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Re: Planet X - March 06 Image

In Article: <1eO9a.44145$> David Tholen wrote:
> Steve Havas writes:
>> A single 1200 second 1 x binning image was taken last night, March 06.
> How can you distinguish between non-moving nebulosity and a
> moving object with just a single image, Havas?

And while you're at it, Dave, please explain what those NEW OBJECTS are
at the Mar 7th coordinates, captured by that image.  Objects B and C,
which are larger than object A, an existing star on the USNO chart
offered for comparison to the image taken on Mar 6th.

In Article: <> Yo wrote:
> Wally Anglesea wrote in message <>
>> their (zetatalk) coordinates are Taurus aren't they?
> Wally, I sent you the following email:
> Is there any chance of you taking a digital image?  I'm curious
> what the blurry objects are.

Precisely.  Don't be caught with your debunking pants down, though I
think its too late for you in that regard, dear Yo.  Credibility to
        0% Yo
      100% Zetas