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Planet X: INBOUND! Trends #4

As the individual moons become discernable, starting on Dec 4, 2002, the
haze or dense splotches on the images seemingly disappears, by Jan 10,
2003 no longer evident. But the large number of moons, able to be
counted by Dec 28, 2002, were increasingly able to be counted, showing
an inbound complex.

  Date     Moons
  12/28      2
  01/10     12
  01/18     24
  01/25     27
  01/28     29

By Jan 10, 2003, they were recognized by Avis, due to light intensity,
as not being noise.

TREND #4: Moons become discernable, increasing in count as the complex

    As the complex comes closer, and spreads, the individual
    moons become evident and separate from each other, thus
    seeming to diminish the tail density.

    Here are some other spots that I have circled that I
    cannot find on any comparison images. They also
    show up fairly well on all the frames. I don't think
    they can be noise or anything because on each
    image they show up slightly differently, similar to
    how the existing objects show up. What on earth
    are all these spots?

    Over the course of two hours, one of Planet X's moon
    swirls moved, discernably. ..  such moon swirls, or
    temporary clusters, will be evident over the course of
    the imaging session.

    The DSS and NEAT images do not show many existing
    objects around the Jan 13 coordinates. That whole area
    of sky looks to be pretty empty.