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Onion (Allium cepa): If you dislike the smell and taste of onions, or have problem digesting them, or if you won't have well lighted facilities to grow plants in - then growing onions is ill advised. Only for those who will have lighted facilities in the Aftertime, as the onion normally prefers a spot in the light of sun. Of course it doesn't require much light, though the dimmer the light, the lower the health of the plant, the less medical value, and the less taste.

Why so much fuzz over the onion? Because it has so many uses.

  1. Some American Indians have always used the juice of a piece of onion to ward against insect bites (insect will be everywhere in the Aftertime).
  2. Grated onion is used externally to treat rheumatoid pains in joints.
  3. A piece of cotton-wool with onion juice eases ear- and toothache (dental care won't be professionally available in the Aftertime).
  4. Urinary infections and infections of the airways give way to treatment with honey and onions.
  5. Onion lowers the blood pressure.
  6. Onion stimulates the digestive track.
  7. Onion heals wounds.
  8. Onion eases coughing and colds.
  9. Onion, in the earlier ages of long ocean travels, was used to treat scurvy. The onion is very rich in vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals.
  10. It was also used to keep infections in general at a distance.
  11. Onion contains a lot of phosphorous which of itself has a positive effect on memory, the ability to concentrate and to think creatively.
  12. And last but definitely not least, onion makes for a great food additive in the kitchen.

The onion plant itself lives only for two years, but don't be sad, as many small bulbs grow from the parent, as it were.

Offered by Michel.