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TOPIC: Foods that Fight

An apple a day keeps more than the doctor away, as the pectin in apples fights cancer and high blood pressure. Many Common Foods contain ingredients that Fight Disease and are Natural Remedies. Spirulina algae is known to provide an Immunity Boost and Reduce Allergy reactions. The Onion family has long been recognized for fighting infections and lowering blood pressure, and Garlic has many amazing qualities. Eating vegetables from the Cabbage Family reduces the risk of cancer. Potato has medicinal qualities. Fresh Pineapple fights hardened arteries and reduces allergies and inflamation. Beets help the kidney and liver function. Avocado lowers colesterol. There are even spices that Kill E.coli, and the deadly Anthrax bacteria and other terrorist threats such as nerve or mustard gas can be countered with Garlic, Vitamin C, Melatonin, Rice Bran, Oregano, and Chinese Club Moss.