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Common Foods

The following are ways to "spice up" foods with cancer preventatives while making food more palatable according to The Phytopia Cookbook, 1998:

  1. Add garlic to stir fry dishes, pilaf and marinades.
  2. Add onions to sauces, soups, stews, casseroles, or salad dressings.
  3. Puree black beans with cumin, jalapeno pepper and chili powder, misc. with salsa and spread it on pizza crust. Top with peppers, onions, corn kernels and nonfat cheese for a healthy southwestern style pizza.
  4. Add beans to pasta sauce, soups, salads and stews.
  5. Puree vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) and add them to sauces or pasta or use them as a pizza topping.
  6. Add fruits to dry or cooked cereals.
  7. Add lemon or orange peel to muffins, cakes, fruit salads, marinades(incidentally, orange peel is also a great cleaner of almost anything!)
  8. Substitute mushrooms for meat in sauces, stew, stuffings.
  9. Mix fruits and vegetables into salsas.
  10. Use tea to flavor marinades and vinaigrettes.
  11. Poach fruit like peaches and pears in sweetened red wine. Thicken the liquid with cornstarch for a dessert sauce.

There are many more, but these seemed to be the most realistic in a situation of limited food availability.

Offered by John.

The Doctors Book of Food Remedies states that Harvard Medical School found that women who regularly drank cranberry juice were 60% less likely to develop urinary track infections. Of women who already had such infections, those who drank the juice were nearly 75% more likely to see their infections clear up. Gout - eating 6 cherries a day or drinking black cherry juice will relieve symptoms. Cherries also have the ability to help block the formation of a variety of cancers. Avocados help lower cholesterol and keep blood sugar disorders under control. Garlic lowers cholesterol, block growth of cancer and is a natural antibiotic. Honey contains 3 ingredients ideal for healing wounds. It's very high in sugar, so it absorbs much of the moisture inside wounds, making it hard for bacteria to survive. Second, many honeys contain large amounts of hydrogen peroxide, used to disinfect wounds. Finally some honeys contain propolis, a compound in nectar that kills bacteria. Celery can lower blood pressure an average of 12-14%. Eating nuts can cut heart attack risk in half. Watercress helps reduce smokers lung cancer risks by 50%.

Offered by Steve.