the southern Indian state of Kerala, where 15,000 residents had to be evacuated as high tides came crashing into huts and submerged villages. High Tides - Zetas RIGHT Again!
We also predict, as we did last year, that there will be high tides. Not tsunamis, following earthquakes, but unusual high tides. We also predict that there will begin to be reports of whirlpools in the oceans that will startle those who have never seen such a thing in the oceans.
ZetaTalk: During 2000, written January 12, 2000

Kolbrin, details now available, Flood, Exodus, and the coming passage

The Kolbrin is now available from YOWUSA, as low as $4.95 for an ebook. Formerly, only available for $120 with weeks of delay from New Zealand. As with the Book of Enoch, omitted from the Bible, the Kolbrin parallels the Bible but includes more specifics on past and future pole shifts. Compare the sequence of events described to what is occurring today. This matches closely with what the Zetas state.
Kolbrin: Flood
Kolbrin: Exodus
Kolbrin: Prophecy
ZetaTalk: The Flood (3,600 * 3 back)
ZetaTalk: Jewish Exodus (3,600 * 1 back)
ZetaTalk: Pole Shift

Signs in the Sky, the Stars and the Moon, Wobble

Flood: The Lady of the Night changed her garment for one of a different hue, and her form swept more swiftly across the skies. Her tresses streamed out behind in gold and copper.
Exodus: Strange omens in the skies.
Prophecy: The Heralds of Doom will come softly. Stars in the Heavens are no longer constant and a great light appears redly in the skies.
Enoch: The moon shall alter her order. The stars shall alter their orbits and tasks.

Note: today we have Orbit Irregularities, including the Sun and Moon and constellations, including a copper or orange colored Moon, the sign Noah used to start his arc. Photo taken Sep 7, 2003. ZetaTalk: Sacred Orbits warned of a halted Earth orbit, and how to determine this by the Sun, Moon, and stars.

Blood Red Rivers and Fire Dragon in the Sun

Flood: Riding on a great black rolling cloud came the Destroyer.
Exodus: The river was bloody. The Earth was filled with redness. It twisted about itself like a coil. It remained close to the sun, whose face it hid.
Prophecy: When blood drops upon the Earth, the Destroyer will appear. It will be a vast sky-spanning form enwrapping Earth.

Note: today we have Planet X in the Sun, coming from the Sun so it cannot be readily seen, and signs of a light red dust. ZetaTalk: Countdown Signs, written Jan 15, 1996, states that blood red rivers and ponds will occur in step with rapid rotation slowing, days before stoppage. ZetaTalk: No Surprise states that we will have weeks of warning before this point and implies that imploding cities and industrial cess pools can be expected next.

Days of Darkness, Severe Wobble, Sloshing, and Stoppage

Exodus: Midday is no brighter than night. Ships were sucked away from their moorings and destroyed in great whirlpools. The Earth turned over, as clay spun upon a potter's wheel.
Prophecy: Followed by a day of darkness.
Talmud: Seven days before the deluge, the Holy One changed the primeval order and the sun rose in the west and set in the east.

Note: today we have a documentable wobble, which will get worse before rotation stoppage. Mentioned also in the Bible, the severe wobble that develops is addressed by ZetaTalk: Potters Wheel and appears in crop circles.

Pole Shift with Earthquakes

Flood: Places of the stars were changed, they rolled across the sky to new stations, then the floodwaters came.
Exodus: On the great night of the Destroyer's wrath, when its terror was at its height. The habitations of men collapsed upon those inside.

Rotation Returns, Volcanic Gloom

Flood: The Destroyer passed away into the fastness of Heaven and the great flood remained seven days.
Exodus: There were nine days of darkness and upheaval. Under a mantle of fine swirling grey ash.
Prophecy: The dew of death will fall softly, as a grey carpet.

Afterwards, Gangs and Survival

Exodus: A strange people came up against Egypt. They enslaved all who were left. Pharaoh fled into the wilderness [and] lived a goodly life among the sand wanderers and wrote books.
Prophecy: The dauntless ones will survive, the stouthearted will not go down to destruction.

Survival Techniques, hand tools and saving seed

Each month on the Lou Gentile show we have been presenting survival techniques, in February water distillation and making huts, in March wood gas to replace gasoline and natural toilet paper, in April soap making and Vitamin C sources and how to spin and weave cloth, in May eating bugs and recharging 12V batteries, and now in June we feature hand tools and saving seed..

Hand tools are non-electric, and can be purchased, as these below from Harbor Freight (cross cut saw for $20), or found at yard sales. The hand drill at right might be found there, as might an old flint fire starter. Be sure to include plenty of nails, screws, and bolts. Jacks and pulley systems can move heavy objects, so don't forget plenty of rope and chain. No chain saw? Use a cross-cut saw and replace the gym with some real work.


Saving Seed is a vital part of gardening when one can no longer just purchase seed. Some, such as tomatoes, peppers, beans, lettuce, okra, and oats will self pollinate. Others, such as corn, wind pollinate, but most require pollination by insects, which include most than bees. Many seed pods will shatter or scatter seed if not collected promptly, such as cabbage, onion, or lettuce, but most will stay in their pods or dry well on the plant. Allow the fruit to fully mature before collecting. Tomato seed needs to ferment, form mold, before it will germinate properly. Some plants, such as beets, carrots, and onions are biennial, needing a two year cycle. For or all seeds, dry, let them rest, and store in a cool, dry, dark place. Best book: Seed to Seed by Suzanne Ashworth.

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